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Since that merger Georgia wasn't able to secure the East four out of five times WITHOUT Clemson in the mix. Twice to Mizzou and twice to Florida. What on earth makes you think you would have coasted by adding Clemson instead of Mizzou?
Gotta feel good ruining homecoming, a new years day bowl game, and besting Tebow and Wuerffel all on the same day. Pretty much all MU has left to play for is spoiler and Odom's job.
The Florida 2013-2017 recruiting classes average 11th over that period. I'm not sure Doering made the fan base feel any better, more like a kick in the face bringing it up after this week.
Don't see it happening. A guy that got fired for refusing to update offense with the times is not gonna compete in the Score happy Big-12.
Mizzou is currently sitting as the third ranked total offense in the SEC. Not saying it makes sense, but it is what it is.
I like Strong. He was the Alums anti-choice from the start at Tejas and had an uphill battle from day one.
Unfortunately that's true. MU probably won't offer what's required to lure any big names, but I think AD Sterk may push pretty hard for it. I don't think it would have been possible with his predecessor.
Tennessee has been $hit for a decade and nobody is down by merely getting beat by the best team over the last decade. Who would believe Georgia was down last year?
In the Mizzou receiver scenario two true freshman took the place of #1 and #2 Hall and Brown for three games (so far). While this bodes well for next season, it's clearly hurt this year.
This guy can't get out of his own way.
So who's system are you referring to? Henson, Heupel, or Dooley?
Stupid mental mistakes and lack of discipline in every aspect of the game have yet to be corrected; that comes from the top down. It took me a while to believe, but Mr. Odom is not a head coach.
9th best yards per game in the country, averaging over 39 points and the offense is broken? This article is plain stupid.
Happens all the time? Please name another instance where a player stood over an opponent on his back and chokes him. And they all run their mouth; that's not what's uncommon.
That's sympathy for the devil. A-hole got caught being an a-hole. I doubt Fields would give two squirts of warm pi$$ for that apology, but it's still appropriate.
Do you feel the same about ugasportsdoccom for following up? "part of a sinister cabal" your foil hat is too tight.
Statement of the day. I see Tennessee fans, enablers and apologists in the same light as Nebraska's; delusional.
Expecting this to be the most competitive of the weekend. Winner gets a big edge in 1st loser for final standings in the east, save a huge performance from ky against ga.