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Suckers? Auburn wanted to fire Malzahn for about 5 years but kept giving him raises and extensions instead. That's a sucker.
They're bold predictions. Don't take them personally.
It's Lane's fault Tennessee is what it is? Have you seen their coaching searches? Have you seen the incompetence from the ADs and Boosters? No head coach was going to fix that. Heupel is having a good start but it's fools gold. Tennessee is Tennessee.
Nope. We are very capable of dropping one like Bama did. This season is far from over and Championships aren't won in October. Unfortunately for everyone, Saban knows this too.
Coaches don't really have much say in upsets. Sometimes coaches just get outcoached.
Anyone that thinks Bama is done and should just fold it up and start working towards next year just needs to watch more Bama from the last 10 years. They will still play for the SECC and still have a chance to win it all. Never count them out.
I think Beck will be gone too. I think Monken likes mobile QBs to run this offense and BVG will be the starter next year even if Beck and JTD come back.
It's great to have a guy like Bennett that can run. He opens up options for UGA but JTD is the better QB. UGA will have to lean on the passing game at some point and that is when you will NEED JTD in there.
As a UGA fan, Bama is still one of the 2 best teams in the country and until UGA beats them, I still consider them #1.
I like Coach O. He's like a crazy uncle that hit the lottery.
Stoops staying in Kentucky for the past 9 years has been a big boom for Kentucky. This week is going to be a heavy lift.
I don't think Arky should be embarrassed. Pittman has a group of young men that can keep their heads held high. Like you said, they just beat Texas and A&M.
This D is different. It's an absolute freak show in the front 7. Auburn is struggling on the Oline. It's going to get ugly quick tomorrow.
We had to deal with it at the Falcons in the late 80's but it wasn't the head coach. It's tough on the staff because their wives are going to ask questions and the coaches might also have an awkward conversation with their kids too. The only real question is how long until Urban is gone?
Get ready for the combine. Nothing left to prove on a ship going down.
UGA is the better defense and Bama has the better offense. As a UGA fan, if the game happens tomorrow, Bama wins. With a healthy JTD, Washington and if Pickens is in, which could be the situation in Atlanta, I'd take UGA. If things go like they should, the SECCG will be epic but the National Championship game will be the biggest game ever.
If Auburn drops 8 in coverage every down, yes, UGA will smoke Auburn while throwing the ball 11 times.
Bama - UGA and then everyone else right now. In that order until UGA beats Bama.
UGA's D is a freak show. Going to be interesting seeing Florida and hopefully Bama take a crack at it. Go Dawgs!
The Auburn fab base should be as loyal to Harsin as Harsin was to Coach Williams. Unless there was an off field issue, this decision makes no sense. Give your coaches time to develop players.
As a UGA fan, Bama is #1 until someone takes #1 away from them. For more than a decade we have heard about Bama rebuilding or falling off. Doesn't happen. Saban reloads faster than everyone else because he recruits better than everyone else. Kirby and UGA are just trying to win like everyone else. IS this UGA's year? Who knows? Bama still has an undefeated team and theres a handful of other teams that are playing good football too.
Pittman is a hell of a coach. I thought he would have success at Arky but this is beyond what anyone expected in year 2. Looking forward to the best noon game of the year. Go Dawgs!
There shouldn't be a QB controversy at Auburn. Bo Nix should be running the scout team.
There shouldn't be a conundrum at Auburn with their QB's. Bo Nix should be running the scout team.
Doty made some nice throws against UGA and he had almost no time to throw. I thought he did a good job with what was in front of him.
I think Tennessee is ranked too high.
The OL has a lot of work to do. Missed assignments and communication issues that you shouldn't see from players this highly rated.
Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth. There are a lot of things Georgia has to clean up before thinking about winning a NC. The OL has not played up to their recruiting level and this team will struggle against Arkansas, Auburn and Florida if they don't clean it up.