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It would seem to me that in all fairness to Richt you'd have to take into consideration all the major injuries suffered by his stud players. Especially if you want to throw in the top 10 recruiting classes you have to consider the back breaking injuries. I mean I'm no UGA fan and I can think of 3 or 4 recently that were Heisman material that suffered devastating injuries. I'm not saying he maybe shouldn't have done a little better at UGA but in all fairness I honestly don't think UGA can do any better. RTR
I'm a Bama fan and I agree Volman! UT clearly outplayed several teams this year and lost despite having nice leads. In my opinion it always seemed like when the Vols got a big lead instead of continuing to play the way they started they would start playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Just my opinion Roll Tide Roll
Agree 100% Gatordon! I think Mac is a good coach and in time could be a great HC. I mean he absolutely made Muschamp look at best terrible by winning the East with the same team he couldn't cross the 50 yard line with. I for one haven't chalked the SECCG with UF up as a win yet. Regardless of whether Florida wins, loses by 1 or loses by 30 there's no way you can judge Mac on this one game. Now had he been there 5-6 years you have a argument as to how good he will be but it shouldn't even be a discussion at this point. Best of luck but I hope my Tide Rolls RTR
Well Esec it's really like this-when your knocking everyone who gets in front of you flat on their @$$ it doesn't matter if you are only 3 ft tall because everyone is still looking up at you! RTR
Huge Bama fan here I S, but your post my friend has made more sense than anything I have read in a long time. I think you guys have got your yourselves a great coach in Stoops. I for one have been extremely impressed with how he does things and In my opinion hes making huge strides in recruiting and the level of play in Kentucky. Best of luck to you and Roll Tide