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Facts, but Foster seems to be almost 100% which is huge. He's throwing shot very well for someone that is recovering from surgery, so that's a good sign.
Everyone is focusing on Petrino and I don't get it. If his offensive scheme/play calling is just OK it will be a huge upgrade from last year. I'm not worried about him. My list includes: OL, without a functional OL, your offence isn't going anywhere LB depth and just depth in general. The portal really didn't hurt our returning productivity that much but killed out depth. That's about it.
Your account was only created recently and all you've done is post negative dumb comments on A&M articles. Go away troll. No one cares if you exist.
Same, it does get a little tedious, but I do like knowing what the roster looks like, contributing players or not.
These kinds of comments make me chuckle a little. You have NO idea how much money these people have, it's ridiculous. I'm not saying this as a brag but more of an informative thing, it's impressive. Quick story, I was at a coaches night in Dallas (I can not afford tickets but I have wealthy friends, which I highly recommend). At the end of the night they have a auction. A single painting was purchased for 25k, the winner just told them to reauction it off. This happened 4 more times before a winner finally kept it. So on a random Tuesday night, these people dropped 125K on a single small painting. Obviously this is a tax write off but that just goes to show how much money these people are willing to throw out. With Oil money and people like Buc-ees founders donating anywhere from 10-50M in a single pop, raising 90M for a buyout would take about a month. Money is not the issue here, it's how long are they willing to let Jimbo slide.
With him or not, it's a true statement. CW was a 5* and the top rated Dual threat QB in the 2022 class and #2 overall. Cade Klubnlk was the #1 Pro QB and #1 overall.
To add on, I think most rational A&M fans are frustrated and can see what needs to be fixed. First, Jimbo giving up play calling, second, hiring a better OLine coach. I personally do not want him fired, I want him to fix those things and become more of a Saban like CEO head coach. He can recruit with the best of them, he fits the A&M culture, he just needs to give up the play calling. IF he doesn't do those things next year or the year after, get rid of him. That shows a complete lack of self evaluation and stubbornness. Last, all the talk about the buyout is laughable, A&M boosters can easily buy out that contract any time they want. We would rather not, but if it is necessary, we can.
Not hating on the team, I'm hating on the play call. King did play his best game, the defense played well enough, we have true freshmen and sophomores all over the field making plays. Just because a play worked before doesn't mean it will work again, and earlier in the game is a completely different scenario. The pressure, the defensive alignment, the receiver, Bama already saw the play once and gave up points on it, completely different. All the more reason to call a better play.
There were not 3 read, there was the plan to go to Stewart. I've watch that play from multiple angles, there was one happening on that play.
Perfectly? That's a little bit of a stretch, PI probably, DB was definitely early. However, even if the pass was there, the route was short.
This was a bad play call, here is why: I understand that, with this play, if you execute it correctly, it is a TD. BUT, as mentioned in the article, it wasn't executed, and results happened. The reason it is a bad play call, is because you are requiring, King, who never looked comfortable all night, who is visible limping, to make an accurate throw, to a true freshmen WR (who did have a solid game), in that scenario. As well as being the 1 and only option in that play. A good play call would have been something along the lines of having multiple options (zone read and rollout to a TE or pick play), just giving it to your best offensive weapon (Achane), or any number of plays that wouldn't require perfect execution.
I don't see why Bryce would play. From what I saw at the end of the ARK game, Jalen is capable of playing and winning this game. Our offence is just a dead fish, Bama will probably only need 14 to win. Best to give Bryce extra time to rest and recover. Now, I'm hoping a miracle happens and Weigman play and goes all Johnny Football on Bama, but that probably won't happen.
Hailst8r: I KNOW how to become an Oscar winning actor, the problem is my ability to be one. You are correct, people know what works best against the Air Raid, it's either the personnel or coaching. I DO believe we had the correct scheme, but we are very young on the defensive front 7. Part of that is due to injury, part due to not developing talent, part just good true freshmen beating out upperclassmen but not having experience. The talent needs to get there.
