Big Gator have been since i was a teenager win or lose i love my Gators.

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hey i live in Georgia and Georgia is just a terrible fan base that cant stand that Grantham knew when to get the hell out of the crap hole of Athens trailer trash city. Oh and Go Gators!
your out of your mind if Toledo had any kind of D they would have beat Kentucky i mean hell it isn't hard to score on the 101st ranked D in the nation come on you know that train is coming Saturday and we shall see who comes out with the win just saying.
The question is Kentucky ready they have more holes to replace on their team than we did and oh yeah Toledo should've beat them. Plus replacing Terry Wilson is even worse for them, so don't ask if Florida is ready we shall see Saturday.
If them Kitty Cats play anything like they did against Toledo the Gators will have a field day sacking Wilson.
all this talk about our O line i believe they will be the reason we win this game and carry us through out the year, when our D needs them most.
Always UGA trolls on our pages because deep down they know it's just around the corner and we will be taking the East back starting this year. And they're really deep down inside Florida Fans or they wouldn't be on this page.
always some kind of troll on our site being a parasite. go back to where you belong with them puppie dawgs Kirby.
Who gives a rats butt what Paul Finebaum thinks i mean literally this dude graduated from the University of Tenn if that tells you anything and roots for Alabama i mean come on that tells you how Dumbbbbbbbbbbbbb he is never liked this guy and could care less what he has to say.
its funny how you guys loved him at UGA but when he comes to Florida because he hates your coach, you guys degrade him but dont worry he will show your puppies what they missed.
no comments on this story about something positive coach is doing for these kids. Oh yeah if it isnt negative no one wants to talk about it anymore.
Franks needs to be Alpha Dog and quit putting it on other guys shoulders i mean you are the starting QB for the university of Florida come on dude you should be the most vocal leader just like when Tebow was the guys will lead by your example and follow you to the end because you are suppose to be their field general.
Tebow is the best hands down. Dak cant hold Tebows jock strap.
Georgia is not going undefeated even computers are wrong. 8-4 or 9-3 will be their record.
Meyer will be Dan Mullens offensive coordinator if he takes any job. lolololololol.
You guys are asking a bum a-- assistant that has never had a head coaching job and will always be a assistant in football for real.
Are you serious Kirby, Fromm will never be at the level of Tebow and dont ever put them 2 in the same sentence.