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LSU total offense single-game record belongs to Rohan Davey with 540 (528 passing) against Bama in 2001.
Burrow's 388 total offense replaces 2015 Brandon Harris with 384 coincidently against Ole Miss.
It seems like every year Bama is better than the year before. I'm not sure that LSU is even better than last year. If LSU pulls out a win over Bama this year, it will be a monumental accomplishment. But really, let's temper expectations a little and be real and always, GEAUX TIGERS!!!
LSU's offense is going to be what you have seen so far. I don't think the QB and receivers are going to suddenly gel. Going forward, we will either win games by hanging in there with grit, steady defensive play, and a few sporadic offensive drives or we will not win. I don't suspect we will see an exciting offense this year. LSU's offense is exactly what it's been in recent years... sub-par. LSU's defense, while good, is not as great as some of the more recent years. IF we can get the O-line figured out and healthy, I believe we can have a 10 win season... more than likely we are still looking at 8 wins.
I would hope it had to do with something a whole lot worse than the tweet he sent out...
I'll take that what we are doing is working... so far. And I'll take that we are 4-0 opposed to 2-2 as everyone predicted. But this kind of play is only going to take us so far. LSU is nowhere near to being a complete team but then we already knew that coming into the season. Personally, instead of adjusting my expectations with the 2 unexpected wins against Miami an Auburn, I'm keeping them tempered to what they were before the season started (8-4).
That was a hard game to watch. I sure hope Pruitt gets thing figured out but it's going to be a long road ahead. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll be able to coach this group to become a good team. It's gonna require time and recruiting some talent.
Maybe not. But they are "down south" and their territory overlap with UF (which they have a rivalry with) and UGA territory. I know firsthand how much these fan-bases love to revel in the misery of each other.
I sure hope he is right because it hasn't taken off yet...
I completely agree. King for the Day award should go to whatever team just beat Middle Tenn.
I've seen better fights at the old folks home...
Kaep's only sacrifice was money + money isn't everything = Kaep didn't sacrifice everything
Oh, I've only been there a couple of times. I try to stay away from the city altogether.
I didn't know The Landing was a bad area. It seemed pretty laid back when I was there.
I had LSU going 8-4 but was hoping for 9-3 or better. I had them losing to Bama, UF and Auburn with Tenn being a possible win. Of course, Tenn and UF turned out not being as good as some thought they'd be. The loss to Troy and underperforming in the first half of the season could be chalked up to a learning curve. However, I'm somewhat disappointed with the red-zone success rate even in the second half of the season. While not terrible, it should have been a lot better and a lot of points were left on the field. Special teams play was mostly terrible. The offensive points put on the board don't tell the whole story either. As usual, the defense has carried the team and those scores are a reflection of outlasting the other team. I don't really see improved offensive play. Maybe a different look but not improved play. Jet sweeps and pre-snap shifts are great and all but there has to be success in intermediate and long pass plays as well. LSU is not there when they should be. And that is where I feel they failed to meet expectations.
The stands have been pretty empty in the bowl games played so far.
OK, so championship weekend is all about bama... got it!
If we are really talking about QB rankings here, it's Drew Lock. Surround this guy with 4 and 5-star talent and it wouldn't even be a question. Hurts might cause problems for defenses, but he is not the top SEC QB.
Well, they’re predicting the AP poll which doesn’t matter so.... Regardless, win you’re in!
I boycott Christmas before Thanksgiving... my wife, not so much. So, my boycott is pretty much null and void!
I would perhaps call Arky a better "fit" for Malzahn, rather than it being a better job.
Deserves what they get? You mean like... more wins?
Arky is a better job than AU? Well, I guess going to Walmart is a big deal for some people too.
This is a bad article. Not terrible... but not good.
Yea, but who really pays attention to Danny Kanell?
Wisky at 3 but Miami at 6? Hmmm CFP will look nothing like this...
Did they do enough to stay 1st? That leads to the question... who did enough to take over that spot? I can't think of a reason for a change at this point.