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I wouldn’t go there quite yet. For as bad as Bama looks right now, they are in the CFP. Even Nick's “bad” teams are pretty damn good.
You do realize that we are 8 days from the first signing period don’t you? Are you expecting 4 and 5 star recruits to flock to Tennessee after the signing period? I’m curious. Why?
Vols fans reliving the glory days. The reality of Dooley and Jones still hasn't sunk in. If you don't put your expectations in check, Pruitt will be fired before he has a chance to make a difference. I see some fans saying next year, UT wins 8 games minimum. Some think an SEC championship is realistic. Crazy talk.
This is going to be a big project. Keeping Haslam and Fulmer in their lane will be on of the toughest things that Pruitt will deal with. The man can recruit and coach. Can he deal with the egos within the boosters and administration? That's what will decide his success or failure.
Pruitt is an incredible recruiter. The question is going to be how well he delegates and does Fulmer meddle too much? The big chair may or may not be too much for Pruitt but expect Tennessee to recruit very well with him at the reigns.
The problems go deeper than Currie. Haslam and other boosters seem to have too much control with a weak administration.
You have a decimated team, no recruits, last year's 3 Star class and a coache getting started much later than everyone else. Yeah. Why stop at 8 wins? Why not lay claim to the new Tennessee...... Masters of the Universe trophy.
Rule 1. No beating up the linebackers. (AKA the Warrior rule)
True but the recruiting has been better under Kirby so he is at least getting better talent than Richt.
Nobody is laughing at UT over Pruitt. Just you and a few Vols fans. We are laughing at the Freeze hire though.
Both are very good coaches and tough to compare the two. I'd be curious to see thoughts on the coordinators on the opposite side of the ball to the HCs. Grantham and Freeze. That's the interesting hires within the two programs. Freeze has won big games. Grantham's defenses get blistered in big games. Advantage Tennessee. Freeze just comes with a reputation outside of football.
I do realize liking college girls isn't a crime. In fact, I like the Pruitt side of this hire. Freeze is a very good offensive coach. He just loves to get hookers.
How exactly does hiring Pruitt and most likely Hugh Freeze validate the UT fan's claims about Schiano? Remember. The FBI and Police departments that investigated the Sandusky situation put people in prison over the disgusting ordeal. Schiano was cleared of any wrongdoing. Hugh Freeze is guilty of calling hookers. UT paid out millions in title 9. I'm curious as to how Pruitt who is rumored to like college girls and a guy that likes hookers help.
Ya'll would go nuts if Steve AKA HBC, HBC Lucifer took a job at UT. LOL
The guy can coach no doubt. I just don't see him kissing Haslam's butt and other boosters. It's not his style. That is where he may wear out his welcome. He elevated the UGA recruiting. The Hugh Freeze hire says that morals has no place in the Tennessee program. Not really a shocker if you think about it. It's desperation time in Knoxville. They would hire Lucifer himself if it meant a winning record.
Say what you want about me. I told you Tennessee is garbage and they prove it here. No morals. I guess Petrino said no like everyone else but Hugh Freeze? great coach but he loves only 2 things. Hookers and himself.
Make room for Chaney and Tucker. They earned a spot.
You know what you’re getting with him. If his wife is ok with him, I’ve got no reason to be mad. NCAA stuff didn’t hit him as bad as I expected. He can coach offense. It’s an odd couple but it could work. My question is how Pruitt is with boosters. The guy is pretty direct and rubbed some people the wrong way at UGA. I don’t see him kissing butts. The NCAA will be watching that’s for sure.
These memes are going to be better than the Butch Jones memes. Please make it happen for that alone.
This is where the story starts to gets funny. You know the jokes are coming.
I know people have strong feelings about Saban one way or the other but DAMN. You have to respect the effect he has had on this league.
I hope your right but I think your wrong. 8 years with Saban. Saban likes him.
I think this actually is a good fit. Loved him at UGA. The man can coach D and he is intense. He can recruit like crazy too. Don’t know if he is ready for the big chair but it is going to be interesting. Congrats if it happens.
One fan says if true, he's setting himself on fire at Neyland. Someone may need to call 911.
People on the Vol247 board are saying Fulmer is trying to talk Pruitt into hiring Tee as OC. They are saying Pruitt told him no. If true, it’s getting worse.
It's crazy to see Vol fans calling Manning a sell out and worse after being linked to Schiano. Nobody is safe. Phil better get it right or he is next.