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Uh, Alabama had played Mullen as a head coach while he was at Mississippi State. The fact you have to "close the gap with those Georgia Morons" says a lot.
They still gonna choke though. They need a coach for that.
I really don't have any interest in the East but I hardly think anyone is shaking in their boots just yet.
Really? Beating Bama by 5 points was better than winning a National Championship? No Bama player would ever say beating LSU was better than winning a Natty.
Right! Someone this year even had a GoFundMe page to buy out his contract.
Nah, when you win by 3 points you don't impose nothing. It was a good game and Auburn played hard.
Maybe if he spent more time on the field instead of taking the whole team to Italy he might win a bit more.
This is probably the first time anyone accused Butch Jones of actually coaching.
I want to say no but I was also confident that Auburn would win last year so...
Why is everyone saying Bryant or Hurts will choose Auburn? Don't they have a quarterback already?
Saban would probably be less irritated if they just poked him in the eye with a stick rather than keep asking him about Hurts.
You better be glad to get Pruitt after the way they messed up the coach search. It was pathetic.
I don't think they were horrible, better that last year. WVA is a really good team and a loss to them should be anything to hang their heads about. Tennessee can still have a great season.
The Iron bowl has had playoff implications almost every year for like the past 10 years (excluding the last two Chizik years).
Keep dreaming. I have no doubt he will transfer next year because he does graduate in Dec but it won't be to Auburn. Don't you already have a quarterback? He will go somewhere like Texas.
It first started when Urban was at Florida and the assistant put his wife in the hospital a few times since then. I know that domestic cases are not cut and dry but when it carries on for 10 years and you say you knew nothing about it??? Yeah it's pretty simple.
I didn't know they made rings for the winning the division.
Wonder how much they had to pay for all that acid they dropped.
Why are all Tennessee fans stuck up T Martin's butt? Yes, he was a great quarterback, and seems to be a decent OC, IN THE PAC12! I'm not saying he wouldn't be an improvement over Butch, but just because he's a TN guy doesn't mean he is the right hire.
Please, Please, Please hire Les!