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May have beat the big boys to the party. Several of Morrow's recruits have received offers from powerhouses and been upgraded by recruiting services after UK offer. Hopefully Gran is doing the same thing for use in FL.
Anyone know which player came in rated higher than Julio?
I had the game on mute during family shindig. Did they say why State didn't kick a field goal on their last possession? Awesome block.
Marshall will transfer from Georgia Tech and skip bowl game.
Technically this would be the BEST losing percentage in Texas history, just the worst winning percentage. As a UK football fan, I'm experienced in making lemons out of lemonade.
What if this year Bama was undefeated in the west and every other team had three losses with the same lack of a standout in the east? Say Bama plays Auburn in title game and loses. Now there's potentially no SEC team in the playoff.
It is my understanding that SEC helps allocate teams to lower tier bowls. If that is true, with Belk Bowl at 5:30pm Dec 29 before a Kentucky basketball game at 8pm, UK will not be in the Belk Bowl. What is next rung down? Texas or Liberty?
#9 Legend Brumbaugh on this list is son of a UK asst coach
Every Kentucky game has been a one possession game and these above average red zone percentages really highlight now narrow our margin of error has been. Lexington feels exactly like it did last October. The 8 to 9 win talk is popping up some. I guess those people don't remember the last six games last year. Can't wait for Auburn next Thursday!
That's a team with a chip on its shoulder!
The only parody I see is your attempt to use the English language. Parity.
The Round Mound of Touchdown! The Hefty Lefty! The Pillsbury Throwboy! His UK years were fun to watch.
Somebody mail some aloe to Tennessee to counteract these two burns!
Love his face right before he goes. That's some SEC caliber focus!
I love everything about Spurrier except for playing him.
UK has a statue for former basketball coach Joe B Hall. We have some good football fans but basketball is king in the Bluegrass.
Good Lord. I'd hate to have to block those 5 star cankles.
LSU weren't defending champs when they went to UGA.
I'm with Michael. And we're two years from the big O-line recruits contributing.
Florida sure feels like a must win for bowl eligibility.
How many times will Mizzou have to prove everyone wrong until they earn some respect from the media? At least for their sake they can still play with a chip on their shoulder once again.
I love seeing the Cats getting away from the noon kickoff, even if it means they're on ESPNU. And for Auburn fans, the Thursday night game @ UK is a great trip as horseracing will be in session at Keeneland. Make the trip!
Nice story. While I'm embarrassed to call it a rivalry considering how one-sided it's been, I can attest to our collective hate for the Vols, that intensified recently thanks to Bruce Pearl's basketball teams. Luckily I can badmouth all UT fans in this comment cause they can't read!
Picked Bama. They had it live on the news in Lexington. Sad fans are sad in KY.