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People betting that neither can go 11-1 and looking for a loss somewhere.
How is Miami a “bigger job” than Kentucky? He already makes over $2 million more per year than Diaz and he’s in the SEC and not the putrid ACC.
He’s just pissed that the “good luck mullet” haircut his sister gave him wasn’t working.
I would throw whatever it takes at Luke Fickell.
Btw Matt Hayes, Kentucky went 11-1 in 1950. I’m sure you’re really busy and all but maybe you could get someone to check facts for you before writing something.
Why would Mark Stoops want anything to do with LSU? He’s got it made at UK. If he ever leaves it won’t be about money.
UK was playing for pride and rankings at that point. Georgia still had their first team in so the points are as legit as they would have been in the first quarter.
Tucker probably isn’t going to look quite as good in a few weeks. They still have to play Michigan, Purdue, Ohio State, and Penn State. The best team they’ve played so was probably Nebraska.
UT fans still don’t get it judging by those tweets. What happened was inexcusable no matter how badly you’re getting screwed over, and trust me, us Kentucky fans know getting screwed over. If the conference is serious about this issue it would mandate Tennessee play the rest of their home games this season with no fans. Let in family members but that’s it. But they’re not really serious.
Anyone upset that UK kept playing at the end should keep in mind that they’re now playing for a NY6 bowl invite and those go to teams in 5th to 12th place in the CFP rankings. 30-13 looks a lot better than 30-.
Stoops kept trying to score at the end because he was pissed off at the way the sec refs were f___ing his team. He probably knew they all had money on Georgia to cover.
Corso’s just as big a clown as Vitale. They’re both just there for comic relief.
And Georgia fan’s comments are very similar to what Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, and LSU fan said before playing Kentucky.
I think we might see a couple of shockers today. Arkansas -4.5 vs Auburn…Arkansas covers Florida -12.5 @ LSU…Florida covers aTm -11 @ Missouri…aTm covers Georgia -21.5 vs Kentucky…Kentucky by 1 S. Carolina -18.5 vs Vandy…SC wins but fails to cover Alabama -17 @ Miss. St….MSU wins Ole Miss -2.5 @ Tennessee…UT wins
Kentucky actually has about a 42 points per game offense. Most people can’t see it because Stoops isn’t flashy and early in the season they turned the ball over a lot. That’s been fixed by the way. UK should be able to score 21 to 24 points on UGa. The key to the game for the Cats will be whether they can hold the Dawgs to less. Hopefully Bennett will test UK thru the air lol.
It’s a good thing games aren’t decided by recruiting rankings lol. That would be pretty boring.
Wow 21-35 against the spread. That good huh? It’s easy to see why.
Georgia is 5-1 against the spread, Kentucky 5-0. Just sayin’.
Some of this article reads like it’s tongue in cheek. Emory Jones #5? Seriously? Will Levis #8 lol? He was just named national offensive player of the week. Why do I bother reading this drivel?
Neither team has really been playing offensive juggernauts, which probably has a lot to do with how good both defenses have looked so far, although both have looked really good. But look at the scoring averages of the opponents of each team vs the other power 5 teams on their schedules: Clemson 18 points per game S. Carolina 15 Vandy 11.5 Arkansas 37 Auburn 22 Kentucky at 28 points per game will be the second best offense Georgia has faced this year as strange as that may sound. And similarly, while Kentucky appears to have played against better offenses, Georgia just noses out Florida as the best offense Kentucky has yet to face: Missouri 29 S. Carolina 15 Florida 36 LSU 25 (Georgia 37) I’m not so sure that both offenses might not be able to score a little, at least a little more than a lot of analysts seem to be expecting. I think Georgia is probably about a touchdown better but that would bring the outcome to within a score off a turnover.
I thought the spread would be more like 17 or 18. Georgia’s defense has held SC to -11 on their season average (average in non-UGa games), Vandy -16, Arky -39 and Aub -30. But look at Kentucky’s defense…Mizzou -12, SC -14, UF -24 and LSU -10. Bet the under.
Kentucky’s offense is finally starting to click—Levis was just named Walter Camp national offensive player of the week—it’s balanced and Georgia won’t be able to zero in on it’s a run or it’s a pass. UK probably only has about a 15% chance of winning but big upsets happen every week. Georgia is the last of UK’s regular opponents that Stoops has never beaten but I sure wouldn’t bet against him. One thing is for sure, when it’s over Georgia is going to know they were in a real football game.
Yep. Hopefully Cal will get back on track this year, and should. He’s mixing some returnees in with some really nice incoming talent. His problem is that for awhile there everyone was leaving every year and you need at least a little experience.
Wow. Florida writers are now celebrating moral victories over Kentucky lol?