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RichRod would’ve done Ole Miss worse than any NCAA sanctions. He was totally against the Ole Miss offense identity. Glad to have the NWO back
Yeah I’ve been saying that about this site all year. They haven’t watched Ole Miss in like 3 months.
Such articles are just to waste time until after the AAC championship. Norvell won’t even be off the field good when he is announced. And if he chooses FSU, then Napier it is.
“Ole Miss fans like Matt Luke.” It is very clear that Finebaum and others who make such remarks really haven’t paid attention to Ole Miss and its fan base at all.
So in other words, Matt Luke will be fired after next weeks game. #KingKeith #CarterTime
You definitely haven’t watched an Ole Miss game this year when Plumlee gets the most snaps (I don’t blame you). Rich Rod and Plumlee dynamic together? Dude can’t even throw, and everyone know what play is being called: run run run run run run run run run. The better QB is on the sidelines and the offense will only get worse. Overall, I agree with you though, don’t fire Luke, but tell Luke to fire RR. Give him to South Carolina or something.