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There's only three options as to whom he's referring to; somebody out of conference , somebody in the West that didn't have as highly ranked class as Alabama and is out of contention by default, or Georgia. I chose Georgia.
Well obviously I thought he was talking about Georgia given Blep acknowledged "best class in the West", but if not it doesn't change the absurdity of the statement. If there was any validity to saying kids aren't willing to play for a school already stacked with 5 star players then recruits wouldn't go to bama. And no, I don't think Georgia is on par with the depth of bama, but all it would take is two more classes like this years.
"Kids don’t want to go to an already stacked school knowing they’re sitting behind 5* players who have been there a year or two longer". Are we still talking about Georgia or did you move on to Alabama? Don't think you thought your statement thru.
Witch hunt implies he's being harassed without merit. These kids want to play next year and presented evidence to make that happen.
The next apology he gives should include a blanket apology for all his other shady bullsh!t that comes out in the future.
Perception clouds reality. Have you forgotten the perception the rest of the country had of MU after all the incidents that transpired on MU's campus in the fall of 15? Not just one professor either, over 100 of her colleagues at MU (journalism professors included)signed a petition to KEEP Click? I'd say that action alone put a dent in the j-schools reputation.
I didn't comment on elite players star rankings, I'm guessing you're referring to another poster
Good to see you using facts again. Hope you didn't bust a hemmeroid angry man
Melissa click was a Communications professor that was also chair of the Student Publications Committee (oversaw content of The ManEater)and was a member of the J school thru a courtesy appointment. I hope you're playing dumb.
Yet here you are trying to tell me you're co-West champs, interesting...
MU has the amount of East titles and 1 less SEC title than Georgia since we've been in the SEC. Does that speak more for MU or less for Georgia?
The point you're missing is you're making fun of a hypothetical Mizzou loss that you imagined and never took place versus not knowing Alabama suffered an actual loss to said team; how does that point evade you? Did we hypothetically lose by more than 5 points? You actually lost by six, but let's not let facts get in the way.
Not sure how valid that real journalism claim is after the Melissa Click incident.
Poor Mr. Bratton knows so little about the conference he covers he failed to understand Barry Odom, along with the aforementioned Will Muschamp, also received an extension and a raise after his two first seasons.
Of course it's a fair question. Are you forgetting he was two faced in the homes of recruits? His real life was different that his public persona.
Yes, Heupel made improvement, but he improved the offense from the dreadful 15 season when Mauk flaked out and a true freshman that had no business playing was thrown to the wolves. Heupels offensive outputs aren't drastically different than what MU fans were used to both in Big 12 and SEC play. David Yost,Josh Hensen and Dave Christensen all had comparable offenses or better offenses during their tenures at Mizzou as OC.
Deebo singlehandedly beat MU last year. He would have made your TAM and KY games a lot more interesting.
Before Heupel in 15 MU was 5/7, with Heupel MU is in 4-8 in 16 and 7-6 in 17. The bar isn't set that high.
I agree Witter should have been a season long backup to Crockett, but sh!t happens. Witter's 17 campaign was almost identical to Tony Temple in both 06 and 07.
Two-Time state champs Vandy won't be a cakewalk either, especially if Shurmur picks up where he left off last year.
Over 1000 yards last year and 9th most rushing yards in mizzou history says he was a very capable back.
Um, your statements are public for all to see and comment on, more so when you mention " best in CFB". Wasn't trying to get your drawers in a wad, just looking for some reasoning that made more sense than what comes across as a gut feeling. For obvious reasons I saw your skill positions and your D-line / LBs as something to talk about in 17, not the 0-line.
OK I'll ask again and be more specific in my questioning; what makes this line better than all of NCAA when others have performed better? What are you basing that on? Yards per play (MU and Bama performed better), sacks allowed (MSU and MU out performed GA), tackles for loss allowed (MU, ALA, Vandy, and MSU out performed GA), total offense (MU and AU beat you)? My point is you talk mostly about stars and little about substance while at the same time not even knowing what your competition is working with.
Couple of questions about your blind allegiance; what's your criteria for Georgia having the best O-line in ALL of CFB let alone the SEC, and how can you qualify a statement about SC's back if you don't even have a clue whom it is? If twice the talent and twice the depth meant anything in Athens, UGA would have arguably won the last 7 east titles. This post wreaks of uneducated homer that's still high from last year, but has amnesia from any prior.