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Everyone is both right and wrong on FSU getting screwed. There were no right answers for the committee. Life isn’t always fair.
The football gods are evil and cruel but have a great sense of humor.
My dogs and Carson Beck are doing their thing but Brady Cook and Drink? I’m impressed. Hat tip to Mizzou. I think Nwaneri made the wrong decision but not a bad decision. Drink is building a program the right way.
They might want to give the next coach a contract that doesn’t incentivize losing.
FSU was a dumpster fire when Jimbo left. Guess what he's leaving behind in College Station? Arrogance, ignorance and a dumpster fire but he won’t leave the money behind. Maybe it's time for A&M to switch strategies. Instead of paying everyone top dollar from the jump, make people earn it.
What does the next A&M coach ask for as a buyout?
Georgia also has a kid named Brock Bowers too. I hear he's pretty good. Evidently not good enough for this list but…
Rock bottom for A&M is when Texas joins the SEC and Jimbo is still cashing checks.
Kirby gets Bulletin Board material. Any chance for him to tell the team they are being disrespected will be used.
NC State has had some great football coaches. However, none of them ever stayed at NC State because NC State is a resume builder.
Gotta respect what Mizzou has done this year. Eli has them playing great football. A fun team to watch.
It will be interesting to see what sets UGA uses with Bowers out and how Bobo calls the game.
The talent is there but so are the missed assignments and dropped balls. UGA has shown that it is capable of showing up for the big games and dominating but they are capable of just getting by. Just getting by will catch up to them sooner or later if they aren't careful.
As a UGA fan, the next 5 weeks will be interesting. It was tough to see this UGA team winning the 3 peat even with Bowers. The next man up theory doesn't work too well when you are dealing with a generational talent but we'll see what Bobo and the offense come up with.
Not a USC fan but I hope Rattler goes off. It's fun watching the guy sling it.
USC better get Florida while they have Rattler.
You don't just replace Jalen Carter and Darnell Washington and not lose something. This team can't just rely on playing bully ball.
Sark is overrated as a HC. I think Texas will realize that this year.
He'll get an NFL shot and no matter what happens, he's already made more money than most people will ever make just out of college.
I don’t think it bothers him right now. However, there will be a day he does if they don’t sort this out. Stetson did what every football player tries to do and is the greatest walk on ever. Somehow, the HOF is going to find a way to tell his story.
Gonna be tough to match the big wins of this year but there are some good things to build on in Colombia.
The talent is there. It’s a lot easier to fix problems when you already have the talent.
Whatever you thought they did wrong. You will forever be a classless piece of sh**. That's the mark you leave on society. Judging by your lack of awareness, it's probably the highest you will ever achieve.