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So a QB taking advantage of the defences mistakes are not indicators of success?
He can still go through conditioning/non contact drills which is the most important part of camp. But this gives others opportunity to get reps in (Cupp) so hopefully they can produce in the fall.
With the way Achane has been playing and the depth we have at RB, I'd like to see Anias move back to WR and have Spiller and Achane in the backfield.
No, I did not forget him, until he can play a full game you can't count on him. I would love to see him succeed and wish he could stay healthy but I'm only going to rely on guys that are reliable.
We're pretty solid on D, definitely need to keep developing the secondary since that was the major weak point but all other positions should be ok. D Line should be a major strength again. As far as offence, I think we need to move Anias back to WR (slot) that's where he started and then develop Spiller and Achane as our RB tandem. That will give us Anias, Demas, Chapman, Lane, Moose, and JW85 as receiving options. But the most important thing is the O Line, that will be the biggest weakness next year. Hard to replace that much experience.
There's actually a pretty clear path and it's not that complicated. Likely, still no but not complicated. Right now A&M is ranked 5th in the AP polls. First, obviously, they need to win out and then IF UF loses to Bama, then Bama is in and UF has 2 losses (they're out). IF ND beats Clem again, Clem has two losses, drops significantly in the polls, A&M jumps them into the top 4. Then all they need is to have a better argument than a undefeated PAC-12 Camp, CINN, or BYU and they're in. They don't need all the top teams to keep losing, they just need to right ones to keep losing. Now, like I said, this is unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility. Winning out in a very impressive way would help but I still see a NY6 bowl as the realistic outcome.
Agreed with the BS part of that, but you also have to think about the money. If they can include a whole other fan base or conference, ratings go up and money comes in. It's performance and politics. But I will say, for the most part they've done a pretty good job, some #4 spots could be moved around across the years, but overall they've selected good teams. (even if Bama and Clem have just destroyed everyone)
I think most of the ones at the top are pretty realistic. Despite how much A&M and Florida fans want to make the CFP, odds are it will end up something like this. A&M and UF in a NY6 bowl, Bama in the playoffs with 4 teams from 4 different conferences, I think the CPC will jump at the opportunity to make it diverse.
There is no way the CPC is putting in a 1 loss OKST, even if they're the Big12 champs. That conference is bad. You also seem to forget about the Pac 12. If a Pac 12 team goes undefeated, they will have a very good argument at being the 4th team. So, no, it's not that simple or likely.
Yes, the defence is Clem issue but in a close game like that TL would have definitely been a difference maker. As far as the BC game, you should probably go look at it, Clem dominated the second half on defence but against better teams they will have problems (hints the loss to ND). DJ is no slouch, he's very good QB, especially being a true fresh, but he's also no TL. I believe if TL played that game, Clem wins by 7 or so.
Luckily for FL, they control their own path to the CFP, A&M does not.
Gatorfan07 I agree, IF Florida wins out and is SEC champion, then I think they should be in the CFP. But that's a big IF. Bama has won it's last 6 SEC CCGs, you'd have to go back to '08 when Tebow beat them to find a time when Bama lost in the CCG. Not saying it can't happen but Trask isn't Tebow and Bama is still Bama.
Well BEFORE, ND beat Clem, we had a pretty good chance, now, very very small (like the article says). If ND would have lost, the CPC is not going to put a 2 loss ND or FL in the playoffs, so it would boil down to Clem, Bama, OSU, and a 4th team. That 4th would be A&M or a undefeated Pac12 team. Now, all we can hope for is that ND beats Clem again, which is possible, but with TL, very unlikely. If ND keeps it close and loses I can't see the CPC passing on a 1 loss Clem and ND in the playoffs with Bama and OSU. Even if a Pac 12 team goes undefeated. So there is a tiniest bit of hope but I think if you ask pretty much any A&M fan, they will tell you it's a pipe dream. Right now, I'm hoping for a dominate finish to the season, 9-1, and a NY6 bowl. I'd be pretty stinking happy with that.
Again, I don't see how in the world the playoff committee can justify putting a 2 loss ND or UGA in over a 1 loss A&M. Now I think the more likely scenario is an undefeated PAC-12. But if you have 2 losses, get out.
You probably have to count Florida, UGA, and ND out of the playoffs. IF UGA wins out FL will have 2 losses (One to A&M) and will probably lose again to Bama in the CCG. Making UGA with 2 losses (Both to Bama). I really don't think the committee will give UGA a third chance against. ND has the same problem, they will most likely lose to Clem and then again to Clem in the CCG. A 2 loss ND is not getting in. I would like to think (because of competition) a 1 loss A&M has a better resume then 1 loss OKST. And I find any PAC 12 argument laughable. Play some games first. I think the best argument would come from an undefeated Cinn team.
