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Saw your pick Joe. Hope you didn’t lose too much money on Louisville hahahahahaha
I’ve seen bigger scuffles at church picnics.
Why should it be changed? He’s still the punter and they’re vulnerable while kicking, that’s why there’s a rule to protect them.
“Awful ‘break’ for Missouri”?!? They broke Goodfellow’s leg!
This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve seen yet on SDs.
Arkansas by 7 Georgia by 29 Carolina by 14 Ole Miss by 5 Kentucky by 2 There’s your bold prediction lol. Bonus: Jimbo settles on a buyout figure Sunday.
Hang in there Jimbo. The media will be falling all over themselves to yet again pick your team as a contender in the west next season.
This is a strange list without Levis on it.
The funny part is next preseason these writers will be tripping all over themselves to once again predict that A&M will battle Alabama for first place in the west. Lather, rinse, repeat.
That headline has nothing to do with what Stoops actually said. My bad for clicking on it anyway.
Well they’re not beating Kentucky or Clemson and A&M and UT are about as unlikely. Which three are you beating?
Easier? They still have to play Kentucky, A&M, Tennessee, and Clemson. That’s at least four more likely losses.
Bahahahahahaha is this supposed to be a serious article?
Espn is actually being run now by Comedy Central.
Why do the writers here keep saying UK had a sub-par performance last week? They beat the spread by like 9 points. Today it was 16 points over the spread. Some day you’ll catch on but in the meantime I fully expect to see Florida ranked above Kentucky when the polls come out on Monday lol.
Lol someone tell Shane that not everything is about him.
If you watch the actual cell phone video, Dupree was pulling people out of the store and trying to diffuse the situation. Of course we’ll never hear about that.
I’m hoping for a close game but how is Georgia favored?
How is Rattler a returning quarterback? Hooker Young Jefferson Levis Rogers Fixed it for you; it really wasn’t that hard.
I even scrolled back up to see if maybe I missed a paragraph. He left the impression that Iowa won even though they actually only led for about 9 minutes out of 60.
The whiners have dozens of bowl games they can watch but the playoff is for determining the best team. If that doesn’t interest them they don’t have to watch.
Robinson is a great talent but UK wouldn’t have been much better than they were last year without someone to throw it to him. I guess you could say Robinson was UK’s most talented offensive player but Will Levis is clearly the team’s most valuable player.
As bad as Iowa’s rush defense is they won’t have to worry too much about how many interceptions they might get against UK since they’ll just be running all day anyway.
Geography is kind of irrelevant now since teams just fly everywhere anyway but there needs to be something on which to base the divisions or pods. Trying to set them up based on relative strength of teams is inherently biased because with a couple of notable exceptions, the powers come and go. I think the best way to do it is just to have two 8-team divisions and play nine conference games a year. It doesn’t have to be east-west but it needs to make sense in some manner besides where the power currently lies.
So he warned them about gold digging ho’s by having one come in and talk to them? They probably all got her number.