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Reports said, and video footage showed, that there were no skid/brake marks on the road, none at all. If you're out of control, crossing oncoming lanes, and about to hit a guard rail, you stand on the brakes. He was asleep at the wheel. Why he was asleep I do not know.
If UT hires the football equivalent of R Barnes (i.e., competes respectably but won't win Nattys) there could be hope, but they won't. UT will hire a young coach and pray he becomes Nick Saban. That's foolish, but the mind-set is that UT should be competitive for the Natty, even though the last several decades have proven that's not the case. Lots of middle-aged, competent coaches would go to UT and establish an over-.500 foundation, but that takes time. The UT admin has no time. They have to win big right now. Thus the cycle continues.
Awful, but 100% in character. Letdowns like this one are one of the hurdles Stoops has to clear for UK to join the mid-grade SEC on a semi-permanent basis.
It was as certain as death or taxes, perhaps more so.
So regarding my fellow UK fans who, after the Tennessee game, demanded that UK "build the statue" of T. Wilson...I'm sure you'll blame Gran, but in truth "Terry Touchdown" is only great when the defense puts up a score or two. Is anyone else on the roster a lot better? Who knows? I DO know the coaches proclaimed Wilson the no-doubt-about-it starter before the season began and Kentucky is staring 3-7 right in the eye because of it.
Kentucky's 1984 players could have kids who are playing college ball? 1984 was thirty-six years ago. You either need a refresher in math or you're assuming 16 and 17-year-olds are routinely fathering children. I have late-breaking news: the examples set in Chicago or Newark don't apply everywhere.
I'd be happy to wager on Kentucky against LSU but I'd never see my winnings.
You're not allowed to ask that question nor to notice that the statement was made.
Winning is great. Beating the DirtyBirds is a thing of beauty. But with just a little more effort - and let's face it, heart - Kentucky would be 8-4 AND have that ever-so-elusive win against UT. It's difficult to fault Stoops for a 7-win season, but the truth is Kentucky underachieved in the East, and conference wins matter more than anything else.
You should copyright that joke before someone like me steals it.
PJ does not have a fracture, a break, a torn tendon...but he does have, he believes, a multi-million dollar contract in the near future. He has hung up the sneakers on his college career. "Playing through pain" (and his OWN DAD says it is simply a matter of pain tolerance) is not in these guys' vocabulary. I would certainly love to be proven wrong (but don't count on it).
The SEC C'ship game did not cost Tua the Heisman. If it did, how did Lamar Jackson win it after throwing three picks, fumbling, and losing to Kentucky in 2016? Tua lost b/c he only played approximately three-fourths of the regular season. Saban could've kept him in, but did not. Tua was (mostly) seen as the best QB, and therefore the front-runner for the Heisman, but the UGA game only put in bold type the fact that his team had been so dominant he wasn't needed at the end of games. THAT is what won Murray the Heisman.
Stoops needs a much better O-Coordinator. IF that happens (I'm not holding my breath, b/c he and Gran are good friends), and IF he can keep the rest of his staff, Kentucky will contend in the East and win it within a few seasons.
There is no such thing as "too much baggage". The only thing that matters is creating revenue, and winners do that. Of course Freeze will be hired - he's proven he can help create winning teams. Nothing else in the world matters.
What was never broken was "fixed". To every intelligent person, sudden death (WITH its inherently unfair implications) was the best, nay only, way to decide a winner.
Alabama could wear leather helmets without the facemasks and it wouldn't change the outcome.
It could be argued that UGA was simply the better team vs. Kentucky, just like most people expected them to be. On the other hand, having one of your best defensive players and your best offensive lineman thrown out might just have an impact on the game.
Kentucky's only obvious deficiency as regards UGA is at one position. Unfortunately, it's QB. Kentucky will keep UGA's scoring in the high teens or low 20s, but getting Kentucky into the mid-20s without an elite QB is a real problem. On the other hand, the points Kentucky does score may very well be enough.
Kentucky will beat Mizzou because Kentucky's offensive and defensive lines are so much better. The guys in the trenches allow Benny and Josh Allen to wreak havoc. That will continue against Miz.
I assume the intent of the writer was to say: "Barry Odom said 'Mark Stoops was given time to build the Kentucky program his way'".
In other words, KU does an internal white-wash and Bill Self is completely held blameless.
The example of G.Tech is misleading - UofL is worse in all phases than any of Kentucky's future SEC opponents. The point is, when a good team (not Vandy) KNOWS you cannot throw, that opponent can counter your run game, regardless of how many "looks" you throw at them. The THREAT of throwing the ball is what Kentucky must have to win the East, regardless of how many times it is done. And having said that, if Kentucky in the next three games does have a credible passing attack, albeit mostly to take pressure off of Benny, they WILL win the East
Not that you're worried about the Kentucky game, of course. No, not at all, you just happened to feel the need to comment on Kentucky's win over Vandy. It'll be UGA with two SEC losses before the Kentucky game, not the Cats.
The "die" is cast, not "dye". It is the singular of "dice".