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He's just not all that great. Not a new development though. he benefited from some elite defenses and the best their offense looked while he was there, he had Michel, Chub, AND Swift (all on the same team) to hand it to. He's destined for the same fate as Aaron Murray and David Greene. Couple years somewhere as a backup and then maybe a job on the SEC Network or something. Always seemed like a good dude to me, but as a fan of an opposing team, he just never scared me like a lot of other quarterbacks did. Best of luck to him regardless ...
Well .... they have played in just as many, or more, SEC championship Games this decade (2) as any other team in the east, except for GA. But there has certainly been a marked decline since then. I hope this hire works out well. It's better for the entire conference if we can get stronger from top to bottom.
On the play you're referring to from 2013, the runner went out of bounds and it was reviewed and then ruled that he landed out of bounds with :01 left on the clock. That situation was different, because landing out of bounds with the :01 left would've stopped the clock anyways until the next snap so there would be plenty of time to get a field goal unit out on to the field and snap the ball. In this case, Whitlow was brought down in bounds with :01 left. And even though it would've stopped the clock momentarily to move the chains, it still would not have been enough time to get the FG unit out and in position. That being said .... sometimes you benefit from a call, and sometimes you don't. That's just football. All of the complaining by Saban about this particular play, and then calling Auburn's formation at the end of regulation "unfair" is a pretty bad look for Saban. Your QB threw 2 pick sixes and your kicker missed a 30 yard field goal. Those 17 points are why you lost the game, not because of those two calls.
For ultimate playoff committee chaos with regards to the SEC .... Auburn beats UGA, but UGA still wins the east with 2 losses. Alabama wins Iron bowl and ends the season at 11-1, but misses SECCG. UGA (somehow) upsets LSU in SECCG. LSU ends season 12-1. Alabama = 11-1 (one quality win, only loss to top 5 team) LSU = 12-1 (4 quality wins, only loss to top 10 team) UGA = 11-2 (2 quality wins & Conference Championship, but one of their losses was at home to an unranked team) Could be very interesting, and none of these scenarios are out of the realm of possibility ...
Good luck to you, Joey. Hope everything works out for you wherever you land.
No one wants to lose a team leader and starting player a few days before a big game. However, ..... IF LSU is going to beat 'Bama it will be with their offense anyways. I don't see this as THAT big of a deal heading into Saturday's showdown with Bama.
Seriously. He had two bad games on the road against top ten teams. I'm hardly ready to refer to him as a bust. Give the kid some time. Everybody expects true freshmen to play like Tua did for one half of football as a true freshman and that's just not typical.
You mean Corn Dogs without the apostrophe, right? It should be just plural not possessive. (sorry couldn't resist) haha
But people don't watch Gameday based on where they are, unless they are at your favorite school maybe. LSU - Bama is gonna be the most watched game that weekend, and maybe the season, by far whether Gameday is there or not. Gameday has already been to an LSU game and 6 of 11 weeks, they've been to a game with an SEC team playing. I love the SEC, but Gameday should give someone else a chance.
While I agree that the LSU / MSU game is a head scratcher .... In fairness to CBS, they did have to pick this week's games before last week's games had been played and NO ONE thought Carolina was going to beat UGA, except maybe Carolina fans. So in their minds, they saw UF / USC as potentially two teams coming off losses.
I will make no prediction about who will win this game, because it's the SEC and both teams have a lot of talent. However, Bo wasn't 'shaking in his boots in College Station staring down the 12th man in his first true rad game as a colleg player ..... so I don't think he will buckle playing in the Swamp either. If he doesn't play well it'll be because UF schemed well and the defense executed, not because he is scared of the crowd.
Try to do something good and you can bet that someone, somewhere, will find something you posted a decade ago that might be offensive to someone else, somewhere else, and will try to destroy you for it.
^^Totally Agree ^^. The only hiccup is that Kiffin and Orgeron have a relationship that goes back a while. Going to LSU to coach with his friend is the only way I see him leaving Bama for anything less than a HC position. That .... and millions of dollars.
That would be such an epic mistake. Not only because I feel Kiffin is not head coach material, as he has already proven three times, but also because of the conflict in systems. Gus has spent the last 4 seasons recruiting for his spread / run option system (and three of the four years before that as OC). It would be a complete reboot to then switch to Kiffin's system. Wouldn't make any sense at all, in my opinion.
Gus and Rhett definitely made some bad calls today. That being said, if Ricardo doesn't fumble on the goal line and the punt team stays in their lanes, we probably still win. It was ugly for sure. Defense played well at least. D gave up 13 pts and 3 of that was after a turnover deep in our own territory. GA made the plays and we didn't. It happens. WDE.
Midget - except for a few facts..... Michigan lost by 6 on the road to a team that is still undefeated. Bama lost by 6 at home to a team that has since got blown out by florida and got beat soundly by Memphis on Saturday. That being said, Bama has looked awesome the last few weeks and has a great ranking, despite having lost at home to a team that has now been proven to be a 'lesser opponent'. Bama will be tough to beat down the stretch for sure.
So it's ok for LSU to 'struggle at times', but not Utah. You're contradicting yourself. Utah also beat Michigan, which looks like a pretty good win too right now.
Oh yeah, and they blew doors on Bama in the Sugar Bowl.
"Plus, aside from his time with Urban at Utah, this is the first time his team has been a truly nationally relevant team." You mean other than in '08 when they went 13 - 0, finished the season at #2 in the polls and he won the Bryant Coach Of The Year award, right?
Complete with the look back and smack talk to the guy trying to chase him down. Same old Manziel.
These are the 'darkhorses'. Chubb would be an obvious choice.
I had to watch the 2nd half of the '05 AU/UGA game on TV from the concession area because the drunken girl behind me cursed and poured things at me the entire first half. I don't go to a game in Sanford stadium unless I am obviously with a UGA fan. I know every fan base its 'crazies', but some are worst than others for sure.
Come on, SDS. That was in no way a 'horse collar' tackle. Frost had him by his jersey near his waist. If the Ole Miss coach thought it was a horse collar, I'm sure he'll change his mind once he gets a good look at the replay. There was no violation, and certainly no intent to injure. It was a great game, and I HATED to see it end with an injury like that.
Headline: List of TV commentators for every SEC game in Week 8 First one on the list: TBD smh
Yes. dumb indeed. Was this supposed to be funny? It seems like you are being serious.
It seems odd that they'd make a move in the middle of the season ... after a win .... over a rival ..... on the road. But he certainly didn't do himself any favors with his post game interview that was all over the web almost immediately.
As an Auburn fan, I like it when they put 0:01 second back on the clock so that Bama can try an ill-advised field goal. :-)