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Baker has worked at RT a little bit over the past couple weeks to provide depth. He will be a guard or backup guard and play tackle in a pinch.
When you have already made the decision to leave, you are no longer committed to what you are doing. Jalen may get booed on Saturday no matter how he plays. His father put his son in a lose lose situation.
That's one way to help your son's stock drop. The media consistently said the kid was underachieving last year. If his father thinks Jalen Hurts makes Bama Bama, he is sadly mistaken. Without Jalen, Bama would have been just as good or better last year. QBs rarely make that big of a difference at Bama. Everyone else is so good at what they do that the QB really isn't the most important position. This is a father that is doing his son a big disservice.
The last 6 power 5 games are no cakewalk. MSU will be interesting to watch this year. I don’t see double digit wins but that has more to do with learning a new offense than it does lack of talent.
The problem with the Athlete tag is nobody knows where you fit best. It puts coaches in a plug and hope position. Taylor is talented and will see the field. Some of that is due to lack of talent at Tennessee at the moment. I like this kid's attitude and it will be interesting to see his development.
Just some helpful advice. You don't need to insult everyone to make a point. Try using logic and critical thinking to make your argument. It makes a lot more sense than telling everyone else that they are blind without even stating facts to make your case. The guy has spent a few years with Saban and took UGA recruiting up a notch for the year he was at UGA. Why do you hate the guy so much?
Vol fans should be happy. Pruitt can recruit and coach. The team is lacking a lot of talent at the moment but that will change over the next couple years. However, they will show up for games this year and if you sleep on them, Pruitt will make you pay.
Georgia's offense should be fun. Our defense may take a little step back. Hopefully the offense makes up the difference.
Can’t stand Florida. As a UGA grad, that's just part of it. However, Tim Tebow is one of the best human interest stories ever. He is a testament of what hard work can do and that you should always believe in yourself. One of the best role models I have ever seen. He NEVER quits.
I think it is actually a publicity stunt. I didn’t even know LeBron had a show. Didn’t care when I found out either. He's more of a marketer than a basketball player. The guy has a lot of blessings in his life. It’s a shame he's just selfish.
Herm played for my father while we were at Philadelphia. The guy says what he thinks. Always has. I just hope he is OK.
'Ya'll are going to have an offense this year. The defense may still need a little work but that's Muschamp's strength. A lot to be happy about in Colombia.
The injury took Deebo out of a lot of discussions. He is special.
Hitting a football player in the helmet can get you fired? Wow. Times have changed.
It’s not a great video. How hyped can you get in 30 seconds. However, I’m curious to see what Pruitt can do from the Big seat. Great coach and a great recruiter. Can he put it all together? I think he will but it may take 2-3 years. Fixing a broken team is never easy.
You forgot to thank things like lazy rivers on campus. Some of the things colleges build are such a waste of money.
The defense will take a step back but the offense should be even better.
Not the best defensive showing but at least it’s football. Should be an interesting year in Colombia.
Most Dawgs fans are Coach Richt fans. One of the most likable coaches you could ever meet.
I'm curious to see what the post FBI basketball landscape looks like. Everyone seems to think there is a big shoe about to drop. That may change NCAA basketball for a long time. With talks of as many as 30 teams in the FBI's sights, I would imagine that some of the schools punishments are going to be the harshest we have ever seen.
In fairness, McElwain had a lot of success as an offensive mind before he got to Florida. The obstacles McElwain endured last year with the stolen credit cards ring and injuries caused a lot of problems as well. No, the offense did not look like it was moving in the right direction and the defense was starting to look normal after Muschamp had them looking elite. McElwain to Michigan doesn't seem like a big deal. McElwain will be offered another HC gig very soon and Harbaugh is in a make or break year.
He's still Johnny Manziel, he is still short and he still doesn’t know how to read a defense. Which GM is looking for a reason to get fired? That would be the only way he gets a roster spot.
We enjoy watching the train wreck that is Tennessee these days. I've never seen a coaching search go so bad in my life. It was like watching a little league team trying to figure out which father was going to be the coach when none of them wanted to do it. Pruitt is a great coach but he has his job cut out for him. Butch was doing well and then the Title 9 lawsuits and players getting run off started to get recruits looking elsewhere. Tennessee is starting at the very bottom. 0-8 in the SEC. Pruitt is a great coach and recruiter. He may be able to get Tennessee back to respectable in a couple years but I wouldn't put too much stock in next year. Tennessee has too many players that were coached down and just gave up last year. It's tough to fix those types of problems. If Pruitt has a lot of attrition this spring and summer, that will actually be a good thing. He needs to get the guys with bad attitudes and bad habits off the team.
Fields will need to be ready if anything happens to Fromm. It’s going to be tough to redshirt Fields if he picks up the offense.