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Hopefully the trend continues for the league as a whole -the SEC could be just as much a basketball juggernaut as the ACC with the right coaches (and we have a pretty good bunch of that right now) and talent. I do love Bruce Pearl, always have. Best part of that Carolina beat down? Auburn and Kentucky fans in unison chanting SEC right at the baby blue faithful!
It is LITERALLY THE NCAA TOURNAMENT, in this case the Sweet 16 which had 1/4 of the field as SEC teams..what did you expect?! And while I'm not new here, I know it is historically an SEC football site (even now if you look at the address for this article is says kentucky-football) I do believe SDS is moving toward an SEC sports site. I would also argue that I don't think they care about losing regular posters for a few weeks/months as the casual person they would bring in more than replaces that. I guarantee that they have analytics and know what they are doing. You say people come here for football, but really honest with yourself. What spring football story is so relevant that it outweighs 4 SEC schools in the Sweet 16 or 2 of them going head to head in the Elite 8? I'll go ahead and answer that for you -none.
Not particularly crazy to get Auburn for a 3rd time, it's extremely hard to beat a team three times..and they have plenty of motivation. Should be a good one Sunday though, I did enjoy y'all running Carolina right out of the gym! Best wishes to Okeke though..that looked brutal.
And as for you paris...quit hiding your Louisville fandom. The gig is up, everyone knows you're a troll.
I'm processing plenty. 1. You, a Georgia fan, are complaining about basketball articles that don't even involve your team (why are you commenting or even reading a Kentucky basketball article?). If you don't like it...guess what..DON'T CLICK AND READ IT. You'll get your precious football coverage back in about 3 weeks.
If you don't want to read about basketball during the prime college basketball season...then don't log onto an SEC sports site, where 4 (now 3) teams are still alive. Don't'll be over in a few weeks where you can talk about precious spring football practices and how Eddie Gran wasn't offered your OC job :)