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You're effing crazy if you think Malzahn is on the chopping bock. He has been nothing but a genius on the offensive side of the ball. Ellis did ok, but that isn't what the SEC is about defensively. God help the rest of the SEC if Muschamp comes home to the plains, but either way now that Malzahn has say as the HC we're only on the rise from here.
Just another example of the horrible officiating that has plagued the league all season long.
You want to hear a joke? ...........Clemson. Hahaha. But seriously you had Jameis Winston sidelined the whole game and still couldn't beat FSU!
2013 Auburn vs. Georgia. I've never heard so many people lose their collective freaking minds as when Nick Marshal hooked up with Ricardo Louis for that 4th & 18. After the game the AU fans couldn't talk from yelling their lungs out, the GA fans didn't want to talk about what they had just witnessed, and everyone walked out of that stadium a little deafer.
You said it. JJ, the Duke, and Sammie (if he stays) are gonna be all kind of nasty in 2015!
Treadwell was tearing us apart. He had some great blocks as well. My fingernails are a lot shorter in large to his game play. He gave 110% and I hate that he got hurt, but the tackle was clean. Whiskey Delta Echo, but mad props to Treadwell.
Whoa! The Illuminati must be all about that SEC bias........ haha I don't know anything about SEC bias. All I'm aware of is #SECDOMINANCE
Wouldn't have expected this at the start of the season, but that's football in the SEC. MSU deserves to be number one after what they've accomplished.
Damn I didn't think Old Miss or MSU was going to jump that high in AP. I knew both were going to be top ten after this weekend though. Looking forward to Auburn at MSU this weekend. Whiskey Delta Echo
Agreed. I'm looking forward to watching my Tigers play MSU this weekend. Should be a helluva game.
One of my best friends is a Razorback fan deployed in Afghanistan right now. I suspect he thought of me when he watched Jermaine get that Pick 6.