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Welcome to big boy football Jadon. It's not all about you anymore.
Georgia hangs 40 on Todd Grantham every chance we get. Not worried about Florida as long as Todd is there.
That's what makes you a Tennessee fan. You just aren’t that intelligent.
Can't slam Bama when my team crapped the bed last week. Tough way to end the year but Saban is still the GOAT.
Bad question. It seems the reporter was wanting Herman to say Georgia is better than Oklahoma. He's not going to slam their conference champion.
Having 3 undefeated teams is rare. If Notre Dame goes undefeated again, they will get another shot unless we have this exact scenario which isn't likely.
Don't like the gators but love what ya'll did to Harbaugh. Congrats. Big Win!!!
Been in Colorado for a couple weeks and they already got him smoking weed. SMH
Other conferences would cry about an 8 team playoff too. We had 2 of the 4 CFP teams last year. What do you think they will do when the SEC has 3 or 4 of the teams in the CFP? No matter what they do, people will complain.
It has to suck for Auburn fans. This is the powers that be saying we aren’t trying to win next year. They are just trying to lessen the buyout to Gus for next year. Bo Nix better be ready. He’s Gus’s only hope.
The spotlight finds great players. They don't have to look for it. As a UGA fan, Tua is one of my favorite players in college football because he dominates the position like few if any ever has at QB. The fact that he is respectful, Christian, family oriented and intelligent make him not only a great person but a great ambassador for the game.
As a UGA fan, this seems like a sick joke. If there actually is a football god, he is cruel to UGA and the Atlanta Falcons. With that said, you can't be happier for a kid like Jalen Hurts. He made a couple dumb remarks in the summer but has been quiet and took on his role during the season. Congrats to Bama. You're still the champs but Jalen Hurts proved he is a Bama legend. Well done.
UGA is a top 4 team but how do you reward a team for choking?
It may not have been used in the past year as motivation but I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses it at some point Saturday.
If Knoxville has escorts, Freeze will be fine.
Notre Dame's defense is better than you think. Clemson has yet to face a championship caliber team and SC just hung a bunch of points on Clemson's over rated defense. They have problems in the secondary.
Maybe we should wait to see how all of the championships go down. Northwestern is playing very good football and Texas beat Oklahoma once already. As a UGA fan, this is our shot. If the decision ends up in the committee's hands and we need help, we dodn't do enough to earn the bid because we lost this weekend. Bama has room for a loss. We don't.
Currently, Vandy is a much better football team than Tennessee and is playing very good football right now. I don’t see Vandy palying in the SECCG any tim soon but it’s tough to argue the phenonomenal coaching job Mason does. They always have a good defense and their offense came on strong down the stretch.
Tennessee has a case for the most bizarre power 5 coaching job after their search last year.
That's awkward for Jimbo. Cole won't be on the sideline ever again.
Tough loss but the fight was impressive. Bentley played a heck of a game.
I know it was raining but wow. Not many fans in attendance.
Home run hire for Kansas and credit Long for getting it out of the way when he did. Not sure which jobs open up but there aren’t a ton of elite names on the market at the moment.