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@PTheRicker Nah, you think the poll is garbage because you think it's supposed to tell some objective form of "the truth" (which is what they WANT you to think). If that was the case, then whoever made it should definitely be fired. In reality, the poll is doing EXACTLY what it has always been intended to do: make people argue and drive up page-visit traffic for ESPN. Causing mass fan rage and debate makes them money, and money my dear boy makes the world go 'round.
"3rd for 4th biggest rival" Uh dude, UGA leads the series 53-44 with 2 ties or 54-44-2 depending on who you ask. If you count a nine or ten-game deficit as your "fourth" biggest rival and "annoying little brother" then you must be REALLY used to getting beat like a drum in your so-called rivalries. By the way, you aren't our "biggest" rival. You are our most hated in-conference rival. Their is a difference. Our oldest, closest, and favorite rivalry is Auburn. The "rivals" we are most obsessed with beating is Ga Tech. but since they are a joke most years they are "rivals" only in the sense that we share a state.
Miko Bobo has no business orchestrating any offense. I was a student at UGA when he was our offensive coordinator during the Mark Richt era, and I watched as he squandered Matt Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, AJ Green, etc. by running the exact same unimaginative play over and over and over and over again without it ever once working on way too many 3 and out possessions. He didn't belong at UGA then, he doesn't belong at Auburn now. Best thing Harsin can do is fire him ASAP.
Tennessee will be consistently good again sooner or later, probably sooner. This may sound strange coming from a Dawgs fan but I actually look forward to it. Rivalries are just more fun when you know the match will be an intense one (plus I always want the SEC to do well).
I dunno if I would be razzing his dad too much, that dude looks like he's won a bar fight or three in his day
No way would I take that bet. The odds of him being anything other than a Yankee transplant are slim and none.
Why do you keep engaging that obvious troll? It's probably just a 12-year-old trying to get a rise out of you. Who cares? Right now Alabama still might not even make it to Atlanta let alone the CFP.
The CFP rankings usually do look different. That said, I would rather see Cincinnati in the playoff than a mediocre Oklahoma or Ohio State (either of which Georgia or Alabama take your pick could wax yet again). At least Cincinnati has a nice underdog narrative going for them.
That's true, but the fact of the matter is too many already let pride get in the way of getting looked at (which results in worse injuries). I'm not sure there is any perfect, easy answer to this question.
No dude, UGA students and alumni are not going to intentionally do anything that would damage our own Hedges (Besides, it just isn't physically easy to get over the top of them even if you wanted to). I could absolutely see Georgia fans rushing the field after a victory somewhere else like Bryant-Denny stadium or maybe a New Years Six Bowl game, but not at Sanford Stadium. Other teams or fans may try to tear up the hedges, but not us. It would make as much sense as an Auburn fan (as opposed to an Alabama fan) poisoning their own tree at Toomer's corner.
Georgia may only get a "Participation trophy" this year, but at least that will mean they DID participate. Unlike Tennessee, who will get to watch every single bowl game on their televisions. At home. Again.