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Don't know if the CSU player was intending to hurt Travis to the extent he did, but he 100% consciously made a dirty hit that was textbook targeting.
The offensive line has consistently gotten pushed around. That smaller FCS guys were pushing them around should be cause for concern.
Y'all still see 6 wins on the Arkansas schedule? The way 2 FCS teams and BYU has had their way with our offensive line?
BYU definitely deserves credit for taking advantage of our inability to play defense or block any body. Ain't no positives for Arkansas to take away from this game.
I don't know that anyone is questioning Petrino's ability as an OC, especially Arkansas fans, it's whether his and Jimbo's egos can co-exist that is being questioned. Petrino has shown at Louisville, Arkansas, and every other stop that he knows how to draw up hard to defend offensive schemes that make full use of available talent.
Hadn't heard about Balentine's passing, and honestly didn't recognize the name as his time with the Hogs was while I was in diapers. Hopefully he and Chaney will be honored during basketball season.
And Chris Smith will be honored by his family being honorary captains for the Auburn game.
I still have nightmares of Perkins' shredding our defense. Wouldn't be upset if he had a sophomore slump.
UNC would be the one to poach from the ACC. Historically good to great in basketball, generally solid in baseball, and trending upward in football. For rivalries you got the UNC & USCe angle, and for a bit longer (once Texas joins) you got Mack Brown vs Texas angle.
Can we PLEASE quit trying to force this Arkansas - Missouri rivalry? No one outside the SEC offices and media thinks there's a rivalry. The fan bases are largely ambivalent about each other.
Glad to see talent inbound, just hope it gels faster than the past several seasons and deliver on potential.
No way Timme is only 22, I swear he's been at Gonzaga longer than Mark Few.
Oscar has been a delight to watch play these past couple years. Would love to see him finish out his eligibility, preferably not at Kentucky.
This times a million. We have no half court offense to speak of so just keep attacking till the buzzer.
Doesn't apply to the court of public opinion, nor does 'presumption of innocence' appear in the constitution.
Not saying he is guilty, but the accuser retracting their statement and refusing to cooperate is not a sign of innocence. As the 911 call and other evidence is unlikely to ever be made public in full it will continue to be an area of speculation.
How 'bout y'all quit with the lying about the phone being grabbed and thrown? Those are very specific and distinct actions which are not evidenced at all by the video of the incident. The assistant knocked the phone out of the reporter's hands which is an entirely different action. And people in the media why they are increasingly not trusted.
Amen, the way the article and tweet were written I expected the assistant to have grabbed the phone and launched it toward the floor. Not knocked it out of the kid’s hand by simply putting his hand over the camera. Some people just look for any reason to be offended and make themselves a vic tim.
The way he went down last night I figured it would be something like this. Hope he can heal up and play again in the future.
Hardly a fight... No punches thrown, nor kicking, clawing, hair pulling, tackling, etc. Just a bunch of yelling and posturing. Shouldn't have taken more than 5 min to clear up and resume play.
"Just win baby" and "win at all costs" is what's going on. Oates isn't sorry for a d.amn thing.
He lives in an alternate reality in which the foul ball was caught in 2018, and Kopps was pulled after the 8th in 2021.
Hopefully letting Black and Council get occasional breathers. Those two and Devo have been averaging nearly just under 40 minutes per game for the season which isn't sustainable with as short a bench as Muss runs.
Our TO numbers are still ridiculous. Our offense is still rather anemic (6+ minutes scoreless against USCe...). We're just playing much better D and excepting Baylor gotten some decently fair officiating.
Would be nice to have a game, just one game, where the officiating was called correctly and consistently for both teams. Maybe some day in a fairy tale land it will happen.
We're having a BBQ memorial; ribs, pulled pork, tenderloin...
Something besides the casinos in Vegas to watch out for stealing your money now.
Colorado will be the third school he's played for, but only his second transfer...