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In 2 out of his four games against the SEC he led Clemson in rushing, so he's obviously capable.
Chose home over Tennessee and Miss State too.
"Mizzou peaked at just the right time" Ridiculous statement. Those were 11 and 12 win teams that both went 7-1 in conference play. Comparatively speaking, LSU has only had two teams play that well in conference since 2005 and the last time was 2011. It's OK to admit they were solid teams.
Yes, and they've used them a few other times over the years.
You provide an unsolicited off-the-cuff comment about Mizzou posters claiming they want a parade for winning the East twice in the last five years, note that TN fans don't dwell in the past and the follow up with stories of success the TN program had between 1997' and 2007? Pull your pants up man, your a$$ is showing.
Swarm of bees, reminds me of a version from a certain SEC team.
Minimum 250 coverage snaps comp % Holmes MU 40.3 Igbin.. AU 41.0 Fulton LSU 41.5 Dantzler Miss St. 43.1 Acy MU 46.8 List only went to five.
Sorry Coach Woodson, PFF already proved the case for MU's Acy and Holmes being the best returning defenders based on lowest completion percentage when targeted.
How do you overrate a guy that had over 100 tackles in each of the last two years and led the SEC in solos last year?
I think everyone can understand why he chose MU over UT.
Yup, TAMU then held Clemson to 3 and out and scored 36 seconds later.
Bryant led both rushing and passing efforts and the defense gave up the 2nd highest points total of the year. I don't think the game played out as you quite remember Matt.
I don't think Williams is back with the team after his suspension.
Exactly. A-hole response from a somebody participating in a team sport.
How is a QB that led his team to a natty and was #1 on the 2018 Heisman preseason list a strike out? 1/2 the Bama fans would have probably replaced Tua with Lawrence too given the chance. You portray it as if Bryant sucked.
AD has to be reviewing his buyout. Never seen anything like This before, and MU has gone thru lots of stupidity in 6he last decade or so.
That's from the Florida State 2018 Statutes. Kicked out (strongly persuaded to transfer) of the University after not one but two accusations from young women. I'm gonna go ahead and side with the University and Steele's dad.
“Se_xual battery” means oral, a_nal, or v_aginal penetration by, or union with, the se_xual organ of another or the a_nal or v_aginal penetration of another by any other object; however, se_xual battery does not include an act done for a bona fide medical purpose.
The "it's only allegations" phase ended when Steele's dad tweeted about the appalling situation his son removed himself from.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
Put himself in position to become the perfect scapegoat for any faltering this season.
Mullin's now appears to be the joke after talking trash and ignoring concerns from one of the stars of his celebrated class. He's definitely done gone and $hit in his own nest.