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Yes, he is..., especially about college football.
That would be a thing if winning your conference was the standard as opposed to being "one of best 4 teams". Some teams have made the CFP without winning their conference or division...
I misread what you wrote. My apologies. With that said, UF has (with the exception of LSU and Kentucky) held their opponents well under their offensive averages. These stats and the eye test is really all you can base the defense on. The best defense Bama has faced is S. Carolina... also a good defense. But neither stats nor the eye test suggests the GameCocks are defensively better than the Gators.
This is about QB power rankings... QBs don't play against the opposing offense so it's not really relevant.
Burrow hasn't thrown 50 attempts in a game this year. 39 at Texas was the most.
I mean, if AP voters (or coaches poll) were honest in their accessments about each teams performance and schedule, Clemson WOULD be sitting outside the top 5 and Auburn would probably have the top spot. But most of the voters are lazy and/or dishonest.
Suger Bowl goes to the highest-ranked SEC (not in the playoffs) and highest-ranked Big 12 (not in the playoffs). Since LSU gets UT at home next year, I'd prefer a different opponent, but if that's how it works out, so be it.
"The numbers he will accumulate in the remaining 8 games will include matchups against... ... No. 3 Georgia." Not this year, bubba. Maybe in 9 games tho!
Cancel that. He holds the record for most yards passing in Austin. Previous record was 470 by Colt McCoy against UCF.
Burrows put up more yards in any single game played in Austin in at least the last 10 years. That includes Ehlinger.
LSU only scored 6 passing touchdown passes from the red zone in 2018. The passing stats from the red zone (IMO) were terrible. That includes against lower-level opponents. Last week LSU produced 5 red zone passing TDs. Now, it's quite possible this is an outlier game, but the eye-test says it's something else. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.
It's a joke; just go with it... "Geronimo EKIA"
Hopefully, he does stay. But now you have to wonder if he has some kinda beef with the team. I don't see him getting buried in the depth chart but he just might lose out the starting job to Stingley. I hope that's not what triggered this because I could see issues creeping back up during the season if he does stay.
This one is strange as he's on the cusp of starting. I'd suspect that he would see major playing time even if he didn't win a starting role.
There is a lot that happens between declaring for the draft and the actual draft. They hire agents and start to receive bennies which clouds up the amateur/professional. Students also start dedicating time to getting drafted which takes away from academics. They will very likely fall behind some. Scholarships might have to be held up for someone that won't be playing for the school if they get drafted. They will miss spring training.
Dude is good, but he's getting buried in the depth chart by better players.
I figured Proven and/or Curry would enter the portal. Not really a surprise.
Metairie? Who'd the poll? Steven Seagal? It's been a while but I'd pick Lafayette but then I might be biased.
They might be factoring UGA as having one regular season loss but winning the SEC overall.
UGARMYRet, disregard. I thought you were talking to cdstoudemire, not willybob.
UGARMYRet, he means a marine is called marine, not a soldier.
I'm gonna guess that most of these are not true...
Great choices. Any of those would be a better fit on the coaching staff than Flynn. Robiskie and Mawae have the coaching background. Whitworth has at least another year making the big bucks. I'd add Kevin Faulk to the list.
I agree. Plus I don't think UGA would pay him that much for a lateral move. Maybe they're bringing something else to the table.