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Even better if Adam Sandler and Henry Winkler walked out on set with him.
$17 million payday for winning a NC. How many schools would make that deal right now?
I just don't see Jimbo leaving A&M even with the same or more money and Woodward being his buddy. A&M can compete with anyone in pay. They have top 5 facilities and have agreed to upgrade the football complex on a regular basis to maintain the top 5 status. My understanding they even agreed to help Jimbo with his non-profit research foundation for his son's rare medical situation. On top of that he is laying the foundation to compete with Bama on a regular basis; they just beat Bama despite having a wrench thrown in their roster. He has a distinct advantage in recruiting Texas and usually plucks some great commits from around the country. He would get a good roster in going to LSU, but he would need a few years to get his system in place. Why do that when he already just about everything in place at A&M. If anything, A&M will pony up for an even better deal and more ridiculous facilities. On second thought, I sure hope Jimbo stays at A&M because if Jimbo leaves for LSU I shudder to think who they will go after next. Urban Meyer has a long standing admiration of A&M. When he was at Utah he openly discussed how much he loved the 12th man culture at A&M and the stadium. The big hats at A&M would sign in blood to get Urban Meyer. Whether you like the guy or not, he can flat out coach college football. It's gonna be another wild off season in the SEC.
I agree that he was trying to make the point that he expected a better run defense. Hats off to UK for executing their run game.
I agree. Tough atmosphere and against talented rosters from both Florida and A&M. Bama IS a great program. I think all to often we forget just how talented most of the SEC schools have become as well. That is a direct result of the success of Alabama and CNS.
What an awesome video! I believe someone said the blonde was his wife. Talk about outkicking the coverage! Still fun to see that passion for football in the SEC.
They ate the rat poison. The SEC is full of great players, good to great coaches, and a passion for college football. CNS warned them. Now he has to give them the antidote to the rat poison if A&M didn't already do that. I expect Bama to learn and grow.
Due to horrific decisions by a satellite provider, I haven't been able to see the whole game yet. So my viewing has been extended highlight replays and condensed youtube videos. CNS will get the ship righted after this loss. Bama won it all the last time A&M handed them a wake up loss. With all of that said, I am not surprised by this loss. A&M and Florida both played well against Bama. Both of these teams have recruited very well and have talent all over the field. The coaches and assistants are top notch. A&M's win while hosting some very highly rated recruits is the thing that will have a bigger effect going forward. By the recruiting sites, this win and the atmosphere at the game was unlike anything any of them had ever experienced, and they said as much. We will see how that plays out going forward. CNS is still the GOAT. I've been critical of Jimbo the last few weeks and I still feel rightfully so. But I will allow he finally seems to have found an OLine combination that works to protect Calzada. Achane is one of the most electric runners in football. I would double his touches. Finally Calzada showed why he was such a highly rated Elite 11 prospect. The clips I saw he still has happy feet, but his arm talent is very apparent. He showed heart after the injury. That is huge to the players. Can A&M keep this momentum? I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the Bama team meeting today to hear what CNS has to say to the team. Great win by A&M; no other way to say it. Bama will learn and grow from this loss.
What I've seen they are pretty good on defense. Their biggest issue is losing their Mike from last year. He plugged the middle on the runs and took away the easy slants behind the DL.
Bama will cover the spread in the 1st quarter. It's going to be long day for A&M.
"Alabama – If you want an SEC championship DO NOT hire a former Saban assistant as your HC." Thanks for the hot coffee through my nose...
Bo Nix really impressed me last night. I had written him off. He looked like the ballplayer Auburn needed during the game.
Outside of CNS, I thought Jimbo was the next best coach in the SEC. I'm starting to be critical of my thinking. I think QB2 is a practice stud. Looks really good in practice, but when the big lights come on they can't handle the pressure. I don't know if they have a recruit coming in next year, but they need to find a transfer QB immediately and a couple of OTs. I watched some of the game waiting on LSU/Auburn. QB2 has a cannon for an arm, but he isn't comfortable with pressure. He won't set his feet to throw. The OL was giving him a decent pocket. He missed open receivers in his progressions. One pass stood out was the short crossing route for a 5 yard gain. He missed a WR running open on a post route. Would have been an easy touchdown. Jimbo was losing his mind over it. My issue is Jimbo should have adjusted his playcalling if the kid can't make it work. Put a fullback in there and pound the ball with 2 great RBs. Get your track star to the edge and let him fly. Poor scheme and coaching from Jimbo. Also why CNS is the greatest of all time.
Rankings look about right. I think Kentucky, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Florida are the blanket teams. Bama and Georgia are the elite. Should be a heck of a game in the final! I was happy to see a Bama defense of old. Georgia defense is ridiculously good. My how the expectations have changed this year. Bo Nix is playing well. The Air Raid is finally looking the part for State. A&M despite all of it's talent is floundering due to poor QB and OL play. SC is playing defense and has great team chemistry. Tennessee is playing with heart. The SEC truly is entertaining.
