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Awe buddy, looks like Mizzou still has three times the enrollment of Vandy too.
Yup, went to MU, worked for the SEC Network and ran his pickup truck into the arena. MU is indeed renting out dorms during homegame to offset the drop in tuition. Neither of these things explain away how Vandy has three players outsmarted while attempting to rob a heavily armed thief with a toy gun.
Thought you had to be smarter than this to get into Vandy?
I'm confused with Bielema's placement above Freeze, Jones, Sumlin, and Muschamp.
SevenTGet your head out of the sand, Kentucky has a Religious Freedom bill. You don’t remember County Clerk Kim Davis? The hypocrite that had been divorced three times / married 4 times that was attempting to use her piety and religious freedom to squash the rights of gay couples? She attempted to use the same Levitican passages to condemn homosexuality that also condemn divorce. The courts saw through her defense of course, but Kin-fuky Governer Bevins threw his total support behind her anyway. The law still provides state sponsored discrimination. As far as gaining wisdom and insight, if you’ve chosen to practice only laws that discriminate against your fellow man, then you might be a big part of the problem. Also, if you pick and choose which of your gods laws you choose to follow you’re the same type of hypocrite as Kim Davis.
Correct, not believing in homosexual marriage is not bigotry, but legislature that explicitly takes rights away from an entire class of people is. The same set of biblical laws addressing homosexuality also say you can't touch the skin of a dead pig (should Alabama also cancel their football program?) and that you're required to bludgon to death the waitress that serves you after your sunday worship because she's working on the sabbath. What other tennants of your faith do you pick and choose from?
Seven-T, when certain states that happen to reside in the south impose a civil rights ban on certain groups of individuals in the name of religion it does nothing to remove the stereotype of those states representing the "bigots, racist, backwards people" theme. How else should such people be labeled? Sucks that entire states and regions are regarded as such due to the actions of those in charge.
It's not the line. The style of quick offense allowed the line, of which everyone returns, to give up the fewest tackles for loss than anyone and 16th fewest sacks in the NCAA. The problems came when the Mizzou receivers encountered more talented secondaries and couldn't release. I'm hopeful offseason work opens more opportunities.
I don't think you can claim a Freshman All- America RB selection as underrated.
Seems a guy projected to, but eventually struggling to breakout completely for the last three years would want his words in every publication possible. Not sure what's in this guys head.
Not sure if we're talking about Tebow or Stan, but both are free to believe in as many or as few deities they chose to until they attempt to impose their belief system onto others. I would say Stan has probably opened himself up to being mocked or at least challenged by claiming anybody that fails to believe as he does will boil in sulfur.
Stupid maybe not the best description, ignorant would be a better choice of words. Without stepping on anybody's faith, it seems blatantly obvious that Christians, males in particular, have had a fairly superior run for most of the last 2000 years; especially in western civilization where we all presumably reside.
Maybe the dumbest comment I've ever read on this site Stan, and that's saying something.
Mushrooms, marijuana, and tags on the car that expired a year prior.
Darv, you should re-read what I said about your backs, your comment makes you look stupid. Bunker, your a drama queen, nobody gives a $hit if you compared pi$$ to mizzou.
An ole' pi$$ fan insulting Mizzou is doormat-on-doormat crime. Guess you forgot where you finshed last year, huh Bunker?
Not being on par in recruiting star power vs. Ridley is not an issue. Both teams had receivers that performed better or as well as Ridley and both bring back a proven supporting cast that Alabama sorely lacks. This article was titled Position Groups, not best individual contributor on a non-passing team. As far as inflated catch numbers due to playing from behind for 3 quarters, not that that was the case, but by your logic Alabama must have a crappy running back crew because they were ahead for 3 QTRs most of their contests; sounds silly right? Nobody doubts the talent level bama pulls in, but if a player group fails to display the full potential of what their capable of (ie not letting your receivers shine because dominance in other areas) then they probably won't be considered as tops when others teams are forced to have their receivers on full display every game. So again, your claim that uSC and MIZ couldn't combine and have the same level of talent is irrelevant. They've proven their worth to their teams.Thank you for the substance this time around.
When an Alabama fan knows they have the Best coach, the best facility, the best recruits in the country, the best current streak of superiority, but loses their $hit had trys to act like a playground bully at the mere notion that a couple of teams may have a better position group that fan is an a$$hole.
So just insults, nothing tangible? I think I get it; thanks for playing...
Can' argue with that, thanks for staying arrogant. Good thing this article had nothing to do with last years bowl games or your comment might be relevant.The production leads to the projection, and this is merely a projection. Seems pretty easy to connect the dots on the authors reasoning.
Couple that with Alabama playing two more games than uSC and 3 more than Mizzou and I think you have your answer.
Ridley averaging less than 11 ypc and two seniors projected to start at the other two WR spots having a total of 207 yards combined last year while playing in most of the games. Last years most productive Alabama WR not named Ridley had barely 200 yards receiving and he graduated. Projected tight end has less than 100 yards last year. I'm not certain about any of the Alabama WR's coming in from this recruiting cycle except for Devonta and he needs to fatten up a year before he's thrown to the wolves. Is it safe to assume most of the other incoming WR's will be redshirted due to roster talent ahead of them?uSC returns one receiver with close to 800 yards last year, one with 600+ yards and one with 590. Mizzou returns one receiver with 1000+ yards, one with 580+ yards, one with 430+ yards and one with 300+ yards.
If thats your point you've missed mine. In no way, shape or form did I compare KS to tx. I compared one long rivalry that dried up due to conference realignment to another. I could be wrong / don't know, but I doubt Tex or Ark are refusing to schedule the other in any sport out of spite for the last five years as kansas has.
So the Arkansas fan base has no desire renewing their rivalry with Texas again?
Not dwelling on anything. You questioned why have the rivalry, I just tried to explain it.
I guess you won't understand if you choose not to, but the civil war was extremely hard on this area and the rivalry itself was born out of the tension. There were plenty of battles fought and atrocities committed in the spaces between Columbia and Lawrence and even more Mo / KS border skirmishes involving civilians. Events like Lawrence, KS getting burned to the ground and something like half the men in town being murdered in cold blood in the process tends to leave a lasting stain.
It's a rivalry period, not tied exclusively to football. Proximity, history, and America's war fed the initial hatred that fueled this rivalry. Football only scratches the surface. There's no grey if you grew up in this area, either chicken hawk or tiger.
So the way I read this is returning points can't be used, returning skill position stats are worthless, yards dont matter (but interceptions and ball strips do); if it's tangible then we throw the criteria out. Appears we make predictions on gut feelings, the previous years standings, and preceived entitlement. This, friends, is the definition of homorism.
"Coaching and talent". Who coaches down top ten recruiting classes year in and year out? That's right,Georgia!