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taxslayer is a better bowl if i'm not mistaken
#9 is cursed...I'll go ahead and congratulate Texas A&M on their victory. If we were ranked 8th or 10th I would feel better!
So the past doesn't matter now when it's convenient? Guess our losing streak doesn't matter either? Florida fans are dumb I swear.
Both of those teams lost. Gaytors are next.
Lol wtf how did we get on this list. We literally have a capital letter as a logo
He's been awfully quiet this year hasn't he? I guess losing this bad to a team you haven't beat in 30 years while also watching your rival set the attendance record while winning is hard to swallow. lmao
This is a reply to "LegendDD@"- does your dumbass know that Georgia hasn't won an SEC title this decade either? It's been 36 years since you won a natty. Sit back down.
Did you forget that we beat you last year and that loss was literally the tipping point to get your coach fired? Tennessee literally made you get a new coach because your program was falling behind. lmao
210 pound linebacker? You mean defensive back? This kid would get murdered by everyone on this list lol
Because he is good enough to torch Georgia.
I believe that Peyton wrote this before the news came out the JoPa knew of the allegations.
"Hey, I have an idea! Let's steal one of our rivals checkerboard design and use it on our endzones and shoulders!" Tennessee doesn't have a trademark on it or anything, but doesn't make sense especially since we are rivals and are right beside each other. You don't see Auburn stealing Alabama's houndstooth do you?
I love when ole piss thinks they are good. It's cute. Wonder if you guys are tired of losing 5 star recruits to us yet?
Are you mad that he would be the best qb on LSU's roster?
What retard made this? App state, Air Force, Charlotte 49ers, Army, Navy, and NC State all over Neyland. What the hell?
Hunter Johnson decommited last night for UT. SDS is seriously getting bad when the most reliable information is in the comments section rather than the article.
East champion I should say
Two of the teams we lost to are in the playoffs and one of the others was the SEC champion. Also, at least out losses were against power 5 teams.
How is Florida so high? They've gotten thumped two weeks in a row. I would put them near the bottom.
What are you even talking about Seven? You live in Kentucky for christ's sake. You've never seen anything other than low to moderate incomes. I bet you typed this from your double wide.
SevenT there is still hope! Kentucky can finish 5-8 now!
We are in sole possession of 2nd in the east, but whatever.
seventT I meant to ask you about your bowl game
A torn ligament is not a fracture. SDS is nothing but click bait and other websites articles lately. Good lord
You clearly don't know anything about Saban's situation in Miami. Go look at his QBs and tell me winning 9 games wasn't incredible with that talent. By the way, he wanted Drew Brees. Management gave him cullpepper. Full control would have meant Saban would still be the dolphins coach.
Who are you kidding? Tuscaloosa would burn if Saban left.