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In fairness, McElwain had a lot of success as an offensive mind before he got to Florida. The obstacles McElwain endured last year with the stolen credit cards ring and injuries caused a lot of problems as well. No, the offense did not look like it was moving in the right direction and the defense was starting to look normal after Muschamp had them looking elite. McElwain to Michigan doesn't seem like a big deal. McElwain will be offered another HC gig very soon and Harbaugh is in a make or break year.
He's still Johnny Manziel, he is still short and he still doesn’t know how to read a defense. Which GM is looking for a reason to get fired? That would be the only way he gets a roster spot.
We enjoy watching the train wreck that is Tennessee these days. I've never seen a coaching search go so bad in my life. It was like watching a little league team trying to figure out which father was going to be the coach when none of them wanted to do it. Pruitt is a great coach but he has his job cut out for him. Butch was doing well and then the Title 9 lawsuits and players getting run off started to get recruits looking elsewhere. Tennessee is starting at the very bottom. 0-8 in the SEC. Pruitt is a great coach and recruiter. He may be able to get Tennessee back to respectable in a couple years but I wouldn't put too much stock in next year. Tennessee has too many players that were coached down and just gave up last year. It's tough to fix those types of problems. If Pruitt has a lot of attrition this spring and summer, that will actually be a good thing. He needs to get the guys with bad attitudes and bad habits off the team.
Fields will need to be ready if anything happens to Fromm. It’s going to be tough to redshirt Fields if he picks up the offense.
Jamaree Salyer is the player best suited to get starts as a freshman on the OL
Fromm needs to work on his intermediate passing. He was one of the best in the country on the deep ball and sideline throws. He didn’t work the middle of the field as effectively which is why the TEs didn’t have much production. A lot of that is timing and getting comfortable throwing over the middle where there are more bodies. Film study and reps should help open that part of his game up.
Did Tennessee run off a player for helping a woman that claimed she was raped? Yes they did. It’s a fact. Not an opinion.
Our players are different than Tennessee players. They wouldn’t run off a player for helping a rape victim like Tennessee did.
Really? Winning a national championship isn’t good enough huh? You have to take that extra step to slam Chubb. Some people win with class. Your not one of those people.
Both had great careers and are about to change the lives of their families. Regardless of where they go in the draft, I expect both will most likely have excellent NFL careers. Congrats to both men for representing UGA with class and giving us the best season we have seen in almost 40 years.
This is why Cade Mays came to UGA. Tennessee fans just have no class.
You started strong and then compared the state of Tennessee to UGA and Bama. Pruitt is a great coach. He just has almost nothing to work with in year 1.
Yeah. Ya'll set a few records last year too. 0-8? Tennessee fans would be wise not to throw rocks at UGA. By the way, Cade Mays says hello.
Two months ago, Tennessee fans wanted the news to stop.
Pruittt is a hell of a coach but Vols fans will need to be patient. He's not walking into a functioning football team. He has to put out the flames before he can start building something but he's already making a difference in recruiting.
Sarkisian went to rehab. Freeze went to hookers. Both make you feel better. They just have different methods.
National Champs and this turd has to troll. Class. Pure class.
Two good kids. We've all seen QB changes that have blown apart teams. Kirby and Nick have a couple good young men that do things the right way. Their parents should be proud.
He's been a great coach. Hating a guy for getting a promotion is dumb. Most people don’t realize that coaches don’t really care what fans think. At UT, the entire administration doesn’t care what the fans think. If they did, the Schiano situation would have never happened.
We didn’t quit like Auburn. Would you rather lose a national championship game or lose to UCF? I’m proud of our team and we are still laughing at Auburn. Gus quit when he got an extension.
Will Bama take the cost of last year's runner up trophy out of Cochran's pay? LOL