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My prediction is 5-3 in the SEC again. Vandy: Win Mizzou: Win SC: Win State: Win GA: Loss Win one of the toss ups: FL, Ole Miss, TN Beat Michigan State in a bowl game.
See you in Lexington next season! Last time you were there you didn't score a touchdown...
fuzzyvol, the better team won that day. No excuses.
Should be a fun season... Cats have some good talent and depth everywhere except the secondary. They have some pieces there, but will need to improve over last season to match 2021. TN will be good and better than last season, and SC should take a step forward as well. I think Mizzou may be a year or two away from having their recruiting show positive returns. Florida will be good. Make no mistake and how they finished this year is no reflection of how hungry they will be to start 2022. Louisville is awful. State will be good. Ole Miss will find a QB to plug into their offense and they are well coached. Will be a good game. Georgia is Georgia- the ball will have to bounce perfectly for us to stay close in that game, but they are a great measuring stick to see how well Kentucky has progressed. I'm completely satisfied knowing we'll have a good chance to win 9 or 10 again next year. Continuity at the HC position as well as coordinators cannot be overlooked in continuing to compete and win games! Go Cats!
There's the PalmettoPig! You were mostly absent last season- understandably so... Glad to have SC on the schedule every year. It certainly helps our SEC record!
I’d personally love Rupp to seat 12-15k. 23,000+ is hard to fill up for a 9pm Tues night game. I love the environment in smaller venues like Auburn or Indiana. The crowd really creates an advantage. The game Saturday will be a fun one- go Cats!
Like many of the towns across the Southeast, Lexington was full of friendly and colorful characters. It was not uncommon to see Joe B holding court at the Windy Corner or some other diner around Fayette County. He is loved by many and will be missed by all. Godspeed to you coach.
Not sure I've seen an SEC as deep as this year... I mean will it be too much to have another Natty in basketball come from this conference because it won't surprise me at all.
But Mizzou was supposed to raise the level of play for SEC basketball? Or so I thought...
Come and visit the Bluegrass young man. For all Stoops has done recently, he can't seem to find talented players (or keep ones he's had) to fill out a depth chart in the secondary. Ask Hooker and the Vol receivers.
Who cares what Mel Tucker does or thinks. Honestly. I'd be bitter too if I had 9 months of winter, 6 hours of sunlight and Michigan women to look at.
Not sure how much research was actually done on Kentucky's 2022 roster, but the reasoning of "Kentucky's large attrition following a 10-3 season" is pretty much false. They actually return a significant amount of production. If a person thinks "Eh Kentucky wasn't that good in 2021, so they won't be good in 2022" then that's one thing. But we will largely look very similar with a year of growth under Cohen. I personally think Kentucky will be better next year. Will that make them better than Tennessee who was pretty good? I don't know. That's why they play the games...
Could not agree with you more on how hard an SEC schedule is. This year in particular had some complete meltdowns heading into bowl season that were 100% dictated by playing an SEC schedule. Had Florida played their bowl game at the beginning of the season with their HC in place, they would have won by 4 touchdowns. LSU doesn't get blown out by KS State. The teams that limped into those final games were pretty good at one point this year and the SEC schedule forced out coaches, injured players, etc... Just two examples, but pretty indicative of the point.
I heard this on a radio show years ago and it stuck with me. After a loss, Pac12 fans forget by the time they leave the stadium. Big10 fans are mad until they get home. SEC fans will go a week of sleepless nights until next Saturday. Truth
Scratching my head why the Vols are not on this "way too early" ranking... With Hooker coming back, they're going to score a lot of points. State should also be ranked. I don't watch a lot of other conferences, but BYU? Iowa? Cinci? I feel like those are not going to be repeat success stories next season...
@dtanne02 the better team won last night. And the better team won the SECCG. Two games, two game plans. Both teams are really good. Play 10 games and they likely split them.
Not to get ahead of myself, but with the class that's coming in, the production we saw from the underclassmen and the guys we have returning, the Cats are going to be a really solid team next year. The schedule sets up a little tougher, but I think our improvement year over year with the offense is going to far outweigh that. I don't see any backsliding from 2021. NY6? Go Cats!
Congrats Dawgs! That was the best NCG I’ve seen in a long time. Bama played hard and came up a little short but hats off to their fight. Georgia was so good this year. The best two teams played a great game tonight
Jones was very solid last year... Good sign for the defense in being able to bring along some of the talented youngsters.
I agree- he definitely doesn't look 265 in the photo... Still excited on what he can bring in a spot we really need depth...
That's a fair question- UGAsince80. No doubt KY basketball would be an offender. And I don't like it in my own backyard either.
"Let your mom change the wifi password" lol.... I got a great chuckle- thanks arkansas vol
Outside of GA and Bama, Michigan was probably the best team in CFB. Cinci didn’t even belong in the playoffs. The committee buckled under pressure. Bama and Georgia destroyed both of them. They’re playing in the NC. No point in whining or complaining- they are the best two teams in the country. Group of Five teams are never going to have the strength of schedule to really belong in the playoffs so just stop with that. It’s true.
The dumb @ss NCAA is nowhere to be seen in this... Had they had any foresight at all, they could have come up with their own rules and given players some sort of compensation. In my opinion, some of the hundreds of millions that conferences receive through TV money should have had a piece cut out to distribute equitably among the member schools to use for just this reason. College athletes could have paid a reasonable wage for college athletes of every sport. We'll see the inequity among men and women's sports amplified again with NIL money being paid at a much higher rate with football and basketball. Maybe this idea sucks, but college sports are just not going to be the same. And I don't see how it will make them better- not to sound like a bitter old man, but...
The elites are schools that have the fan base and boosters to make this happen...
^^^ This post has generated some funny comments... Exactly what I needed today. Thanks Leghumpr!
Looking forward to the Kentucky LSU game- LSU's defense is pretty good and Kentucky's offense has been rolling as of late. Should be a fun game in the bayou!