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What makes you mad about Stoops calling the timeout to get a touchdown? I’d agree If we were winning- in fact Stoops always takes a knee if the game is out of question in a win. In this case his team had just battled with an excellent Georgia team for four quarters and he’s looking to build on that going into our last 5 games. Why not reward a sustained drive against the best defense in the country? AND while he wouldn’t admit it, covered the spread for his fans who desperately wanted to see the Cats do better than a 3 touchdown underdog. If you flipped it around, I don’t think anyone would take offense to that coaching decision. Dawgs are for real. I don’t see anyone beating them. The eventual meeting with Bama in the SECCG will be fun to watch and I’ll be pulling for GA the rest of this season. Hoping these Cats stay focused. Big games coming up against Miss State and the Vols we need to win!
Tough game tomorrow. No shame in recognizing the Dawgs as a class program we want to aspire to beat. This season they are a championship caliber team that will be a tall order for Bama, Florida, Oklahoma or any team they face. Win or lose, I couldn’t be more proud to be a wildcat tomorrow.
Please just get the Kentucky infatuation out of your mind. It will do you no good. They have passed Mizzou in the East. Any momentum your program had with recruiting is now gone. They are terrible. Your coach is a funny guy that was only funny last season. Now his humor is on him and his shiny object trickery offense that doesn’t work. Ask Hal Mummy. The PI call with no time on the clock isn’t what lost Mizzou that game. It’s the fact they didn’t have a first down in the 2nd half. Own it. Get a better coach. And worry about Mizzou.
I can live with that reasoning. University of Looserville and their fans are the absolute worst and I want to stomp them to the point that they're happy the season is over.
I don't know what it is about Loserville- every single year they predict a Cats loss or a tough game. They are in complete meltdown mode right now. We've dominated the recent series and they have not gotten better- in fact they are going quickly in the other direction. They have a servicable quarterback and that is it. Their lines are vastly undersized. Their secondary looked like a high school team against Virginia. We should be able to do what we want at will. I'm praying they're 5-6 going into week 13 so we can roll them by 40 and end their season early. Cardinal Stadium will be all blue this year. Are there two losses in the GA, Miss State and TN games? Wouldn't shock me. But please don't include UofL in that list. It's insulting to the other programs.
I mean if LSU can't get amped up for this game, I don't know what would motivate them. Flat against Kentucky, I get it. But when marque names with equitable talent (disregard W's and L's) square off, players have to be excited. I expect a close game in Death Valley with Gators pulling away a little in the 4th Quarter.
I agree with the first quarter analysis- no doubt both sides will be amped up. Hopefully the Cats embrace the environment and the moment and settle in quickly. If they can make it to the second quarter even or even down just a touchdown, then I think it will be a good game. I think the environment will be amazing- would love to be there, but a CBS primetime spot is a great consolation to take in the game from the Bluegrass. Go Cats!
The reason Stoops hasn't left for a "better job" is because we have a real AD that does homework before hiring a coach. Unlike the sh!t show in Knoxville and the rotating door of sub par coaches and ones who leave after experiencing the unrealistic expectations of their fan base. Looks like yall may have found a decent guy to carry the clipboard this time around- try not to run him off....
Yep- Vegas has no bias. They are trying to make money. Are they always right? Nope- what they don't necessarily have is intuition outside of what the metrics tell them. But to your point, the numbers often times speak louder than a gut feeling... My gut says the spread is too big, but we'll play the game.
Sadly, Krystals has pretty much moved out of Kentucky... Used to be one in Georgetown and Somerset, maybe others, but have not seen one in a couple years. And White Castle is no comparison to a good Krystal slider. In happier news, Bo Jangles has come back to the state pretty strong. Swap the sliders for some chicken biscuits.
Agree with that analysis/assumptions. I don't think the Cats will be overwhelmed by the moment and there's something to that! Go Cats!
Exactly. Their brand is diluted. No idea why they aligned with the ACC in other sports. They should have joined the Big10 in the last realignment. Makes sense geographically and historically.
Reading this gave me zero hope. The article could have said lace ‘em up and play as hard as you can because you don’t know when this opportunity comes again. And follow it up with Georgia may be looking ahead to their rivalry game against the Gators. And title the article “Two Things Kentucky Can Hope For”
I don't know the statistics on this, but my gut says a lot of sacks are on 3rd downs in a passing situation. If we take four sacks, that's a tough hill to climb. No doubt those Dawgs get after the QB. Obviously the coaches have watched the film and can game plan for this- the question is if they can physically execute? I don't know. Stoops made a comment that Georgia is so athletic that they can effectively dominate a game based on their disciplined talent without a lot of exotic schemes. That's worrisome. Can't wait for Saturday- I think this will be a fun game with guys just knocking the snot out of each other.
Kentucky's strength is their defense. And while it may not be a Georgia defense, I think it will be the best that they've faced this year. It's managed to be effective against very talented offenses in LSU, Florida and Mizzou. And defense will travel to a hostile place easier than if we were heavily relying on our offense to win a shootout like say Ole Miss. And while Georgia has a great run defense, I'm not sure they've faced a team this season that is as dedicated to the run with as big of an offensive line (with lots of depth) as Kentucky. The key is being able to effectively use some of the creative screens and play action to keep Georgia honest- although they've been very good against the run without stacking the box. If the Cats can manage to keep the game close in the first quarter, then I think it stays close and Cats cover the spread comfortably. Really hoping for more than a competitive game and a Cats win, but that's a tall task. Just make BBN proud of the effort!
This will be a fun game to watch- I only with Eli and Payton were calling the game!
