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Congrats, it took you all four years, our top two QBs on roster being injured, and the NFL purging our defense for the Gamecocks to finally get a win against us. We'll be back and you all will return to the doormat of the SEC East.
Also, how do you not consider being a consensus top-10 preseason team as hype? lmao
All I heard all offseason was the fact that you all were the second best team in the SEC East and to write off the game in Lexington as a win. You all struggled against a rebuilding Miami team and let a RS Frosh QB throw all over the field on you. If not for him being indecisive and letting you all sack him for what felt like a hundred times in Week 0 I see that game going very differently. Franks is soft. I'm not worried about your offense coming into Lex.
Gators come into the season a bit overhyped. Still a really good squad, cant wait to see them come into Lex here in a couple weeks with both teams getting a tune-up game this weekend. #RollCats
Still waiting on the Cats to get a nudge. We got disrespected by not being in the initial rankings but what else is new? lol