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Closer to 57% (unless I miscounted, 8/14 returning)
Bentley definitely needs to stick around another year. Edwards would probably be fine going ahead to the NFL, but obviously I hope he stays too
I bet potential Maryland recruits and their parents are deeply trouble by this too
South Carolina's basically playing for a bowl bid too. Assuming a win against Chattanooga, we need two wins out of Tennessee, Florida, Ole Miss, and Clemson. Clemson seems impossible, Florida seems unlikely too, so that means beating Tennessee and Ole Miss.
"Job X should only be for men, not women, even though both are perfectly capable of doing it" is blatantly sexist. You give the Missouri Tigers a bad name. If I were a Mizzou fan, I'd be embarrassed to be associated with you.
Mizzou always looks really really good against G5 opponents
Gotta keep the actual starter a secret as long as possible. All the cool teams have QB controversies!
Wasn't as empty as it looked. The helix ramps in the four corners were packed with people
Because Bentley got hurt near the end of the game
That was just a mess of a game. The rain clearly affected everything, from the clock and the headsets to the ability to punt and catch snaps and passes. For a while there it was a real mess. Proud of the Gamecocks for keeping it together and powering through the rain (no offense Mizzou, but the team really fell apart during the hardest downpours). And props to Parker White for sealing the deal. He's growing on me. Agent Michael Scarn for the start again next week against TAMU?
They stopped it because of lightning. Rain isn't enough stop a game. Lightning requires a game stoppage, no exceptions.
Uneven? Couldn't disagree more. The team is exactly where I expected them to be. Lost to Georgia, won every other game. The Marshall game was out of SC's control, but I think we call can agree that SC would have won handily had the game been played. Everyone outside Columbia continues to act like losing to the #2/3 team in the country was season-ending, and I continue to be baffled by that mindset.
Another section of Willy B that's too expensive for me to ever be able to afford a ticket...great...
Or Notre Dame is just way overated. Last week they barely scraped by Ball State...
We just lost to a top 3 team, a team that contended for a NC last year, and therefore we've now disappeared? I'm still very optimistic about this season, and never actually expect us to win over Georgia anyway.
Our state is about to be leveled by a hurricane and you're still whining about Carolina fans comments from a week ago. I've got something trash to say: you are trash, and you're making your school look like trash. Just shut up.
You mean Texas was way overrated? Who woulda thunk it...
I'm sorry, but Alabama deserves to be in every playoff projection unless and until they fail to make the playoffs. There has never been a College Football Playoff that didn't include Alabama.
Really NCAA? Our first game is three days away and we still don't know whether one of our players is allowed to play? Come on. Either say yes or say no, don't keep everyone waiting. It's unfair to everyone involved.
Meh, sounds like much ado about nothing. It's basically just an extension of the first down marker. Don't see what all the fuss is about.
> Big splashes are key Big being the only team in the country to win a bowl game against a B1G opponent? Like coming back from a 16 point deficit in the 3rd quarter to win the game? And how about the fact that Michigan somehow made the top 15 when their most recent game was a loss to us? > and that win came in the season opener I hate this argument. Why do games early in the season count less than games later in the season? We might just as easily have beaten NC State in the penultimate week of the season. Hell, we might have won a bowl game against them. Why would those have counted more than beating them in week 1? A win is a win. > South Carolina does need to show the college football world that it can beat a legitimate top-10 team for it to earn some respect. So only teams with wins against top-10 teams are allowed to be in the top 25? Come on.
> Getting left out of the preseason polls to you is like anonymous sources to Will Muschamp. Why you gotta be like that?
We should set up a home and home with them in the future