I’m hoping the team that played LSU! Any other version will get trounced. One thing to note is that I believe they’ve covered the spread in 5 of 6 games so far this year. Oddsmakers have obvious issues with Kentucky. Hopefully they are way off this weekend. It will be a long day to watch them beat us by three touchdowns. And I just can’t see our defense giving up that many. GA is a good team- just have to see how it plays out!
Realignment? I don’t think so. Kentucky is limited in recruiting. That could change with sustained success and t’s definitely gotten better. We’ve been able to get a decent amount of blue chippers the last few classes but nowhere near the top SEC programs. What we want is to compete and challenge Florida, Georgia and Tennessee every year and gets occasional wins. Win 8 or 9 games constantly with an outside chance of a conference championship game in a special year. What I’d hate to see is regressing against Mizzou, Carolina, Miss State etc. as long as Stoops stays I think we can consistently compete for 2nd or 3rd in the East. This season has exceeded expectations. I think the game Saturday will be closer than people think. Honestly, the Dawg fans have been gracious and very complimentary of our team. Classy fans and classy coach. The Dawgs have picked up quite a few proxy fans in Kentucky this season. Whether the Cats win or lose this weekend, I know most will be pulling for the Dawgs in every other game this year. Go Cats!
I think Vegas has had a hard time figuring Kentucky out this year. And for good reason with some inconsistent play. I think they’ve covered in 5 of 6 thus far, so the 22-23 point spread is likely too much. Hoping for a hard clean game this weekend against a great Georgia team!
Not sure what his ceiling is. Probably not fair to judge that against Georgia, but if he can be as "poised" as he was against LSU, that would certainly be welcome. As good as our O line and running game is, it will be impossible to be successful one dimensionally against Georgia. Levis will have to have a really good game to keep it competitive. Looking beyond this Saturday, he has plenty of big opportunities against Miss St, TN and Looserville to make this a great season with an opportunity to play in a big bowl game. I like the guy- he says all the right things and seems to understand the game. His rallies the offense and takes responsibility when he makes mistakes. Hard not to root for this kid...
The loss of McCall was manageable with Rogers and Hayes rotating in... We'll have to see how they shuffle to plug it together for Ox. In a different article Stoops threw a couple scenarios out there so we'll have to see. They defensive alignment played in more to the 4Q touchdowns than what LSU's offense was really responsible for. They allowed LSU the short yardage and burned the clock, so I'm not too worried about how we finished. But this is Georgia and I know they will exploit every opportunity. They were also pretty dinged up against Auburn, so we'll have to wait and see how the game plays out!
Let's hope for an injury free game against the most physical game so far on our schedule and get to the bye week. Sounds like a week off couldn't come any sooner. And there are a couple tough games on the schedule before we get some easier games to finish out the season.
That's a tough blow... Not only was this kid having a great season, I loved that he was a KY kid. Glad to hear he should be back and ready before next season.
They won't overlook the Cats. They won't overlook Florida, Bama or any team they play. They're talented from top to bottom, but their focus is what will win the Dawgs a Natty this year...
The game this weekend is obviously a tall task, but to your point the TN game is going to be really tough. Vols have improved every week with a new head coach. With the QB question solved, they're only going to get better. With all of the attrition, I can't believe how well they've played this year. Obviously Pruitt didn't have what was needed to get a much more "talented" group to respond. Any KY team would be crazy to look past TN and I'm sure they'll be as focused for that game as any on the schedule... I'm not sold on Miss State. I don't much care for Leech, but they have a very good defense and that's not a fun place to play...
I'm just excited to be in the conversation! What a season this has been. But more importantly, Stoops has built a strong foundation to build upon. The last piece he needed to compete is a functioning offense- which is still up in the air. But after their showing in the LSU game, I'm hopeful. Georgia is good- even from a historical perspective, this may be the best GA team since Hershel Walker. Hoping these teams avoid injury and play a clean game. Go CATS!
The spread on this has to be based on Kentucky's uneven play- sure it looks too large after the LSU game, but over the course of the season, Kentucky hasn't been exactly dominating. My gut feeling is that we're better than a 22 point loss, but we'll have to see how the Cats play on the road in a crazy environment. Georgia will pack the fans and it will be a crazy environment. We have a fairly "old" and experienced team, so we may be fine with this. I do think we match up better with Georgia than most teams they will face this year, but it will take a mistake-free game and the offense will have to improved on their already improved game against LSU to keep this one close. Anything can happen, but we'll need a few bounces of the ball to go our way to have a chance. Should be a fun game that I'm looking forward to- go CATS!
I've been as down on Kentucky's potential this season as anybody. Going into Saturday's game, everything (at least from my perception) had LSU showing up big time with their past top recruiting classes coming to fruition. Our secondary hasn't been challenged much to this point- even Florida was ground heavy in the week 5 game. So this would be the game that Kentucky was exposed. Well, I was wrong. Even with earlier wins against SEC teams, this was by far the most impressive. The offense was succinct and effective with the forward pass. The defense came up with a fumble, got a couple sacks, and managed to limit a very good quarterback. Georgia will be a big test. If Kentucky plays a flawless game and Georgia makes a couple mistakes, it could be a good game. In reality, Georgia doesn't make many mistakes, but Kentucky can still keep this respectable if they play a clean game in a big time environment. Win or lose, I'm most concerned with how they play and if they can execute to the best of their ability. That will serve them well going into a bye week and get prepared for Miss State and Tennessee- both of which will be very tough games. What a season- go CATS!
That game just felt good. And LSU is a good team. They never quit and kept coming. Levis is the story of this game tho…. His numbers were not huge but he played steady and solid. The defense was not a surprise- again. I don’t expect to win next week, but I DO expect the Cats to represent us well! Hoping Boutte comes back ok!