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It is sad that Paris lost control of his bodily functions in the rest home and must wear Depend's 24hrs a day so he's not allowed to leave the nursing home so he spends all his time on the net.
Sagarin ratings LOL...what matters is the scoreboard Cats 41, Team and Heisman winner who choked down the stretch 38. So if you are such a 'Toppers fan go get your season tickets from Houchens before they're all gone!
You obviously have the IQ of a testicle. Among numerous things please don't ever write a statement containing "we"when you are referring to UK sports like you are a fan. With a dumbass, ignorant post like yours we real fans don't want any association with a numbnut like you. Eliot's job had become pretty much non-existent after Stoops took over play calling that was the reason for his departure. Brumbaugh took a job yhat was a promotion and higher pay, something that any working person would do. I'd really like to know what you think gives you the right to post "we" like you are part of the BBN. I'm sure you're one of those people who wait for a team like UK football to succeed and then when they do you act like you've been a fan all along. You're a freakin leech and a low life piece of garbage so go root for the Cards they welcome scumbags with open arms.
"Swabbing" out one school for another? How about swapping? Ridiculous article to begin with, when it the last time Tennessee won the SEC east? Missouri won it their first 2 years in the league. Tennessee and it's fans have always considered the Vols a top tier SEC team but they are the only ones, everyone else sees them for what they are a middle of the pack team who got lucky one year and won a championship. In the national picture Tennessee has always been and will always be a non factor. At least the have one record, playing the same stupid song over and over during a game more than any other team