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Mr. Panzica, this is lazy sportswriting. This "It’s the first time since 2011 that the Iron Bowl has no impact on the SEC West title" is taken out of context far too often to draw interest. Since 2011 AU has finished 7th in the West in 2012,1st in 2014,4th in 2015, 7th in 2015, 3rd in 2016, 1st in 2017 and 5th in 2018. The Iron Bowl has had implications on the West twice since 2011, UAT had already won the division every other year. Once again lazy sportswriting.
* arkansas turned it over on downs after the injury TO. What a crappy comment format
AU did it against arkansas because bielema tried to run Malzahn's swinging gate formation so Gus gave him a big F U, caused an injury TO and arky turned it over on downs
Don't disagree with the call,the ball was in the wrong place.
No. Malzahn isn't beating anyone who can match up. The predicament having to start a true frosh, interior OL issues, refusing to use the edge that Shivers exposed early are all on him. He's out of of excuses he's running the Offense.
LSU did this multiple times against UF two weeks ago. SMFH at your comment
Why create an article on coach speak? You can find post game conferences on youtube. This joke of a sports site it something else
Lol this sorry "sports" website. Who gives a rats ass what people say on IG or FB obviously they're experts
I stopped reading at the snarky "see what I did there" in the first point but I did catch the Texas recruiting deal on my way down to the comments. Honestly,I think A&M joining the conference put the nail in Arky's ability to compete for SEC titles because at one time they could pitch playing in the SEC to Texas kids. I was and still am hoping Morris can build a recruiting footprint in TX. Their program is better than what it's been the last 7 years.
Ive had an ortho DR and therapist tell me that over usage causes weakness by not allowing the ligaments and tendons to heal in their normal positions which will cause more issues later. 10 years later I still roll mine just at work. Donjoy & other prescription braces are used for rehabilitation not continuous use
Over stabilizing your ankles can lead to knee or hip injuries and over use of braces only weakens ligaments and tendons over time. He needs high top cleats
Student athletes are allowed to work during the summer, the ncaa doesnt put a barrier on how much they earn while working. Bamarox's example is pretty much what happened when rhett bomar lost his scholarship @ OU back in '06
I see your point. If that were the case the booster would risk not only being disassociated & heavy sanctions against their university but they could lose a lot more than one business if caught. It could happen but thats a little different than paying a kid or his family behind the scenes
The NCAA should allow student-athletes to work though if they want to
Most of those kids are eligible for grants even with a full scholarship and the NCAA passed unlimited meals for student athletes a few years ago. It's not the university's responsiblity to help the family and with everything those athletic scholarships offer they do take care of the student athletes. I wonder how other kids on scholarship for different sports will feel about this too.
Do you really believe that? It might just widen the gap for wealthier schools. Maybe Universities in CA are tired of being an after thought so they're willing to make the first move in order to gain an advantage on the recruiting trail. Who know's how this ends up because by the current rules the NCAA could rule CA schools ineligible but I doubt they do.
I was excluding series records for a reason. Championships are the bar not series records. Since 2009 A&M has 0 division titles, LSU has 1 CC, and played for a national championship. AU has played for 3 SEC championships and 2 national titles. AU has lost in BR twice and still made it to ATL so the head to head means nothing in this case
Other than just being a LSU fan, please explain this? In the last decade A&M has one 10+ win season. LSU has played for and won the conference once in the last decade but have consistently won 9 games a season. AU has played for and won two conference championships and played for a third while averaging 8 1/2 wins in the last 10 years.
The .500 avg vs MSU is pretty embarrassing too. If AU is 2-3 going into the Florida game he is out.
The money is there for the buyout and it was last year. He's making championship money so 7-5 or 8-4 won't cut it in year 7. He doesnt have to win a championship this year but he needs to prove that AU's headed there. I dont think a 1st year QB will be the issue through the season. AU is extremely thin at Tackle and that falls directly on Gus. Hiring Hand was a mistake and OL recruiting has shown that. Grimes hasn't done much better this last recruiting cycle either
Exactly. I wouldn't expect Duke to internally investigate Zion's recruitment for the risk of Krzyzewski's legacy and the NCAA is just feeding off of the FBI's investigation
Why should anyone take what Pete Thamel has to say seriously? IIRC AU & Pearl were cleared in the initial report two years ago. Purifoy and Wiley both sat out for dealings with Persons and the NCAA cleared them both to return.