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He's certainly welcome to come fix our offense. I think he'd make a great OC honestly. Big name to draw recruits, but he wouldn't actually have to handle recruiting himself, or to deal with the annoying (I assume) admin/business side of being the HC, or worry about the defense.
And for the SEC that's obviously Vanderbilt, not Kentucky
I'm trying my best to maintain a neutral outlook on our upcoming season in light of all this unexpected optimism from sports hosts
So the second longest single trip of the season will be between two teams in the same division.
It's not pronounced like that. Deh-MON, not DEE-munyoutube DOT com/watch?v=IZfNShoSj4o
To be fair, we also yell "f*ck Clemson" after every single kickoff of every single game
@SDS Don't bother actually telling us about the allegations. I'll just go to some other site to find out -.-
He flopped so bad at Florida he can't even land and OC gig
I'll believe Wolford is a great recruiter when his offensive line stops sucking
I just think the issue is too many bowl games. It's WAY too easy to make a bowl. Used to be that a 6-6 team was lucky to get an invite. Now it's all but guaranteed, and a few 5-7 teams make it in nowadays too. Bowls are supposed to be these big hyped games between good teams, but no one cares about watching two 6-6 teams play each other.And why are 6-6 and some 5-7 teams making bowls? Because there are too many bowl games!!! Limit the number of bowls and the quality of teams that get in and there will be more fan interest.
I don't blame our running backs, I still blame the offensive line. If we had a solid line, we'd have a solid offense.
Muschamp just isn't in the same situation that he was at Florida. At Florida he showed up to a fully stocked team with high expectations and face planted. At SC he showed up with an empty cupboard and low expectations, and he's pretty much built the current team from the ground up. I doubt he'd get fired even at 4-8, though based on our 2018 schedule I predict 8-4 or better
If they're down for too long, they may find themselves getting replaced by some Wildcats, Gamecocks, Tigers, or Commodores
Similar results when ranking by average FPI: 8.66 SEC 8.64 ACC 7.50 Big12 6.72 BigTen 6.41 Pac-12 .57 FBSIndep. -2.60 American -7.38 MW -9.47 MAC -12.51 C-USA -12.54 SunBelt
Conferences ranked by average FPI ranking: 36 ACC 38 SEC 40 Big 12 42 Pac-12 45 Big Ten 67 FBS Indep. 72 American 86 MW 93 MAC 102 C-USA 103 Sun BeltThe SEC wasn't THAT weak
Disagree. FunnyMaine performs from his own perspective, it's not acting as much, he's showing us how he actually felt during the game.
I just wish I had a bigger TV. Or multiple TVs. Ideally I'd have the main broadcast, and the command center, and the spidercam, each on their own screen
To everyone in this thread commenting about the president, I'll say the same thing I said to those commenting about Jesus on Christmas:THIS. IS. A. FOOTBALL. SITE. CAN. WE. PLEASE. JUST. TALK. ABOUT. FOOTBALL. x.x
Not gonna lie, I was really hoping he'd declare for the draft. Oh well.
Can't he just come coach quarterbacks at SC? Love me some Connor Shaw
Uh, I *like* only playing 8.If teams in other conferences are being hurt by playing 9, shouldn't it be their job to fix it, not ours?
Again, SC getting zero respect. Florida didn't even go bowling, Mizzou lost to f-ing Texas, and both of them lost to SC, who, by the way, beat Michigan, thus preventing a B1G sweep, and were among only three SEC teams to win a bowl at all.-.-’
This is all well and good while you've got a senior, experienced, NFL-bound QB, but once there's an untrained freshman QB taking snaps, will Dooley be able to develop him into a Lock-esque star? This all seems very shortsighted at best (and desperate at worst)