Massachusetts native going to school at Kentucky
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I honestly don't see the point here. The issue, in my opinion anyway, is DURING school. 100k when they graduate isn't a huge help compared to during the 4 years when these guys pretty much can't have a job on top of school and football. Just pay them minimum wage for the practice and meeting hours. Done.
Last year was a total disaster, but 2014 and 2015 were damn good games, especially 2014... never gonna forget that one. The defense is going to be improved this year, and there's a lot more stability and a lot fewer question marks right now than there have been in the past few years at the same time of the year. This team's gotten progressively better under Stoops each year, so it stands to reason we'll pick off another SEC opponent this year as we've done the past few. And besides all that, I mean we gotta beat em at some point. Right? lol
Don't forget Lynn Bowden either. Not on campus yet but we can expect big things from him as the complement to Benny. Plus AJ Rose looked great before he got hurt. Either way we'll have serious depth next season.
I think most people are happy. The win would have been a great way to end it, but it just wasn't our day. Seemed like we played a little tight and got distracted by the atmosphere while GT was a been there done that bowl team basically. The great part is everything's lining up for next year to be even better - returning almost all the starters, easier schedule, good recruiting class. It's pretty fun to be BBN right now, in my opinion.
It was cumulative. A missed targeting on Garrett Johnson, several missed chopblocks, and then they called a GT player out of bounds when he clearly went down inbounds with :01 in the half. Then reset the clock to :03 and let GT kick. That was kind of the last straw. In the second half there were some missed calls as well, including a should-have-been targeting against us, but Stoops had calmed down at that point.
21 days until we get to watch the Cats play in 70-degree weather. What a way to end the year :D
While losing Marcus is going to hurt, I think the far and away most obvious choice for Kentucky is Jon Toth. Huge loss.
Hitman, In some ways yes, UK's results were where we expected to finish. Yet we started 0-2, the bottom fell out of this team, we lost our starting quarterback, and then finished the season 7-3 with a massive upset over Louisville. The argument can easily be made for Stoops as COTY. Muschamp also did a great job with that team, with their highlight win over Tennessee.
Agree 100%. I was talking him up all spring and got told it was "SEC bias," of course. Screw that. The guy's awesome.
I still think Belk Bowl or Birmingham Bowl is highly unlikely for Kentucky, I don't see either of those games willing to risk scheduling Kentucky to play on the same day basketball goes to Ole Miss. I bet we end up in the Liberty or Music City.
The Tennessee game next week is nowhere near "must win." What?The thing that made last night's loss hurt so much was that we could have won it if we hadn't beaten ourselves, and Florida left the door open. But this is all house money now. We've got Austin Peay for #6, we will go bowling, and that was the goal this season. No idea how the UT game could even be construed as "must win." At this point, for that one and UL, I want to see this offense go nuts. Ballsy play calls, have fun with it, and see what happens. Nothing to lose.
No, you do your homework lol. Right now Florida is 4-1 and UK is 4-2, thus tied and loses tiebreaker. UK W and Florida L puts us at 5-2, Florida at 4-2, UK takes first place. It's measured by wins, not losses.
Not a rivalry, but thanks. Interesting points here though. Close, hard-fought ground game on both sides. Gonna come down to it but the Cats pull it out, maybe thanks to Austin again.
Agreed, I love the kid, and have since last spring. He may not have the best arm right now, but he's a cerebral player, almost always makes good decisions. He works hard and is never satisfied with the way he plays. That is a recipe for success. Give him the rest of this season and the offseason to improve his throwing, and he could be special next year.
Kentucky's 4-2, not 4-1. Bama and Florida.
I wouldn't be surprised if it did get to 50,000 but it would have been momentary. No one there pregame, at kickoff it was OK. There were about 5 sections with literally zero people in them, but middle sections weren't terrible. People started leaving before halftime though. By the end if was absolutely pathetic.
Although as a Kentucky fan it gives me hope to see the Vols obviously having internal problems (we need that W!) it's also a bummer to see a talented player feel like leaving a school he always wanted to play for is the best option. Issues within the team and staff suck, we know that real well here in Lexington. Best wishes to the guy.
If the Cats make Atlanta, I'm totally ok with the world ending. Agreed with the fan base. I go to every game, and it's amazing to watch the change. I temember 2012, how pitiful the crowds were... Vanderbilt was the lowest point I've ever seen. This year's been interesting, I think the last 2 hot starts have put a lot of people on guard about getting excited this time, ie. the Mississippi St crowd was not quite as big as I expected. After the beatdown in Columbia last weekend though, I bet it': rocking Saturday night. Can't wait.
Thanks for a summary of the article I just read... Florida can definitely lose @Arkansas, and most likely will lose @LSU imo. We opened at even loney against Georgia, a night game with no pressure and a hyped fan base. And Tennessee? Hard to beat. But overrated this year and lucky, now out of luck and in an all-out freefall. With the injuries and issues in Knoxville, I don't see them simply having a rebound game. It's a tough road but it's doable.
Agreed, I saw the prediction and my first thought was "How is this bold?" The Vegas line surprised the hell out of me, especially when it shifted even more in Mizzou's favor instead of tightening up this week. Looking for Boom and Benny to run all over a depleted, and bad, Mizzou defense.
Yeah, it's embarrassing. And then these same people get mad when Stoops calls them out for being toxic and negative, it's unbelievable. Personally I feel good about where this team is right now, I'm planning on a bowl game at this point. Why these idiots feel the need to be so unbelievably negative and disrespectful, to his face, no less, baffles me.
Amazing that the refs were able to score 39 points for Alabama without anyone noticing! lmao. Shoop, hush.
Enough about Drew Barker. First off, they're not even evaluating him this week. Besides that, I much prefer Stevie under center than Drew. Maturity, decision making, practice habits, etc. Does his passing game need to get better? Yeah. But he's got the kind of attitude and work ethic to get better quickly.I also think you can throw Georgia in the winnable game category. Doesn't mean easy, but we do get them at home, and our DBs should have some fun against Eason. If we can hold up the run game, we've got a good shot at that one. Tennessee and Louisville? lol.
Agreed! Just because it was low scoring and run-centric does not mean ugly. UK allowed SC 10 rush yards in the second half. This defense was an absolutely different team than we've seen for the last three weeks. Also, yes to QB. Glad everyone else is finally jumping on the Stevie J train :D
Everything he says about it is completely legit. Rivalries are for the fans.
Yeah I'm from Massachusetts, Bama's been popular up there, in large part because of the Belichick/Saban connection.
Who cares? Only thing a LOI actually does is screw the player cause he has no out. I'm surprised there aren't more 4 and 5 stars who don't sign them. Only guys who really need to are 3 stars or the school will go after someone else. He's probably waiting to make sure there isn't any more coaching turnover before completely committing himself to the Vols.
We've been coming up with comparisons all day. The campus favorites right now are the Wildcat logo from High School Musical and even better, a staple remover with eyes. First they had to ruin the actual school logo, and now they come up with this sh. At least the guys say they're lighter weight and more comfortable unis.
Agreed. Neyland is awesome because of the history and the size, but the overall atmosphere is better at S Carolina in my opinion. Better parking/tailgating by far.