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MU absolutely owns the Hogs since they've been in the SEC; 7-2 and only one loss in the last 7 years. Most MU fan also remember the 07 Cotton bowl blowout victory where MU's big 12 defense held Mcfadden to around 100 yards and Tiger Tony Temple went for just shy of 300.
So you're saying you're no longer following the tigers and this is your last post? That's the alternative.
I'm sure Missouri was never a consideration. Based on the Drink's track record he would have been used as a glorified pulling guard.
Looks like the entire basket of deplorables got spilled today.
He's been beat 3 times, took 3rd in the nation in 21'.
9 of 10 still in it. Only tiger eliminated is 133 / Brown and 6 out of those nine still on the winners side of the bracket.
Saving this as a future reference for what? Is AR gonna come across 303Dawg in online madden? AR is JaMarcus Russell 2.0, but without any supporting stats to justify why he's being considered a round 1 selection.
Would anyone consider drafting MU's Brady Cook in the 1st round? Why is Richardson even in the conversation? Just for perspective... Brady Cook 2739 Passing Yards / 584 rushing Anthony Richardson 2549 Passing Yards / 654 rushing
The article gives Mullen credit for developing Tebow and Trask; BS!. Tebow came in to college already "skilled" enough to get playing time on what would turn out to be the National Champion. Trask, clearly the best QB on the team (and one of the best in the nation) would have withered away on the sidelines, except for an injury to the demonstrably inferior Franks.
Gator- are you insinuating Adam Sasser could have sued the University of Georgia, a state university, because he was dismissed from the Baseball team over his Justin Fields comments?
No government suppressed his speech. He can continue to sing whatever songs he wants to.
Auburn fans would know after hiring a born-again w-h-o-r-e-monger
Look on the bright side, over 77,000 fans did show up to watch MU humiliate South Carolina.
So Drinkshi-tz is calling plays again? So much for a bowl game victory.
Who's this Abrams-Braine fella you speak of?
They are a 1-6 team in their last 7 games; why would anybody be afraid of KU? Anyone that uses the "Mizzou is scared" argument really hasn't thought things through.
He's one more embarrassing action from being kicked out of every professional league in North America.
Exactly. Hard not to root for a Pittman; cut his teeth coaching 1A and 2A in North Missouri.
LSU and Bama are ranked higher because 1) they haven't dropped two of their last three games, one to an unranked opponent, 2) LSU has one their last five, including two over ranked opponents, and 3) Bama one and three of their last four, the loss coming from 10th ranked LSU. Tennessee looks to have peaked at the wrong time; still better than never peaking like Mizzou.
Yup, congrats on All-World Tennessee being 6 and 5 against Mizzou the last 11 years