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I dont see him being on the board come the 2nd round.
Tip of the cap. That's a good team/program you guys have. I thought SB4 played as bad as he needed to for us to have a chance, but what can you do. I'm curious to see how rosters change in this coming offseason. Portal season will be wild.
What a terrible take. This is CBN's first year and he's coaching a group of players that flat out gave up last year. Our best players are a freshman running back, a transfer OL, a transfer RB, a transfer WR and a transfer DB (Statically). Also "We need to get better" is not an excuse. Dude is recruiting hit tail off. Look, beating Utah was great, playing Tennessee close was good, and making it interesting in the 3rd vs Georgia is acceptable. CASUALS like yourself need to dive deeper into the game or keep to yourself. You just look foolish.
As a Gator fan, the UT rivalry means more than just about every other game so it hurts me to say this.... Dope! Love the look, especially for Halloween.
Congrats on a great win. This was certainly a instant classic in the rivalry. Good luck the rest of the season.
In general, Gator fans need to chill out. If you don't think we're heading in the right direction, I'll slow this down so you can comprehend it... You. Are. A. Casual...That's not a bad thing, but you need to understand what you are. Things are improving for the foundation up. It will take time.
Congrats Vols. Great game. Hooker is a tremendous QB and the atmosphere was great. It was fun to feel the air get sucked out of the stadium when we got that onside kick but hats off to you for finishing. Also, the "Hooker gives a reptile dysfunction" signs were hilarious.
Watch your mouth! AR is the QB of the Florida Gators..........That means he a TE not a WR!
The Gator offense is a big reason why KY scored 26. Even without Miller, I have a hard time seeing the Bulls put up 16. I guess time will tell.
Hats off to Stoops. He's done a great job building the KY program.
That chrome lid is KY's best look for sure. Hope both teams make it out healthy.
"Shut us up" You're only speaking for yourself there buddy. Downplaying how good Utah is? Let me say this clearly... You. Are. A. CASUAL. Gators beat a great Utah team that is going to have a really strong season. BTW Their D is respected by anybody that understands football. Enjoy your L. Wont be your last this season.
I never bought in to the whole "doesnt fit the culture" thing with Kelly. If you win they'll love you. BUT, it really looked like that team wasnt ready to go to war for him. O-line was all over the place and there is way too much WR talent there for that type of offensive strategy. He better get some buy in from that team or he's going to get bought out.
Bear Bryant thought so.... but I'm sure you know more about football.
100%. Great person. Great player. Great mentor.
Good get. Congrats. Stings a little to have it be Ike that got him but I get it.
Foghorn leghorn would be ideal but that's probably a bit of a legal issue too. I like Marco Pollo and Cluck Norris.
Great speed but also shout out to that other WR for a great block
I don't like where AR is on the list but I get it. He's more potential than proven. That said, what does SBIV have to do to get some respect? I'm taking the mailman over half of the guys ahead of him on this list.
Texas has a 68% blue chip ratio and had zero draft picks this year?.... Oof