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I'm not a fan of athletes quitting on their team but these are crazy times and may get even crazier over the next few weeks.
Gus is supposed to be an offensive guru but has never developed a QB.....ever.
I guess Georgia should have benched Jake Fromm after Auburn crushed Georgia. Bennett has a ceiling, yes but he played 3 games very poised. If UGA makes it to the SECC, the defense will have to play better and Bennett will have a lot more experience. This isn't a time to blow up the team. It's a time to evaluate and get better. That includes the coaching.
Auburn should have lost to Arkansas. They are in the bottom 3 of the SEC right now.
I listen to the game in Spanish when Danielson is calling our game. Just wish I knew Spanish.
Grantham usually does well with other coaches players. He doesn't develop players. If you look at his defenses, they get worse every year and he leaves before he gets fired. Grantham gets torched in big games. It happened at UGA, Louisville, Miss St and Florida is in for a rough defensive year.
I'm glad Jalen Carter wanted to get out of Florida. That kid is a beast.
I told ya'll that when Mullen took the job. Grantham gets crushed in almost every big game he's coached.
Tennessee is progressing. Pruitt's team had a lot of fight. Next week Bama. Let's see if UGA has progressed. Gonna be good.
Having bigger and faster players than most teams doesn't hurt either. Recruiting has a lot to do with this. Bama was and is still the benchmark for all teams and it starts with recruiting better players than everyone else. Kirby is a top notch recruiter, a player's coach and sweats every little detail from recruiting to playing.
Breaking news - Joiner is listed as the #2 back for Arkansas this week against Auburn.
Pittman is the perfect HC for Arky. Ya'll still have a ways to go but things are definitely going in the right direction. Odam and Pittman have players buying in. That's step one.
I think Auburn and Arkansas will be closer. Arky believes it can play. Auburn is a question mark this week after that thumping. Gus losing the team is a real possibility at this point.
The Gus Bus is running out of gas. For the past 6 years, it's been one excuse after another. For the most part, the Defense has carried Auburn. Not a good thing when your head coach is supposed to be an offensive guru.
Cade Mays should probably take up golf. He won't be playing football on saturdays.
Set UGA up in the west endzone seating area for recruiting.
It did come down rather quickly compared to others. I'm still trying to figure out why Ford was denied the waiver last year. He wanted to be closer to his dying grandfather. I think there will be world peace before the NCAA makes sense of their decisions.
I've been hearing about the demise of Bama for about 8 years. Oddly, Saban still hasn't lost to one of his assistants. This is possibly the slowest process in sports.
Free agnecy killed the NFL for me. Now they are about to do the same thing in college. Signing day will mean nothing if they do this. Some teams will get most of their players from the portal now. Why wouldn't you? They are older, bigger, stronger and less of an unknown quantity when they have been in a college system. Why earn your starting spot when you can transfer to someone else's.
I don't know if CJP can get UT back playing for championships but he will get them back to respectable football. That should be their goal for next year.
Notre Dame. That looks like the only game possibly worth having a prime time start. The rest are all Noon kickoffs.
Looks like a Tennessee fan is still hooked on phonics.
1.1 yards per carry. LMAO. Florida will have to do better than that next year if they want to beat UGA.