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The Cats have a lot of good players coming back for one more go at it. It's going to be a fun ride. Please everyone continue to mark us down as a easy win.
The Cats defense is far from gutted. Need some help in the secondary. With some key pieces coming back, I think we will be just fine.
ESPN FPI is a joke. It gave Louisville a 67% of beating the Cats.
That's why opinions are like you know what! Even dumb nuts has them.
Did you watch their bowl game? Nothing to be worried about.
It's obvious someone else should have written this article.
Having the most talent doesn't guarantee victory. Stoops can do more with less than any coach in the sec. If we can keep him, we will get there.
He is ranked #1 by everyone except rivals and i guess 247 composite.
Don't let your alligator mouth over load your humming bird _ss. See you on Lexington.
You let people take shots at Biden but not at Trump. You guys at SDS are as big traitors as he is.
The NFL is like any other employer. They set the rules and you follow. They change the rules and you follow. If not you hit the road. Ky. law says you can be fired for any reason. Boss walks in, decides he doesn't like your face, see ya later. Just like Saben said about his team. If you don't like it's too bad. It's not a democracy.
I have some ocean front property in Arizona I would like to sell this guy.
LH61 you obviously have not paid much attention to Kentucky's defense the last 3 or 4 years. This will be one year Georgia will not beat the Cats by 25.
Kentucky will be 2 or 3 slots higher when it's over. Big year coming get ready!
Barkley has always been a whiner. He's been a sore loser that can dish out criticism but can't take it. Just like the right.