No. I think the ranking are right for now. Keep winning and Ole Miss will climb.
I recorded the game and finally had time to watch it. Another game ran over so the injury to King wasn't recorded. Calzada through 3 quarters was a deer in the headlights. Poor kid's heartrate must have been 200 per minute. His feet were all over the place and he was not progressing through reads correctly. Oline did a decent job protecting him, but CU loaded the box to stop the run. A&M looks like they needed to switch things up on OL. The LT was blocking like he was a guard. The center was lost at times, but that made sense after they announced he is a true fish. Finally, if A&M has so much OL depth why play an obviously hurt RG? I'm usually fan of Jimbo's coaching, but not this game. He didn't help his QB with his play calling. Credit to CU; they are a better team than I thought. That front seven is solid and the safeties are terrific in run support. Their mike is a stud. He will play on Sundays. Start the 4th quarter and things changed. Calzada settled in and his feet calmed down. Lane dropped several passes he should have caught. The new QB then began to progress through reads and made some good decisions. The thing that stood out to me was his arm talent when his feet were correct and calm. Kid can make some legit throws although he needs to cut down on the velocity at times. CU keep the box loaded and paid for it. If the kid calmed down at halftime, this would be a 28-7 game and we wouldn't be talking about it. I'm interested to see how he progresses in the next game. Already got it scheduled to record. Oh, and if you think a QB's feet doesn't matter, go watch Tom Brady. If his upper body is moving at normal speed, it's like his feet are at 1/2 speed. I guess that is why is 40 times are so abysmal. Ha! Seriously, Brady's secret is his feet. They are always so calm and in the correct position to leverage the throw. He's the GOAT for a reason. Just an opinion from an oldtimer. Feel free to disagree!
Just saw where Jimbo went off on the refs! Everything he said was dead on. I'd be interested to hear what CNS has to say also. I saw several times he was letting them have it on calls.
MUTigerdan, I've got to see a couple of games now in College Station. They are far and away devoutly passionate and genuinely nice fans I've ever met. I didn't buy a single beer the whole time I was in town and had plenty to drink. Tailgating wasn't that great because it was so spread out. Yell Practice and the Corp marching in were amazing events. I've been to a game before the remodel and a couple of games after the remodel. Kyle Field is a temple to football. All SEC fans should go see it and take the tour.
How horrible was the officiating??? Sheesh, every game I watched on Saturday and I recorded A&M and watched it this morning. I've got 2 more recorded to watch, but I bet it doesn't get any better. LSU got held on the edge on 3 big UCLA runs. BS targeting calls every game. A&M safety got called for targeting and a late hit but it was a clean and legal hit in bounds. A&M running back crossed the goal line, no TD. Bama RG got leg whipped on consecutive plays. Refs missed 12 players on the field LSU/UCLA. Even Georgia/Clemson had a few. Terrible first week for officiating.
I agree. Miami isn't the team they were advertised to be. The SEC upper level defenses will be a challenge. With that said, CNS keeps the Tide rolling!
The worst case scenario is losing Elko at the end of the season. The best case is finally beating CNS and winning the west. I don't think Jimbo will let the rat poison get to his players. While he will never be CNS, I do think he is the next best coach in the SEC. Jimbo is 2 of 3 against LSU. I think that is the biggest hurdle left after Bama to get to the SECCG against what looks like Georgia. Gonna be a great season of SEC football!
I think Georgia's defense is the difference in this game. Clemson is talented, but not up to par with Georgia.
That should be a good one too. A&M's D-line is impressive and they will need to live up to it on that day.
That's a huge get for Coach Pittman. I see more of these coming in the future. There are some pretty impressive names that are Arkansas alumni. NIL now matters and Arkansas can get in on that game. The bonus is Pittman is a great coach and a great man. He has assembled a staff that teaches how he does. I'd sure love to see a big game between Bama and the Hawgs in Fayetteville in the future. The last game I attended we ended up staying for a few more days. The campus was beautiful as was the surrounding area.
I work with a Baylor alum. Good guy. I asked him yesterday what the word was to the alumni. He heard full scramble mode. 2 options that seemed to be in the works: 1. Expand and go after Houston, UCF, Memphis, and Cincinnati 2. Work a deal to take Baylor, TCU, Tx Tech and OK State to the Pac. Take it for what it's worth. That and $7 will get you an overpriced cup of bad coffee.
I'll admit I had to look this up to confirm, but you are indeed correct. I still think they are just shocked A&M finally decided to spend with the heavyweights.
I think Tank will have a breakout year as well if he stays healthy.
I don't think Jimbo wants King to take that beating. King looked athletic and capable for sure, but he didn't have size to match his height. I'm not saying he didn't put on weight this spring; I'm just going with the video I saw. Achane is the most intriguing aspect of the A&M offense. The games I saw A&M play this year it seemed Spiller stayed dinged up. If he can stay healthy, who knows he can do. But I do think Jimbo with go with a 2 back system. Who will play FB for A&M. I remember those Aggie teams of the 80s and 90s always having a monster at FB.