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Sorry Phil. You know Kirby isn't leaving Athens. He's going to be every bit the nightmare to Florida that Spurrier was to UGA and he just might do it for the next 20 years.
Fans look at player rankings while coaches watch practice. Trust the coaches. They get paid to know more than the fans.
41 years broke a lot of our fans. Many of them are only happy when they are miserable.
Still more talent in Athens than Florida, Tennessee and USCjr combined. There may be some drop off but I doubt enough to lose to any of the teams in the east. Kentucky is better than Florida, Tennessee and USCjr.
The defense won't be generational but it's still going to be the most talented team in the east and will likely be favored to win every game up until the SECCG. That gives UGA another great chance to make the CFP.
Expect another UGA vs Bama national championship game. The B1G has gotten slaughtered by the SEC in the CFP. Expect more of the same next year. Should be Bama, UGA, OSU, and someone with no chance.
Pittman is building something. Expect more good times at Arky.
Expected. JTD handled everything with class.
Expanded playoff means more SEC teams in the CFP and less of a chance that another conference beats 2 SEC teams. As it is, there is little chance for another conference to win a national championship. Going back to a BCS style would be better for other conferences.
Tough to compare a TE to a DB or a QB. Bowers catches balls and runs like the wind. Unless he puts on 75lbs, he's going to be a beast for the next 2 years.
I think our DBs played well. The injury to Tykee Smith hurt us but Chris Smith, Cine, Ringo and Kendrick had a very good year with the exception of the SECCG. Got to find someone to replace Action Dan Jackson. He's a good story but I'm not looking for another good story. SB3 has that covered.
Kirby learned how to handle it from the GOAT. We'll be fine.
He's saying the right things but it's going to take time for him to change the culture.
Dabo beat Bama twice with less talent for national championships. No one can ever take that away from him. His stance on the transfer portal has taken it's toll but the guy has been a top tier coach.
IMO, 5 losses are almost guaranteed and USCe is a tossup for number 6
Players are going to transfer at a higher rate. That's obvious but right now, we have top players around the country looking for an opportunity to transfer to Bama and UGA. The recruiting machines that Bama and UGA have in place still give them an advantage. When they lose a sophmore looking for playing time, Bama and UGA will go get a better player to fill their spot. Something tells me that in the era of NIL, Saban and Kirby will still be better at roster management than everyone else.
NIL might help level the playing field but it's still going to be the teams that make and spend the most money that really hit on NIL. Saban just proved that the top players are still lining up to transfer to Bama. I imagine that Kirby will grab a couple of top transfers too. As for building a dynasty, it's going to be tough to do while Saban is still roaming a sideline but UGA and Kirby are going to be competing for championships for a while. When you recruit like Bama and UGA, you're going to be competing for championships every year.
And what? They get a chance to lose to an SEC team?
Many times, there have been 4 or 5 SEC teams ranked in the top 10. If they expand to 8 teams, the SEC will routinely have 3 and possibly 4 teams in. If they go to 12, the SEC will have 4 and possibly 5 teams. Everything they do makes it more likely that the SEC gets stronger. It's likely that a team will have to beat 2 or 3 SEC teams to win a national championship in an expanded playoff format.
He's not playing like Bryce Young. The big question Monday is can UGA's defense limit Bryce Young. If UGA let's Young pick them apart again, he will.
If UGA wins, there are still going to be UGA fans that are pissed that SB3 played.
As a UGA fan, I equate this to a Champions of Life scenerio.
Once you get past ranking the top half of the conference, does it really matter? Beamer and USC did a few good things this year. Just worry about getting better next year at this point. Getting Rattler is a good start.
Expanded playoffs mean the deepest rosters have the best shot at winning a national championship. Advantage Bama and Georgia. Expanding the playoffs isn't about chances to win it all. It's about handing out participation trophies.
If the goal of the CFP is to have the best 2 teams playing for the national championship, mission accomplished. The transfer portal, NIL and expanding the playoffs will only increase the chances of Georgia and Alabama playing each other more likely. The harder the NCAA tries to create parody, the farther ahead Bama and UGA will get.