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Clemson was better that day but still has a little ways to go to climb Saban's mountain.
Fisher is good when he doesn't have a wife doing her own recruiting.
Not an LSU fan but how can anyone not like Orgeron leading LSU? Perfect guy for the job and he's a guy you want to see have success because he's old school.
He looked rough in the OSU spring game and had a tough time getting the ball out when UGA did let him throw. Big upside but has to get comfortable in a power 5 pocket.
Prayers for him and his family. One of the most memorable characters to play in the SEC. Battleship Lorensen is one of the best nicknames ever.
Time has been running out on Bama for about 8 years now. If the recruiting stays elite, UGA will finally get that breakthrough. This is the best chance with Fromm as a 3rd year starter.
Holloman screwed up big time but he isn't Aaron Hernandez.
Bad news. Holloman just made life much tougher for himself. Hopefully he learns from it.
Finish the year with more than 5 healthy Offensive linemen.
Can't see Belichick allowing cameras in for all access.
Auburn is unfairly hyped every year for one reason or another. Heisman hopeful QBs and loaded defense is what we hear every year. The real reason they get hyped by the media is their their talent level in the SEC West is the only real chance for anyone to take down Bama. Expect this year to be no different. Playing UGA and Bama every year does not bode well for Auburn or Gus's future.
Grantham will be the difference. He gets blown out in big games every year. It happens everywhere he goes. UGA, Louisville, Miss St and Florida. IMO Florida will win 7-8 games max this year.
Students will still bring in a baggy filled with Jack Daniels. It's part of the festivities.
Every team deals with bad news. Florida just had a Tennessee coaching search type of month. Just hope Mullen doesnt break out a trash can.
You don’t think any of Bama's championships had anything to do with their 7 #1 recruiting classes? OK.
If I was in the father's shoes, I wouldn't have had a film crew there. I'm guessing he will still pull for Tennessee when they aren't playing UGA.
Georgia is closer to winning a championship than finding another head coach. Florida May be closer to looking for a new coach.
Mullen should put a twitter ban in place for a bit. They need to focus on what is going on in Gainesville.
The Freshman running with the first team couldn't cut it? OK.
Sounds like a kid that woke up to education. Hope he sees it through. Some things are bigger than football.
The best player Mullen has recruited to Florida bolts and that isn't a problem? Trust me. UGA hated it when Richt ran off players for discipline issues that could have been handled internally. It cost us 15 years of "wait til next year". When good players walk because the coaches aren't protecting their players, that's a much bigger problem. I don't see Dan being there for the long haul. The egg timer started last week.
Dan Mullen is like Jim Harbaugh. The twitter and recruiting gimmicks only last so long. At some point, you have to beat your nemesis. So far, Daan has only been shellacked by Kirby.
High character kid. I guess that’s why Florida didn’t have a chance.
Dan and his wife just flew to California in an attempt to get Steele back. Evidently Dan didn’t have the same opinion of Steele as his players. This shows the bigger problem with the Florida culture. Either Dan know his locker room or his locker room doesn't respect Dan. How do you not respect Steele's decision? The guy didn’t sign up for a gang, he signed up to play football and go to college.
Both great coaches. Saban is untouchable when it comes to what he has built and the championships he has won. Dabo is in some ways a little more impressive in that he has done it with a much less talented team. Clemson has been good at recruiting but they are just now reaching their recruiting potential.