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When picking the winner of the east you might as well pick against the spread
Will South Carolina football ever reach the level it reached a couple years ago again?
This hopefully would be the kind of name we need to bring back to the program
Penn state vs Alabama and Clemson vs Washington...... looks like a rematch in the championship to me
I expected a loss.. but I mean it's a rivalry game at least show some figjt
Not to mention how big a bowl game is but it would be huge for this program to upset it's in state rivals to ruin their chances and winning back the pride #spursup πŸ”πŸ”
Really hate when politics interfere with football which seems like what is happening
I'm a gamecock fan... but what is this guy thinking
Don't underestimate the gamecocks they pushed both Georgia and Texas a&m
Can't Tennessee fans just stay on their own boards... we will see what happens on Saturday until then just keep ur mouth shut