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This is a bad article. Not terrible... but not good.
Yea, but who really pays attention to Danny Kanell?
Wisky at 3 but Miami at 6? HmmmCFP will look nothing like this...
Did they do enough to stay 1st? That leads to the question... who did enough to take over that spot? I can't think of a reason for a change at this point.
Nothing in the LSU/Bama should change the ranking for 1 and 2. UGA owns the better win over ND and we all knew LSU was highly lacking in some key areas. The season will take care of the final rankings and the SEC Championship Game will hopefully be played by 2 unbeaten teams.
Looks like they are saying UGA... I also don't see that.
"14% chance of winning in Tuscaloosa".Sooooo, you're saying there's a chance....
LSU has too many holes to even think they might pull an upset. The point spread is the only thing a betting man has going for him in this game.
Stranger things have happened, but I wouldn't bet on LSU winning it this year.
Division winner is determined by conference record, not division only. MSU currently has 2 SEC losses. LSU has 1. If they win out, they DO NOT need another MSU loss. It's a long shot for LSU, but MSU is all but out the picture.
Ha, it's South Korea... you can get them to make just about anything you want. Knockoffs aren't as cheap as they used to be though.
Not sure why so many don't get it, but as a stepping stone to a better gig and an attempt to carve out his own legacy, it completely makes sense for Kiffin.
How adorable! Bless your heart!
What no Kent St at Alabama? Kent St was dreadful last year. One of the worst offenses in FBS going against the elite crimson tide defense?
What's not to understand? With better odds of winning, a Bama Natty win will pay less than teams with worse odds. So, people will naturally try to maximize winnings by picking a team with worse odds but feel has a good shot at winning.
I'm sure fixing the place back up will be fairly painless. Parking was $35-50 and beer was $8-10 a piece.
Michigan is 13-7 against the SEC including a win against Ga Tech when they were in the conference. Michigan does have a lot of wins (10-0) against Vanderbilt, but only two of those wins were while Vandy was in the SEC. They also played Missouri (2-2) but those are also pre-SEC.
Maybe some of that money was diverted to creating 'safe spaces'...
I didn't make a comparison between the two because the subject of the story is whether Cam "quit on his team". I think that is a stretch. But he definitely wasn't his normal self on that play and the point I was making is that, in this instance, he acted like a lot of other QBs have in the past.If you want to compare both QB in this game, they both sucked. Cam completed less than half his passes for 265 yds, lost two fumbles and threw an int. Manning completed just over half his passes for less than 150 yds, threw an int and fumbled twice, losing one and recovering one. But I credit both performance to the opposing defenses.
Some he does; some he don't... But I never mentioned Peyton.
There are expectations on how much physicality we like of each position on the field. QBs are generally a highly protected position; even coaches don't want their QB getting hurt. Kicker/punters are the only other players given as much a pass on not taking a hit/giving a block/making a tackle. Brady will stick in there and take a hit most of the time but he has been known to pull up from making a block/tackle on turnovers and sometimes rushes passes under threat. And just about every single time a defender gets a hand on Brady, he is looking for the flag. It's behavior we see and almost forgive in QBs. In this case, Cam acted like those QB instead of his physical self.
He acted like a typical QB in this case. It looked like a Brady move to me. Maybe he finally decided to quit being Cam Newton and start being like the most of the QBs out there.
I had really warmed up to Cam this season. I'm sure he doesn't like how the post-game events panned out. But can't even be close to how much he must hates how the actual game played out. I think he'll learn from this and hopefully come back a bit more humble. Because, like was said, you can't showboat the whole season when things are going your way, then act like an infant when you get bested.
You're probably right. Tsips will be tsips... even if it is at the expense of the Big12. LSU recruits out of the Houston area, so it's probably in our interest not to have UH as a Power 5 team.