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"Death Valley will be rocking" but I bet it doesn't take long for you to hear a pin drop in there..
Greg is exactly right you don't have to look any further back than a week or so ago.. LSU vs MSU ugliest steaming crap display of football all year. Who gets in a slugfest with MSU and thinks they can beat BAMA the next week.. LSWHoo that's who..
Alabama's stats are very misleading as almost every game has been played by 2nd and 3rd stringers after halftime. I'm thinking this one is more of a challenge but not much.
I'll say one thing for knuckle dragging UGA,UF, and UT.. I bet when they do represent the eastern division they don't get thumped 42-13 in the championship game.
I think he may start Hurts to keep him around but as the season progresses Tua will start and Hurts be used in situations. He would be lethal in a wild elephant near the goal. He can run but 10-15yrd passes are about his max.
Looking at Jalens stats from last week I don't follow that point. Clemson, OU, and Bama seem to have the best teams so far this season. Frankly any of the three have a good argument but Bama didn't lobby for #1. Kanell has been a Bama hater for years atleast not many hear his garbage on XM radio.
You've done it sir finally I have read the dumbest display of drivel I've ever seen. Only hearing it from a knuckle dragging mush mouth coona$$ accent such as yours would have made it more enjoyable. I really only wanted to give you that honor I wouldn't know where to start with a reply... I'm sure signing the best players in CFB year after year had nothing to do with this success it had to be that player that got a You're right about one thing we Bama fans remember those losses you mentioned they don't happen that often so it isn't very difficult. You know like you trying to remember to spell your name and all. Thanks again for the laugh please promise you never reproduce.
Landon Collins momma will tell him he made the right decision.. poor Fournette never will beat Bama and LSU is making it easier.
He would be an idiot to go to LSU for the same job but nothing would surprise me from Kiffin. LSU is on a losing streak and losing ground by the day.. I heard Vegas went ahead and gave them 10 points for next year's Bama game the day they hired coach O.
I know a lot of SEC stadiums have fences around the field but isn't it a fine to rush the field in SEC games?
You think the kick six had anything to do with the special teams improvement? If I have to see that highlight one more or Johnny footballs busted play touchdown pass..
Most likely wash rinse and repeat though except now instead of turning 3* QBs into something manageable we've got 5* QBs surrounded by 5* players. Losing our AA center isn't good but the OL could possibly be better Bama was pretty bad on the right side last year especially tackle. My money is on Ridley getting it done if he stays healthy he's a difference maker.
Those Tennessee shoes are wrong I hear gray isn't even one of their colors..ha
That's what the expectations are at least. Hopefully the process rolls along with Scarborough falling in as next man up. Hand will most likely have more of an impact with Allen and Williams also who do you double team?
Somehow Bama didn't have one since 1893 but the last six years success Ingram, Richardson, and Henry had should make any top RB recruit give Bama a hard look or even the nod.
This guy trying to get a lessor sentence by accusing a judge of some error. He shouldn't even be breathing our oxygen.
Bless your heart you've got to be the stupidest sob on the interwebs...
I don't get it?? Ole Miss fan feels like they have to say some snide cmoment to Bama fans every little chance they get. Did they not see who won the conference and the National Title? Do they not know we've played since 1894 and it took these last wins to even get to double digits?...and most likely these last two will be written off the record book in a matter of time. I don't get it?
I would have bet Brahcia after just reading the headline.
Sounds like he doesn't like the competition at Bama it's alright son the process isn't for everyone. Wisconsin had a mediocre defense against some of the worst offenses in CFB.
Honestly I think Saban has only signed a couple guys from Arkansas Frazier who is still on the team and of course Tenpenny. I didn't pan out with him but you have to know there is major competition going in especially at RB.
Take a look at the defensive backs Saban has put in the NFL Mr Brown anywhere else is your loss.
That rabbits foot is only good for so many games. Karma came along and beeoocch slapped them back to reality.
Preseason the best time for Vol fans.. calling out Bama and Florida? There are kids almost old enough to drive that's never seen the Vols beat either one.
The results are in.. yes Esec your aunt is also your mother
Freaking even know when you'll be tested and you can't put the ganja down a little while. Two years in a row now to fail for substance abuse I guess next year he'll be back in Decatur thuggin.
The circus made for these 17yr olds decisions has gotten ridiculous. If a University pulled an offer last minute like these kids do their commitment they'd never hear the end of it. I don't follow recruiting I have faith Saban will sign a good class who we get is who we get.