You're correct. Forgot the ACC actually has a champ game. Don't know why in that conference.
Personally, it would be great if we could make the playoffs, but if you offered me a 9-1 season, with a Cotton Bowl appearance, I'd be perfectly happy with that too. I just want A&M to focus on SC. One game at a time, control what they can control and let things fall where they may. A LOT has to go A&M's way in order to make the playoffs. Is it possible, yes, probable, no. Gotta assume tOSU, Clem, and Bama are in, that only leaves one spot. If things play out like they're supposed to, there will be a 1 loss Big12 team, 1 loss ND, 2 loss UGA and FL, and a 1 loss A&M to pick from. Forget about the Pac12 (they don't even play a season, they shouldn't be considered)
What exact did I say that was disrespectful? And who said I was bothered? I disagreed with someone, stated why I disagreed, and even gave props to Ark. So again, what warranted you comment? I didn't name call or call anyone's comment dumb or lame, just disagreed.
ARK has some good coaches, and Franks is really helping being an experienced senior. They just need more talent, hopefully ARK can recruit well. Then they'll really start rolling.
If you think this wasn't a dominate win, then you only looked at the final score. A&M, outside of their first and last two drives (the last two where all run plays up the gut to just run out the clock), scored a TD on every single position. The last ARK TD came with 30 seconds left on the clock. Ark came out hyped and stopped the opening drive and then went and scored a TD. After that, it was 100% A&M, all the way. Ark did move the ball pretty well using up-tempo, and Franks did a great job at extending plays with his legs, but this was dominance for A&M.
This is a more accurate prediction and that's what makes the article a "bold" prediction. But like MSST, if A&M can run the ball effectively, why would Mond need to do anything.
Sorry those second stats where the offense (which is just at bad). Still ranked 9th in total defense (420 a game), 5th in passing and 11th in rushing. Still not good.
chasegal88: UGA racked up 290 yards of offense and 32 points in the second half. MSST dominated that defense, 400 yards, +13 min TOP, threw for 300. Ole Miss and AU both ran for over 240 yards, ARK is giving up an average of 350 yrd a game on defense (ranked 11th in the SEC), 9th in the SEC in passing defense and SECOND TO THE LAST in run defense. So I have NO idea where y'all are getting this "Good Defense" idea from
But are they "worlds better"? Ole Miss is definitely not good and they turned the ball over 7 times and only lost by 11. I'm not sure about you, but if a team turned the ball over to A&M 7 times, I would expect them to win by more than that. Against AU was their only complete game and they lost (insert refs screwing them here), and against MSST they took the ball away 4 times and only won by a touchdown. They're the 3rd best team in the west, but most people think this is a normal west year. MSST, AU, LSU, and Ole Miss are all really bad this year. It's the combination of ARK being better and those other team taking major steps back. A&M on the other hand has a great OL for the first time in a while, a solid run game and a stout run D. Also, comparing past games have little to no bearing on current teams. Drastic changes happen to NCAA teams from year to year, Example LSU the last three years.
Agreed, I don't see this as a blow out game but I also don't see this as a close game either. Similar to MSST, the score will not tell the whole story if A&M plays the way they should. Ark is a much improved team and will definitely will not be a pushover, but just like a heavyweight fighter leaning on their opponent, A&M should wear them down and win comfortably.
I understand that, but at some points logic has to kick in. A&M's offensive strength this year is the run game. Ark has given up 250 on the ground each of the last two games. It's at Kyle so we get Kyle Field Mond (statistically way better). Talent levels. Ark has 7 turnovers against Ole Miss and could only muster 20 points (14 points came off of pix 6s).
I do think it will be more of a lower scoring game with both teams trying to control the ball. ARK has been getting a lot of INTs and we all know Mond can be problematic, so I think A&M will try and keep it on the ground. Good thing is that we have an experienced OL, two very good backs, and ARK has given up around 250 yards on the ground the last two games. I am interested in seeing the Ark offence vs A&M defense matchup. Not a lot of people are talking about that. It'll be interesting to see if Franks can do anything against out bad secondary.
Am I the only one confused about these ARK over A&M picks? I get it, they're much improved and they did get screwed over by the refs, but they just don't have the talent of A&M. Plus it's at Kyle. The stat breakdown just doesn't favor ARK and Vegas usually has a good pulse on things.
The difference is that the A&M vs Vandy game was the first game of the season. Since then A&M has beat the #4 team in the nation and improved. The Ark vs Au game was 2 weeks ago.
100% agree. Like I said, I didn't like the contract, A&M boosters think that throwing money at the problem will fix it.