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If Godwin is the go to receiver for UGA, that's a problem. He's talented, great hands, great routes but his size is an issue and you don't want your slot receiver as your go to receiver. Wimms, Holloman or Webb will need to be the go to receiver for UGA to reach the goals it wants to reach. They all have the size to win 50/50 balls which is what you want from a go to receiver.
I think Nick Chubb would put himself on this list over Eason. Eason has a lot to prove and plenty of time to do it. Chubb came back for another year because he has something to prove.
UGA should definitely be on this list. They forgot to add that Elijah Holyfield and Riley Ridley were both caught with weed. Not to mention us losing recruits. At least we aren't Ole Miss and Hugh Freeze waiting on the hammer to drop.
Nick Chubb isn't brittle. He's had one injury in 3 years. It just happened to be a devastating knee injury. That's not brittle.
Great comment. The difference between UGA fans this year and Tennessee fans last year is that Tennessee fans were cocky before they even had a reason to be cocky. As a UGA fan, unfortunately we expect something to happen we aren't going to like. (Tip 6 and Dobbs hail mary last year) Until UGA beats Florida, I don't think any UGA fan is going to be optimistic about this season. We are all still in a wait and see mode. This is a crucial season for Kirby. We do have a lot of talent and we are out of excuses. Our recruits seem to be in a wait and see mode right now. If we have a good season, the recruiting will pick back up. A couple stumbles and we will have some problems.
Georgia fans are nervous and not feeling relief. Georgia is stacked with talent and if we come up with a 5 loss season again, the Kirby hire will be questioned. It's do or die this year with no bigger game than Florida. They have been in the head of every Georgia coach for 20 years. Another loss for Kirby to Florida will keep that problem going.
If the SEC has two teams in the CFP, Bama is the second team. The SEC east champion winning the championship over Bama would seem to be the most likely path to 2 teams in the CFP
The jury is still out on the UGA Oline. If they play like they did in the GDay game 5 times this year, that's 5 losses and not an improvement.
It's got to be tough to end a career like this but I think we are all fans of this young man today. You can't ask for much more than what this kid has done. Good luck.
Florida has been kicking our ass for 20 years now. Until we beat you guys, there's no reason to give us top billing. This could be the year but we've said that too many times. Coming home from Jacksonville, we will know exactly what we are dealing with it Athens. Regardless, some jean short wearing tool is still going to troll.
Do you actually think that UGA, with only 2 scholarship QB's is about to burn Eason? Fromm doesn't get a shot to start until after Florida if that. I just wish we had a 3rd QB so we could redshirt Fromm.
He's building his transfer resume for Auburn.
Hugh Freeze will be taking that title when the NCAA is done with Ole Miss.
This kid is either going to be very good or very bad. Either way, he seems like he may have a few issues.
At UGA, we handle things like this correctly every time. I can't think of a time where I was ashamed of the way that UGA handled a discipline issue. Unfortunately, we get to be an example of how to deal with these situations way too often. The sad side of this is that this kid will probably get a chance at another SEC school in a year or two. Auburn is the leader in taking players that didn't live up to the standards of a Georgia athlete and I still don't know how Alabama thought it was a good idea to bring in Jonathan Taylor. Unfortunately, time typically does sweep these types of situations under the rug. The SEC
According to reports... A bedsheet was the last thing to support Hernandez.
I hate seeing anything that says UGA has a puncher's chance of beating Bama no matter what the context. As a UGA fan, let us see where we are when we leave Jacksonville. That will be when we know how well or how bad the Kirby Smart era is going. Year one had the built in default excuses but that's over. Expectations are high and should be with Chubb and Michel coming back as well as Eason in year 2. 8-5 this year will be a catastrophe. 10-3 won't even cut it this year with all the hype. Kicking Mark Richt to the curb needs to come with a serious upgrade in production which is pretty tough to do.
Good point on the bowl ban. They should only be counted for when a team is bowl eligible. If Ole Miss isn't bowl eligible this year, the ban should carry over to next year or whenever they finally are eligible.
From what I understand, Ole Miss is waiting for the final verdict from the NCAA so they can fire him with cause. That way they can tell him to go pound sand instead of paying out his contract.
With all these Heisman candidates, why does Auburn toss the SEC salad almost every year. Don't even get me started on all the 5 star busts that Auburn cranks out on the Dline.
You don't always have to get creative when you have certain personnel. In the 2012 SEC Championship, Alabama didn't get creative when UGA was up big in the second quarter. They just lined up, punched us in the mouth and ran for 10 yards. They did that play after play and won the game. UGA may have the personnel in the backfield to do that but it's a taxing way to play. LSU learned that over the past 2 years with Fournette as their offense. Hopefully Chaney does get creative and opens up the offense. We should be able to win games by running it down people's throat but you can't do it 12-14 weeks in a row.
Typical offseason article meant to stir the pot and get people talking about football. From that perspective, this is a good article. The rankings however are a little questionable.
Butch was much better as Sargent Carter on Gomer Pyle.
I don't see Fromm transferring. Being the only other scholarship QB on the roster, he is almost guaranteed not to redshirt. Eason will play 2 more years most likely and it would make more sense for Fromm to stick through it and have 2 years to start. He should have complete command of the offense by then as his football IQ is off the charts. Fromm's problem is height which might keep him from playing in the NFL. He could be an Aaron Murray type that makes a roster but Inthink Fromm will eventually make his mark on football as a coach. This kid is a head coach in training.
Don't worry about Dobbs. The kid is smarter than virtually anyone reading SDS and will be a success in whatever he does. I doubt he will ever be an elite QB in the NFL or a starter for that matter but this kid can give it a shot just like everyone else.
Columbia had to be bonkers last night. Congrats to the Cocks.
Congrats to Miss St on the research. I'd love to see a Stingray video on this. Fat Hitler cracks me up.