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I don't think A&M needs to pray King stays healthy. It would be great if he did, and I personally think he gives us the best chance at winning. However, Johnson is better than Calzada, he's not the best but he won't be asked to do much with a solid OL and good RBs, and CW is the future at QB. Unlike last year, we have options at backup.
Yes, we are losing an incredible amount of talent, but so is Florida, and Bama, and Georgia. That's the way it goes if you want to be/remain at the top of college football. Great teams reload. I'm not saying that's what A&M is doing, but people also don't realize that we have a lot of returning talent. We have 5 on the SEC All-Freshmen team. And we did all of that with a bad backup QB. We'll be #2 or #3 in the West next year, but the year after is a golden opportunity.
You're an 18 year old kids and someone offers you a lot of money (probably more than both your parents make in a year) to do practically nothing. Unless you're a billionaire's son, I don't blame anyone for taking that offer.
Thank you for that in depth analysis from watching one whole game. I sure Jimbo and staff will take that into consideration. You're an asset to all Aggies. You should call Saban and offer your services since you know how to evaluate a kids and come up with a pinpoint decision based solely on TV watching and internet searches.
Your list and reasoning make no sense. You have Kelly at #2 but say he needs to prove himself as a SEC coach. If he needs to prove himself, then he's not the #2 coach until he proves himself. If you're taking in past performances into account, then Jimbo is clearly #2 because he is the only other coach (as of now) that has won a championship. You have Pittman at #4 saying he's doing a good job at turning ARK around. Agreed. However, you have Jinbo at #5 because of a 8-4 record. Well Ark is .500 over Pittman's tenure so far, not what I would really call stellar. While Jombo has a .700 record over his turnure. 1. Saban 2. Smart 3. Jimbo 4. Pittman 5. Kelly
Anyone making Jeremy Clarkson/Top Gear references is OK in my book.
Completely agree with this, I under having a set style or scheme but you have to be able to adjust to your personnel and game.
-Every SEC fan a couple of weeks ago. Lets not act like A&M fans where the only ones constantly making fun of texas.
It also has to do with all the teams being somewhat in the same skill range. There's no super dominate team (seamingly), and games (on paper) seem very close. Good week to be a CFB fan.
The A&M/ARK is consistently the most entertaining game on our schedule every year. I just never like it at the time because it's always close.
This is the statement right here. There are a lot of people that are rooting for ARK, and I don't blame them. Outside of this weekend, I'm rooting for them too. I hope this is a really good game that we come out on top, but ARK is HUNGRY and they're going to be playing all out. Please play well O-Line.
Eh, I'm ok with where A&M is, we didn't look super great, but we didn't look terrible either. It's only the second week, I'm ok with just letting things play out.
Did you? Davis and Pierce only had 1 more rushing TD (3 to 2) and less total yards (135 to 237) and less yards per carry (6.75 to 8.17) I know everyone has their bias and loves the players from their own team, but if you chose that game as your argument, you might want to wait for aa better game to compare, this last week wasn't even close.
Comparing NFL to NCAA HC contracts just by themselves is kinda foolish. HC in the NCAA are much more important to the success of the team than in the NFL. I believe that you can take Saban and put him at almost any D1 school and they would be competing for a NC in 4 years. You can't take Belichick and give him to the Cowboys and get the same results. I'm not saying the salaries of NCAA HC are worth it (they aren't, way over inflated) but I understand why their salaries are more than the NFL.
I think that Elko staying or going is 100% on him. We can offer all the money we want but sometimes assistants just want a crack at the HC job and if he feels that way he'll move on. Money isn't what I'm afraid of when it comes to Elko.
While what you said is true, it clear that A&M has been trending in the right direction ever since Jimbo has taken over. The program is more consistent (even if their not challenging Bama but let's be honest, who is), recruiting is up and the general feeling about the program is positive. Does he deserve that money? Eh, maybe maybe not, but I feel like A&M is in the same position as Dak and the Cowboys, who are you going to go out there and get that's guaranteed better?
I was riding my bike on campus to my 6 am kinesiology, a campus cop pulled me over on his bike to give me a ticket for running a stop sign (I was in the bike lane). We were the only people on that street from what I saw.
ahh yes, that's what head coaches get paid millions to do, micromanage teenagers/20 year olds off the field. Every program has these incidents, it's unfortunate that he made this decision, but it was his decision. To hold a head coach responsible for something he has zero control over is dumb. Now if no disciplinary action comes from it THEN you can hold he to that.
So a QB taking advantage of the defences mistakes are not indicators of success?
He can still go through conditioning/non contact drills which is the most important part of camp. But this gives others opportunity to get reps in (Cupp) so hopefully they can produce in the fall.
With the way Achane has been playing and the depth we have at RB, I'd like to see Anias move back to WR and have Spiller and Achane in the backfield.
No, I did not forget him, until he can play a full game you can't count on him. I would love to see him succeed and wish he could stay healthy but I'm only going to rely on guys that are reliable.
We're pretty solid on D, definitely need to keep developing the secondary since that was the major weak point but all other positions should be ok. D Line should be a major strength again. As far as offence, I think we need to move Anias back to WR (slot) that's where he started and then develop Spiller and Achane as our RB tandem. That will give us Anias, Demas, Chapman, Lane, Moose, and JW85 as receiving options. But the most important thing is the O Line, that will be the biggest weakness next year. Hard to replace that much experience.
There's actually a pretty clear path and it's not that complicated. Likely, still no but not complicated. Right now A&M is ranked 5th in the AP polls. First, obviously, they need to win out and then IF UF loses to Bama, then Bama is in and UF has 2 losses (they're out). IF ND beats Clem again, Clem has two losses, drops significantly in the polls, A&M jumps them into the top 4. Then all they need is to have a better argument than a undefeated PAC-12 Camp, CINN, or BYU and they're in. They don't need all the top teams to keep losing, they just need to right ones to keep losing. Now, like I said, this is unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility. Winning out in a very impressive way would help but I still see a NY6 bowl as the realistic outcome.
Agreed with the BS part of that, but you also have to think about the money. If they can include a whole other fan base or conference, ratings go up and money comes in. It's performance and politics. But I will say, for the most part they've done a pretty good job, some #4 spots could be moved around across the years, but overall they've selected good teams. (even if Bama and Clem have just destroyed everyone)
I think most of the ones at the top are pretty realistic. Despite how much A&M and Florida fans want to make the CFP, odds are it will end up something like this. A&M and UF in a NY6 bowl, Bama in the playoffs with 4 teams from 4 different conferences, I think the CPC will jump at the opportunity to make it diverse.
There is no way the CPC is putting in a 1 loss OKST, even if they're the Big12 champs. That conference is bad. You also seem to forget about the Pac 12. If a Pac 12 team goes undefeated, they will have a very good argument at being the 4th team. So, no, it's not that simple or likely.