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Ole Miss didn't hire Nutt away from us, we as a fan base ran him off due to his continued mediocrity and under achievement. Never seen a coach achieve less with more than Nutt did.
IMO the greater sin is bringing in MLB guys who are out of touch with the college game to announce.
Great performance today by Connor to start this CWS off right for the OmaHogs.
Wasn't feeling good about things after the second weather delay, but ecstatic to see the Omahogs come out composed and finish off UNC.
Nah the play by play (at least for the Arkansas games) was consistently bad.
Umps at both the college and pro level this season are trying to make the game about them. They need to be reminded that NO ONE is at the game to see them.
Maybe today the Hogs will have a large enough lead that a bad coaching decision doesn't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Bringing in Noland to try and close things is a big reason we've got to play today. Tygart has been the closer all season for a reason, and to not go with him to start the 9th last night was questionable at best.
Pittman has repeatedly said Arkansas will be his last coaching job, perhaps this is his way of emphasizing his seriousness about that statement.
Hope JD stays and Conner leaves; haven't seen enough of KK to make a judgement there.
A&M should have been in; they should go far in the NIT however.
Oh god please don't let Burkes fall all the way to the Lions.
Tshiebwe is a beast under the rim. Great win by the Hogs today with clutch contributions by Umude, Devo, and K. Johnson.
Notae ended with 13 before fouling out. It was an ugly game for sure, but a W is a W. Sometimes you've just gotta grind it out.
Hate to see him go, but glad for the time he was a Hog. Best of luck at the next level Buster.
Both INTs involved Thompson making bad decisions; standing around waiting for the ball to come to him on the first, then blindly throwing the ball on the second. Hope this off season he ups his football IQ. Great season overall and what a difference with Pittman & Co. at the helm.
After a year of watching Burkes make great catch after great catch, that definitely qualified as a great catch of a horrible pass.
I'd disagree with 2 examples of Brett Beliema and Sam Pittman. Brett had the pedigree of winning, but was a horrible fit for Arkansas. Sam had no top tier head coach experience, but is a great fit for Arkansas.
Dude's a beast, he's got a good career ahead of him if the injury bug stays away.
Not a flashy hire, but I suspect the right hire for Florida.
Winner: Arkansas Defeated Missouri to end a 5 game losing streak, secure all 3 rivalry game trophies, and finish the regular season third in the SEC West with 8 wins for the first time since 2015. Loser: Every pundit who doubted the hiring of Coach Sam Pittman
Detroit likely having the #1 pick is why I hope he stays another year. Be nice if he went to a team that is relevant and has a shot at winning.
Ugly game with a beautiful ending. Wooo Pig!
Same logic that has Michigan State ranked lower than Michigan the week after Sparty skewered the Wolverines.
Has he ever been part of a game broadcast where he didn't try to make the show about himself? I can't recall him ever actually talking about the game he's supposedly providing commentary on.
Anywhere from 5-7 to 7-5 is where most people's realistic expectations where preseason, and IMO given what he inherited is good progress for year two. The hot start to the year got people's hopes up and they forgot the fact we are still trying to build up capable depth across the board. Right now at most positions other than RB there is a significant drop off between the first and second teams. Still confident in Pittman and like what I'm seeing overall.
Last drive of the game Grover it happened. DT is standing around after the play, then as we're getting lined up he goes to the ground and after a short delay grabs at his knee.
Hell of a shootout. Losing sucks, but I love Pittman's decision to go for the win.
Aggies win, but doubt it'll be a whipping. Even under our previous bad coaching regimes the games were largely closely fought. I expect another tight game decided late, and hopefully goes our way this time. Also hope that Marc Curles gets caught up in a crossing route early and misses most the game.
"Arkansas QB KJ Jefferson, who threw for 366 yards and 3 TDs on just 23 attempts in the Razorback’’ 38-17 win over Rice." Congrats on learning our week 1 score; we beat Texas in week 2 40-21 and Georgia Southern this past week 45-10.