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I had LSU going 8-4 but was hoping for 9-3 or better. I had them losing to Bama, UF and Auburn with Tenn being a possible win. Of course, Tenn and UF turned out not being as good as some thought they'd be. The loss to Troy and underperforming in the first half of the season could be chalked up to a learning curve. However, I'm somewhat disappointed with the red-zone success rate even in the second half of the season. While not terrible, it should have been a lot better and a lot of points were left on the field. Special teams play was mostly terrible. The offensive points put on the board don't tell the whole story either. As usual, the defense has carried the team and those scores are a reflection of outlasting the other team. I don't really see improved offensive play. Maybe a different look but not improved play. Jet sweeps and pre-snap shifts are great and all but there has to be success in intermediate and long pass plays as well. LSU is not there when they should be. And that is where I feel they failed to meet expectations.
The stands have been pretty empty in the bowl games played so far.
OK, so championship weekend is all about bama... got it!
If we are really talking about QB rankings here, it's Drew Lock. Surround this guy with 4 and 5-star talent and it wouldn't even be a question. Hurts might cause problems for defenses, but he is not the top SEC QB.
Well, they’re predicting the AP poll which doesn’t matter so.... Regardless, win you’re in!
I boycott Christmas before Thanksgiving... my wife, not so much. So, my boycott is pretty much null and void!
I would perhaps call Arky a better "fit" for Malzahn, rather than it being a better job.
Deserves what they get? You mean like... more wins?
Arky is a better job than AU? Well, I guess going to Walmart is a big deal for some people too.
This is a bad article. Not terrible... but not good.
Yea, but who really pays attention to Danny Kanell?
Wisky at 3 but Miami at 6? Hmmm CFP will look nothing like this...
Did they do enough to stay 1st? That leads to the question... who did enough to take over that spot? I can't think of a reason for a change at this point.
Nothing in the LSU/Bama should change the ranking for 1 and 2. UGA owns the better win over ND and we all knew LSU was highly lacking in some key areas. The season will take care of the final rankings and the SEC Championship Game will hopefully be played by 2 unbeaten teams.
Looks like they are saying UGA... I also don't see that.
"14% chance of winning in Tuscaloosa". Sooooo, you're saying there's a chance....
LSU has too many holes to even think they might pull an upset. The point spread is the only thing a betting man has going for him in this game.
Stranger things have happened, but I wouldn't bet on LSU winning it this year.
Division winner is determined by conference record, not division only. MSU currently has 2 SEC losses. LSU has 1. If they win out, they DO NOT need another MSU loss. It's a long shot for LSU, but MSU is all but out the picture.
Ha, it's South Korea... you can get them to make just about anything you want. Knockoffs aren't as cheap as they used to be though.
Not sure why so many don't get it, but as a stepping stone to a better gig and an attempt to carve out his own legacy, it completely makes sense for Kiffin.
How adorable! Bless your heart!
What no Kent St at Alabama? Kent St was dreadful last year. One of the worst offenses in FBS going against the elite crimson tide defense?
What's not to understand? With better odds of winning, a Bama Natty win will pay less than teams with worse odds. So, people will naturally try to maximize winnings by picking a team with worse odds but feel has a good shot at winning.
I'm sure fixing the place back up will be fairly painless. Parking was $35-50 and beer was $8-10 a piece.