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Spot on. Doesn't really matter at this point. This writer is just stirring the pot. 1/2 passing for 32 yards and 2 rushes for 26 yards isn't exactly earth shattering. While I agree that KJ definitely has the most upside, the accusation that JSJ is starting because of his grandfather is ridiculous.
AGREE!! That comment pissed me off. Not a fan of Shadid ... think he should go back to OK and report on the Sooners.
These "fans" expect immediate improvement from last season. Anyone with any sense should know that this would be a rebuilding year ... new coach with a completely new system. These "fans" can pound sand. Say what you want, but these kids are battling ... especially on defense. I'm optimistic about the no quit attitude. Next season I expect to see more Ws, but I knew this year would be tough. Go hogs!!!