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the fueld looked level to me.. OSU and 11 players on the field and OM had 11... most of the time anyway.. If he's insinuating that if OM hadn't been (allegedly) cheating, things would have been different... How so I wounder? A different SEC team maybe? None of that matters. Regardless of who the #2 SEC team would have been, the outcome would probably had been the same, except maybe a little difference in the score..
lol, you're funnin' wif us right?
I like waffles as much as the next guy, but c'mon. Waffle House? He coulda saved some money and borrowed a couple of those waffle irons from a boosters Hampton Inn or the like. A few gallons of batter and a few of those little cups you fill with batter to get the correct amount and let the players cook they own.. Probably would have had more fun with it.. Maybe that's what he was worried about, a food fight with all that waffle batter. ;)
don't give up just yet dude. Tony Hills spent 7 years jumping around on practice squads. Played only 13 games in those 7 years before being signed bny the Saints in 2015. Not sure if he'll keep his job this year but he got 2 seasons in on contract.
it's Ole Miss that's in trouble, you are obviously confusing them with aladama.. ;)
now who in their right mind 'don't' like them some corndogs?!
th boi just wants to sow his crootin' oats as an uncommitted recruit. I agree with LSUSMC, in that, maybe he feels that he's get more offers and more offers/attention might help the ranking services loosen up on that 5th star.
I was a CLM supporter, but I never considered him as top shelf as a coach. As a recruiter, he could close with the best of them. Part of his problem was, IMO, he never had the killer instinct to step on the throat of his competition. Too many times he managed to keep games close by going conservative with a 10 point lead in the 3rd qtr. And many times it cost him the game. Oh to count the times I watched LSU lose big games on the final drive, especially in the Chavis years. LSU almost always had top 10 recruiting classes with CLM, If only had had learned to allow his position coaches do their thing with the talent he helped them land, maybe his record would have been a bit better, especially against the teams he is being judged by. (see there, I didn't even have to use a name)
Michael Wayne Bratton said; "Although on the flip side, if he is one of the best in SEC history, just goes to show how good Saban has been." proves my point right there, nuff said...
he was his coach, I fail to see why you would be surprised. Do you really expect that he should say, "coach was OK, but nothing like saban"? Even if he thinks it, he's not gonna say it, nor would you. You could have just as easily gotten the point across that Miles demise was his failure to beat dama. No need to sing sabans praises in an article about a players opinion of 'his' coach. What is it with TN graduates, that cause them to migrate to saban? Finebaum, now you?
"If Miles is an all-time great coach, that has to rank Saban among the greatest coaches in college football history, if not the best, given his lofty record against the former LSU coach." I don't give a damn which coach they say something about, these SDS hacks feel it to be their duty to pump on saban praise. Every time! Everybody that pays any attention to college foosball knows saban is regarded as the best, especially by SDS staff. No need to pile the schidt on so thick at every opportinity By the end of next season, look for them to pile on the same hurts praise or for whoever is the Dana ab, regardless of which an the article is about. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever to mention his name in this piece.
I'm hoping that OM gets the minimum abuse, not counting on it though. Personally I'd rather Patterson stay where he is, or go somewhere else, like Michigan... LSU will be fine without him.
I'd bet every SEC team is looking at the OM roster, just a couple have admitted to it.
2nd2-0 you are correct. LSU had him, then Cameron lost him by getting all googly eyed over Franks. It's not illegal now to hire family members to get a recruit, but soon will be.
"He came to Ole Miss for reasons to stay close to his brother. " ROFL... Cracks me up how many people believe that bogus story. His brother Sean leaving LSU for a spot at OM was all part of the deal for Shea. No job for Sean, No Shea... Same as when they left AZ State for LSU, except Shea never officially committed to LSU because of Cameron chasing after Franks. A courtship that caused the patterson family to dump LSU for OM. Shea would not have signed with anyone without Sean being given a job. It's how they get around paying Shea directly.
saban is a damn good college coach and he knows it.. he sucked as an NFL coach and he knows it.. simple as that.
in the words of slimeball Bill Mahr.... NEW RULE.. NEVER give large sums of money to a recruit until AFTER he signs the NLI.
yup, that's what I'm understanding. Cushenberry is the only other Center on roster I think.
He's talking about Key and his reported temporary time off, Harris and now Dodd who were supposed to compete for starting spots.
it doesn't matter if he's a hater if what he's saying is based in fact or at least high possibilities. I think it just might.
I don't think Les wants to play against LSU any more than he's ever wanted to play against Michigan.