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Georgia is probably overrated by at least 1 rank! UgaX is looking out of shape! Hope that helps.
That's correct. Actually a lot of teams do that. We have been and always will be the "Rebels." But after our mascot got canceled we have been in a mascot identity crisis. LSU and State fans know this, but they enjoy trolling OleMiss fans nonetheless lol.
I like to think Kiffin hasn't officially named a starter because he is using the competition for as long as possible to help expedite development. That being said, I think Dart is more capable than he has shown. Maybe holding some cards in close until we need to sling it. OR, they both suck... who knows lol
I'm in line with this prediction. The x factor is the injured Arky secondary, but I don't think Max Johnson is that good.
When he says "could this be the year Kiffin's program makes a breakthrough" in the SEC West "behind Alabama," wouldn't that be the same as last year... OleMiss finished 2nd in the West and 3rd in the SEC... Or is he suggesting a breakthrough beyond that? (We ain't winning the West lol)
Definitely agree, though I did expect GT to be closer considering how they held Clemson for 3 quarters. As an OleMiss fan, I've witnessed seasons when we didn't easily handle "woeful" opponents. So I'll take it.
I agree but not sure how many wins should be expected for USC at this point. The East is no cake walk this year. I'd say 5 is probably the ceiling for them. Maybe 14th is an overreaction but a 5 win season would put them in the bottom 3 at least.
It's credit for taking care of business. The spread was 16.5, OleMiss clearly out performed what Vegas expected. Not saying it's an "impressive" win by any means. That being said, I went to both schools, GT's stadium & game atmosphere absolutely sucks lol.
Based on current annual base pays, this makes Kiffin the 8th highest paid coach behind Jimbo Fisher... I'm sure many coaches (like Kirby Smart) will get raises and new contracts will be signed before the year is out. But OleMiss paying top 10 money is rather wild. He deserves it.
I also think he is better than projected. I was really hoping for rain in that game to keep him in check, which it did (due to drops). Figured we had the edge at RB and Matt on his feet, turned out to be the difference on a rainy night.
Especially after the coaching change. Rip the Band-Aid off and make the move, start fresh all at once.
I agree. I think OleMiss had a better shot than the mass media was giving them credit for. It's not all about the Natty (Legacy, coach, culture, etc). But I think Brian Kelly at LSU was a huge splash that has to make them a favorite for Arch at this point.
I agree, he could build a legacy there. After all, reaching the SEC championship one time or sneaking into the playoff with 1 loss would probably be enough to name something after him in Oxford. We will pay him top 20 money but we can't compete with top 10 or top 5 money.
How pissed would the college football world be if Bama beat UGA (they won't but if...) and both Bama & UGA make the final 4??? I'd love that, would prefer my Rebs in the Sugar bowl.
Lol that is a bad angle, his neck is completely missing
I think you are correct. For the reason you mentioned, it's a risk that is probably unnecessary (TN is already a good spot for him). But as a devil's advocate, I'm sure he has at least day dreamed of making history by winning the title at OU as a player and a coach, get a statue built in front of the stadium, etc.
"Lane Kiffin's team" has not yet been to a NY6 bowl. But you are correct, OleMiss in general has been twice.
I'm not sure I'd ever watch college football again if Kiffin went to LSU, as if watching the same teams in the playoff every year isn't already hard enough
Agreed, it's pretty much a "pick-em" but one team has home field advantage. I think OM has more of an edge then most fan bases want to give them credit for (been the case last 3 weeks) but injuries have definitely taken a toll on offense.
Agreed, and Kentucky has a much easier path to do that. These coaches are also doing it with the #27(UM) and #31(UK) overall 247 sports talent rankings.
OleMiss opened as -1, the swing has been happening every week ever since our loss to Bama. I think it's difficult for fan bases to believe a team has changed that much in 1 year. Similar to how Clemson continues to get big spreads despite their obvious regression.
It is true that LSU recruits better on average, usually top 5. However the OleMiss 4 year recruiting ranking average usually sits between 19-24. I would not say da U is significantly better in this regard.
I agree actually, bammer and dawgs are on their own level, most of the other teams are on even playing fields. I think this weekend may determine #2 in the west between OleMiss and Arkansas but both teams will lose another game or 2 after the weekend.
Soooo how many more can they win?
I agree, top recruits likely want a CFP chance and they want the highest % chance to get to the NFL(Saban..). They will only skew away from those top teams for specific reasons (family, immediate playing time, maybe state pride?) but for the most part those 4 teams will continue to dominate talent. The new NIL policy could change this, but I'm not sure if it will be for the better or worse.
Rather than saying "great, thanks!" or however coaches usually sign off, he just said "get your popcorn" and threw the headset to the ground. He was clearly excited, if anything it came across as arrogant, but I also don't think it was rude.
As an OleMiss fan, let me say that a 14.5 spread against Nick Saban still feels like a million miles away