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For the past 5 years, we kept hearing about how Auburn has heisman QBs. Every year we find out they don’t. This isn’t as sudden as people think. Its been a similar path that Tennessee has been on with Butch. Just with better players.
We got whipped. Plain and simple. Congrats to LSU and Coach O.
Tennessee beat up an imploding Auburn. Not sure if it is a signature win but it sure is a big win for UT. Congrats to CJP.
People said the same thing before we played Miss St last year. This will be a beat down.
Jake Fromm sits the entire 4th quarter again. Dawgs win 42-17. Most people believe Georgia hasn't played up to their potential. Yet they have blown everyone out and have only trailed for 15 seconds all year. On a bad day Georgia can beat LSU right now. On a good day, Georgia puts this away by halftime. I don't think it's over at halftime but it will be by the start of the 4th. 42-17.
Thanks for the clarification. Auburn fans thought they were going to Greece in a few weeks.
I'm not saying UT will win. I'm just saying Auburn isn't really into football right now and it wouldn't surprise me to see UT have a shot.
Auburn is self destructing. Evidently most of the players don't respect Stidham who didn't seem bothered by either loss. There are also reports of a fractured locker room of different groups and none of them have the same goals. People close to the program are expecting a mass exodus after the season by players looking for a better atmosphere. Also reported is that Gus doesn't have a clue what is going on in his own locker room. Tennessee does actually have a chance this week because they are playing a team that has given up.
I’m just telling you that 89/165 is great in pee wee but not great in the SEC. 6 TDs and 2 ints. It’s better than normal for LSU but Nothing to brag about. LSU should get crushed this weekend. I’m goint to say 42-17.
He is 89/165 on the year. If he’s been 50% for the past 3 weeks, its not by much and his overall numbers are garbage. Guess Florida must be a juggernaut.
Burrow will also need to complete more than 50% of his passes.
In fairness, Kirby and Saban usually say virtually the same exact things in press conferences. The press conferences are usually good for sound bites and nothing else these days.
If Georgia can sleepwalk to the SEC east title, how does Benny Snell make a title run? UGA hasn’t played like a champion yet so it may be a little early to count out Kentucky. Should be a great game this year. Go Dawgs!
I thought my dawgs played great for an awesome 7 on 7 team that had never played behind an offensive line before.
Auburn has a very good defense and a garbage offense. Everyone knew that coming into the season. Some people just didn't want to admit it. Stidham is good but not great and he isn’t, getting help from anyone including Gus. Question for Auburn fans. Which week this year does Gus get his annual extension/ vote of confidence?
Wow. Advocating for an 8 team playoff decided after 5 weeks. Revisit your thoughts after the season and see if those 8 teams still deserve a shot. My guess is they won't. Your claim of overreaction is correct.
There isn't a conference in college football that UT could win. Butch Jones did a complete con job on Rocky Top.
Bryant knows the scouts have Lawrence as a possible #1 pick in a few years. If the guy behind you is better, you have to do what is right for the team. I think he is going to regret walking out and not fighting. If something happens to Lawrence, Bryant should have been there for Clemson.
Don't be surprised if Fromm has the most passing yards this week. He threw for over 300 last year against mizzou and Mizzou isn't exactly stopping anyone from throwing on them.
He's a tough kid that takes a weekly beating for Tennessee. That doesn't mean he's a good QB but he sure is committed to the team. That Oline doesn't let anyone know what JG can actually do.
By the way, Fromm threw for 326 against Mizzou last year. Lock was good but not as good as Fromm that day.
If I remember right, Lock did most of his damage on 2 63 yd passes and was average for the rest of the game last year. In fact after you take the 2 63 yd passes out, Lock's stat line was 13/23 passing for 127 yards and 2 TDs. Not exactly lighting it up. If Lock can throw 4-6 63 YD TD passes, Mizzou does have a shot. Not a good shot but they would have a shot if Lock throws 4-6 63 yd TDs.
If Mizzou rushes 24 times for 59 yards again it will be a blowout. Lock can score as he did 4 times last year but stopping the UGA offense will be a tough task. Lock is going to need his RBs to step up and shoulder some of the load. Should be interesting. Lock is fun to watch and he has experienced weapons at his disposal but so does Fromm and UGA. If Mizzou is forced to abandon the run early it will get ugly.
They have the talent. Gus just doesn't know what to do with them.
Cheap shot at Coach O. When you're celebrating a big win, you say things in the moment. When you just win a rivalry game, you say things with a few choice adjectives or verbs. Non story.
The Ole Miss offense is still a jugernaught. The defense still sucks. It's easy to overreact to a Bama blowout. Every team in the conference has done that at one time or another in recent history. Luke does need to take a tough look at the DC situation soon.
Gus is Gus no matter how much money Auburn throws at him.