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As much as I didlike LSU i do love some Coach O! Congrats on the ship Tigers...the UF/LSU should be fun for years to come! #GoGators
Still mad they didn't get him in the endzone for #4 he deserved it!!
I was gonna wait till the half to crack the didnt work lol
I'll say the same thing I've said the past 2 seasons...we will never be elite with Grantham on the sideline...dude is Garbage...Period! Im happy those seniors left with 11 W's but we wont get near that next year...UVA outscored us in the second half part of that is Mullen and his wishy washy play calling which he needs to adjust going into next season cause teams will just sell out on the blitz...Trask did ok but looked nervous 3/4's of the game...Emory looked good in his short spot he got...our Secondary would be fine if Grantham would pick a coverage and stick with it...he still can't play a QB who can make adjustments at the line...Elam got that pic on his own nothing to do with Todd...we took a step back against a team who put up 9 against Miami, 20 against Clemson...all their losses they put up less points than they did against whats that tell you? We are far from over the hump we are just OK...and OK doesn't win the Natty let alone the SEC...not even the East for that matter...Im disappointed...but Perine had a helluva game glad he showed up if not we take an L...oh and Perkins misses in the 3rd thank the Lord for those...Grantham aint it you can sugarcoat it all you want but a less talented team kept us on the ropes all night!! That's not good looking at what were losing going into next any rate Go Gators happy for the players ecspecially the Seniors...very disappointed in the staff...for letting this game go the way it did
Its funny that talent discrepancies have us lose by one TD...whats that mean when we get better recruits? You guys are ok but nothing special definately not NC special...should have kept Fields
Honestly like it better when they doubt any rate #GoGators
Hope we make it a game...and I hope we escape with the W! #GeauxGators