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Don't know how his pro day went in Athens, but he was anything but impressive at the combine. 31st best 40 for CBs, 16 CBs had equal or more bench reps, 25 with equal or better broad jump and he didn't participate in the Vertical jump, 3-come or 20 yard shuttle.
MU named as worse than A&M via supporting evidence they participated in two championship games and then nonchalantly added that A&M, which came in at the same time as MU and hasn't had as much success is "about to explode". That's an interesting point of view to say the least.
Reports are that anything goes at the basketball dorm. I'd start searching for dead hookers there.
Not sure how to quantify that comment. He also played the year we lost to Indiana.
This sounds like a statement from the He-Man Woman Haters Club. Should men (or women)in the National Guard be allowed to retain their jobs after being called to active duty? I mean, after all they did sign up voluntarily right? Also, you're implying women have to choose between working and being a parent; the same false equivalency would be men disappearing to the garage after their work day ends and have nothing to do with raising children.
Cale Garrett leading the SEC in solos last year can't be overlooked. Hard-nosed kid that has been overlooked by nearly everybody outside of Missouri during the last two years of solid play.
2 teams within 14 yards of 2nd place FLA last year and FLA is said to challange GA this year. KY loses Snell, FLA loses Scarlett, GA loses Holyfield, MU loses Crockett but gains a Bryant. There's no reason to think MU won't be in the mix at this stage of the game and definitely not worth you LYAO.
Yards per game 2018 GA 238 Miss State 223 A&M 219 FLA 213 MU 202 KY 199 BAMA 198 LSU 173 Vandy / Auburn 167 Ole Miss 164 S CAR 152 ARK 143 Tenn 129
Confederate 901 and Highwaymen. And they are not a Heritage groups. You can find them on facebook.
"I think our players made an emotional decision to show these people they’re not welcome on our campus."
“This was all about the hate groups that came to our community and tried to spread racism and bigotry in our community,” Davis said.
Mixing 15-year Pappy Van Winkle is like putting mayo on a bone-in ribeye.
That was poetry Wolfman. A fairly accurate statement on the East in it's current situation.
Darth, I'm curious how you define the treasonous fellows that turned on their country for the sale of flesh and were memorialized with statues all over the south since their failed uprising.
I don't think Barry is intimidated because Tennessee recruited a great class. Mizzou has always been last or next to last in SEC recruiting while I'd venture to say Tennessee has always had a nationally top 10 class(I think). This has been a constant.
I didn't make a comparison, I just can't understand what justifies Pruitt getting to take credit for the Freshman that had all the tools when he came to Tennessee. That points to good recruiting, not development (yet).
So how can you justify Pruitt not be judged on the performance of the seniors he had for only one season while you simultaneously give him credit for developing a frosh all SEC member he only had for one season?
They put that target on their own backs if Barry is to be believed. Reports have stated Tennessee is the only East team soliciting. The absurdity of a program that his team has manhandled two straight years going after the very seniors that have 1st hand witnessed and participated in said manhandling seems to be the crux of his complaint. That, and the frequency of solicitations. He's rallying the base.
1. Never told you to stop, I poked fun at you for being so thin skinned. 2 Never expected you to stop, I acknowledged smack is expected. 3 I didn't make any argument, let alone a strawman (I don't think you know what this word means). 4. As far as refuting your statement, sure; Mizzou maybe wins their appeal, but the odds are probably better that Tennessee fails to win 6 games for the 3rd year in a row.
Rival:a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity. Stay in school Bieber.
Smack talk from a rival program! Oh the horror! Make them stop!