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You spoke of SEC match-ups. Week one and two are not. That's how I took your statement.
Checkout weeks 1 and 2 above, cdstoudemire.
Like it or not you've got yourselves a QB controversy where none should exist. Mind games inside the program.
Yes, with authority and better than anyone else last year (fingers crossed for a repeat).
You missed Odom's contract extension this last January
Elliot and his 1800+ yards in 14' would have looked incredible in Tiger Stripes. His dad played MU football, his mom ran MU track. Why wouldn't you feel compelled, if not obligated, to hit the talent in your own back yard?
Current freshman enrollment rates are up 14% for the fall and projected to grow before the start of the semester. MU appears to have weathered the storm.
Saban said he did a fabulous job at Ole Miss; I'm not sure the fan base agrees.
Um those were all guys that had reported problems in college; was that sarcasm?
I'm anxious to see if Jordan Elliott is everything his teammates have described from last year on the practice squad.
So you make a SDS profile to defend Trump the day after his personal lawyer's offices are raided in response to a porn stars 130k hush money payment and I have a character issue?As for Quantrill, you're correct; I never met him, but I'm a fan of his work in Lawrence.
Meant as a stand alone statement LSUSMC, not as a rebuttal.
Trump praying with the team is about as appropriate as Jesse Jackson being Slick Willie's spiritual advisor during the Lewinski fiasco. Timing is perfect.
Tough crowd. All Allen did was go out and lead the SEC in passing his 1st year as a starter.
Best non-Hawaiian back-up QB??
His competition is also 20 years old, so that's a wash. A healthy Debo takes a lot of weight off Bentley's shoulders.
Salty comment Duke; Jarrett was 2nd in passing, played in one more game, and still had over 800 yards less in than Lock.
I agree; Matt reps well for Missouri. Not bagging on SDS either, there's little in the KC Star or St Louis Post either.
Man, given that the winter lull ended I would have would have expected the only story from the 1st spring practice press conference to be about football, not the basketball coach.
This is unprecedented,everybody knows you can't get a Championship trophy until week 2.
There's only three options as to whom he's referring to; somebody out of conference , somebody in the West that didn't have as highly ranked class as Alabama and is out of contention by default, or Georgia. I chose Georgia.
Well obviously I thought he was talking about Georgia given Blep acknowledged "best class in the West", but if not it doesn't change the absurdity of the statement. If there was any validity to saying kids aren't willing to play for a school already stacked with 5 star players then recruits wouldn't go to bama. And no, I don't think Georgia is on par with the depth of bama, but all it would take is two more classes like this years.
"Kids don’t want to go to an already stacked school knowing they’re sitting behind 5* players who have been there a year or two longer". Are we still talking about Georgia or did you move on to Alabama? Don't think you thought your statement thru.