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Why are all Tennessee fans stuck up T Martin's butt? Yes, he was a great quarterback, and seems to be a decent OC, IN THE PAC12! I'm not saying he wouldn't be an improvement over Butch, but just because he's a TN guy doesn't mean he is the right hire.
Please, Please, Please hire Les!
Of course Tennessee fans went to the PAC12 championship game, tickets were only a quarter.
It doesn't matter that "Fulmer bleeds orange", if he can't do the job, he can't do the job, ask Mike Shula. Yes, Currie was an idiot.
What does a "show-cause order" even mean. Can they not coach for that long?
Does he really think the biggest concern right now is the 2018 bowl ban? Really don't think it's going to be much of an issue.
I think Tennessee should turn their coach search into a reality show like "The Apprentice". Plenty of drama and comedy for everyone. Or they could do it like the lottery, put everyone's name in a hat and the name they pick is the next coach. Are they even interviewing these people before they offer them the job, or just throwing names against the wall and seeing what sticks?
If the SEC championship game was played on a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of a snowstorm while tornado's were swirling ahead, it would still be packed.
Tennessee, y'all are some great and faithful fans and I hope your every delusion of grandeur comes true.
Yeah, it was funny like 4 candidates ago, now it's just sad.
On the outside it just looks stupid. Fire one coach for only winning 7 games, then hire another coach (and for a lot more money) who has only won 4 games. Makes perfect sense.
I will never understand how, destroying your own property is considered a celebration.
I wonder if the media just sits around and think of dumb a$$ questions just to piss him off.
Well yeah, when you beat the Champions of Life, you gotta celebrate!
Sark disagreed with Sabans "don't come to work drunk" policy.
We always knew he would leave but I still don't think he will go to LSU. He wants to be the big dog and to get as far away from the SEC as possible.
Keep dreaming. I don't think he will stay at Bama either but don't see him moving to LSU. His wife and Kids still live in Cali so moving up North isn't going to be a big deal for him. I think he heads for the NFL but someone would give him a second (or third) chance at HC. If Bobby Petrino can get another chance so can Kiffin.
I don't think he will stay in the SEC. I believe he will head back out west and take every opportunity to trounce on USC.
What I don't understand is that he was 4 games away from declaring for the draft. He could have went on and started to make some money next year now he has to sit out a year and then play one more? Makes NO sense, there is more to his transfer than playing schemes.
Tell that to your friend Aaronrob. He is need of counseling.
The scariest thing about this game is that we are likely to see it again on Dec 3.
Whatever,he plainly said he wouldn't do it unless Alabama played too. Talk about confidence in your team.
Hey, hey ,hey. No political leanings here. This is way more important, this is football.
So Joe wants Alabama to move one of their games just so we play the week before our game with LSU? What a crybaby. Like THAT'S gonna be the reason they lose.Besides who says one of the teams we have left can move their game? The best option is for the teams to buy out the FCS schools. I understand it will suck for LSU to be out a home game s Florida can just kick in some extra cash. How much revenue would S.Alabama have brought to the table anyway.Besides Joe just told everyone how much confidence he has that his team will be Bama, absolutely none.
No one is going to come crawling on their hands and knees. Firing a coach like Les Miles Mid-season speaks volumes about the administration. For all we know LSU could have won the rest of their games (probably not, but still). It was a low-class move. I agree, Dr. Cox, if Strong leaves Texas, that is where Herman will go.