The bad thing about Jimbo is that SOMETIMES, when everything clicks, you can see how his scheme is good. 2021 Alabama, 2020 season, and so on. The bad thing is that EVERYTHING has to be clicking in order for that to happen. He will always point to those instances and say "see, if we can just do this, we'll be champs" but you need to be an adaptive coach and change with the times.
The 3 man rush is how you beat the Air Raid offence. Leach even said that himself. Every team you see having success containing the Air Raid rushes 3 and drops 8. We just didn't execute. That offence actually wants you to rush more so they can get the hot routes and get bigger chunk plays. Beating the Air Raid is about taking away the home run, keeping the short passes in front of you, and relying on open field tackling. We just didn't do that.
I think he used that as a diverse player. He can be used in multiple packages and positions.
Ignore him, he's a closet tu fan. He only comments on A&M articles and constantly spells it "Aggy" like it's come great joke or troll. Kinda sad.
Apparently you aren't familiar with the A&M/ARk game.
I'm not a fan of the drive to Fayetteville either, but I would like to go to a game there every now and then. It's a great campus.
In our defense, we did have two WRs out due to suspension, E Stewart is a pretty big piece of our passing game, plus it was Max's first week with the 1s. So we were basically down to A Smith and D Achane as our offensive weapons. Now, even WITH those players back and another week with the 1s, not sure how well our Offense will be. As a lot of people on here and in the media have pointed out, the main problem is Jimbo's old playbook. We're not running a modern offence.
Ya, the team was informed last night that Max is starting. Not that hard to find out, but to be fair to writers, this was probably written days ago and just now posted.
The team was informed last night that Max would be starting
I am currently still supporting Jimbo, UNTIL, I hear who is starting against Miami. If it is King, he will lose my support. There is no way any coach can look at King's 3 full games as a starter and think "that's my guy". 5 turnovers in 3 games isn't going to cut it at any level. Even with Max starting for the first time A&M SHOULD still bear Miami. Although, A&M should have beaten App St but we saw how that went. Give Max a shot at the starting job, if he does better, good, roll with him. If he does worse, then maybe give Weigman a shot. But doing nothing and expecting things to magically change will get you fired real quick.
The center is the QB of the offensive line. He is the leader, he calls out the D coverage and gets everyone set. Missing a guy who started every game last year is impactful. Foster knows the system, missing that leads to the O line looking scatterbrained, which is exactly what we saw Saturday.
Geez, tell me you're drastically overreacting to one game without telling me you're overreacting. Run Blocking: First of all, the game plan was to break in HK and the young receivers. They threw the ball more than they normally would to get King reps. The O line shuffled all game as Jimbo tried to find the best combination (every team does this during cupcake games), obviously this will cause some blocking issues. We were missing Foster (illness) who is arguably the leader of the O Line. Kind of hard to gel when you don't have your Freshman Team All-American out there. Plus Jimbo is not going to pull out the normal playbook for a glorified practice. O line and run game will be fine. Dependence on Big Plays: Again, it's a glorified practice. If you're going to test your new QB and the new WR's ability to stretch the field, now is the game to do it. We threw more deep passes this game than the last 4 games or so combined. I expect A&M to take more shots downfield but at calculated times. This game we were throwing downfield almost every series. If you're argument is it was because we did not run the ball as well, see first point above. King: Yes he did made some bad decisions, but it is his 3rd start ever and only second full game. Guy still had 360 yards passing. He understands Jimbo's offence (which is a big part of QB success) and he showed flashes of why he's a 5*. As you said, it's him shaking off the rust, once he gets that rust off, the offence will be fine. He doesn't need to be Manziel, we actually have a defense and a run game to support him. All he needs to do is clean up the decision making and that's about it.
I'm looking forward to the product LSU puts on the field. They have a lot of changes, going to be a interesting game. Hope y'all win to keep the SEC undefeated overall.
Why would say goodbye to our TE? Jake CHOOSE A&M and Max followed him here. Yes, they said they where a package deal but Jake is much more likely to see playing time. They're both staying. At least for 1 year.