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NY6 started in 2014... I'm not tracking UK in any of them since 2014.
They would still be heavily favored to win without him I'd imagine and now it's about developing for next year. No reason to risk it and for this bowl game I'm sure the LSU fanbase would understand or even be supportive. I'd rather see my star QB in the NFL than winning the reliaquest bowl.
I wasn't sure if he would be drafted due to his size, though he is clearly very quick and has great hands. If he is passing up on another year in college, I'm assuming he got some good news from the NFL agents! Hope he does great things like many other OleMiss pass catchers!
Lol, I just looked at your comment history. It's stock full of OleMiss comments. You are obsessed and it's hilarious.
I agree. But if it's 30-40, OleMiss still makes it. Earlier this year Fox released a top 25 most valuable programs, OleMiss came in at 24 (which happens to be about where the AP had us ranked all time). The bias is really towards those top 10 media brands as they are significantly larger.
Of note, this is the 9th 10-win season for OleMiss. Only the 2nd regular season. We could do this stat for a lot of SEC teams. It's annoying that they only do it for OleMiss. This is also the 4th NY6 appearance for OleMiss which is good for third in the SEC... I swear the sports media does everything they can to keep the smaller school name brands down while propping up the big ones as much as possible.
Lol ya I can't possibly see how losing to Bama by 3 in the SEC championship, after 29 straight wins, could possibly hint at a "slide." Using Clemson as an parallel is such a hilarious stretch. I think Hayes wrote this just to enjoy the UGA comments.
Before anyone makes an assumption, we had 6 players drafted last year, but none in the first round.
I could see the SEC redeeming itself this post season from the regular season non-conference record. Ohio State is a tough draw from Mizzu. Michigan v Bama is intriguing. But I bet most SEC teams will be favored on this list.
Not that many teams do, especially considering seasons used to only be 10 or 11 total games.
Kiffin beating LSU this year was a big win. They ended 9-3 and ranked within the top 15. Please stop. Instead of always trying to keep the Mississippi schools down. Let’s mention that this will be the FOURTH NY6 appearance for OleMiss. That’s 3rd in the SEC, only behind Bama and UGA. (I know LSU won it all, but just sayin…) I also think OleMiss matches up really well against PSU. This felt like a lazy analysis.
An undefeated power 5 conference champion should always get in. Otherwise, we should just go ahead and say that the playoffs should be based on recruiting rankings instead of on the field results. Fortunately, the new 12-team playoff will mostly fix this.
Olemiss fans are definitely frustrated with that. Olemiss has higher ranked wins and losses than both Mizzu and Penn State.
Glad someone finally acknowledged the debate between OleMiss vs Mizzu getting the NY6 invite. Mizzu's ONLY argument is that they "lost" a "closer" game to UGA. OleMiss strength of schedule and wins would justify OleMiss getting in over Mizzu.
Umm... Knowing that our offensive coordinator from just 2 years ago is headed to starkville is hardly an obsession lmao. It's just basic sports knowledge.
Hardly the best season in school history lol, might have been for State though. This is the 9th 10 win season for the Rebs and the 3rd since the playoff era. Now if they hit the 11 mark this post season, that would be cool.
Lol. This is a football blog. But congrats on your basketball team record?
OleMiss ended the season with the 5th hardest strength of schedule and has 2 ranked wins. Neither Mizzu or Penn State are in the top 20 SOS and both only have 1 ranked win. OleMiss should be in the NY6...
So I presume Elko will not be coaching Duke in their bowl game. Is he legally able to coach A&M in their bowl? Thought there was a rule about it.
They definitely went after someone who they think might be able to win an egg bowl against Kiffin. Lebby knows how Kiffin operates. That being said, based off their current recruiting & NIL situation, I think it might take a while to right the ship.
Olemiss will be ranked 11. Missing the NY6 is just silly, especially considering they played and beat Tulane.
I disagree. People are saying the sec had a down year, yet we will likely have 4 teams in the NY6…. It’s just because OleMiss and Mizzu are good rather than LSU and Florida or other more popular brands.
SDS predicted OleMiss would go 6-6…
Agreed. I’m a big Arkansas and Kentucky fan this weekend. I think Olemiss will finish 11th after all is said and done.
This is a coach who loves his team and where he’s at.
Yes but Penn State doesn’t have 2 ranked wins and one of their losses was at home. We should definitely be ahead of Penn State, but they are more valuable to the media.