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It's a joke; just go with it... "Geronimo EKIA"
Hopefully, he does stay. But now you have to wonder if he has some kinda beef with the team. I don't see him getting buried in the depth chart but he just might lose out the starting job to Stingley. I hope that's not what triggered this because I could see issues creeping back up during the season if he does stay.
This one is strange as he's on the cusp of starting. I'd suspect that he would see major playing time even if he didn't win a starting role.
There is a lot that happens between declaring for the draft and the actual draft. They hire agents and start to receive bennies which clouds up the amateur/professional. Students also start dedicating time to getting drafted which takes away from academics. They will very likely fall behind some. Scholarships might have to be held up for someone that won't be playing for the school if they get drafted. They will miss spring training.
Dude is good, but he's getting buried in the depth chart by better players.
I figured Proven and/or Curry would enter the portal. Not really a surprise.
Metairie? Who'd the poll? Steven Seagal? It's been a while but I'd pick Lafayette but then I might be biased.
They might be factoring UGA as having one regular season loss but winning the SEC overall.
UGARMYRet, disregard. I thought you were talking to cdstoudemire, not willybob.
UGARMYRet, he means a marine is called marine, not a soldier.
I'm gonna guess that most of these are not true...
Great choices. Any of those would be a better fit on the coaching staff than Flynn. Robiskie and Mawae have the coaching background. Whitworth has at least another year making the big bucks. I'd add Kevin Faulk to the list.
I agree. Plus I don't think UGA would pay him that much for a lateral move. Maybe they're bringing something else to the table.
This article should have been scrapped and rewritten as "3 rules recommendation" using 1, 2 and 4. The rest is rubbish.
Word is that UGA is offering around twice what he makes now.
Considering their success at out-of-state recruiting especially in Florida and Georgia, Clemson being a perennial national championship contender will further cut into that market of recruits. SEC teams that don't pull from that market might benefit, but the rest will suffer.
That's not the only part of the equation. UGA's path to the NC has something to do with it.
Kanell: "but UCF didn’t have their Heisman Trophy-candidate QB McKenzie Milton who would have made a world of difference." Well, Mack actually outplayed Milton when each played Memphis. Milton stats: 17/29 for 296 1 TD no interceptions 11 carries for -11 yds and 1 TD Mack stats: 19/27 for 348 2 TDs no interceptions 18 carries for 59 yds and 4 TDs
The big argument against expansion is that only 1 of the next 4 would-be eligible teams won their bowl games. OSU beat #9 Wash. But Georgia lost to #15 Texas, Michigan got blasted by #10 UF, and UCF lost to #11 LSU.
Dude, in recent years, both Ohio and Bama have made it to the CFP as non-conference champs and only played 12 games when they were selected.
Because he's from the area, played there and probably wants it.
The right to self-preservation is your permit to carry, validated in this case once you realized it could have been an innocent life taken instead of a low-life thief.
Credibility was lost at "Texas Pete’s is the best of the best."
A C+ grade for Ensminger is generous. Red zone and passing game struggles are still a thing.