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i dont think at all that he would have been a heisman finalist. I do agree we would have won at LEAST 1-2 more games had we been running this offense all season, or at least after Terrry Wilson went down. Most likely would have pulled out the Miss State and Carolina games would be my guess. I think its a no brainer he would be the leading rusher in the conference though, considering he has ran for over 1,100 in 6 games. I think he is averaging close to 10.0 ypc, which is nuts. That said, Florida should be in front of Auburn and Bama on this list.
Gonna have to figure out something on offense next with mizzou coming to Lexington. I like our defense and run game, but we need to be able to keep their defense at least somewhat honest. A couple of big plays helped UGA pull away in this one in the third quarter. Im not at all disappointed with the effort, especially considering the game conditions.
all of our games coming up will be at home, other than at Vandy. Props to Mason on the win over Mizzou, but I still think UK will have too much talent for them in Nashville. Home games against Mizzou next week, UT, and Louisville are now crucial. I think Kentucky will probably win 2 out of three and finish 7-5. 6-6 is certainly possible. Losing Terry Wilson in game 2 I think really limited the potential of this team. A 4th straight bowl appearance would still be a great accomplishment for this program.
I agree with you actually paris, there isnt any point in worrying about what UK would do in this given scenario until its an actual reality. Given how bad we have been historically, im more concerned about at least making a bowl game every year, with the possibility of a special season or two every few years. As long as we are building the program with winning seasons each year, I am happy.
I think you would get mixed responses. Some fans would be perfectly content with regular 9 win season, with every few years getting 10, maybe 11 wins. After awhile you will have alot of fans clamoring for more and making the occasional sec championship game. If your your winning consistently like this though, and have the occasional 10-2 or 11-1 type years, your more than likely going to be competing for the east so I think the problem takes care of itself here.
Agreed , dumb question by the reporter. Im still optimistic about the season, and the game, with Sawyer. That said, I would 100 percent like to be starting Wilson for this game if we could.
I think we can do away with this weekly update. They arent in the conference anymore, best of luck, but I can see what they do on sports center. Lets keep things on the SEC here.
Unless they want to pay another buy out to another coach, I think you need to give him time. Look how well it has paid off for Kentucky. Our AD was very patient with stoops through his first few seasons as head coach, and coupled it with exciting built in raises for when he found success. If you look at some of the details, its one of the best crafted contracts in the conference. They showed loyalty to stoops and gave him ample time to build. The problem is that the expectations are entirely different at UT than they are at UK because UK has always been historically bad. UT is desperate for at least some success right off the bat, because they have been waiting for so long. That makes it a very tough job. First time head coaches need time, so give him some. Unless they lose to Chattanooga next week, in which case it may appear that he has already lost this team and would need to be shown the door.
really bummed about terry. I hope he has a speedy recovery. Luckily Our running game still looks very solid, and our offensive line looks to be top tier. I think Smith will be serviceable enough for us to still have a great season. Was a great pick up for us in the off season to get a guy with great starting experience. This will be a step up in competition from what he saw at troy, but the guy can play. He was the mvp of the dollar general bowl last year where he threw 4 tds. Big test next week with florida coming to town.
I think it was a minor team infraction, nothing serious
I was actually more impressed with Williams than I thought I was going to be. He didnt play perfect by any stretch, but he was under pressure and running for his life the entire game. His offensive line are the ones who need some tough coaching right now. Miami looked like the may have some real play makers, but it wont matter if that line doesnt get it together, quickly.
Great addition for 2020. Our 2020 recruiting class is coming along nicely as well. Love the job stoops and co. are doing right now. I doubt he seeks a waiver, but will like likely step into a starting role right away next year.
yall say this every year.... Maybe this is the year for USC, but I doubt it.
Kelly Bryant is a bit too high. He could certainly make this list, but I wouldn't say he has proved he is better than Jake Bentley at this point. He was surrounded with talent at Clemson, and mostly still only completed short yard passing plays. Ill be interested to see him in Dooleys offense. I think he will be good for sure, but Mizzou will be good more because of the running game than because of KB in my opinion.
I don't like to feed trolls, but man your life must be so sad. You are on here all the time with this nonsense. On almost every article. You aren't fooling anyone..
