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The #’s Are In: 2015 Florida / Georgia Game Resulted in over 100 Arrests Posted 02 Nov 2015 by Law Office of John M. Phillips
True statement! He really gave us chance that we didn't take advantage of to win the game. Turkey Franks!
You know it is funny how most of you can talk about Cane fans and all of us are not like that. I definitely do not condone what happened at the game. We all know that there are dirt bags in every fan base. Oregon fans throw duck piss on players coming out of the tunnel. Florida - Georgia is bad, a person got pushed off the interstate one year, another got punched in the face and knocked down the stairs at a bar. I even remember a gator fan running over another gator fan in a car in Gainesville. So before we go throwing shots fans, are good ones and some bad ones.