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"I'm not sure I'm buying the hype about SC like everyone else" - literally everyone
I guess I'm not a true SEC fan, because I didn't know about a game that happened before I was born
Please, Will, just stop talking about this. It doesn't look good for you or us, and you've got bigger fish to fry on the field anyway. Just let the NCAA handle it and stay the f*ck out of it.
I think Chris is actually answering a different question than the one in the title. The title asks "When is each team most likely to have a losing season?" but I think what's really being answered is "What is the next season in which each team could conceivably have a losing season?" For example, he notes that most of the Gamecocks' current standouts will be gone by 2020, so 2020 is the earliest he thinks we could possibly have a losing season. He apparently doesn't take into account that we had a decent 2018 class and already have a very solid 2019 class.
Either way, they're just trolling. Don't feed the trolls.
I think there would have to be about as many tiebreaker rules as there are for the current setup. But the benefit (one of them at least) is that the SECCG would be between the two best teams in the conference, rather than the winners of each division. Let's be honestly, outside of 2017 when was the last time the SECCG was even relevant?
Plus the university doesn't fly *everyone* unless it's pretty far. For example, SC won't fly the cheerleaders and band unless the drive is like 15+ hours. So they drive to UGA, UF, UT, Vandy, and Kentucky but fly to Mizzou and SECw schools (though the band did drive to Auburn a few years ago in order to send the whole band and field a halftime show).
UGA fans collectively seem very nervous about playing us. I'm not sure it's warranted, but it kind of makes me nervous in turn.
For the record, I'm still in favor of ditching the SEC's divisions altogether and moving to a system like this:
1. This will never happen 2. Seriously, the Big12 would never let this happen 3. Neither would Notre Dame 4. Also this will never happen Also, the amnesties system, while intriguing, feels like it gives too much power to the conferences, specifically in getting to use it whenever they want (within the 4 year rule). It feels like there should either be some deterministic way to pick which P5s get relegated and which G5s get promoted and it should happen automatically every 4 years (either staggered, one conference each year, or all conferences in the same year), or amnesties just shouldn't exist. Also also, this would formalize the conferences with the NCAA in a way that's never happened before. Right now there's nothing to stop current conferences from dissolving or new ones from forming, but with your proposed overhaul the conferences would become engrained in NCAA regulation. We'd have these four conferences as the premier conferences of college football forever (or until the rules got changed again). I'm not sure I like that either.
You honestly believe track and field should be included along with football, basketball, and baseball? The only time anyone cares about track is the Olympics or *maybe* when their school is very good at it. Also if that was one of UGA's top two sports outside of football and basketball then it got included as a wildcard.
I say good for him. He should have been allowed to play. Obviously there'd be a line he couldn't cross, but I think expecting him to never even mention football on his channel was asking way too much. And what's this nonsense about not being able to show his "football skills"? He can't use his physical abilities to make money on youtube and play amateur football at the same time? For an organization so set on "protecting athletes", the NCAA sure is good at screwing over athletes. De La Haye's just trying to earn some honest money for himself, he wasn't even trying to leverage his potential football stardom (though let's be real here, he's a kicker, who gives a shlt?), why should wanting to play a game at school affect that? If anything he got way more publicity from NCAA/UCF singling him out than he ever would have otherwise. Should have been offsetting penalties IMO. It's not that we didn't deserve the flag, just the Gurley deserved one too.
Don't bother explaining what the "one-and-done rule" is. I'll just go look it up on some other site...
So how does TAMU have the biggest stadium and best facilities in the conference? They're much lower in the pack than I expected.
He's certainly welcome to come fix our offense. I think he'd make a great OC honestly. Big name to draw recruits, but he wouldn't actually have to handle recruiting himself, or to deal with the annoying (I assume) admin/business side of being the HC, or worry about the defense.
And for the SEC that's obviously Vanderbilt, not Kentucky
I'm trying my best to maintain a neutral outlook on our upcoming season in light of all this unexpected optimism from sports hosts
So the second longest single trip of the season will be between two teams in the same division.
It's not pronounced like that. Deh-MON, not DEE-mun youtube DOT com/watch?v=IZfNShoSj4o
To be fair, we also yell "f*ck Clemson" after every single kickoff of every single game
@SDS Don't bother actually telling us about the allegations. I'll just go to some other site to find out -.-
He flopped so bad at Florida he can't even land and OC gig