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When the Mannings gather for Thanksgiving later this year, I really hope Eli asks everyone to take a knee before they say grace.
Wow, that is incredibly insensitive. There's always a time for friendly jabs at other fan-bases but you are taking the loss of other's family members and making light of it. Not cool at all. You really should be ashamed of that. For the record, I'd say the exact same thing to a UGA fan taking the same shot at another team's loss.
I hate the word "physicality". Listen to how many studio analysts, play-by-play and color commentary and sideline reporters use that word over the course of the weekend. Its ridiculous.
Prayers for Coach Richt and his family. He is an incredible man and an incredible coach. God bless CMR!
I was praying that Steven A Smith was going to come running down the hall to join the "riot!"
Nice effort but that's why I quit doing the over/unders. You can stare at every box score from every game played up that point but what it boils down to is pure luck in my opinion. Your choices made complete sense and still, you only hit 1 out of 3 and that one was as bit lucky considering Daniels hit the mark right before he was injured. These sports gambling apps seem so easy but they are the exact opposite!
Mighty classy gesture Bamaboy. Everybody knows your Tide won't be down long (when you think about it, its funny that 2 losses is considered a down year). Thank you again!
Even as a fan of another team, I can't imagine anyone really disliking Coach Beamer. His energy and positivity are contagious. He appears to genuinely love coaching football and mentoring young men. Looks like the Gamecocks have found a keeper and even if I want my Dawgs to crush his boys every season, I feel comfortable pulling for him in the rest of his games. PS. All of the above also applies to Coach Pittman up in Razorback Country. Even though he had a down year, the 'Backs have an excellent man and an incredible, respected Head Coach leading their team.
Hate to see any kid's season end like that. Too bad he won't get that 2nd shot at my Dawgs on a neutral field. I was looking forward to shutting him up for a 2nd time. That said, what an amazing season he had. Get well soon HH
Yet he wouldn't have been able to pry it away from Jalen Carter if he had been healthy all season. There are always "if's".
Dawg fan here... please stop anointing us as the greatest team ever. We have 1 championship in the last 40 years. I love this team and I love our coach and his coaching staff but everyone is jumping the gun with all this dynasty talk.
1. There was a game in January that I'd consider "UGA's biggest win of the century" 2. So you are saying that UT had little desire to win that game? 3. Daniels is great. So is Hooker. The Dawgs stopped one already and would certainly welcome the opportunity to play the other 4. Wouldn't it make more sense for UT fans to pull for UGA in the SEC Championship? If LSU wins, I think it would be hard to put UT in over them (even if no 2 loss team has ever made it into the top 4). In that scenario, UGA makes the playoff with 1 loss and LSU gets in behind the weight of the championship and beating both UGA and UT
100% correct about her bias. She has always been anti-Georgia.
UGA beat Oregon 49 to 3! Why is that just glossed over constantly? Sure UT beating Bama is a big deal, but they gave up 49 points in the process. What if UT beats UGA 52-49 this weekend? Why does Bama get in over UGA? Also, it really aggravates me to see analysts say UGA can't make the playoffs if they don't win their division. That was also the case they made against UGA in 2007 when LSU leaped over UGA and Southern Cal (who were the hottest 2 teams in the country at the time) because UGA didn't win the East that season. Well, that didn't stop Alabama from playing and winning the championship a few years later vs LSU when they didn't win their division either. The double standards that exist in sports are pretty ridiculous sometimes.
Mr Balls, you have won comment of the day. I also refuse to read all of Negan's post but mainly due to the fact that he types like Mr Miyagi... Caps on. Caps off.
I don't remember quite a few games myself. I think that has more to do with my alcohol consumption than concussions though.
I wish programs would stop giving that man more chances. How many programs does he have to run into the ground and then run away from before everyone realizes he only cares about himself?
UGA fan here. Saban is a class act. That right there is why the best players want to play for him and give everything they have when they do. What makes me happy is I see a lot of that in Kirby too. Both of these coaches genuinely love and care for their players. That is what leads to championships and draft picks but it also leads to the majority (of course there are a few exceptions) of their guys becoming great men after they move on from these two schools.
Its his opinion and everyone knows how biased Nessler is to begin with. He's entitled to think what he wants. That said, he asks the question of "Who has Daniels beaten?" I guess he's trying to make the point that the defense beat Clemson. JT beat Cincy last year and they were (and still are) very good team. In response to his question I ask one of my own that is just as significant, "Who has Daniels lost to?" No one!
And since you were at Auburn that means you still graduated summa cum laude