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I know you're a Florida homer but get your head out of your behind and actually do your job as a journalist. You're supposed to report FACTS not misrepresent the truth or report out of date information. At best that statement you made about Alabama having more elite college football talent than Tennessee is out of date. At worst its a straight up misrepresentation to try and support your fallacious argument. For the record, 247sports currently has only the top 100 or so players rated for the class of 2020 and its more the same. Tennessee has more top 100 players than Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, and just about every other state outside of the big 4 (Florida, Texas, Georgia, and California). The reason for this increase in talent across the state of Tennessee is changing population demographics. I don't know if you know this but the makeup of states can change over time. The state of Tennessee, in particular the metro Nashville area, has seen an incredible increase in population over the last 5-10 years. Around 100 people are moving to Nashville EVERY DAY. Its one of the fastest growing cities in America. Its this rapid increase in population that has led to the increase in talent across the state. Now you can argue that Tennessee might not benefit from this influx of new people because they won't have loyalty to the University of Tennessee. But you can't pretend it isn't happening and that it isn't leading to an increase in the quality of instate talent across the state of Tennessee. Whether you like it or not as a Florida fan, the class of 2019 is not an aberration or one year fluke in the state of Tennessee. Its simply the start of the NEW NORMAL in Tennessee. If I were you, I would edit that part of the article because you're gonna look really stupid in about 2-3 years when this isn't just a one year thing but an every year thing.
Nothing worse than a journalist who lacks knowledge on the subject he's talking about. Hey John Crist, you made the following false statement in your article: "The Volunteer state is short on blue-chippers, as well...Pruitt was a recruiting monster at ALABAMA, Georgia and Florida State. Those places have 4.4 kids on every corner, though." Now this may have been true 5 years ago. Its simply not true anymore. Tennessee is NOW one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country. Top 5 in the country after Florida, Texas, Georgia, and California. Its laughable for you to suggest ALABAMA is more fertile recruiting ground than Tennessee right now. That statement is simply not supported by the FACTS. According to 247sports, in the class of 2019 (which will be the first complete class Jeremy Pruitt will be able to recruit), there are 19 composite 4-stars from the state of Tennessee. That is good for 5th most in the country after Florida, Texas, Georgia, and California. Those 19 composite 4-star recruits from Tennessee are more than Louisiana (which has only 13 4-star or higher rated prospects), Alabama (which has only 10 4-star or higher rated prospects), and Ohio (which has only 12 4-star or higher rated prospects). So its a joke for you to imply that Alabama is somehow better than Tennessee when it comes to home grown talent. That may be have been true in the past. ITS NOT TRUE ANYMORE. Get your facts right if you want to be considered a legitimate journalist.