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Looks like a Tennessee fan is still hooked on phonics.
1.1 yards per carry. LMAO. Florida will have to do better than that next year if they want to beat UGA.
I don't know if I would say it is wide open. Bama won a lot of Championships without a QB. UGA still has more talent across the board than Florida and it isn't even close but their chances are better next year.
Congrats to Arkansas. Georgia fans now understand why Arkansas fans were so upset when he left. Good luck.
These are still just kids playing a game. Everyone thinks they know these guys but they don't. 2 competitive but classy guys. Good luck to both.
That sucks. One of the most humble, respectful and talented kids in the game. The good news is that his life is still going to be better than yours. He's still a 1st round draft pick.
Bad news. People are going to blame Saban but people always have to blame someone. Hopefully it's not as bad as it seems.
That's G rated compared to some of the stuff I've seen and heard in NFL locker rooms.
I went to UGA but am an Ed O fan. LSU should thank USC for their stupidity. He's a throwback, old school coach and proves that that approach still works.
At this point, does it matter? Arkansas is a falling tree in the woods.
You hope it will be evident. In reality, Smart has shut down the Dan Mullen offense every time he has seen it. Satuday's score may have been close but Florida got whipped. The fact that Florida had 5 seniors and 1 draft likely junior playing doesn't bode well for next year's team. UGA's defense is young. Likely losing only 3 players.
When you have a WR that requires double teams, it opens up a lot of things. Defenses just can't play man coverage all of the time.
It easy for us UGA fans not to like Mullen and your fan base but I've got a ton of respect for Kyle Trask. He's one of the great stories this year. Heck of a game this year. Mullen has ya'll close.
Trask is better than Franks. What does that say about Dan?
It kind of does. Every Saturday, we know Coley will call a poor game on schedule.
Anyone that says the SEC isn't the best conference is crazy. Great game.
Nice win for USC. As a UGA fan, let me explain what happened. We have Jake Fromm. One of the nicest guys ever to win nothing. He's the Mark Richt of football players and the perfect reminder of what UGA football has become. Everyone has loved Jake Fromm ever since he lost the little league World Series. He's been the greatest 2nd place guy in the NCAA for 3 years now. This win saves Muschamp and that's a good thing. This win creates some buzz in Colombia on the recruiting trail. Congrats USC jr.
Season isn't over. Just have to win out. I'll still take Fromm over Trask.
From a UGA fan, That one is for Tyler. Congrats USC. The more physical team won.
UGA believed the hype and USC punched us in the mouth. The more physical team won. The dawgs looked soft.
Big win S.C. congrats. You played a more physical game than UGA and our OC sucks. Won't be our last loss this year.
Yes. All those trolls. Just out of curiosity, what do you think you are?
Butch Jones is feeling much better than Tennessee fans.
Who cares about what Mullen says? The guy says dumb things all the time. With that said, I can't stand Florida but props to Kyle Trask. That is one tough kid and he is a great story for Florida football.
He looks like a stud QB in the making. He has struggled with the passing game but is growing in this offense. Auburn should be announcing Gus's extension in the next few days so at least Nix knows Gus will be back next year.
I think we can take Jake off the list of people to be sainted this year.