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By the way. Our get one great year. Next year you will scratch your head because you will have good players but they won't play as a team. Year three is the same as year two and then he leaves for the next job.
I hear you brother. We went through years of great offense and not very good DC's with Coach Richt. Then we get Jeremy Pruitt after Aaron Murray leaves and no offense. Great win against LSU and good luck this week. Well, half of that last sentence wasn't sincere. I'll let you guess which. LOL. Should be a great game.
Everybody loves Todd Grantham in year one. UGA loved him. You will hate him in StarkVegas by year three. He was the same way at Louisville. Year one, great. Look at last year. Louisville couldn't stop a good team to save their life. Don't say you weren't warned.
Pinkel did put Mizzou in the SECCG twice since joining the SEC. Ask Kentucky, Vandy and South Carolina how many times they have played in it since they joined.
Mike Bobo knows offense. The guy had UGA's offenses putting up points on everyone. Unfortunately our defenses were letting teams treat us like a drunk prom date. Bobo will be back in the SEC soon. This isn't Bama's best team by any stretch but they are still the favorite to win the SEC and it will take an almost perfect game to beat them. They can still win with defense or offense and that's why they win a lot of games.
The same could be said for Nick Fitzgerald. He hasn't seen a defense like the one he is about to face this year either. Notre Dame supposedly has one of the best O lines in the country and UGA made them look like a joke. This is going to be a great game. Don't expect a lot of scoring. If you think MSU is going to hang 37 on UGA think again. UGA will need to limit the turnovers. We can't turn the ball over twice like we did with Notre Dame and expect to beat MSU. Fitzgerald rarely turns the ball over so that will be the most crucial part of the game. Mullen is probably the most underrated coach in the country. If you need proof, look no further than Dak and Nick. Should be a great game. We hope you enjoy tailgating in Athens and nothing else.
Mizzou is in a tough spot. They aren't historically a recruiting powerhouse which makes success in the SEC that much tougher. The charges of racism on campus did not help at all. I don't think you can overstate what a great job Coach Pinkel did. It's going to take a special person to restore Mizzou to a competitive level. Unfortunately, I don't think Odom is that guy.
Name a team in the west that can beat Bama. LSU? Auburn? Arkansas? A&M? Miss St looks like a damn good team and we will see how UGA does with them next week. USCjr sucks AGAIN and you are mad. We get it.
Changed the trajectory? That's a little bit of an overreaction.
Vandy, Kentucky and Georgia didn't look like a sh*tshow. USCjr did though. You guys aren't the entire SEC east.
Did anyone else notice how SDS ignored Vandy yesterday? No rapid reaction. Nothing written up on them at all yesterday after a big win for them.
This is unfortunate. He should have stayed back at the dorm with the rest of his team smoking weed.
We did what was expected. Nothing to get excited about. Next week is a big challenge. Miss St was impressive and that will tell is what we are really dealing with. That should be a great matchup.
Hell of a win Miss State. Looking forward to a good game in Athens next week.
Another Florida theif. You're suspended. LOL.
For 3 quarters every week, Butch Jones is the worst coach in the country but he can coach in the 4th. It's the craziest thing I think I've ever seen. The Vols had no business being in the game. Another fun one to watch though. You guys never quit but it has to be frustrating as hell.
The problem is that these articles only compare the top couple teams in each conference. It should be comparing the bottom. To really understand how tough SEC actually is, look at Vandy, Kentucky, Mizzou, South Carolina and Arkansas. All are very good and competitive teams. Our bottom 5 would sweep every other power 5 conference's bottom 5 most of the time. By the way, watch out for Vandy this year. Mason has put together a damn good defense and is geee some defense going this year.
Actually UGA has been a contender for a long time. The talent level at UGA is better than anyone else in the SEC not named Bama but that's the problem at UGA. We have been contenders for a long time. Ever watched Lucy and Charlie Brown with the football? UGA fans watch it every year.
Championship Defense, yes. Championship offense...... Not even close.
Butch did run off a player for helping a woman that claimed to be raped. He's a swell guy.
Pulling for Florida to beat Tennessee. Can't stand Florida but I like McElwain. Butch Jones is just an embarrassment to the SEC. The sooner he is gone, the sooner Tennessee is a national joke. Champions of life? Nope. Just a circle jerk.
This offense is great if you have Cam Newton running it. Anyone else.....Not so much.
Yep. So were Johnson, White and Franklin IIi. Auburn fans remind me of Charlie Brown.
On the bright side.....Jeremy Johnson looked pretty good.
The question is... How soon does A&M pull the trigger on Sumlin. I like the guy but he has burned a lot of talent at QB and run off a lot of good players. When you have a regent putting his name out there as wanting him gone, the rest of the regents can't be far behind.
Bama is Bama. They have tough games, not bad games. Another big win for the evil empire.
Don't worry Butch. Your bringing Champions of Life and have all those 3 star recruits to lean on. Butch doesn't think he has a winning team if he is already making excuses. This might get ugly quick in Knoxville.
I have to agree with you. As a UGA fan, I hate UF but McElwain is a good guy and I like him. (Spurrier was easy to hate). He's in a tough spot and I think he has dealt with Callaway the wrong way but in no way do I think the guy is dirty. He just has a few knuckleheads. We dealt with something similar a few years ago. Our 2013 class was decimated by stupidity. He's not going anywhere.