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With the Bammers history of violence i dont think anyone is surprised.
Tennessee struggled with cupcakes last season. Fact is GT dominated Tennessee and if you're giving up 600+ yards to a team that cant even throw the ball then there are SEC offenses (Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, South Carolina, LSU) that are going to absolutely destroy you.
Are you insinuating that Ole Miss only crime was some minor offense?
Very hard game to predict. I could see it going two ways: either FSU wins a close hard fought game by 3-6 points or Alabama blows them out by 3 TDs. Problem for Alabama is their defense has struggled at times against the elite OOC teams, giving up 35 to Clemson last year, 40 to Clemson the year before, 42 to Ohio St the year before that and 45 to Oklahoma the year before that.
We're still waiting on Danny to back up his "bag man" claims....
Only 2 wins hurts. Of course thats how many more NC appearances we have the last 30 years than Georgia does. But its not hard to top ZERO.
White is a class act and we are lucky to have him on our team.
Lol. One scrimmage and Georgia fans flock to post about Auburn. Lol.
Even if Stidham somehow failed to meet expectations we have White as his backup. When White was 100% healthy last year and was allowed to be the sole starter he was the most efficient QB in the country.
Could very well be the surprise team in the West this season. I think they lose to Georgia, Alabama and Auburn and have toss up games with LSU and Arkansas. I think they win the rest though so anywhere from 7-5 to 9-3. Ill say 8-4 because I think their defense is still a major liability.
LSU will win a shoot out with Auburn? Lol.
The B12 had better defenses than the SEC last year in head-to-head matchups
The past is irrelevant. Otherwise I guess you're going ahead and chalking up a loss to Florida.
lol. If they dont beat Cal they will only win their 3 cupcake games this year, and im not sure they beat South Alabama.
So what is that, 2 or 3 arrests so far this year? 7 in 2016 4 in 2015 8 in 2014 4 in 2013 5 in 2012One day they might win a title other than "most criminals in the SEC"
And we dominate winning titles. Congrats on your "We beat Auburn" trophy. Its the most important one you'll ever see. Meanwhile we have more important games to win.
Lol. Like they're going to kick him off the team. Georgia keeps 90% of their criminals. It takes 2-3 arrests usually to get them off. Amazingly they go to other schools and are productive AND drop that criminal mentality. Seems to be a Georgia thing.
Funny how Georgia fans get upset at other teams rehabilitating players that their team screwed up in the first place.
At least he'll have an opportunity to play for championships there.
Congrats on not winning anything. Last 30 years Auburn has 1 NC, 2 NC appearances, 3 undefeated teams and 6 SEC titles. Georgia has two SEC titles in that same time.Auburn fans: We won the National Championship! Georgia fans: We beat Auburn!
Thats rich coming from a Georgia fan. You guys just had to build a new case to hold all of your pre-season National Championship trophies. At least Auburn has played for (and won) a NC this century.
Georgia leads the nation in college football arrests the last decade. They're not becoming more like anyone else. They're just being Georgia. This is business as usual for that trash program.
Can I detail how tough its been being an Auburn fan watching him play?
Im an SEC fan. But this blind homerism is ridiculous and makes the point of all the other fanbases when they talk about the silly ass conference honking SEC fans do. The facts dont show that the SEC has far superior defenses than the B12. They have more teams at the top as far as good defenses, but those top defenses didnt do so well against those B12 offenses the last few seasons.
I think Hurts would be better off playing for Auburn and their offense this year than Alabama's. Alabama's new OC is probably not going to utilize his talents correctly. And on the flip side I think Sean White would be a perfect fit for Alabama this season. If you put White on that team he wins a NC for them. He's the perfect QB for what Alabama has done in their past championship seasons.
The argument the poster made was that Stidhams numbers were because of B12 offense v/s B12 defense and that it would be different going against an SEC defense. Im pointing out the fact that the offense that had the most success against Auburns SEC defense this past season was a B12 offense. And in fact all of the B12 offenses this past season had success against SEC defenses they faced, averaging 31 ppg against SEC defenses. In fact, the B12 defenses did better against SEC offenses than SEC defenses did against B12 offenses.
No, they dont have much better defenses. They have better offenses which skews their defensive numbers. But head to head the B12 was just as good as the SEC on defense. Hell, the B12 had a winning record v/s the SEC this past season. The B12 gave up an average of 26 ppg to SEC teams in 2016. Those SEC defenses, which you claim are SOOOO much better gave up an average of 31 ppg to the B12 in those games. Those are what we call "facts".
Auburn scored garbage points at the end of the game. It was 35-13 before Auburn scored a pity TD in the last two minutes. How many SEC defenses held Auburn to 13 or fewer points? Two. Georgia held them to 7 and Alabama held them to 12.
Oklahoma has won 4 in a row against the SEC. Those SEC defenses, which are supposedly SOOOO much better, gave up 31,34,35 and 45 points in those 4 losses. Guess who gave up the 45? Alabama and their top ranked defense which was supposed to be so much better than that B12 defense. The B12 is 5-5 against the SEC the last two seasons. They've averaged 30 points a game against those spectacular SEC defenses the last two seasons. This crap about the SEC defenses being so much better is pure homerism. The defenses are about the same overall, but their offenses are better. In no way is the SEC much better on defense than the B12. Just look at what happened to those SEC defenses in the bowl games. Alabama gave up 35 to Clemson, Auburn gave up 35 to Oklahoma (and well over 500+ yards of offense), Arkansas gave up 35, Kentucky gave up 33, Texas A&M gave up 33, Vanderbilt gave up 41, South Carolina gave up 46. You idiots have drank the SEC koolaid for far too long. The facts and stats dont bear out the argument that the SEC is head and shoulders above ANY other conference in defense.