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You can always tell a bandwagon fan. They still act like it's the first time.
But they did all their leadership reps. Bless their 5 star hearts.
Isn't Petrino more suited to take over the Weinstein team?
If that's true about heroin and opioids, this kid has a long term problem and football is and should be the least of his concerns. Hope he gets well. At his age, the odds of success are not great.
2 completions for 126 yards. The other 13 completions went for 128. I don't know if that says there is a problem or exposed. Sounds more like 2 very bad plays. Georgia is fine until they aren't fine.
The thing to worry about is the interim coach winning and making a case to keep the job. #Backfire
When you take every other teams cast offs, you kind of get a reputation for being easy on discipline. Sounds like KD had multiple chances but still had no respect for Gus. Sooner or later Gus has to do something. With Auburn it's usually later.
I saw a poll where 68% of Tennessee fans would take him back. Do they really want to tell 32% of their fan base to go kick rocks?
I doubt Currie or Tennessee fans are going to make their decisions off the Bama game. I'm pretty sure the decision has already been made. Beating Bama would actually be the worst thing that could happen.
I think most of us don't care who is back there as long as they execute the game plan. Would love to see Eason get back in the mix. With our backfield, the QB is important but not as important as it is in most offenses. Chubb, Michel and crew take a lot of pressure off the QB. For most of the year, Fromm was just asked not to screw it up. He's getting better but he's not going to put up Shea Patterson numbers week after week.
Imagine Tennessee beats Bama next week. Now stop laughing.
Dude just published the Tennessee playbook in less than 140 characters.
Not to mention Florida. McElwain doesn't get blown out and you know what he has done to us in the past 2 years as underdogs. UGA still has a long way to go and no team is perfect. Ask Clemson not Alabama.
It's a tough one for Florida fans. McElwain is dealing with 9 players suspended this year and a lot of injuries as well. Winning in the SEC is next to impossible with that type of attrition. On the other hand, the offense hasn't made much progress over the past 3 years. You do have to give McElwain credit. He has won back to back SEC East titles with a horrible offense. I'm looking forward to the cocktail party and fully expect McElwain to dial something up to make it a good game. For all the missing players, Florida hasn't been blown out. That's a damn good coaching job in my opinion.
I understand Tennessee fans wanting Butch out now. However, the guy is going to get paid over 8 million to get the boot. Personally, the guy should be forced to endure the season and wrath of the fans for that kind of money. Currie should give him an option. Your getting fired. You can take 4 million and leave now or 8 million at the end of the season but the Tennessee fans should get every chance possible to let him know what they think for the full 8 million.
Never put offf until tomorrow, what you can do today.
There's about 85 guys that wish they could do the same thing.
It's called slight of hand. Tennessee fans aren't that smart. They think UT is talented and don't understand the 5 star heart thing was because the last class was complete garbage. Currie was just trying to get them focused on something else.
This kid just escaped the pit of misery. Dilly Dilly
Half the team is going to be at the lake.
Let the media see a little bit of practice like normal but don't do interviews.
He should just shut down the media at this point. Everything is used against him right now. The smart thing to do would be just shut the door and work on football.