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Texas A&M graduate '08
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I like how you said the SEC would get Texas so that Texas A&M could have a legitimate rivalry game, and then immediately put them in different conferences.
Not sure if you're just looking at college stats/success or NBA success, but I feel like DeAndre Jordan should be on this list somewhere.
I teach in Frisco ISD and our kids play at The Star. That place in pretty impressive, I'm not sure if it's better than the one in Oregon, but it's very nice. They're building a community around it, a Omni hotel is right by it, and the facility is world class. Even with that, most of my students (Nic Boltom, Mizz commit) are mad it got moved there. They liked the Nike complex better and I'm not sure why the move was made.
Compared to t.u.'s fans, no. I will agree that there are people in our (and every fan base) that give that school a bad name, however, the arrogance that spews out of Austin is on an entirely different level. I have longhorns that I work with that still say things like "we've won a national championship, and we're Texas why wouldn't the top player want to sign with us".
All of the writers like to look at t.u.'s recruiting class this year and marvel at their #3 class and how they got 7 out of the top 10 players in the state of Texas. What they don't write about is that 5 of the top 6 players in Texas are all DBs, t.u. failed to address the weakest part of their team, O-Line. They may have the #3 class, but it's filled with holes. Jimbo, might have only finished #17, but he addressed many needs on our team, DBs, D-Line, and O-Line (unfortunately we missed on LBs). And picked up plenty of skill position players on both sides of the ball. He got his (looks at definition) TEs, whatever those are. Our class might not be as good, but it addressed things that we need. Either way, comparing these two classes is just silly. First, you have to take into consideration that Jimbo came in late in the process, and second, it really doesn't matter how many stars a player has or what rank a team finishes at, it comes down to player development. Just talk to Bill Snyder about that.
As an Aggie, I would be OK with never playing t.u. ever again. For the last couple of years I have loved watching us play in the SEC West and the rivalries we're building here. I dislike them so much, for their arrogance and their ability to ruin a good football conference, that it wouldn't even bring me joy to play AND beat them. They're just a toxic football program. We're better of in the SEC. Move on.
I feel that as long as Jimbo can get us to the level of AU and LSU in the west, (competing for SEC titles) the contract is worth it. As long as Saban is at Bama things are going to be a uphill battle. If we're at least playing the top SEC teams close, winning some, losing some, then I consider that successful. Any Aggie that is demanding nation championships is talking crazy.
We're a respectable 4 in the College Station recruiting rankings right now so I'm optimistic.
It's easy to say that now, but you can't bench your best player because you're looking out for his NFL future. You have to remember that Sumlin was, and still is, coaching for his job, why wouldn't he play Miles every snap possible.
I just hope that, if Sumlin has a mediocre year, we don't fire him with the mindset of "oh, we can just go get Patterson", striking out on him and then left scrambling to get someone else. Patterson would be a great hire, but it would be really hard to leave that job.
Looking at the schedule and the talent we have returning in '17, I think a "good" year would be 8 wins and competitive losses. But all that depends on how the QB situation pans out. If the administration decides to move Sumlin out, I don't think Kelly would come here, I think (right now) our best bet would be Chad Morris.