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Mizzou was dead last in the nation for time of possession with Heupel as offensive coordinator; Central Florida has been 105th, 127th and 128th in time of possession with Heupel as a head coach.
KU will do anything necessary to keep from paying Les. They tried to screw David Beaty, the coach before Les, out of 3 Million owed and were trying to get him blacklisted by insinuating there was an NCAA investigation looming over the program.
Both he and the Marshall kid had no problems with the Mizzou secondary.
From 3-star to 2X All SEC and 2X All American Nick Bolton
Just stopping to smell the roses where I find them
Missouri borders Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas and their stateline is less than 90 miles from Mississippi's.
Just a reminder, Heupel / Elarbee offenses led the SEC in yards per game during their stint together at MU
Hard to tell. Had one of the lowest pass play to sack ratios during his Mizzou years, but that might be due to Heupels style of offense. Not sure if that stat carried over at UCF
Neat to watch the coaches Mizzou employed while in the conference being recycled back into other conference teams. Maybe we do belong after all.
Still waiting to hear what's appealing, you know the question I asked? I clearly think it's the money and NOTHING ELSE as things currently stand for the program. From your latest response (#2) it sounds like we agree so put the crayon back up you a$$ where you got it.
Not trolling. Speak honestly, what's appealing about the state of RockyTop at this point in time? You know as well as I do Heupel is in a straight uphill situation with player decommits, best player on the roster transfers and looming sanctions. It's going to get worse before it gets better.
The difference is that the Tennessee job is is seen as a get rich quick scheme (given the crap they self-caused). Come in, ride out the sanctions or get fired in the middle of them. Given the history, Tennessee will have another new Savior within 3 years.
And Coach Pittman did too. Do you even know who your coaches are?
Florida is 5-4 vs. MU since they entered the SEC. I'd say more like a thorn in Florida's side.
^^Makes stupid statements after getting CottonBowl curb-stomped^^
"Don’t really understand why you are getting so defensive" Well you did call it a participation trophy and totally diminish everything accomplished by two programs this year, so there's that.
Who would talk bad about a kid that came in, competed, got his degree, and hopefully moves himself into a better position to have success? He represented MU well.
Field conditions Saturday with the wind-chill is 33 F and there's a great chance of rain and snow in the AM and afternoon. Normally this would favor MU but it's been uncharacteristically warm this fall thus far.
Aaron Murray called Bazelak "the most gifted QB in the SEC".
Jaden Nash- ark top 25 in last years class-Jacksonville Ark, Markell Utsey-Little Rock
Tyler Powell (Transfer portal mid season, Ark gatorade player of year) and Barrett Banister are both Fayetteville kids.
"BTW, you built your record against the two worst coaches in Ark history". So now even the wins over Arky come with an asterisk?