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They started out as a food truck then shifted to a permanent location in Johnson before expanding to Bentonville a couple years ago. IMO they are the best BBQ you can buy in Arkansas, and are on par with some of the best I've had in the Austin/Lockhart area of Texas. Wear comfy shoes if you go as you can run into a line similar to Franklin's or La Barbecue in Austin.
Only thing better would both teams losing.
New heights in baseball? We were one botched caught foul ball from winning it all in 2018. Our baseball program has been top tier for years.
Live by the long ball, die by the long ball... Our guys all season long have shown no ability to adjust from trying to hit homeruns to hitting to get on base.
Loved seeing LSU come back last night so Mainieri can continue coaching a bit longer. Best of luck until and unless you get matched up against Arkansas.
Not sure hiring Sark at Washington is something I'd put on my resume as an AD... Why would an established SEC coach want to jump to LSU to follow a legendary coach? You'd all but certainly start on the hot seat given the history of success Mainieri has had at LSU.
Thin on experience and depth last season. I don't think we'll be as deep as desired this season, but should be a big step forward. The hole Bielema and Morris dug will take 3-4 years to climb out of, but it looks like Pittman & Co. are making progress.
You're reading it right. Not sure when it changed as I recall the double elimination extending through to the final.
Having one of your other QBs transfer out to the team that beat you (Starkel to San Jose St.) is near the top as well. Surprised with the last years of Bielema and Morris we only had 2 games make the cut.
Hopefully he's got his mind right as he's always had the physical tools to succeed. Having watched him since 7th grade it disappointed me to see him not live up to his potential in college.
And it was what our 4th straight series with 9 run double headers? Most teams would love to have one of our off games where guys are being rested.
Going from the a team where you're the #2 WR and will see playing time to one where you're maybe the 6th best option... Doesn't make sense if you're wanting to display your talent in hopes of a pro career.
Lou Holtz to Notre Dame is really the only one who can be argued went to a better program, but that was after being fired and a pit stop at Minnesota. Far enough into the past to be irrelevant at this point.
Hate it for y'all (and my bracket), but when the 3 isn't falling you have to adjust and that never happened last night. Combine that with Shaq-esque free throw shooting and it's not a winning combination most nights.
With the jobs both Oats and Musselman have done this year IMO they're 1a and 1b for best coach in the SEC. I'd love to see a 3rd matchup between the programs this year to settle it.
Been saying that since early in the season; Vanover is a huge liability defensively period and ever since SEC play except one or two games has been a liability offensively as well. I'm sure there's probably reasons for it, but wish Henderson had gotten more playing time throughout the regular season.
After nearly 30 years of mediocrity I'll be quite delighted if we make it to the Elite 8. Who knows what the future holds but there's more reason to be optimistic than anytime since the late 90s.
LSU quite literally beat the Hogs yesterday, we couldn't match their physicality and wore down. Teams that play physical have been a problem all season as we have no size.
If they want the administration to really take them seriously they'll withdraw from LSU and work to convince others to do the same and go elsewhere for school. Hit 'em in the pocketbook and they'll take notice.
No they aren't the dominating team that many have come to expect from Kentucky, but having watched most (all?) of their games the last couple weeks they are starting to finally gel as a team. It's a long shot, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them run the table in the SEC tournament.
Nope, DJ went to Central in Little Rock. The group out of Springdale with Malzahn was Mitch Mustain, Ben Cleveland, Andrew Norman, and Damian Williams.
Just because he was a great TE in college and got drafted doesn't mean he'd be a good coach. And having his first ever coaching job at the college level, especially 7 years removed from playing, doesn't seem wise.
The lack of size and physicality, especially inside, has really hurt us along with the love affair with 3pt shots. Taking 20-30 3pt shots is a fine strategy if you're hitting 50% or better but when you're only making 2-3 shots the strategy needs to change.
Don't you have a bake sale to run off to for Malzahn's buyout?
Having so many bowl games nearly every team goes bowling is whats made non-playoff games irrelevant. Reduce the number of bowls and make it more of a reward to play in the post season (playoff or not). Kinda surprised there's not a "Jim's Bait Shop & Diner" bowl.
They played 1 game and now forfeiting 2 straight, yet are still in the top 10... Yet another illustration of what crap the polls are.