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Bama’s run game isn’t that good this year. They are beatable.
Don't get it twisted. Trask saved a not very good Florida from their first loss of the season but Florida is still not very good. It does make you wonder why Trask hasn't started over Franks.
Ouch! Got to be a tough one for Kentucky fans. Ugly game but a fun one to watch. UGA clinched the East tonight.
You never know what someone is going to wear when they come out of the closet.
If you thought Butch made the Vols look horrible and the coaching search made them look worse, this idea is the only way to completely burn down the program. Fulmer would possibly be the last power 5 coach in Tennessee's history.
I think Fulmer wants to coach but nobody in their right mind will let him.
He has a ways to go before the game slows down for him. Should be a good QB in the next couple years but i don’t think he is ready for LSU, A&M, Bama or Georgia yet.
I didn't say he Schiano is a great coach. I said that he is respected by the coaching community. UT and their fans lack of class in dealing with him is a bigger problem than UT fans understand. UT will only attract coaches that are desperate for the big stage. They won't get coaches that will be able to change the entire football operation which needs to be overhauled.
That coach that could have led UT back to prominence may have been Greg Schiano, a very well respected coach in the coaching community. The way UT fans and the administration handled that is still going to be a very real problem for UT in any coaching search. I don't think you understand how small the coaching fraternity is. Do you think Gruden or Meyer would put up with the UT boosters? Not a chance. Who would ya'll get? Leach? After the way he was disregarded? UT is not an attractive job right now to most of the well respected coaches.
Not a great position to be in for Kentucky but Felipe Franks should be good for 2-3 picks this week.
This may be the only option left. I don't think Tennessee is going to get Gruden, Meyer or anyone else after the way the last coaching search went. Tennessee just isn't a top 10 coaching job right now. They have the history but their boosters are way too involved. This is a nightmare situation for any established head coaches.
Not the best look for ESPN but it was an honest mistake and they handled it.
It's tough to not like coach Mason but this is going to be a down year. This is still a better year than Tennessee so far.
Look on the bright side. Ryan Hilinski had a great debut.
Bro, Mullen allowed a kid to stay on the team after choking a tutor. Be careful in that glass house.
It is impossible to not like Orgeron if you are a "football" guy. He's a throwback to the old school coaches. I'm not an LSU fan but I've been pulling for Orgeron since USC screwed him over.
Wow. Ignorant top to bottom. One of the worst articles I’ve ever seen. Obviously, the writer is rooting for Kirby to fail which is sad. Kirby won't be defined by what happens with Fromm, Eason and Fields. He will be defined by what he does with the 85 scholarship players he coaches each year at UGA. So far, all he has done is put together one of the few teams that actually has a chance to play on Bama's level. Most people would be impressed with what he's done so far but not this hack writer. You should be asking people if they want fries with that instead of looking for reasons to bring someone down. This miserable article says more about the writer as a failure than anything else.
Just curious. Who on the schedule do you see UT beating? 4 wins? When you are getting rolled by 2-10 Ga State, you have to be worried about what BYU, Chattanooga and UAB might do to Tennessee.
Guarantano puts it on the coaches by saying they were not prepared for what they saw. There is going to be a lot of finger pointing but Tennessee is what it is right now. A dumpster fire.
Tennessee has been skipping along the bottom for a while now. They've had so many bottoms in the past decade, fruit of the loom should be a Tennessee sponsor.
expensive win. Gus will probably get an extension and a raise this week.
Not a Vol fan at all. I am a fan of their coaching searches though.
Young and talented kid. Everyone thinks they just signed Trevor Lawrence but reality has to set in at some point. It is very rare that a Freshman is ready to lead their team. Tua and Fromm may have changed that perception a bit but you still never know how a freshman will react to the speed of the game. Sometimes you can do more harm than good by putting a QB in a position to fail.