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You forgot to mention Carolina swept UF in the regular season. Oh well!
As a South Carolina fan I like that we're in the for the good of the conference group, but I don't know how many of these schools would be in favor of 9 games if they had Clemson on their schedule every year.
I'll double down, at least half will be in Omaha. Surprised PAC didn't field ,ore teams.
I would have thought USC/UNC would have at least gotten a mention week one just for the Rattler/Maye matchup, oh well!
Man I wish Carolina could spread their runs out a little, 2-3 against LSU and Vandy with a 43-33 run differential, and hold the errors down. Arkansas's looking pretty strong to me, good test this weekend with UF.
Agree, you better not be sleeping on anyone, it's as competitive a league as I can remember, very similar to football in that you might have 3 or 4 intriguing matchups every weekend you just have to go out and try and win the weekend and not get swept. Update for the Cocks, Noah Hall will be out for the Vandy series.
Highly anticipated, should be a good one! From where Carolina has been the last several years it's like we're holding our breath every week just trying to see where we are and so far they have not disappointed. This weekend should tell us even more! Good luck guys
Man, there is a lot of baseball to be played, but it's nice to see Carolina get back in the discussion, Kingston seems to be pushing all the right buttons so far, with the win against El Cid last night he just set the record for the best start to a season, that's saying something!
Gamecocks could be a sleeper, looks like pitching and offense have made upgrades, time will tell.
Thanks for the love guys, we normally take a beating on this site! Win or lose I really this match up.