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Also, you should know there's a big 12 team ahead of you.
Easy Fuzzy, I think you've forgotten whom the reigning state champions are.
Newsflash, Georgia is ranked #7 and has to depend on other teams ranked higher to lose to get into the playoffs. You don't control your destiny.
Instead Georgia has $hit the bed on a sure thing and is fighting for a playoff game. I remember when you were bragging about being the JV QB; my, my, my, how you've matured in a year!
Pretty horrible timing on the putdowns Legend considering you just got your d!ck stomped and lost your #1 ranking last week.
Great system ya got there; you were only off by 25.5 points and chose the wrong winner in last weeks MU / Tenn game.
There's currently only two SEC teams with a 4-0 winning streak or better, sooooo?
Rock M made the Ish / Sony michel comparison over the last two years as secondary backs. Ish was 278 for 1466 while Sony was 251 for 1571.
Like it or not, these players are technically adults It's not up to us to decide if trading the extra wear and tear of 2-3 games is worth a free education that lasts a lifetime.
"Tennessee gave up 433 yards rushing to an utterly pedestrian ground attack", that ground attack is 2nd to only Georgia in the East and 6th in the conference. Fr comparison LSU averages only 12 yards more a game while Auburn is 41 more per game. Hardly pedestrian in comparison.
It appears Eason is nothing but an afterthought.
I agree with you he needs another year of experience for sure, but he's the exact same size as some fella named Tom Brady, same height but heavier than Alex Smith, and taller and heavier that Mathew Stafford. He's the prototypical size QB the NFL looks for.
This year he's 14th in the conference as far as rushing yards and 30th in yards per carry. Why on earth should he rank on this list as a top ten back for the year?
And why discredit my point only to support it(below)?
Help me out here, Diophantus; where did I go wrong?
in other words, three returns for 20 yards and then he broke one?
Deebo curb stomped us, not USC. Take away Deebo and who knows. He was the difference.
Colt's Coach is a cold hearted cop-killer, or internet tough guy. You decide.
Good work Georgia, he's a true piece of americana.
The author has a hard on for Missouri. Two wins in a row is something to be depressed about? Trade in the comedy career; your kids will go hungry.
So let me get this straight; the author didn't want Missouri in the SEC so he's punishing us with toothbrushes? Way to go inforcing that southern stereotype Tye, you sister-humping, toothless inbreeder.
Thanks Nobleman, I didn't see the game, but from the above description it seemed like the only term that fits(no timeouts, down by 6 trying to score, drop 8 into coverage).
Under what circumstances is dropping 8 men into coverage not prevent?
Beat me to it. I can't tell that he's even on a college roster.
Can't tell if you're stupid, just trying to keep the conversation going, or have no understanding of sarcasm. Not sure how the term "feminist" has anything to do with the belief teachers shouldn't punch kids, but yeah, I believe men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Are you in some sort of He-Man woman hater club Bunker? The Catholic Church has a spot open for you.
You've made several statements here... #1 Colorado St scoring touchdowns against bama's defense has what to do with bama's offense? #2 You infer a bunch of crap that nobody implies. #3 The Alabama red zone offense looks, dare I say, elite. Red Zone attempts-36 Red Zone TD's -25 Red Zone FG -8 Red Zone Score % -.917 4#Fresno is 20th in total defense, while Florida State is 28th in total defense. They were beat by 31 and 17.Most assumptions besides yours are that bama continues their domination.