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He literally started 2 games last season, as a true freshman, without warning. We don't know if he's the answer or not
SC requires a public speaking class to graduate. It's part of Carolina Core, the university-wide gen-ed requirements.
He's not a freshman. He played in 6 games last year.
I'm sorry, but how exactly is Clemson worthy but not TAMU? Both are undefeated except for a loss to another playoff team (ND and Alabama respectively).
I think talent-wise we're in a much better position now than when Spurrier left. We've got a solid QB with at least some experience, Kevin Harris (and Fenwick and Marshawn Lloyd behind him), and even the receivers are pretty decent, could be great with proper coaching. Definitely need a good DC to come in and get that side moving in the right direction, but I think Muschamp left us fairly well stocked there, even with Horn and Mukuamu leaving. And it sounds like Beamer will do well with recruiting, at least long term. Might take a season or two to get going on that front. The biggest problem under Muschamp was always developing talent. Players who came in already playing great still played great, but those with rough edges never got any better. If the new staff can change that, it should set us up as well as possible for the near future.
So the university gave a premature raise and contract extension to the HC, who then proceeded to tank the program, and now his buyout is so high that it factors heavily into when he can be fired...where have I heard that before...
SC fans yesterday: Beamer is our guy! Can't wait for someone who's really passionate about winning at South Carolina! SC fans today: ugh, Beamer sucks, why didn't we get Chadwell? He just beat BYU at the last second, clearly he would have been the answer!
Boo hoo, you're 6-2 with losses to top-10 teams. Get over yourself.
Yes so if we could please just hire a HC as fast as possible that would be great. No one wants to play for a team with a question mark at HC. Took way too long to hire someone last time around.
The answer is right there in your comment. He does a good job AT ARMY.
Can we quit with the Hugh Freeze BS? I'd be happy for Tennessee to "steal" him away from us. They can have the recruiting violations and the escorts texted on university phones. I want no part of it.
I just wish we didn't have ex-players calling us out as being "the worst" fans. We would never throw our players under the bus, we just want a coach who can get the job done.
Say what you will about Muschamp, he would never ever do something like this
If only we had some kind of defensive guru as head coach. Then surely we'd have a great defense...
White helmets with the block C logo are definitely the most traditional
So in your last article you wrote that Muschamp managed to cool his hot seat a bit, but now you're arguing that confidence in him is being lost? Make up your mind.
Top SC recruit in 2022 is #30 nationally. In 2020 and 2019 they were #8. I'm 2018 they were #26. Talent per state is not always proportional to population.
You're right, we should just stop talking about it. Like all problems, the best thing to do is ignore it and hope it goes away...
I wouldn't really mind if it was just called the "Duke's Bowl" or something. Not really a fan of "Mayo Bowl" though.
> he’s still won more games in his first 3 years than most other program coaches I wish everyone, especially Muschamp himself, would quit saying this. We're now officially 4 years in, and each year matters more than the last. That 9-4 season is long gone. Muschamp can't keep hanging his hat on it, not after going 4-8 this year.