Auburn alum, from and Auburn family and happily married and father of two wonderful children. History buff and IT professional. From 1982-2011 I did not miss an Auburn home football game. In that time I attended over 300 games total. Family is 30+ year contributors and season ticket holders and I still manage to make most of the games.

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It’s the annual “Auburn has lost too much and didn’t have anybody playing behind them to fill the spots this year” idiotic opinions of “the experts.” Bo Nix ran a very similar offense in HS. It’s going to resemble the 4th quarter against Georgia last season. Plus Derrick Brown, Marlon Davidson, etc didn’t play every snap of every game last year.
Covid has been politically weaponized for a while now by one side. The players want to play but the presidents are spineless and the lawyers fear a stampede of ambulance chasers if there is 1 positive test.
There is no doubt in my mind this was spearheaded by Nicky and his buddy from his Michigan State days who now runs the NCAA and has been for a while. If you truly don't think Alabama had anything to do with this change then call me about the oceanfront property in Arizona I have :) WDE!
If they can decide to cancel everything that is played now in less than 48 hours then the should be able to do this just as quickly, announce it now and work out the red tape details later. It's not hard but the NCAA is akin to the Federal Government, make people think it's harder than it is and that lots and lots of bureaucrats have to meet time and again to justify their own existence. Meanwhile young student athletes have a limited time to decide on moving on to the professional ranks or staying another year.
The problem is the AU is perfect as a logo. According to what I have read this began in the brain of that buffoon and former AU Prez Leath who wanted to get rid of the triangle space. This was 100% an academic sided idea. Athletics had no input whatsoever and they completely disagree with it and the 53 year old AU will remain as the athletics logo for now. One of my theories is that the academia pinheads who have always hated athletics and especially football didn't like it when the University retired the bad Samford Tower logo and adopted the AU - identified first with athletics. So this is their dig at athletics and the AU fan base. It could also just be a trial balloon and never be adopted. It shouldn't, regardless because the AU is an iconic sports logo like the Georgia G, Tennessee's Power T, Miami's U, etc.
That's funny right there. It's also funny now how these "journalists" don't even ask the question how they all moved to Alabama, found housing and jobs, etc. Maybe it's fear of the REC - the Mafia of Alabama :)
Yeah Ole Miss did break the rules but who do you think turned them in? Who do you think at least skirts the rules on recruiting, gray-shirting, etc.? Who is untouchable in the CFB world yet again...for now? Alabama. Just like when the Bear was there. So I think the young man's comments are hilarious and he would know better than we what recruits are offered by "unofficial representatives" of the Tide.
It's debatable if Saban has every really been a good gameday coach. He's a great recruiter (wink wink) and develops players very well for the next level so he dominates inferior teams, but he can be out-coached on gamedays. I mean Hugh Freeze has done it, Steve Spurrier has done it, Bob Stoops has done it, Kyle Whittingham (Utah) has done it even Gus Malzahn has done it 3-4 times. And Dabo has done it twice in the biggest game of the year. When talent level is equal or even close, Saban and Alabama can be defeated by good coaching.
Saban is a great recruiter, motivator, preparation, you know "the process" coach and is able to mostly dominate inferior talent with his teams. He can be out-coached on gamaeday, however even by teams with somewhat less talent. See Ole Miss in '14-'15. South Carolina back in '10, Auburn in '10, 13 & '17, Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl a few years back, Ohio State in the first playoff. Last night was, IMO, an example of what can happen to Saban & Alabama when the talent is equal but the gameday coaching is not.
So I guess schools up north are excluded from the appearance of bigotry on their campuses and communities? This is typical of the progressive media and yes ESPN falls into that category, trying to create some kind of controversy or story where none truly exists. For over 30 years my family has given to Auburn University, purchased season tickets, invested money, time, emotion and energy into following Auburn on Saturdays to watch mostly young African-American men represent our Alma mater on the football field and the color of their skin never enters our minds. They're all wearing the AU on the helmet and the navy and orange. They are Auburn football players...period. I am sure most supporters of other schools here feel the same way. So ESPN can take their attempt at creating some kind of "southerners are racists" but still support college football controversy and stick in Mickey Mouse's ears.
An Ole Miss fan poking fun at Auburn ' mascots. Hilarious! What exactly does a black bear have to do with Rebels other than bowing to political correctness?
Auburn doesn't need Muschamp to turn Auburn into the '85 Bears this year to have a shot, just a top 20-25 defense should be plenty with the offense Auburn should have. Offense has not been the problem with Gus as an OC and the HC. The tough task will be getting through that SEC schedule where any team can beat another on any Saturday.
How about the '88 Auburn defense. 200 yards per game (58 rushing), 85 points in 12 games including 3 shutouts? How about the '57 Auburn defense, gave up 28 points in 10 games, shutting out 6 opponents? Even in a different era, giving up only about 120 yards a game is impressive. WDE!
Saban: Let's wait and see because he's a really good football player. Malzahn (on Elijah Daniel): You're gone!
Oops, I meant to write "Those scores are correct as are all 14." and WDE!
Those scores are correct are all 14. I should know I witnessed 10 of the 14 wins in person. Plus now teams are lauded for facing adversity and coming back in games and your logic is the 2010 Tigers were not worthy because of that? One game speaks to the resilience of this team, the 24-0 deficit AT Alabama that turned into a 28-27 win.
Well I guess nobody but Auburn thinks we can finish 11-1. Need I remind folks that Saban has a losing record against Auburn teams that wound up with 9+ wins in a season. Barring a shock this week to the Aggies or a UGA upset, we'll have 10 heading into Tuscaloosa. Anything can happen but this projection of Auburn having NO shot in the "experts" minds of winning out is befuddling. WDE
State played a good game but there is no doubt the officials played a significant role. I think even State fans can agree that historically SEC officials have been awful. Best football - worst officials. Congrats though.
You're absolutely correct. Miss State was holding a lot. Just about tore our jerseys off a few times.
That's fine. Just keep ignoring Mr. Nick Marshall. He is big in big games.
Bite your tongue! Auburn did trot out orange jerseys several times during the Barfield era. They don't look good and we had a losing record. I've read Under Armour has pushed for things like this, orange jerseys, blue pants, etc. AU has said no each time. I agree, rarely mentioned in these best uniforms lists, but Auburn has always had two (home & away) of the best traditional uniforms in CFB.
Just another example of how much better "traditional" unis are better than the modern "art" costumes a lot of teams trot out.
My Auburn brethren can take cowbells if they want to, to needle the Maroons over their tradition... I will take the Tiger Walk (original team walk to the stadium). the pregame War Eagle flight and Toomer's Corner over ringing cowbells every day and twice on Sundays :).
Auburn has more weapons in the pass game than just Williams and Coates. Focus on them and Bray, Louis, Uzomah, Grant, Artis-Payne, etc. can still make plays. Should be a heckuva game.
"was a missed field goal return away from likely competing for a third." I'm sorry, I thought the game was tied at 28 when Davis returned the missed FG so now we assume that the Tide would have won in overtime? The same team that missed/had block 3 FGs, been stopped on 4th and 1 in the red zone? The same team that could not stop Auburn from running 6 straight plays before Marshall to Coates tying score? Okay then...
Not sure that the near 440 yards Auburn put up last year means LSU "figured out how to stop" Auburn's offense.