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You don’t think any of Bama's championships had anything to do with their 7 #1 recruiting classes? OK.
If I was in the father's shoes, I wouldn't have had a film crew there. I'm guessing he will still pull for Tennessee when they aren't playing UGA.
Georgia is closer to winning a championship than finding another head coach. Florida May be closer to looking for a new coach.
Mullen should put a twitter ban in place for a bit. They need to focus on what is going on in Gainesville.
The Freshman running with the first team couldn't cut it? OK.
Sounds like a kid that woke up to education. Hope he sees it through. Some things are bigger than football.
The best player Mullen has recruited to Florida bolts and that isn't a problem? Trust me. UGA hated it when Richt ran off players for discipline issues that could have been handled internally. It cost us 15 years of "wait til next year". When good players walk because the coaches aren't protecting their players, that's a much bigger problem. I don't see Dan being there for the long haul. The egg timer started last week.
Dan Mullen is like Jim Harbaugh. The twitter and recruiting gimmicks only last so long. At some point, you have to beat your nemesis. So far, Daan has only been shellacked by Kirby.
High character kid. I guess that’s why Florida didn’t have a chance.
Dan and his wife just flew to California in an attempt to get Steele back. Evidently Dan didn’t have the same opinion of Steele as his players. This shows the bigger problem with the Florida culture. Either Dan know his locker room or his locker room doesn't respect Dan. How do you not respect Steele's decision? The guy didn’t sign up for a gang, he signed up to play football and go to college.
Both great coaches. Saban is untouchable when it comes to what he has built and the championships he has won. Dabo is in some ways a little more impressive in that he has done it with a much less talented team. Clemson has been good at recruiting but they are just now reaching their recruiting potential.
The loudest guy talking trash is usually the guy you don't need to worry about. Florida needs the hype because their roster is weak and scared.
Florida fans are lost right now. They know Mullen is done but also know they will likely have to endure the next 2-3 years before he is fired.
These aren't red flags. They are air raid sirens. It’s the beginning iof Mullen's end. It may take a couple years but Mullen is done.
Florida may be a mid level ACC team when they play.
I get what you are saying. This is similar to what Meyer dealt with last year. Not the same but similar in that Dan will take the heat for someone else's actions. It's why he gets paid the big $$$. We don't know what was said or done behind the scenes but inaction is always seen as the bigger problem these days. Media is going to make these things out to be bigger than they probably are. The result is still the same. UF and Dan are left with a black eye.
I guess coach Mac was smart to get out when he did. The culture in Gainesville is not good.
Loving some Florida football news these days. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks.
No matter how Dan handled it, the optics are terrible and perception is reality. This could be a kid that had concerns, voiced them and Dan had a plan to fix it after the semester. The problem is that Jalen Jones is now a toxic athlete and Steele has do do whatever he can to clear himself from being involved in Jalen's problems. If you are Chris Steele, you have to protect your brand. Florida has had a reputation and this does nothing to help it. It actually perpetuates. It.
Fields didn’t look like the answer at the OSU spring game.
Not a good look. Could be something serious or it could be an HR issue. The less we hear from McGarity or Kirby on this issue will only lead to speculation.
Every kid is different and has to make their own decision but we rarely see or hear from the guys that came out early and didn't pan out. That's because they are somewhere working in a warehouse.