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Bingo. The whole Paige Laurie debacle may keep Walmart out of Missouri, but they and Tyson are a huge untapped resource for this region.
Just read that both Connor Bazelak and Taylor Powell are participating.
I suspect Cook the given Drinks preference. I was really excited at the the prospect of Macon when he signed, but clearly hasn't created his opportunity.
Just to reiterate... you're stating Fla going from 6th in the East and 13th out of 14 in the SEC to a Natty is plausible.
Gotta be the best team in Florida before you can be national champs.
The Missouri recruit is more than likely opt out of colege for MLB money. Not certain if that's a factor.
This bodes well for the Tigers; caught them napping at two of their previous Homecomings.
"Winning a division does not equal WINNING THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME" and "oh right, you missed the fact that schools won the SEC before the tournament", that there sounds like a change of argument.
Your 1st decade sterted the 1st year the SEC had a championship,1992. Try thinking.
But kudos to you for changing your argument to all sports when the football argument failed to hold water.
In Mizzou's 1st decade of being in the conference the answer is zero, which also happens to be the same number Auburn had in the SEC's 1st decade of Championship play.
Auburn has 4 fewer losses than Mizzou since they graced the SEC, one loss for each inch of your pud.
Texas recruiting classes have averaged better than top 10 in talent for the last 4 years and they had ZERO players drafter this year.
AU lost their last 5 games in a row. Your last sentence oversimplifies their problems last season.
LSUSMC, Not only was he a great player for Mizzou, you seem to also be forgetting he was Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC.
Sounds like a neighborhood backyard game. Interesting concept.
So Daniels surrounding himself with with the players that finished dead last in the West last year and 4th in 2020 would have made him a Heisman front-runner? I don't think so.
You're bragging about barely beating what was one of the sh!ttiest defenses on Div 1 in a game that was tied at the start of the 4th and KY won by a score. I wouldn't break your arm patting yourself on the back.
Hope the best for Barry, but as HC he was .500 at MU, had a losing inter-conference record, and couldn't recruit his own backyard. Being a defensive minded coach didn't seem to help the defense while he was HC either. Hi strength is concentrating on the defense only.
Oklahoma does (once they are officially SEC).
Just checked the weather in Alpharetta, GA, and it's 2° above freezing. He'll be fine.
Not being able to acknowledge sarcasm is a sign of autism.
All these Blue State Georgia fans hating on the president they helped elect. tsk tsk
The team you follow hired Butch Jones, so there's that...
Badie falsely bowling is the best kept secret this postseason.