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I don't like Tennessee but Murray is wrong here. Pruitt didn't get along with our staff because he had a winning mentality. Coach Richt was great to UGA and for UGA but he didn't have the fire needed to demand greatness. I don't know if Pruitt will be a good head coach but he's a hell of a coach and one of the best recruiters we had.
Never a good time for these stories. Hopefully it isn't as bad as it sounds. $1500 seems like low bail for false imprisonment.
Meh. The Smokey Greys looked good to me. One of the better looking new style uniforms.
Another tough week for Bama LBs. Hate to see any of these kids go down to injury even when it is Bama. We always say next man up but this has real world... Well, NFL world implications. Hopefully recovery goes well for this young man.
Without Stidham, this is just Auburn. He probably is the most important player because with him, Auburn may win 10 games. Without him, probably 3-4.
If you keep up with the boards, Gator fans aren’t happy with Dan Mullen's recruiting. This will be a very very short honeymoon.
Lincoln is going to stump for his team. I can't blame the guy for that and he is a hell of a coach. Home and home with Oklahoma? Yes please.
If UGA wins the SEC championship, they are in the CFP. There will be very little margin for error this year. It is possible that IGA and Bama could make the CFP again but both teams would have to go undefeated and play a close SEC championship.
I think Terry Godwin goes instead of Andrew Thomas. Fromm and Walker seem logical.
Michel and Chubb were the best running back duo ever at UGA and are one of the all time best duos. No. You cant say that we are as good as last year but we arent in a bad spot at all. Saying any duo is better than Michel and Chubb is just silly at this point.
I knew a guy that did this in college. He works for the FBI now.
Gus will be on the hot seat. That’s more of a given rather than a prediction at this point. Maybe Stidham is the guy but he has a lot less firepower coming out of the backfield this year. That’s not a good recipe. Fields will see the field every week IF he has the grasp of the offense and the packages UGA wants him to run. If he isn’t ready, he won’t.
You don’t claim to be champions of life. Coaches are coaches 24/7. The best ones almost never relax because they worry about every little detail. It’s all consuming and never changes. Money doesn’t change the job either. Kirby knows he is liked for what he has done but will be judged on what he does in the future.
Stratton will have to battle one of the best HS punters in the country, Jake Camarda. There is still a punting competition this summer.
Jake Fromm may be the next can’t miss QB. He has a football IQ that is off the charts. His work ethic and leadership skill are already legendary. Good size and a good arm. He drives the ball on outside routes extremely well. That’s after only his freshman season. Things should only get better for him. All he does is prove doubters wrong.
Let’s be honest. These are one year contracts that get extended and renegotiated after every great year.
Grantham is a mediocre coach at best. He gets great individual efforts but not good team results. Look at every big game he has coached in over the past 8 years and see how many times his kids were blown out.
The money may change but the hours and effort never change. Coaching is 24/7 365. Especially at this level.
South Carolina will be interesting this year too. Muschamp can build defenses and the Brantley to Samuel show will be fun to watch. Not sure how many wins they get but they should be an exciting bunch.
MSU and UF have similar problems. New coach. New system. It’s tough to gauge production with those factors. Both have talent. We just don’t know what that talent will do this year. UGA has questions on defense. The main one being... can we reload like Bama can? Auburn is going to be interesting. Can they produce 2 years in a row. Recent history says they can’t. Their defense is legit but their offense is a big question mark.
Hopefully LSU gets it worked out. I'm not a LSU fan but I'd like to see Coach O succeed. He's an old school coach and I like that.
Kamara had a hell of a year but I don't think he is number 1 yet. Witten has had a career few TEs will ever match. Kamara has huge potential but he's not there yet.
I’m a UGA fan and this made me laugh. Kirby has had a very good start to his head coaching career.
Not really. He is going to need time to put on some weight and likely would have redshirted this year. Missing the workouts and meetings are the tough thing but enrolling in January will get him a jumpstart on next year. Hopefully he gets to practice during bowl season. He's a project but a good project.
Any agent worth his weight gives a new signee something. Usually some cash to cover expenses for training to get ready for the draft. In Trent Thompson's case, it looks like he may have pocketed any money he got because it didn’t look like he trained at all.
As a UGA fan, I’m excited to see what S.C. can do this year. Debo and Brantley should be nasty and Muschamp can coach defense. That’s a combo for another good year. Florida will be learning a new offense and defense again. The talent is there but I’m curious as to how fast Mullen can get it rolling. At some point there will be talk of 3 SEC teams making the playoff. I doubt that will ever happen but that conversation will happen at some point.