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And dang Joe.... Looking back at your posts it looks like you're quite the Mizzou groupie.
When has Florida not redshirted more overall * talent than MU? Guess what? With all that talent they're still 3 and 3 with the Tigers since they've been in the SEC.
Welcome to the MAC, from the Missouri wrestling program.
Looking at his stat, MUs crappy defense was Fromms only 300+ yard day. I can't tell he ever took control and completely overwhelmed any defense, good or bad.
"only play well vs lesser competition. That begs the question that if Lock didn't do well against better competition, how did from do? Answer-not well.
Um, Lock wasn't playing the Mizzou defense that game so your point doesn't hold water. With their common opponents (Ark and GA)Lock clearly put on the superior performances.
He's on the Maxwell Award watch list, Heisman watch list, Davey O’Brien watch list, Walter Camp watch list, a returning 1st team all SEC QB, and projected to go in the 1st round. How much more hype does he really need?
How do you leave your QB out? He'll have the best stats in the SEC this year.
Dirty pool, but hopefully the students make the most of it.
Replace Locks name with Fromm and you have 84 yards and 1 pick against Tennessee and 101 yards and a pick against FLA. They all have less than impressive days. Florida was a top 30 total and passing defense last year, Lock had 3 tds and 1 pick (1 series 4th qtr) Then there's also Georgia, a top 10 total defense and passing defense in 17' 4 tds and 1 pick. Those were arguably his best outputs vs. competition. You've already outlined the ugly with Purdue.
Lazy argument considering he played little or no 4th quarters in 6 of last years games. Georgia also had 6 common opponents so there's that to compare also.
Man that's one of the most out in left field comments I've ever come across. I don't think Courtney Smith was wanting to be an Army Ranger or on the front line in the war on terror. I think she just wanted to keep from getting her a$$ kicked by her POS husband.
What's to rebut? Home fans are typically quiet during a blowout. Safe to assume lots of students started parting at halftime to party with the score being what it was.
Foot in mouth for omitting another Westy. Please peruse the East side stats and come to a conclusion since that's where your statement gets exposed.
My bad, 2012 W had 3 teams top 25. See how easy it is to admit you're wrong after being presented with facts?
Here are the #s AP final polls for East and West, 1st # is top 10 teams, second is top 25 2012 East 3/4 West 1/2 2013 East 2/3 West 1/3 2014 East 1/2 West 1/3 2015 East 0/2 West 2/3 2016 East 0/1 West 1/3 2017 East 1/1 West 2/3
LSUSMC I never accused you of saying LSU had a good season, but you reference LSU beating Ole Miss with pride. I replied because they had the same 3-5 conference record as Florida. Only Three teams faired worse.
So what's your point? The target keeps moving. OM had a losing record when you met last year. You beat two teams with winning records and 7 teams with losing records that also failed to make bowl.
Are you placing an asterisk the 2017 LSU schedule next to the wins over Ark and Florida or just on MUs?
Not bragging. 1st post to this article is you asking what team Mizzou beat with a better record. Answer is UConn, Idaho, and Florida. Tenn was equal when they played and Ark and Vandy were inferior records when they met. Florida was the only SEC team MU beat with a better record before game time.
A little research actually shows UConn, Idaho, and Florida all had better records when they played Missouri. Tenn and Mizzou shared the same record before they played. Ark and Vandy had a worse record when they met.
Might wanna do a solid comparison of the two Darv. Plus, Bailey got plenty of love (Bronco Nagurski / All American), just wasn't as Heisman worthy as those in front of him / Ricky Williams, Donavan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, Tim Couch.