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In what universe is UGA-UK a rivalry game? Seriously, lay off the mind-altering drugs. On a side note, I don't care what the line is, a UK win would not be an upset; I expect it (just hope I'm wrong).
I, for one, hope Gus continues to be just successful enough to keep his job for years to come. As an opponent, I'll take a gimmicky Auburn team that may be dangerous and even powerful in years/games when everything is clicking (i.e. short-lived "peaks") but that is overall inconsistent and prone to terrible play and prolonged "valleys"; easier to deal with than a consistently strong, solid opponent.
Does anyone else think McElwain looks like Jim Bob Duggar?
The "something to play for" argument means nothing to me. You could just as easily flip it around and say UF might be under too much pressure while UGA can play more loose in the spoiler role. But UGA also still has something to play for in terms of they've gotten to the middle of the season, and aren't where they wanted to be, so they could look to this game as sort of a reset to salvage the season and build momentum going into next year. For CKS and the Dawgs, a win against UF would do a lot to put some of their bad performances this year behind them. And UGA still has its three biggest rivals to play (starting this week with UF, then AU and GT). If CKS rights the ship and puts down all three rivals in one year, fans will be happy and optimistic about next year. Plus UGA played well in their season opener at a neutral site. Hopefully, coming off the bye week, they'll come out strong as if this is the opener to the second half of their season. All that said, UF is the better team...just hope they aren't on Saturday.
Probably wishful thinking. UF is the better of the two teams, but that said, they've also proven they aren't that good and sometimes under-perform. UGA is hot and cold this year, with some really bad games, but also with a couple of pretty good performances, plus they have talented play-makers. As a UGA fan, I just have to hope it's a hot day for the Dawgs (and not for UF).
Honestly not trying to take anything away from Hurts here, but I think you have to look at the team around him. He plays on a team that is better than UGA in every facet of the game, and that has helped (and will continue to help) him achieve the success he has. That's not to say Eason is necessarily the better QB; Hurts may be, may not be. It goes more to how you can fairly compare the put Hurts under center at UGA, and his numbers would go down; you put Eason under center at 'Bama, and his numbers would go up. Plus, there's the entirely different issue of which is the better NFL talent; conventional wisdom says Eason, but there's certainly been a trend toward more mobile quarterbacks.
You sound like a real glass-half-full guy. Makes me want to commend UGA for only losing to Vandy by 1 even after having the short week caused by Hurricane Matthew and playing S.Car on Sunday.
Can't blame injuries (or officiating) after a loss like that (and to his credit, CBJ didn't). Just have to own it and move on. UT's problem is that they just aren't as good as they were supposed to be. They needed a hail Mary to beat us, and we're not very good at all (and that's not mentioning other near losses to lesser teams already this year). Given the talent of some of their leaders like Dobbs and Barnett, they will probably manage to run the table over the rest of the regular season (but they've also proven they're weekly in danger of losing to teams they should beat easily, so a loss or two coming in wouldn't be a shock). But if UF loses again (pretty likely since they aren't dominant) and UT manages to get to ATL, they'll likely face this 'Bama team again, and likely see a similar result. Still haven't turned the corner.
Atta way to take responsibility for your own failures.
Looked like y'all had a milestone of your own this past weekend. Brick by brick.
True that. A bad loss halfway into year one and people are talking about his long-term future? That's ridiculous. CKS could be a monumental success, or her could be an unmitigated failure, or he could be something in between (the most likely scenario), but only time will tell how this first-year head coach will develop. Talk to me in 2-3 years; if we're on an upward trajectory at that point, you let him keep building his team and brand to see if he gets them where you want to be; if we're not seeing the improvements you'd expect, then you consider the best path forward, but likely keep him on at least to year 4-5 to provide him ample opportunity to prove he can either succeed or can't; only if the team is simply bad, not winning, and showing no signs of improvement to you cut him lose as early as year 3. But at this point, any discussion about him not being the right guy or being a failure is laughably premature and not to be seriously considered.
Even UT fans will agree, they have to stop with the slow starts; if they don't then it'll bite them, sooner or later and likely more than once. The slow start against UGA would've been their undoing if not for the hail Mary (not to mention they needed an OT gift against App State, V. Tech committing a billion turn-overs, and UF not having their starting quarterback). A&M and 'Bama are both much better than any of the teams UT has had to come back to beat thus far, and the likelihood of UT falling behind early to either and coming back to win will be far less.
