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With tonight's victory, Tuberville's all time record in Tuscaloosa County improved to 5-1 which could improve to 6-1 with a victory in November. Fear the Thumb lol...
Think all that cheap hair dye has affected Saban's brain.
Orgeron said "F*** you!” in BDS but somehow it's classless if one doesn't say it while singing Dixieland Delight during the game. Bammer logic.
I'm sure Steve Shaw (Head of Officiating for the SEC) has already drafted another worthless statement defending the horrific game his incompetent crew called today. Just remember that Steve has been yelling "Roll Tide" since birth (like the rest of his immediate family, he's been a Bammer since birth).
The SEC officiating has never been worse or incompetent, even with replay. And don't expect anything but excuses from the SEC office and its Head of Officiating, Steve Shaw, who hails from a huge Bammer family in Birmingham. Can you recall the last time that Alabama was on the receiving end of these atrocious calls? Didn't think so...
The officiating was just Awful and a black-eye for the Big 12. None of these guys had the balls to throw the flag on even the obvious calls on the punt return and end zone interference. ZERO penalties for 0 yards. The last time that happened was in "Remember the Titans"....just embarrassing...never seen Gus so livid at the refs since his arrival as HC.