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I think I have to agree with you Lucuix. Bennett is a great player, but he was one star on a team of nothing but stars. Nobody put up earth shattering numbers on UGA's offense this year because nobody needed to. The offense wasn't built around a single "super star" who carried everyone else on his back. And Bennett, if he was playing for another team, would NOT have been that guy. It wouldn't be unreasonable to count the 21 or 22 UGA teams as a whole as being somewhere among the best collections of players on a team at one time, but I don't think any one of them is necessarily "Hall of Fame" material.
I pray the God grants comfort to his family, friends, and team.
Please don't get me wrong, I have a tremendous amount of Respect for Mark Richt. I don't think you can find a more upstanding man anywhere in football. However, the fact remains that during his time, UGA was the only team to be consistently ranked in the top 5 never to win a championship. His teams had the talent and the play callers but it still never happened. This is just my opinion, but I think it was because he was in some ways TOO nice of a guy. His players tended to have a lot more personal fouls per game than Kirby's squads. Again, just my opinion, but I think that comes from not being yelled at enough. Regardless of the "why," those penalties cost Richt more than one winnable "Big Game."
I didn't say Bama "deserved" to be in the playoffs, I said that Ohio State did NOT, and that both them and Michigan would must likely be crushed like an empty beer can if they were to play Bama. If you want my personal opinion, USC never should have dropped out of the so-called "Top 4." Teams getting punished for playing in a championship game (or rewarded for not even making it to championship games) is pure B.S.
There are a few advantages UGA has too: 1. Smart specializes in defense. He has a month to go over the flaws of Georgia's pass defense from the SEC championship. You can be sure he won't waste that time. 2. Atlanta will not be anyone's definition of a neutral field. If Ohio State's offense can be rattled by crowd noise, than they will be be. 3. This may be the biggest one: Ryan Day seems to be the Mark Richt of the B1G. He is great at recruiting and at coaching (most of the time) but there is just something missing in his coaching style that prevents him from winning the Big Games.
Anything can happen in any given game. Especially if players thinking ahead to the draft play too cautiously to avoid getting hurt. That said, the B1G has no place in the playoffs. Bama is having a down year (for Bama) and I'd take them against Ohio State or Michigan. UGA SHOULD stomp Jokehio State into the astro turf, but they still have to show up to do it.
I can't stand Ohio State. I would honestly be just fine with Georgia losing the National Championship to Michigan or TCU AS LONG AS we stomped Ohio State into the ground 60-0 first.
Yes, but how sweet the taste of B1G Tears if/when the Dawgs pull it off.
They're honestly in a lose-lose situation. If they put OSU in at 3 they are rewarding OSU for losing and not even playing in the B1G Championship. And as you pointed out, if they put OSU in at 4, they are saying that TCU losing its Championship doesn't matter at all. This is why the rankings are largely BS. Their is never going to be a perfect system and someone is always going to have an at least partially-credible case for why they were wronged in any given season.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has though that at times. It's like they intentionally play the most unimaginative football possible against inferior opponents. What stresses me the most is the high probability that they will soon do it against a team good enough that they won't have time to turn up the gas later in the game and pull out a W.
Given some of the obviously wrong calls that SEC refs have made as well as blatant fouls they have not made in the last few years, I am absolutely CONVICED those refs are making bets on the very games they are officiating (through 3rd parties) now that college football sports betting is legal in many states and mainstream.
Personally I wish Georgia was playing USC or Ohio State just to crush their hopes and dreams.
Unfortunately. At least Stacey Abrams has lost enough elections now to hopefully shut up for a little while.
Gwhite is indicative of the typical dime a million internet troll. He might not even be an actual Tennessee (or even football) fan. I guarantee you his only motivation is getting under the skin of people like you who take his bait instead of just ignoring him.
Why on earth do you let some random internet troll live rent-free in your head? The only person who benefits from that is the troll (a troll whom, I should point out, isn't even commenting on this thread at the moment).
They shouldn't that's why I specifically said "In an ideal world that's not going to happen this year."
In an ideal world that's not going to happen this year, LSU and Georgia would split the SEC and National Championships between them. Unfortunately, the committee is never going to let both teams in the playoffs this time around when so many other teams are undefeated or one loss.
I agree. Though the argument could be made that even without the expansion, Clemson's problem would largely be solved by playing in the SEC (On the other hand, Mizzou never belonged in this conference and neither do Texas or Oklahoma).
I've felt like this was a trap game for Georgia ever since the start of the season. I'll be a lot happier when it's over either way.
The simple answer is because the street runs BOTH ways. I guarantee you there are plenty of coaches all over the country looking to raid Alabama's depth chart with promises of "You'll look better to NFL scouts with more playing time." If Alabama, or any other Top 10 team for that matter, doesn't aggressively make use of the portal to keep their rosters filled, they will soon find them depleted no matter how well they do on the traditional recruitment trail.
As much as I hate it, this is probably Tennessee's year. They LOOK like they want it more. Georgia hasn't been playing as consistently as they did last year. They lost quite a bit of the hate and the hunger along with all the starters that got drafted. They're still good, but not as good.
As much as I hate their guts and think they are a perennially overrated team, Ohio State probably deserves to be ranked No. 1 (right now) since they have blown out every single team they've played while others have had a few struggles. Michigan, Clemson, Tennessee, and Georgia are all definitely in the top 5 but where is up for debate and it really doesn't matter at this point in the season.
It's not about stopping the "fun" it's supposedly about keeping somebody from being accidentally trampled to death--a VERY real danger when you have a hoard of several thousand people suddenly crowding a tight space. For context look up the incident that happened at a soccer stadium in Indonesia last week. Nobody ever does it on purpose, but it's hard to stop once people all start moving at once.
As a Liberty alum I hope not. I know the Flames will probably never be a premier program going after New Years Six Bowls, but it is fun to see them at least win enough to make SOME kind of bowl game.
Really? How long are people going to cling to that tired excuse? Last Year: They played Clemson last season's opener, they curled up and died (Not UGA's fault). They played incredible turn-around versions of Kentucky and Arkansas (who both gave up the will to live immediately after) They beat Michigan. They beat Bama This year: They opened by making Oregon (one of if not the only perennially "good" Pac-12 teams) look like an FCS team. Last week they absolutely destroyed the previous record for most points scored against South Carolina in Columbia in the entire history of the two teams playing one another. By midway through the third quarter, Coach Smart had pulled all the starters, and by the 4th he was so far into the 4th string and beyond I'm pretty sure he asked band members if they wanted to get some playtime.
Saban isn't going to coach forever and Kentucky looks more solid every year. No reason to fear an opportunity to overcome that challenge.
I am a little worried about Mississippi State I smell a trap game.
@VTBaseballDawg, Come on man, you can't seriously think GWhite is anything other than a parody troll. Why even bother responding to something like that?