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take away the "fake" championships and tell me how many more they have than your team...i'm guessing over 4?! now, forget the distant past and think of the last 20 years...still probably 4... "Alabama privelage"...which i assume is privilege, where we come from.
anyone who has ever played on a line - offense or defense - knows this is game play. not biased, not a missed call, just plain and simple blocking. had the tables been turned, i would still say the same thing. there were plenty of missed calls ALL SEASON against Alabama, but nobody complains about that! Coach O wants to save his job, and he will deflect all he can to get support to keep what he has. i don't blame him, because he had them ready to play. the down and dirty is that Bama has a better team, and they won the game. his inquiry changes nothing in the long run.
to be fair, a deal with Saban was "all but done" with Texas a few years ago too...
i would be interested in hearing Spurrier's and Richt's too!
i think people forget how dominate Ingram was in college...especially in the wildcat! everyone knew he was getting the ball, but tacklers just fell off of him. he was an awesome player and a class act.
nor would he quit on a team mid-season to pursue another, more lucrative opportunity
I guess I always assumed he was a TE due to his ability to line up anywhere and his blocking ability.
How did Kevin Norwood not make this list? He was second in receiving for Bama, and led all receivers in TDs. Not only was AJ's go to guy in a pinch, he made sick catches doing so.