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Tennessee quit a little bit last week in the second half and UK will be without it’s starting nose tackle but all the suspense in this one should be over by about halftime. Btw D-Line-You, Kentucky has the 4th highest rated above in the SEC per PFF. Didn’t see your redshirt freshman anywhere.
Wow. I’ve seen some stupid stuff on SDS before but I think I lost some brain cells just reading this article.
There’s so much wrong here I don’t know where to begin but since I’m a UK fan let’s look at just the Kentucky-S. Carolina game for example. Since Muschamp has been at SC, UK has won this game 17-10 and 23-13. In 2016 UK outrushed SC 216 yards to 91 and it was even worse last year, 184 to 54. Kentucky won’t be nearly as one dimensional this year but with Muschamp averaging a whopping 11.5 points per game against them would it even matter anyway? Do some freakin homework lol.
Where does the author see any Kentucky fans? Laughable attempt at trying to create controversy where it doesn't exist.