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Should be better. UGA will start the season knowing who their starting QB is. That already puts them in a better spot than last year.
The dawgs will have 3 first round picks playing in next year's defense. They won't be as dominant but they will still be one of the best defenses in college. How many other defenses have 3 first rounders on their defense?
Some of the stuff on tiktok is funny but it gives too many people an opportunity for a JACKASS moment.
Todd Hartley has been talking to Kirby and Monken about some 5 and 6 TE sets.
Bo Schembechler ran off tons of players at Michigan when he got the job. Their motto was “those that stay will be Champions”. I just don’t think Harsin is that good of a coach. I think Auburn doesn't want to pay the buyout. Going to be an interesting year on the Plains.
Getting players in with money is one thing. Keeping them in the NIL era is going to be another. Don't be surprised if a lot of these top kids leave A&M next year. They committed to the money, not Jimbo or A&M.
Some coaches can be tyrants and make it work. Harsin is not one of those guys.
The next couple years at A&M will be interesting. Getting the recruits is only half the battle. Keeping them in the portal and NIL era is going to be another battle.
Some of those players can now count to 4. Not all of them. Just some.
Kelly has a reputation as being one of the best coaches in the country. He didn't need to go the cheesy tik tok route IMO. It comes off as fake and lots of recruits aren't looking for a fake. Saban and Kirby don't do gimmicks for a reason. LSU is going to be good. They just don't need to look like clowns along the way.
I'm talking about his cheesy tactics. The videos and fake accent are over the top. CBK doesn't need to do the cheese to get recruits. He just needs to let his coaching do the talking and not try so hard. Awesome coach.
Maybe there is a method to his madness but Brian Kelly looks and acts fake. He is a great coach but recruiting like Mullen. We'll see how it works out.
Won't be cleaned up. The only question is how long Auburn fans will have to wait until the powers that be decide to pull the trigger. It won't get much better under Harsin.
As a UGA fan, I've learned one thing about Bama over the past decade. Don't worry about Bama. Saban has everything under control and they will be playing Bama football when it counts.
It's a little early into the offseason to start contemplating the demise of the SEC at the hands of a PAC12 team.
College football is now a business for college athletes. They are going to make business decisions. Programs like Bama and UGA are still starting out with a huge advantage because they have fewer holes to fill via the transfer portal and will likely be the first choice of the top transfer recruits.
Harsin is a bust and even Auburn fans know it. Unfortunately, they have to wait another year or 5 for their next coach. Heupel and Beamer did some good things but still have a long way to go. Vandy is Vandy and Clark Lea won't change that.
Anyone with sense knows he won't go to Bama. Even you stated that you know he wouldn't accept the offer. You are saying that Bama will make an offer that they know won't be accepted and that's just dumb.
Sorry Phil. You know Kirby isn't leaving Athens. He's going to be every bit the nightmare to Florida that Spurrier was to UGA and he just might do it for the next 20 years.
Fans look at player rankings while coaches watch practice. Trust the coaches. They get paid to know more than the fans.
41 years broke a lot of our fans. Many of them are only happy when they are miserable.
Still more talent in Athens than Florida, Tennessee and USCjr combined. There may be some drop off but I doubt enough to lose to any of the teams in the east. Kentucky is better than Florida, Tennessee and USCjr.
The defense won't be generational but it's still going to be the most talented team in the east and will likely be favored to win every game up until the SECCG. That gives UGA another great chance to make the CFP.
Expect another UGA vs Bama national championship game. The B1G has gotten slaughtered by the SEC in the CFP. Expect more of the same next year. Should be Bama, UGA, OSU, and someone with no chance.