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And Coach Pittman did too. Do you even know who your coaches are?
Florida is 5-4 vs. MU since they entered the SEC. I'd say more like a thorn in Florida's side.
^^Makes stupid statements after getting CottonBowl curb-stomped^^
"Don’t really understand why you are getting so defensive" Well you did call it a participation trophy and totally diminish everything accomplished by two programs this year, so there's that.
Who would talk bad about a kid that came in, competed, got his degree, and hopefully moves himself into a better position to have success? He represented MU well.
Field conditions Saturday with the wind-chill is 33 F and there's a great chance of rain and snow in the AM and afternoon. Normally this would favor MU but it's been uncharacteristically warm this fall thus far.
Aaron Murray called Bazelak "the most gifted QB in the SEC".
Jaden Nash- ark top 25 in last years class-Jacksonville Ark, Markell Utsey-Little Rock
Tyler Powell (Transfer portal mid season, Ark gatorade player of year) and Barrett Banister are both Fayetteville kids.
"BTW, you built your record against the two worst coaches in Ark history". So now even the wins over Arky come with an asterisk?
Neither Justin Smith nor Barry Odom ever some much as sniffed playing on a top 20 ranked team, let alone a #1 or #2 ranked team.
Franks started that Mizzou game, was horrible and was pulled after the half and replaced by Trask. I vaguely remember the home crowd cheering whenever he was replaced. I also remember Trask immediately lighting up the Mizzou defense and leading a long scoring drive for FLA in his first series.
Tell your friend no, he's too busy trying preserve the season to argue with idiots.
Odd this is the hill you chose to stand on. Tennessee's 4 winning seasons out of the last decade doesn't match any "top of the SEC" claim you eluded to.
Brad Smith. 8500+ Passing / 4100+ opn the ground and brought relevance back to the program.
Changes positions 1/2 way thru the season and becomes a 2019 All American, top graded LB in coverage in the nation, and SEC's leading tackler. What's not to love here?
Why not? Last year was 1st team SEC, 3rd team all American, 2019 top graded LB in coverage in the nation and SEC's leading tackler.
P5 Football scholarships cannot be pulled for any athletic reason. Essentially guaranteed with exception of character issues, academic reasons, etc...
Just change your handle to 78UMGrad, or would that be incorrect?