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I'd have to say a beating South Alabama. Especially since state couldn't last year.
One main reason I think Ross gave him the job is bc of the player support. A new coach would have been an improvement, but it's possible that the players supporting him might not have the desire to stay if he left. I just don't expect much from him. Hopefully you are right that he'll learn to make better decisions in games. He can't do much worse.
So....State can only get low quality wins. You are brighter than I gave you credit for.
Who's going to "boo"? LSU if they win? Ole Miss if we lose? I say booooooo to your troll post.
Oh, so you would've given your full support to him had he stayed?
I'm not saying that Ole Miss will beat Alabama; but, just b/c three in a row hasn't happened, doesn't mean that it can't happen. That's a weak and lazy way to predict a game. Not sure what I expected to read though.
Ole Miss did receive a threat via letter in '14 about poisoning the grove around the Egg bowl that year. Thankfully it never happened, but is there really a solution to tone down the rivalry?
Right about Cotton. Snead really wasn't that bad to me. However, he did finish poorly and made an awful decision to play early at the next level.
I'm sure he's thought about the what if
Thanks BamaTime! We may be second but you couldn't beat us. Maybe next year dog
You are absolutely right. Just remember that Ole Miss last year wasn't as good this year, and we embarrassed y'all for 60 minutes. Ole Miss may not have consistency but as of now, you should volunteer to keep quiet until you get up to our current pace.
That's what she said. Boom. Roasted
I tried posting a link for this information but my post awaits moderation approval.......
CFB data warehouse and wiki (source NCAA) have different stats. So...there's that..
Any well known athlete should just know better. I hope this is an old photo. If it was recent then he's careless to risk the potential of this season. At least it isn't right before the auburn or state game. If he does get tested and is pos. then i think our defense can survive without him this game. That said, I don't won't to risk it.
Money can be persuasive. Ole Miss never thought tuberville would leave. Just saying you never know.
All that hard work lead up to a disappointing 2014 season. Maybe next year