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"Will Congress step in" Lol no. The only thing Congress can agree on is rich people should pay lower taxes. Anything actually meaningful becomes instantly partisan and thus never gets passed.
"all inherited wildly different situations. That’ll be considered with each of their grades." Heupel inherited a better team.
Maybe they'd get more viewers if the game wasn't on Monday night in January, a couple weeks after we all go back to work after the holidays. The rest of the season is played almost entirely on Saturdays. Not sure why they decided to make the big game at the end any different
That's the least bold prediction you could have possibly made for the palmetto bowl. "The favored team who is ranked and was in the playoff the last 6 years in a row is going to win". Yeah, SUPER bold...
> The trip to Colombia is only a warm-up for the real audition in the Iron Bowl Umm...Auburn will be making the trip to Columbia, a midsize city in South Carolina, not Colombia, a large South American country...
That Ohio State/Oregon example doesn't in any way explain SC/Mizzou. We literally just lost to them, in a game that everyone had as a toss up. Vegas would seriously still favor us on a neutral field? Because I wouldn't.
@SDS you should add a delete button, like for when someone replies in the wrong place
Yeah, if you can’t beat some mediocre team from the midwest, what are you even doing here?…wait…
Yeah, if you can't beat some mediocre team from the midwest, what are you even doing here?...wait...
I know LK is a manchild who can't be expected to act in his own best interest, but he REALLY needs to just ignore all these open jobs and stay at Ole Miss. He's got something good going there. Jumping to a program with slightly more resources and 10x as high expectations isn't a smart move in the long run.
I actually don't think they would. It's pretty clear they don't pay much attention beyond final scores and who is a blue blood.
I don't know what will be the outcome of SC-Mizzou, but I am certain it will not be 28-28
I mean, these are bold predictions for Florida... I'm not sure "last season's star player will have a big game" is particularly bold...
We're in the same boat: "Everyone wants to project us in a bowl game but no one wants to tell us where there’s a 6th win on our schedule. C’mon SDS, do some homework. We’re going to have a hell of a fight with Mizzou just to get to 5 wins. Other than that, it’s either FL, Auburn, or Clemson. Right now, none of those 3 are winnable games. It took more effort to figure out which bowl and which opponent to predict than it does to actually look at our schedule and realize this is a 5 win team."
Do you seriously think those are comparable? Of course it's acceptable to complement your date's appearance, especially if they dressed up specifically for you/the date. That's completely different from a celebrity announcing on national TV his opinion of his coworker's attire. Especially since it wasn't even remotely relevant, Bradshaw was responding to a question about the first time he rode a horse.
As opposed to other rankings, which are not at ALL arbitrary...
Silence South Carolina? Because we were being such braggarts before the game?
"I'm Roy Kent, and I get paid to play a game, but I'm mad all the time, grr"
Also, hurry up actually takes practice and discipline. Anyone can fake an injury
If he's leaving because he has other stuff going on more important than football, why is he reentering the transfer portal?