Of course, it bit us this time around, but even if the shoe was on the other foot, I've never been a fan of refs hitting college teams for any type of excessive celebration penalty after last minute miracle plays for the win ... these are college kids in huge games reacting to amazing occurrences in the midst of stadiums of 100k fans erupting in excitement ... let them celebrate (even a lot) in such moments without penalizing them. Hit them for excessive celebration when they're out there showboating after any ole good play, but not at these moments. I know people will say its sour grapes (and of course it hurt to lose like that), but honestly, if it played out the exact opposite way, and they flagged UT after they hit a long-bomb touchdown to win with 10 seconds on the clock, I'd still say don't throw the flag. Let them have a little fun. Honestly, I'm not sure any team could not possibly celebrate excessively after such a moment. If there was 1 second left on the clock when Dobbs connected for UT's game-winner, then UT would have reacted the exact same way, and no flag should have been thrown there either.
You've still got it mucked up after the correction. "On Saturday, Ole Miss will face Georgia at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Saturday . . ." Redundant much?
How long are we going to call these guys landsharks? 54th total defense; 64th third down defense; 69th red zone defense ... and I'd hate to think how they rank in the second half of games.
Who? The coach with the highest winning percentage in the history of UGA football?
Yeah, you talking smack about ATL is questionable. Probably should worry about your next 4 games first. Y'all ain't been to ATL since '07, and you backed in that year.
Y'all are more than welcome to leave if you'd like. Clemson should be in the East anyway. Also, when y'all are, like a decade in, and still haven't made it back to ATL, will y'all still be harping on the 2 out of the first 3 years thing?
I felt quite confident that UF would beat Tenn, but without Del Rio, I think it's more 50/50. I've heard lots of commentators basically saying UF won't miss a beat with Appleby under center, but Del Rio beat him out for the starting job for a reason, and it's a big game to have to step into. That said, Appleby has an awesome name and dates an NFL cheerleader, so he's gonna be a winner no matter what happens Saturday. You're dead on with the Arkansas / A&M prediction (only chance at being wrong is that the winner might win the West). Agree that Auburn will out-gain LSU but lose the game too. I wish I could agree with you on the UGA over Ole Miss prediction, but I just can't. Certainly, we can win, and both teams have some issues to work through, but our less than stellar play in the trenches (especially the O-lines inability to open up running lanes for Chubb and Co.) has to turn around, like now, if we're gonna beat stronger opponents.
You make me feel bad for trolling on Zou fans a week or two ago. Commenting is all fun and games anywho though. I like Zou fans too.
The longer Gus is at Auburn, the better for all of us.
"lowering the head" isn't in the rule. It's about the point of contact.
Even being carefully to remain completely unbiased, I agree with you. It was kick catch interference, but the hit itself was clean, shoulder to chest. This guy was defenseless, but, the rule requires initiating contact with the crown of the helmet (i.e. spearing) or initiating contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, fist, elbow or shoulder. It is close, and one could certainly argue that the UGA player's shoulder made contact too high up on his opponent's chest so that it could be considered the "neck area," but really I think this is one of those cases where they call it targeting merely because it was so devastating. But devastating does not equal targeting. It was still a penalty (and a stupid play) by our guy...don't clean the clock of a defenseless player, and you shouldn't get flagged for targeting.
At least our offense is already better than last year (even though that's not saying much).
Who won y'alls game last week against UGA?
We're clearly playoff contenders. Chubb is back and Eason is the man! Saban wishes he had it this good.
Agreed. UF is best in the East, followed by UT (who has yet to show up for a game), and then UGA. I guess author's logic in putting us 3 overall is that Eason has solidified himself as a starter and looks increasingly great for a true freshman, but as the author himself said "there's plenty of growth still to come." To me, he's ranking us on our potential and predicting that we will end up the 3rd best team in the conference (which is possible), but that doesn't make us the 3rd best team now; we aren't. I do disagree with you about Chubb clearly not being as good as pre-injury, only because he already showed off his abilities against UNC (his 3rd highest career rushing total) and if you've watched us the past couple of weeks, it's the run blocking that is so troublesome; not the ball carriers. I'm not saying he's clearly what he was, but I think it's equally wrong to say he's clearly not at this point. Jury is still out and it depends on what he shows over a bigger sample size (hopefully with better blocking). The O-line situation will be an even bigger problem for us if we can't fix things by our game with y'all, considering your D-line is insane.