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Texas seems a lot like Nebraska to me. Nebraska thought the B1G was going to offer greener pastures but they still have nothing,
It's going to be tough to control some of these kids. Expect more problems. Derecruitment will be a lot uglier. Sometimes it's tough to get an 18 year old kid to focus. An 18 year old millionaire will be a nightmare. Expect a lot of kids to get kicked off teams a lot quicker.
It's time to get rid of the protocols and let people take back their own decision making about their health. Between vaccines and natural immunity, it is unlikely we are going to have large outbreaks of the virus again. Everyone knows their own risk levels of contracting the virus. Let people make decisions for themselves.
It happens a lot less than you think. Schools may live in the grey area but most coaches don't spend their time trying to figure out how to pay players. Boosters on the other hand... You never know what some of them might do.
The offense might be better but there is a good chance they lose more games. It's going to get worse before it gets better.
FYI, Kirby doesn't coach QBs. Your problem might be with Chaney and Coley which would be valid arguments. We're about to see what Monken can do with JTD, Beck Vandergriff and Stockton next year. No shortage of talent.
He's a smart kid with a degree from Wake Forest. He'll be fine but his football career might be over.
I think Auburn fans are going to miss Gus at some point this year. Harsin isn't going to be the answer.
Heupel is more hype than success. His defenses will get crushed in ways that Vols fans won't like. Expect some records to be broken on the defensive side of the ball and they won't be good records.
It's Tennessee. Grab a happy meal and give them a break.
He's not an over the shoulder WR. I don't see him running a lot of 7 or 9 routes. I expect a lot of drags and slants. Washington should benefit greatly from having AG on the field.
Bowden didn't really coach his last 15 years or so. He just hung around the guys that did.
I think he does it when one of his assistants finally beats him.
This can’t be good. No reason given? Going to be an interesting next few days.
Aaron Hernandez must have killed it in the classroom to get into Florida.
We got a cut rate. LSU and Clemson still have to pay on their original deals. #HushMoney.
How smart is the Florida player that threw the shoe? Aaron Hernandez? Tell me more about Florida standards.
How many UGA cast offs has Auburn taken? If UGA is Thug U, what does that make Auburn?
This kid doesn't love football. He'll take the scholarship but his heart is not in playing football.
The best thing about the BCS was that some fan bases would spend 7 months talking about how their team got screwed and would have won if they weren't kept out. Expansion won't change much. Does anyone actually think a 5th thru 8th ranked team could have beaten Bama, Clemson or LSU? Ohio State got shut out 2 years in a row.
I think UGA is still looking for the most important addition. Smith is a great pickup but UGA has good safeties to play the star position already. They still need an impact CB with experience.
Why? Athletes with money while in college? What could possibly go wrong? LOL.
If they had recruits there, yes it would. Instead, it was just smart politics by both the governor and UGA.
Don't they still have to develop quarterbacks at UCF?
Bro. Auburn has only won 3 of the past 16 games against Georgia. Sit down.