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There’s no way he would have left. Even if he didn’t have everything he wanted at Bama, Miss Terry likes it there and doesn’t want to leave.
If he was that great of a sports writer then he should have known Vandy didn’t have a men’s soccer team.
Uh, Alabama had played Mullen as a head coach while he was at Mississippi State. The fact you have to "close the gap with those Georgia Morons" says a lot.
They still gonna choke though. They need a coach for that.
I really don't have any interest in the East but I hardly think anyone is shaking in their boots just yet.
Really? Beating Bama by 5 points was better than winning a National Championship? No Bama player would ever say beating LSU was better than winning a Natty.
Right! Someone this year even had a GoFundMe page to buy out his contract.
Nah, when you win by 3 points you don't impose nothing. It was a good game and Auburn played hard.
Maybe if he spent more time on the field instead of taking the whole team to Italy he might win a bit more.
This is probably the first time anyone accused Butch Jones of actually coaching.
I want to say no but I was also confident that Auburn would win last year so...
Why is everyone saying Bryant or Hurts will choose Auburn? Don't they have a quarterback already?
Saban would probably be less irritated if they just poked him in the eye with a stick rather than keep asking him about Hurts.
You better be glad to get Pruitt after the way they messed up the coach search. It was pathetic.
I don't think they were horrible, better that last year. WVA is a really good team and a loss to them should be anything to hang their heads about. Tennessee can still have a great season.
The Iron bowl has had playoff implications almost every year for like the past 10 years (excluding the last two Chizik years).
Keep dreaming. I have no doubt he will transfer next year because he does graduate in Dec but it won't be to Auburn. Don't you already have a quarterback? He will go somewhere like Texas.
It first started when Urban was at Florida and the assistant put his wife in the hospital a few times since then. I know that domestic cases are not cut and dry but when it carries on for 10 years and you say you knew nothing about it??? Yeah it's pretty simple.
I didn't know they made rings for the winning the division.
Wonder how much they had to pay for all that acid they dropped.