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She’s a t rash human. “If somebody [is] around you, and they ever say, ‘I will never send my daughter to Baylor,’ you knock them right in the face,”. This quote came from her after 52 young girls alleged r apes from 31 members of the football team. Briles and the AD were fired over Baylor looking the other way and that’s her response.
Missouri fans are already dusting off their neck braces.
That Arkansas defense from 22′ was hot t-rash. Only Vandy was worse in the SEC. Gave up over 450 yards a game.
John Smith, Brett Bielema, Chad Morris, Sam Pittman,... Who has your fanbase lost to the last decade?
14' was the best. QB Mauk led the offense with only 38 yards rushing and 20 yards passing and the Tigers still won 42-13
I'd say AD DRF made it contingent on his extension. The offense regressed each of his 3 years.
He did not lead the SEC at the time of the story as the author said. This is not a dig on Ray in any way, shape, or form and you obviously are not a rocket scientist.
Another positive for Drink; I can't remember any player getting in trouble with the law or embarrassing the program since he's been in CoMo.
TDOW, I was with you until your last sentence. Drink is not an OC. When he received his midseason extension last year he also promoted a position coach to OC; that's the only reason Mizzou began to excel on the offensive side of the ball. I suspect the extension was contingent on that promotion. The offense got progressively worse each year Eli was OC. The guy bit off more than he could chew, but he seems to be settling into a good situation and running a good program at this point.
You'd think a guy that writes exclusively about the SEC would know who the SEC leading rusher is.
Sucks to have lost Wingo to Horns Down, but yeah, you've convinced me you've never been to Austin.
Stats alone, there are 6 to 20 DB's better than Kool-Aid in every defensive metric in the SEC alone.
Never imagined MU fans would feel inadequate after beating two ranked teams and and being ranked themselves. Some folks just can't enjoy the ride.
I don't think he's ready after last weeks repeated lapse in judgement.
Meanwhile, blue blood Florida is an winning with a kansas city QB.
Saying Hopper couldn't get on the field for Florida in 21' is slander. 3rd in Tackles, 3rd in TFL, and tied for 3rd in sacks. MU knew what they were getting and I guarantee Florida knew what they were losing.
This is a joke right? You lost 5 games in 2013 (including 1 to Vandy). Tigers won 12.
Drink is definitely a clown, but as far as Luther, I'd say committing to MU has worked out pretty good. Your TE leads the team in receiving, no WR's over 330 yards receiving after 6 games or likely to even get drafted for that matter (Lovett from Mizzou is 4th in yardage on the team after being an All SEC selection last year). Meanwhile, Luther at MU leads the nation in receiving and 2nd in receptions. In hindsight I'd say he made the correct decision.
This exactly! Kirby Moore is worth his weight in gold!
If that's your criteria, Burden has 5 straight 100 yard games and leads the nation in receiving yards.
From PowerMizzou UK leads series 7-4 Missouri has scoring edge 268-263 Over last eight seasons, both are 32-42 in SEC regular season games Winner of the game has finished higher in the SEC East standings all 11 times
"I come from a state that raises corn and cot-ton and coc-kleburs and De-mocr-ats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me."
Like Wingo abandoning Mizzou as a freshman All-SEC DL after his 1st year?
Mizzou has 3 X 5 star wr's on the roster (according to different recruiting services) and multiple 4 stars. Under drink, with the assistance of the transfer portal and Missouri's progressive NIL rules, they've quietly accumulated an incredible receiver corps.
4 days in June with the Mannings VS 9+ months with Kirby Moore; I'll give credit where it really belongs.