Wow this did not sit well with some people lol. 9-3 and a bowl win would be a good season. Seems to be the Kentucky loss bothering most people. Historically, one would say its unlikely that they lose 2 straight to UK. Realistically, Id say its possible. Kentucky is more physical on the Oline and should run the ball well. Its also a home game and will be a tough atmosphere, UK will be hyped. Im not predicting it will happen for sure, but I expect a good game. Could go either way in my opinion. Some of yall are acting like he just slapped your Mom with that prediction though. He may have missed on a few of the wins and losses, but I agree that 9-3 is probably where they end up. If they can swing a couple of the toss up game, 10 or 11 wins is also possible. But then again so is 8-4.
I think Terry is going to have a very solid year. Next Year should really light it up. If he actually throws a very nice deep ball, and with his speed should be a real threat to any defense if he has developed in his decision making. Especially with RPO's. Dude has all the right tools, only thing left is to put it on the field.
Someone's getting cocky...see what I did there ;) . Guess we will just have to see what happens. Kentucky's biggest defensive strength is against the run since we have a solid front 7 returning, however we are VERY inexperienced in the secondary. Carolina's best shot at winning will require a good outing from Bentley. If Carolina can manage to run the ball somewhat decently against us and keep the defense honest, that will open things up a lot for Bentley. I live in SC and always pull for Carolina as long as they aren't playing UK. Looking forward to watching the game at W.B. this fall
Agreed Weagle. This list will likely look a lot different. I may be a bit biased as UK fan, but I am a bit surprised not to see Lynn Bowden on this list.
Really surprised anyone decided to write this article, but I have been thinking the exact same thing. He looked great in the spring, and the offense seemed to be much more open. He did play very timid at times last year, some of that could have been injury, but I think a lot of it was game plan. With our run game and defense last year I think they had Terry on a pretty short leash when it came to taking chances. His talent and upside are through the roof. He will have a few decent receivers ( 1 great one with Lynn Bowden), a solid offense line, and three good backs to help him along this season. Factor in his speed, which is elite for any position, he could make opposing defenses really frustrated. I think Terry makes a big stride in year 2, year 3 he is going to be really dangerous. Given the schedule, I think 8-4 or 9-3 is what to expect and a top 25 ranking in 2019, at worst 7-5 and a trip to the music city bowl. Go Cats.
SDS needs to be contacted about this kotex10. Maybe they can remove him from the site, either that, or block him from commenting. We are here to converse about our favorite teams, and ignoring this troll is getting very annoying.
Dylangeorge. We do not feed the troll with attention. Everyone ignores paris10 and his comments. Don't let him get under your skin bro. Exciting things are happening in lexington, and that is torture enough for him.
alot to be optimistic about this upcoming season. Schedule is very manageable, and the offense should be a bit more open this season. Looking forward to watching the cats again this fall!
agreed. With that schedule anything less than 6 would be surprising given the schedule. Im thinking 7-5 as well, with a chance for an 8th in a bowl game. a couple of toss up games on the schedule does create the potential for another great year though. We will have to see who steps up.
This upcoming team has a lot more depth than years past. Plenty of veterans to help lead this team that will hopefully fill the void left behind by last years seniors. The big question mark will be in the secondary, where we were very good last year. Obviously Snell and Allen will be tough to replace, but there are some talented guys in place that will step up. Given our schedule, this team will definitely be bowling next. anywhere between 6 and 9 wins next year. AJ rose will emerge as solid premier running back. Go cats
I think Lynn Bowden could be in this list come end of next season. He will be the hands down top target on a team who probably won't rely as heavily on the run with snell gone. I expect him to get a lot of touches, in a variety of different way. He is very similar to randall cobb in terms of versatility.
no bama or uga...A&M and MSU both ranked #12...Also pretty sure UK beat the fist 3 teams you mentioned and finished second in the east with a better record. There , helped you out a bit. Did you even think about this before you posted it lol?
wow. Somebody is buying their own pre-season hype a bit too much. Im expecting a good game, but to call them frauds is pretty shocking. Our resume is a lot more impressive than USCjr btw. You beat a decent Vandy team, thats its....Guess we will find out Saturday...