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Why? Athletes with money while in college? What could possibly go wrong? LOL.
If they had recruits there, yes it would. Instead, it was just smart politics by both the governor and UGA.
Don't they still have to develop quarterbacks at UCF?
Bro. Auburn has only won 3 of the past 16 games against Georgia. Sit down.
From what I have heard, it would be an improvement just to get his teammates to like him.
Whoever is back there will be running for their life this year. It won't be pretty.
Wow. This guy got a few bucks and quit on life. He'll be broke soon enough.
A tornado will hit the tourney and UGA will win it all.
Pretty cool. The kid is an amazing athlete.
Bar fights have been going on since the day the first bar opened. This isn't anything new.
Most coach's wives don't want their husbands around more. Coaches tend to be just as intense when they aren't at work.
Well, the newest QBs at UCF know they have no hope of being developed.
Kirby always has these kids doing outreach to the Athens community. I know a lot of coaches do stuff like this. UGA is very good at publicizing it. We need to see a lot more of stories like this.
They are interviewing a middle school gym teacher for DC position tomorrow.
The DC won't have any input on who his coaches are. Yeah. This has success written all over it.
Radley-Hines to UGA? No thanks. He’s talented but not worth the drama. Hard pass
He has a very good chance at being a 5* player. Due to transfer, he was forced to play mostly JV last year. Not a ton of film on him but what is out there is impressive. He has a bump coming for sure.
I think Bailey sees how Spring plays out and then makes a decision. He could still suit up elsewhere in '21.
Nobody is special at Bama because everybody gets the same pitch, the same training and unfortunately for most fan bases, the same result.
Not a smart move by the recruit but it illustrates why Saban is the GOAT.
A staffer supposedly delivered the news which is a low class way to deal with the situation. Evidently the reasoning from Tennessee's side is that they didn't think Roc would qualify academically but his HS coach is calling BS on that. The kid has work to do but according to his coach, Roc was getting it done. Bad situation all around and not a good look for Heupel. Tennessee is short on bodies as it is.
Your coach wants out of Gainesville. UGA is closer to a championship than Florida will be for a while.
UGA has one of the most talented OLs in the country and WRs that can take the top off defenses. There is a lot to like in Athens for a 5 star HS QB. The one that finally gets UGA over the hump and wins a national championship will be a legend for a lifetime.
This is still a good 3-5 year rebuild. Let's see how restless the boosters and fans get in that timeframe. Tennesee fans should like this hire and grab a McDonald's happy meal today.
Now let's see how much authority Heupel has over his coaching hires. It's a little odd that Tennessee hired Steele before getting a head coach.
Lots of big talent across the board. With a good off season, this team should be ready to play for a Championship.
Fulmer is a respected coach but his off field meddling in the football program has not helped one bit since he was let go. He won a national championship and every Tennessee fan will always respect that but Fulmer is part of a booster problem Tennessee has had for a while. Too many cooks in that kitchen.