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SEC already gave Fla 11 pets on 2fouls against LSU, had to stop somewhere
Glad to see you made the money, wish LSU could have seen your offense,"O" has no clue what he has lost,LSU hope's never have to face you in a game. Prayers and best wishes
I can't believe they could drive down the field and score on us, sounds like a Les Miles quote, how about If I thought they could score I would have made more touchdowns cause I really wanted to win this one??????
Now I know why the nickname "baby", now LSU needs to take the buyout 3.5 mil out of the baby's paycheck. He has never had it so good, just can't share??? Can anyone talk with the man?
Coach is Les Jr. Its my way or the highway, what O doesn't realize is that the highway goes both North and South, getting rid of the best part of the picture will mesh up the picture a long time. Right now O has the best job in the country until he ???
Coach O needs to attend management classes, we are stuck with him, he has great staff and a great bunch of football players, relax and let them do their job and let them know how grateful you are to have them, the only problems at LSU are caused by you, and get rid of the 15 plays that need to be run at the first of every game, waste of time and effort.
That #2 QB is one of the best I have seen, LSU would have lost the game if Shea had not showed up for the second half, that guy scored half of Ole Miss pts, in two drives, I guess he can go pro this year and SEC won't have to worry about him.Best 2 QB in the country reside in Oxford. How much were they paying,ain't going there Go SEC
I like Fitz, about as good a qb as last years heisman, Fitz will do almost as good against LSU as that kid did.
t is good to see Ole Miss still has the dream,it is a shame that the best 4 QB did not go to the best 4 teams, but it is what makes college football so good. This rank is team and QB. Question is who would be starting if they all went to BAMA.
Hard to believe LSU would be on prime time 5 times and Bama 3, wait one of those Bama times is LSU, guess that makes it 5 Prime times LSU 2 Bama. Interesting, very interesting, huh?
What does a gator sound like after it has been run over by an outboard, didn't see that one coming. My bad, I forgot gators are on the endangered list. Pray for another storm to cancel homecoming.
Great writers start out The reason is, Thats very debatable,It does matter, We don't know, I agree, Based on ability, I just believe, I don't know, You would think these 5 players hold the key ???? Come on guys get off your knees and start you replys like you know the answer. Man wrote nice article and you wrote nothing that resembles his body of work. One of you could have said have said he left out the KEY???
Butt they are always determined, even if they can't, got love the little fellas
The name of this index is SUCKASSINDEX for reporters, I will admit the SEC had a bad year last year and A messed up bad against Clemson but that all changes this year.
You all should be whipped for your ideas and belief, a christian would know the head ball coach had a few free minutes and was trying to save another soul and the only sin he committed was using a govement phone for his christian works. I for one will not be praying for your sins.
Spider95leggz if you need an opinion I will give you one, leave what you think at home, no need to spread "dumb".
Tyler Shelvin ran him to Florida, can't blame him for going some where to get playing time instead of pine time.
OSU wins popular vote and that is all, PSU wins big 10 and beat OSU and we now know who is the best in big 10, and PSU is the only team that can even play with Bama.