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Florida’s defense holds an edge over Auburn’s defense in most statistical categories, with the Gators beating the Tigers in total defense, scoring defense, sacks, tackles for loss, rushing defense and pass efficiency defense. That's because of the massive difference in competition theyve faced. Total offense; 104 Tennessee 88 Kentucky 64 Miami And TWO FCS teams Kentucky actually had MORE yards vs Florida than what they average per game.
That's some homer grades right there. State beat this team by 46 points last year. This was a C performance at best. A quality team would have beaten them. Their defense was horrible
Lol. Auburn wasn't the embarrassment this weekend
Nix is a true freshman playing his first game vs a ranked P5 team. Expecting him to have amazing numbers is stupid. He started slow, ended it like a champ. The P12 has good teams.
Miss st hasn't scored 17 points combined in their last two games but they're going to do it vs the top defense in the conference?
Not in FBS. He coached at Fordham. Not quite sec west level.
Theres hopeful and then there's obnoxious. And State fans were obnoxious this off season. Several saying Bama was their only challenger and 10 wins was a given. Oh, and Moorhead was an upgrade over Mullen. That one baffled me.
No way State is scoring 21 on Auburn.
Could never understand why State fans thought an inexperienced first year head coach was going to lead them to one of their best seasons ever starting out in the sec west. Especially with a QB that can't throw the ball. Yes they have a lot of talent. But in this division only Arkansas has less.
State fans got real full of themselves in the off-season despite everyone telling them A: your QB us not capable of winning the west B: your coach has never been a HC at this level and the SEC West is the worst division to start it. This isn't a bad team at all. The problem is you have so many teams that are as good or better on your schedule. He didn't face that at Penn st. They had maybe 1 or 2 teams they had to worry about there. Here, its everybody, every week.
False advertisement. That's not crow, its humble.
Heard there was some pie being served here today.
Anything can happen in this game. I've gone into it confident too many times only to watch LSU find a way to win. Going to be two badass defenses on the field though.
How about "a team that wasn't a cupcake"? Even though it was Indiana and they were terrible. State doesn't do well on the road outside of the state against teams with a pulse.
They'll be ranked in the top 10 next week now.
Kansas St is pretty decent at home and Miss St hasn't won a road OOC game against a P5 school since 1980.
Losses to Alabama and Auburn Toss ups with Kansas St, Florida, LSU, Texas AM and Ole Miss Overall record 8-4 or 9-3.
Not what they said. "Is it too late to reschedule that game to literally anywhere but Atlanta considering our track record there?" Auburn is 6-3 the last 15 years in Atlanta
Pretty sure Auburn has a winning record in Atlanta
The reason Drew Locke isn't getting more hype is because most of his numbers were built on cupcakes. Literally half of his passing yards came against an FCS, Idaho, UCONN and Arkansas.
He set a school record for catches last season. And ill take 8 yards a catch all day. Short downs are exactly what auburns offense wants
Cruise to a win over a team that completely dominated them? Lol.
Yea it was the officials. Nothing to do with us beating that ass
There is zero doubt auburn will get in if they win out. They would end the season with three wins over the top two teams. Clemson will likely be ACC champ so that's a great loss for auburn on the road by 8 points. And right now they would get in over the big 10 champ who will have two losses and the pac 12 champ who would have a weak schedule. Zero doubt auburn makes the playoffs if they win out. Zero.
Think he is mailing it in at this point? About to jump to Gainesville?