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Auburn should practice covering a prayer pass on 4th and goal. Especially when it's 31 yards out.
Speaking for Real Cat fans bs89, you're probably one of many whiners the last couple years. A Giant Embarrassment. Cal is going to prove he didn't lose his ability to coach. It's about Jimmy's and Joe's not X's and O's. See ya in Knoxville V1998.
Old Age, Do you think Stoops would take a pay cut to come to Texas? He said NOPE!! Believe or not. Louisville 23- duke 0. Cats 38- dirty birds 31. Enjoy your dukey.
I am glad Stoops said no and a&m gets Elko. Unlike some D U M B Ky fans I appreciate what Stoops has done for the Cats. Ky just beat Louisville (the best ACC team) 38-31, and Duke lost to the d i r t y birds 23-0. Go Stoops Troops!!!
So A&M fans likes this hire, but didn't like Stoops? That's hilarious. The ACC s u c k s! Stoops just beat the best ACC team on their own field. It was true. Stoops said NOPE. Chew on that for a while.
That's because BB has a small pp and he is mad at the world. Stoops has done more at Ky than any other coach in my lifetime. UK can buy out his contract for $4 million. That's half of his yearl
Well...there were players hurt after that game. Cal didn't stop the series, d u m b a s s hoosier fans did. Acting like a bunch of t h u g s. Cal has offered to play them anywhere but Bloomington. Indiana is irrelevant. Not a UK fan Alex?
If I remember correctly, the NCAA has already signed off. It was all about the UK admissions office. Go Cats!!!
Petrino is a terrible person, but he is a heck of a OC. Seen it at Louisville. I never doubted, with all that A&M talent, he would get them going. If Fischer will let him do his thing, A&M will score points.
The Cats beat Florida in the swamp,at night, last year. Both teams are better. Should be a dandy.
I'm guessing the Cats want to make Florida play from behind all day. Slowing down the run game and making the Mertzinator beat them.
You call Stoops a clown with that brat of a coach SC has. Hilarious. I do think Stoops has a extra large pair of Blue sunglasses for after the game. Stoops owns USC's little sister. Go Cats!!!
Well Fakenuts, Ky will welcome The Mertzinator and gaturds to the Bluegrass. Then the Cats will send you back to the swamp with another loss. Third in a Row! Go Cats!!!
We will see how much Florida has improved. The Cats beat the gators for the 3rd year on a row because you S U C K!
Cats beat Florida for the 3rd straight year.
Well this is all hilarious. We Shall see how it goes. I bet my left N U T the Cats are better than 7-5. 73 you're no D A M N Ky fan picking a loss to Loserville.
I thank you Cory for leaving out the fact that Bama travels to see the Cats after the LSU game. Guys like you are the best motivation for Big Blue. It could be a cold and dreary day on Nov.11 in Kentucky.
DNova,evidently you haven't seen any Leary film. The Cats will welcome you to the Bluegrass State with open arms. Then kick your @$$ back to rocky top.
GT8, you said it plain and simple and are correct. I don't have expectations, but I have High Hopes.
If the offensive line performs, the ceiling will be high. We'll know soon enough. Go Cats!!!
Kentucky will be better. How much is the question. Leary is a senior and Coen isn't a stranger to most of the guys. I'm not predicting anything. The Cats will be competitive. That's all a Ky fan can ask for.
Calipari has never been charged with any violation. Two players (not at Ky) were. Fourteen years at UK and not a sniff of anything. Tennessee won't be a problem on the hardwood this year. Looking forward to playing a little football this fall. TWO HUNDRED + Violations.