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Jesus, find a hobby!
USARMYRet, you should retire to the kiddie table. You don’t know $hit from shinola. First is your use of the word fluke. Two years of fluke(?) wins; I don’t think you know what this fluke word means. A two-year pattern would be defined as consistency, not a fluke. Secondly, you use Vandy as a put down, but are too stupid to remember they beat you last year, IN ATHENS OF ALL PLACES, while Mizzou walked away with a Vandy win. Third, Ole’ Bucky “Peyton” Belue has never, ever, ever, ever, ever been on anybody’s list of greats, let alone a best individual QB season list. 80-81 season stats (your pick) 80-81 Passing yards - 1314 / 1603 80-81 TDs – 11 / 12 80-81 INTs - 9 / 9 Time will tell if the athletes did indeed destroy the program thru social activism. I suspect we will rebound sooner than later, but in the meantime I’ll take you opinion with a grain of salt since you clearly don't get it.
Just eat your crow while it's warm because even other Georgia fans won't come to your defense about that Buck Belue stupidity. Hell, why don't you humor me and say which QB you're willing to remove to give ole' Buck a seat in the discussion? As far as losing, having had cake twice out of 5 years while you have yet to even go to the party in the same timeframe says we belong.
Nowhere to go but up!
You posed a question with an obvious answer and Crist pointed out the absurdity of your stance. He did you a favor; don't regurgitate that crap again.
Now that's funny; the devil's in the details.
3 chances and he hasn't don't it yet; maybe too little of a supporting cast and who else is the defense gonna key on? Will be fun to see what he does at the next level.
I think it's universally understood they were dumbasses, but to make stuff up whenever the real reason is already damning enough? That's doubling down on dip$hit. As for nobody mentioning cops being targeted, see the post below dingdong...
The protest wasn't about "Hands up, don't shoot", and yes I'm pretty sure he's making fun of a black started movement when he ridicules a team by incorrectly attributing they supported it and painting it in a negative shade. Then there's the statements about cops being targeted. That's a statement of the racial tensions going on. So yeah, there's evidence he might be a bigoted prick. Kudos on the "Man up, Pu$$y" comment for making me spit my coffee out, started my day out with a giggle and a smile.
Selma, Birmingham churches being bombed, Mongomery, dogs, firehoses, lynchings, etc... please lecture me more about awesome states.
Is this an article from 2015? How shocking; the guy from Alabama took things to a racial level.
I not surprised you felt you didn't fit in in Missouri; thin skin and lack of a sense of humor / humility will make an individual stand out.
Nothing better than Ole Miss, Miss State, and Alabama arguing about whose turd smells the best.
Bros Before Hos is the Baylor football motto. I was with ya until that term was thrown out.
Bros before hos? Reading that makes me think you spray tan and use Axe body spray.
I don't know; sure KY had an incredible rushing attack, but that line gave up 65 tackles for loss and 28 sacks. Those #s place you squarely in the middle of things as far as the NCAA goes, and towards the bottom of the SEC. You're looking at your line thru rose colored glasses, can't pick and choose by mentioning the good without the bad. Incredible rushing hid some issues with your "9 integrals".
I'll just go ahead and make the statement that Guice is the man with the bullseye on his back. Would have been sick to see what he could have done last year as the #1.
Let's compare what TAM has gotten for their vastly superior recruiting classes since we came into the SEC together shall we? Looking at 247sports you've averaged the 12th best NCAA recruiting classes in the last 5 years while Mizzou has averaged the 37th, yet TAM only has 2 more SEC wins than Mizzou. Have anything to say about your recruiting now or is that just how TAM pi$$es talent away? Also if you think Columbia College, the private sub 1,000 enrollment Christian school in Columbia MO without a football team, it trying to recruit players they don't have a team for you may be the biggest dip$hit on this website, and that's saying something.