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I would bet my paycheck that this is the beginning of the end for the ncaa. They have sewn enough distrust that the power 5 conferences now have the ammunition they need to do what they’ve always wanted to do which is govern themselves.
Ole Miss’s problems were systemic and multiple. They also weren’t “fully cooperative”. No comparison to be had. The correct comparison here is UNC. They created fake classes and handed out fake grades and did not cooroperate with the ncaa... and they recieved no punishment. Mizzou had a tutor do work for some atheletes and fully cooperated and got smacked. It’s crazy.
I’m shocked. Southern conservatives going out of their way to trash an outspoken black woman. Shocked I tell you!
Another non-story used for click bait. Hack journalists... Exactly what question was Kamara asked? About his place in the offense? His experience with coaches? His relationship with teammates? His entire Knoxville experience? His dorm room accommodations? I guess we’ll never know the context and you’ll just keep trying to create false hysteria and pandering for clicks.
Dear SDS, stop creating unrealistic expectations for teams and then tearing them down when they don’t meet them. This team should be fighting to get above .500 Just do everyone a favor and don’t speculate about UT at all till this fall.
Trust this guy, Bama fans have turned claiming championships into an art.
There is nothing spectacular about the Auburn job besides the booster and administrative commitment to put out a grade A product. I think what most UT fans are arguing is that’s what separates our program... the top leadership hasn’t committed itself to excellence in quite some time... otherwise, UT is absolutely a blue blood.
If it was an article about how Florida is on the down slide because of two consecutive bad hires and whiffing on their first two candidates this time around... I’m sure you would think he was wrong.
Hate to say I told you so, sds readers, but I told you so... journalistic integrity is dead. This dude just sits down and thinks to himself “how can I take advantage of a fan base in a way that gets the most clicks”? Then, this is what you get. Nothing insightful, no unique perspective, no new information. Only fanboy style bashing to stir the pot. Its the exact same type of thing you’ll see when a fan goes on a rival message board and bashes everyone’s on the board. Of course he’s going to incite reactions. Only difference is this clown gets paid for his clicks.
You’re just hoping it stays this way. The right coach can win in Knoxville and you’re just scared that could screw up your little world. If Clemson can rock the boat, UT sure as heck can too.
Guess you have to give your sponsors face time somehow. Thanks for wasting my time. If SDS was a Halloween treat, it would be a Twix bar with a razor blade hidden inside. It lures you in with something intriguing, then bam!... you’re immediately disappointed and worse off than when you started.
He is very young, and a football player. He isn't a PR rep. He plays football and needs confidence to do so every week. Just because you've packed it in for the season doesn't mean he can, or should. He's a teenager headed into his third start at an SEC school... he needs to believe he's going to perform at a high level. Furthermore, UT needs him to. He needs to become a leader of this team and carry the team through the inevitable regime change. His performance may attract or deter potential coaching candidates as well. So just because you've given up doesn't mean JG can or should. I believe you're the one that is short-sighted.
He is a sinking ship, that is correct... but you need to qualify why you think the program is in shreds, and how his decisions are "historically poor". His decisions aren't great, and the program isn't at an all-time high, but he is not historically bad and the program is in ok shape, really.
TClark, sounds to me like you had a joke, you got jokes in return, and now you're a snowflake.
That's funny, Ole Miss is just following in Bama's footsteps. They laid the blueprint. Cheat = get caught Cheat more= get caught and punished The final step= learn how to cheat without getting caught all the time+ win football games (also, date cousins)
Hey, Adam Spencer. This is some earth-shattering sports coverage my friend. Maybe the next article you do could speculate about which Kardashian is gonna give birth next. Honestly, I would love to see what real sports writers from a few decades ago would have to say about this garbage you guys put out just to pander for clicks?
Unlike the Ole Miss Rebel Man-bear-pig sharks who require a grocery bag full of cash, a title to a Dodge Challenger, and a pinky promise not to tell.
UT was already without JRM and Sutton... so they lose DB. UT's defense will end up in the top 6 units in the SECE this year if they stay healthy. Lots and lots of talent there.
Nobody is saying it's a feat, just a fact. A fun fact to point out to the Mizzou guy trying to talk crap. Just like it's fun to point out that your all-world roster lost their last game of the year and needs lessons from Pitt on how to beat a decent ACC team. Love facts. Better hope a losing streak (to the ACC no less) doesn't become a fact for your boys. Carry on
Lol, Dobbs decimated Mizzou in every way possible this year.
No paranoia or conspiracy here, only clarity. If you like Butch and like his talent, write an intelligible, insightful, and informative article about it. If you think Butch is on the hot seat, write an article about it. What you shouldn't do, though, is present an article as being about UT's talent then use it to perpetrate your opinion of Butch's coaching ability. I get it, the popular topic this year at UT is the current coaching regime and its viability long term. That's where the clicks to your web site live in regards to that particular team. I guess its your prerogative to continuously include this into any possible article... carry on
I agree that the article is just a poor attempt to advance the narrative of Butch's hot seat. Not much to write about in the offseason I guess... Though, you're mistaken if you think UT is gonna be a young team. They have some players to replace, sure, but the roster is full of talented guys with some experience. I encourage you to check out the projected two-deep.
Shut out Appy St in the second half to allow our offense to sputter across the finish line. Out physical'd VT and shut them down in the second half to run away at Bristol. Shut down Ohio U in the second half to allow our once again anemic offense to catch up. Utterly embarrassed UF in the second half of that game, they couldn't move an inch till garbage time. Then the injuries started piling up.
Go sleep off that Evan Williams hangover and dream about cuddling with Jon Gruden. Your narrative is played out.
I prefer "Champions of handling the gators at home this year" since your tigers couldn't claim that one.
Nice thought. English is the standard language here for future reference.
That's cool. How old was Teez when he was torched by Jennings?
Good luck finding a QB and replacements for all those guys on D (that gave up 38 to UT this year no less). I'm sure you guys will be fine lol Go gata