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Congrats to Miss St on the research. I'd love to see a Stingray video on this. Fat Hitler cracks me up.
As a UGA fan, I like this. Rank us as low as possible. Until we can beat Florida, we don't deserve a top 10 ranking. If we win in Jacksonville, the rankings will take care of themselves.
Auburn can land the best Dline prospects in the country. They just can't seem to coach them. Bust after Bust.
You are just a hoops school but I like your enthusiasm. LOL. Just kidding. I love going to Football games at UK. Ya'll have hospitable fans. However, Keeneland is even better.
Fournette came in as a loser at 240 lbs. Then people realized that he could tote that extra 5 lbs just as fast. You almost understand why the Auburn DBs (Rudy Ford in paticular) were scared of him and decided to make business decisions.
I was thinking the same thing. Usually articles like these point to known quantities. I guess they couldn't come up with five actual reasons.
True. Florida has the best WR's. If Franks can find them, they will be tough. Franks should experience growing pains where Eason should be much improved. Florida's defense should regress a little bit. Florida was stacked on D when Mac came in and they have lost a lot of talent on D but should still be good. Winning is a mindset in a lot of cases. That's the problem Georgia has had with Florida for years. Georgia might be the favorite but Florida is the defending champ. .
As a UGA fan, I don't deal in absolutes. Favorite, maybe...Lock, not in my book.
This is a big year for Kirby. The talent level on the roster says that Georgia is the favorite. The inability to beat Florida is still the benchmark. Since Spurrier, Georgia has not been able to beat Florida with any consistency to the point it has become a huge mental hurdle. If they can't do it this year, there are going to be YUGE question marks. I don't see Tennessee being able to put together a miracle comeback for the 3rd year in a row and Georgia has had Auburn's number since the tip 6. Without a doubt, this year hinges on the Florida game.
You obviously have never been in college sports program. No. Not all teams cheat. Most use the grey areas to their advantage but they all don't knowingly cheat.
Hugh Freeze challenged anyone to bring forward evidence that he and Ole Miss cheated. Challenge accepted and about to be won. Any idea on who Ole Miss will replace Freeze with? I think Lou Holtz is available.
Miss St fans are about to enjoy this news. Let the trolling begin.
I'll take Nick Chubb. Guice is the popular pick and should be. He's a beast. However, if Chubb is back to 2015 form, he's the best in the league.
As a UGA fan, I want to see us in the SEC championship. The talent is there. However, Florida has consistently beaten us when we have had the more talented roster. Until we get that monkey off our back, we shouldn't be talking about championships before spring practice even starts. Let's see where we are coming out of Jacksonville before we start making Tennessee or Auburn type predictions.
He recently had shoulder surgery. I'm wondering ir he liked the meds a little too much. Hopefully he gets this taken care of.
I don't know if Les would take it. It took cheating for Freeze to make Ole Miss a winner. I doubt he would want to get crushed by LSU yearly either.
The NCAA is going to come down hard. Ole Miss is cowardly heaping all of their cheating on one staffer. He must have been the most powerful staffer in the country to violate NCAA rules without any coach giving him the green light. Freeze is dirty. Plain and simple. That's why Ole Miss just went back in the toilet in recruiting. No more money to give out.
Not an Auburn fan but wish coach Chizek the best. The coaching profession is tough on the family.
Jamyest Williams has the same shot at throwing for 3500 as Bentley.