Big Gator have been since i was a teenager win or lose i love my Gators.

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Until you can say you have had a 10 win season in the last 20 years you need to step back and STFU because Tenn blows and no Tenn fan should be talking any Smack. Just Saying.
Not No but Helllllllllllllllllll Nooooooooooooooo He couldn't hold Marino's Jock Strap much less wear his jersey.
Hey Neil did you seem to forget in my opinion the best back the last decade from Bama. Derrick Henry this list is a joke and i'm not even a Bama fan.
UGA's Smart will be on the hot seat for sure after this year when they have 3 to 5 losses because Newman will not be another Fields and he will be running for his life this year after they lost all that O line.
Should've been LSU we owe them one for all the BS calls in that game last year.
Your right Emmit but it hurts knowing that your gifted talented son is not going to dawning the Blue & Orange
We've got to get better recruiters on our staff we have the right Coach just go and get a high profile recruiter Mullen before its to late.
just watch its going to continue to happen because we keep winning while UGA keeps choking they will continue to lose recruits.
are you kidding well he deserves to play for a better their loss.
LSU. Dumervil will not be a tiger i would be willing to put my money on it
Listen the one main key Florida has over Ga this year is both of of our CBs will be playing in this game unlike last year when neither was in the game and that will be the difference in this game either Wilson or Hendo will intercept one and take it to the house to seal the deal against Fromm.
Great Article right here its about the time you spend with family and friends no matter who wins. But oh want it be great if the Gators win this year.
Atlanta is more of a sh**hole than Jackonsville I've been to both cities and Atlanta is 10 times more of a Sh**hole. I mean hell you are a Puppie fan that tells it all.
Yeah but on the Stingley INT no one seems to mention if you look below in the screen a missed call by them home cooking refs. Cleveland is plainly getting held on this play right in front of the official and a no call what BS.
Yeah but SC will not beat 2 top 10 teams in back to back weeks, remember Muschamp did coach Fla and he only had that one great game a year that he would win. Its not going tho happen and you can bank on that.
Gators D will annihilate Joe Burrow and win this game. All that smack talk LSU has been doing all week will come back to haunt them in this game. Gators win 24 to 20.
You know what i get sick of everybody is fine with losing this game hell no we are Florida we look to win every game and thats the way it should be. If you want the Gator Standard back then everyone should expect to win every game no matter what. Have faith in the process we are on the cusp of being the Elite program that we have always been, Mullen will take us to the promise land again you will see Gator Nation.
I will leave this comment here Dan Mullen knows how to beat LSU with Orgeron at the helm just look at the record he has against him.
I have coached both soccer and football and as for football coach learning from a soccer coach you can learn how much conditioning and cardio is put into soccer and apply that to the football field with your athletes.And football players are no where near conditioned like the soccer players are, so i believe this is a great thing to learn from a athletes point to condition your self on the field better.
This kid is better than any of your back ups and yet you guys still play them what a loss of talent. Don't get me wrong your best RB is Swift but White is the 2nd best back Georgia has and he was on the bench stupid i say.
In my opinion i believe we should have 9 conference games a year would weed out who's for real and who's the slobs of our league. We play to many non conference games.
hey i live in Georgia and Georgia is just a terrible fan base that cant stand that Grantham knew when to get the hell out of the crap hole of Athens trailer trash city. Oh and Go Gators!
your out of your mind if Toledo had any kind of D they would have beat Kentucky i mean hell it isn't hard to score on the 101st ranked D in the nation come on you know that train is coming Saturday and we shall see who comes out with the win just saying.
The question is Kentucky ready they have more holes to replace on their team than we did and oh yeah Toledo should've beat them. Plus replacing Terry Wilson is even worse for them, so don't ask if Florida is ready we shall see Saturday.
If them Kitty Cats play anything like they did against Toledo the Gators will have a field day sacking Wilson.
all this talk about our O line i believe they will be the reason we win this game and carry us through out the year, when our D needs them most.
Always UGA trolls on our pages because deep down they know it's just around the corner and we will be taking the East back starting this year. And they're really deep down inside Florida Fans or they wouldn't be on this page.