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Sorry I'm wrong about sec titles. 2 at LSU and 8 at Bama.
Saban 7 titles and Spurrier 6. Spurrier has been retired for 3 of Saban's titles. By the way Spurrier is/was 3-1 head to head against Saban. bayou tiger, you are not crazy. I would say Spurrier is/was every bit as good as Saban, and probably better.
I knew they were vulnerable when Ky. won the series against them (the only SEC team to do so). The Cats couldn't even make the tournament.
Just gave Arkansas a compliment. Balanced budget,economy humming. Made more money in those 8 years than any other stretch, Dem. or Rep. in office.
Trying to be Tolerant, actually you can work and draw social security at the same time.
Mexico how do you Jones was dem. Your as dumb as the ex president. Kneel and lack his nuts some more
St. Louis ignore them. They have the Jim Jones syndrome.
I tried to back you smashmouth. The punks that run SDS won't let me. They won't publish my comment.
This should be the best team the Cats has had under Stoops (maybe ever). Kentucky thrives on Debbie Downers. The Cats could beat the dirty birds by 21 with their second team on the field.
Maybe he got mad because he didn't get paid.
The NIL is not about getting the players some money. It's about parents and greedy "handlers". I guess a free education and all the other perks wasn't enough. I wonder what a tore acl costs these days. I love sports as much as anyone, but this is crazy. Everyone says nothing can be done. I say if schools shut down sports it would put a stop to it. If players didn't have a place to play, they might rethink things. Of course there would be some schools that would resist. I don't think there would be much interest in watching a few schools play a round robin. As far Saban and Fisher, they are just alike. Saban has no right to whine. I thought I remembered Saban bragging about NIL, so I looked it up. In July last year he was bragging about a QB at Alabama making 7 figures and hadn't played a down. If you have to buy a championship, what's it really worth.
You sound like homer inbred. Bet you call your mom sis.
mrtruth, I appreciate you acknowledging the Cats. SDS never does because most of the writers are biased against ky. Stoops and Co. love the disrespect though. I wish you and the gators best of luck. Just not against the Cat. ;)
I think it's pathetic Saban would cry like a sissy girl over recruiting. He loses first place in recruiting and has to call the kettle black. Bama is like duke they will never be punished. Saban might be about done. Acting childish is a sign of old age.
For sure the Vol's want to keep things as they are. They hate those McDonald's bags.
Nipping at them dogs heals. Stoops and Marrow love opponents cocky fans.
It's obvious Connor is a Alabama homer. If your good enough it doesn't matter where you play. The NFL will find you. Connor didn't mention USC had the first WR taken in the draft this year. That 4-8 record didn't hurt London's stock as he was taken with the 7th pick. Even the Cats own 5'8" Wan'dale Robinson went before Metchie. If Addison wanted to prove himself he should come to Lexington and play in a true pro offense. He could catch passes from Levis and help the Cats win the east. That would help his stock more than playing second or third fiddle at Alabama. Going to a proven winner isn't hard. Going to a team and helping them become a winner is special. Just ask the guys who have played for Ky. over the last 5 years. Ok...go ahead and laugh. Cat fans are use to it. But I have to say, I have been laughing alot myself since Stoops and Marrow got here.
Tennessee doesn't want NIL regulated. They want to pay players 8 million to play. Pathetic.
I like the hype. Been a looong time since Ky. has had buzz about a QB. Exposure is good. Lets players know we have a offense worth looking at.
Sounds like you whine as bad as Satterfield does Farmer. The Cats have owned the dirty birds since Cal and Stoops got here. That will continue.
Farmer you just keep dreaming. Satterfield will be crying again about L's down after the Cats beat him 72-3 this year. When Pitino was at Ky.he said Louisville was like Kentucky's little redheaded step sister. That's what you will always be even with Payne.
He went to interview at Bama and never came back. He didn't address the o-line or say anything to anyone. He just snuck out in the middle of the night. A real sh*t head. Even had a player he was recruiting for the Cats set up to visit Bama before he left. I hope he ends up like Clinkscale at Michigan.He left Ky. last year, tried to steal players, and now he will be looking for a job. Harbaugh to Minnesota.
You obviously didn't watch the Kansas game. Cal coached a heck of a game. Every move Self made, Cal countered. Take off that UK logo. Your not a Cats fan.