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Correct, but made me chuckle. Grammar Nazi calling out the incorrect use of anti-semite. Feels like a Seinfeld topic.
The closest thing to violence and riots was Prof Melissa Click looking for some muscle to remove a reporter.
Don't forget training, coaching, and rehab that also provided for free.
One of the best one-liners ever presented on this site and it clearly wasn't about the child. You're being overly sensitive.
Can't decide if I should laugh or cry(just kidding, I'm laughing).
Only proven way to get Hugh Freeze into that press box is to place a few escorts in there first.
The Pig has an issue with SEC Defensive Players Of The Year.
KU won and is looking for fans. Ad Astra, Mr fair weather.
It worked well when the Tarheels brought back Mack Brown.
You also forget to acknowledge your statistical projection has Felipe throwing 26 ints.
Based on your model at 13 games Perine finishes the season with 546 yards (good for 23rd in 18')4.2 ypc (33rd in conference). I don't think you can make any assumptions at this point in the season.
Horrible examples. Florida also hasn't one a conference championship in over a decade. And resting your laurels on stuff that happened in the 90's and 00's is the ultimate Uncle Rico move.
And also... How are you gonna crack on S Carolina losing to 5 loss Virginia knowing that Florida lost to a Missouri squad that finished 8-5?
I think you'd have a hard time convincing anybody outside of Gainesville Miami is a better team than Mizzou (or that Mizzou's O-line and running game is below average).
Two MU rushing TDs by halftime vs 1 passing says your wrong. Sure drew took advantage in the second half, but pretending his work in garbage-time beat you Florida is flat out BS.
NASA, students leave when a game is a blowout at halftime / 28-6. Heck, how many Florida fans hung around past halftime in the Swamp last year? Let's ask CeCe.
Marcus Murphy would be the only example of a Tiger owning FL. Did the same to the Gators that Deebo did to the Tigers last year.
2018 MU rushed 221/2 td and passed 250/3 td. 2017 MU rushed 227/3 td and passed 228/3td. Looks pretty balanced opposed to Lock carrying the team. Also, SEC record for MU FL is MU 4-3 in the Tigers favor. Lock didn't get 2 extra years of eligibility.
What exactly am I or the author comparing? I countered his statement; not what you implied.
From the MU prediction, "I think you need to be able to stretch the field vertically to beat Georgia". That certainly wasn't the case in their three losses last year.