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Just change your handle to 78UMGrad, or would that be incorrect?
So University of Kansas is now UK, Pitt is now UP, and University of Colorado is now UC? Got it.
Just say they were unprepared and lost. Say "Mizzou doesn't benefit from catching UF after the UGA game this year" is chicken$hit. A team 0-4 in conference coming to Florida's Homecoming and blowing them out is almost as embarrassing as your statement.
*no sympathy. And mercy is usually reserved for the apologetic and remorseful; he's neither.
Vick showed remorse and attempted to make up for his crimes. This guy refers to the location of his crime as allburn and mocks the D.A. I have now sympathy for a guys that thinks his past crimes are a joke. He's a retired State Trooper for fuksake!
Has offers from both LSU and Bama, but doesn't appear to be interested.
It's fair. Most penalized team in the SEC and only 12 spots from being the least disciplined in all FBS. Comes from the top down.
You're a complete dumba$$. HAHA cola_cock 4 days ago Looks like they took the Mizzou and Clemson way cheat and cheat some more.
Then don't. It's no skin off my back.
Not on the team is what I initially meant and corrected once pointed out. I don't believe championships are won by fan projection like you two, but whatever. Sounds like the pronoun discussion has made it's way into Southern football circles.
Round robin statement may be premature. MU always finds a way to Munson things up when they have momentum.
For Boxster... That was a horrible cheapshot attempt given that an Odom coached team just beat South Carolina in regulation by 20 points.
Except that was an insecure Florida fan that brought all that up.
Nope, I believe you've got a hard on for Mizzou for some reason. Mizzou was referenced by you. Perceived program superiority was brought up by you. The sensitive and sarcastic tone was brought by you. If you're be that way, at least own it.
The St Louis Dispatch covered all scenarios, this one relating to the current question... Q: If Missouri is in first place in the SEC East and the appeal ruling hasn’t been announced, what’s the latest the NCAA could announce its ruling and keep Missouri from playing in Atlanta? A: This one is tricky because there doesn’t appear to be a cut and dried answer. Mind you, this is very hypothetical. Missouri has played just two of its eight conference games. But … if Missouri remains in first place after the Nov. 29 finale against Arkansas and hasn’t received a one week’s notice from the NCAA, logic serves that the Tigers would clinch a place in Atlanta for the SEC championship game. The SEC would need time to arrange the logistics in Atlanta, disperse tickets to the respective fan bases, book hotel rooms, etc. Once the East-West matchup is set, the NCAA couldn’t swoop in and announce the ruling a few days before the championship game and force the league to replace Missouri with another East team. That would be a logistical nightmare for all parties involved.
Of course not, hence my question. But were I at practices and placed in the position of evaluating talent I suspect I would have an idea after 3 years. The difference with Trask at the helm is night and day.