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He didn't say he would be the best QB in the conference. He said he wouldn't be shocked if he ended up being the best!
Turnovers loss the game for UGA against USC. UGA pretty much dominated the whole game. UGA's defense held South Carolina O to 13 point's
I agree with you, if LSU wins the SEC championship they are in and UGA is out but Bama would need a lot of help to get in. you would possibly have a one loss Oklahoma Big 12 champ and a one loss Pac 12 champ with one loss Bama fighting for one playoff spot. LSU, Clemson, and Ohio State would occupy the other 3 spots.
How can he justify putting Auburn above UF?
Bama, Clemson and LSU I get it. But Ohio State shouldn't be in over UGA! I would have rather seem Oklahoma in the top 4 over UGA than the Buckeyes! But honestly Florida's resume is better than Clemson's Ohio State, Bama and Oklahoma
Sloppy game, but those are the type of games that good teams win! Outstanding win by the Gators! nothing but respect from this Dawg Fan!
Kentucky was the better team! The QB wasn't as accurate at he injured his wrist.
Texas has a big fast defense. The fact that LSU can win a shoot out with a big 12 team shows me this isn't the same LSU team from years past.WOW!
Did you even look at the game? It was a vanilla offensive game plan! Uga ran the ball every play but once in the 3rd quarter. And the 4th quarter wasn't that much different. Kirby wasn't trying to run the score up. If vandy would a scored more than 3 points in the second half uga would've scored more.
LSU looked good but it was against GA Southern! I would rather you put Auburn in the 2 spot instead of LSU. Auburn played a much better opponent and the defense was really good!
He transferred before the spring after Fields committed to uga
UGA didn't struggle. They went real conservative in the second half. Jake fromm threw the ball one time in the 3rd quarter. The pass rush was decent. Only one sack but vandy was getting the ball out super quick. That's y the QB was 14/25 for 85 yards. I don't think he threw a ball passed 5 yards.
All I heard this week from usc fans was how bad they were going to beat UNC and Florida! Not with Jake Bentley as QB
Gators Criminals being criminals 1. Florida WR Justin Watkins Arrested for Kidnapping, Strangulation, More Charges 2.UF DB Brian Edwards arrested, charged with misdemeanor battery 3.Jalon Jones was accused of sexual battery last month. Bulldogs kids being kids 1.Georgia receiver Tyler Simmons and cornerback Tyrique Stevenson were charged with disorderly conduct. 2.linebacker Jaden Hunter was arrested March 20 on charges of driving with a suspended or revoked license Latavious Brini was charged with misdemeanor simple battery in February. 4.UGA players Brenton Cox and Robert Beal Jr. were arrested Tuesday and charged with marijuana possession
The author clearly says a Division full of defensive minded coaches! You know the teams that UF plays every year!
What rock have i been sleeping under? Why is this the first I've heard of this? The turnover Backpack!!! that's hilarious!
If Kirby coached Tenn instead of UGA you wouldn't rank him a ten? Remember Kirby is still a new coach and will only get better with experience
Y was it a bad loss? Was Miss State or Auburn a bad loss to Tex AM? what has Jimbo done that makes TexAM fans feel that good about him? He won 9 games instead of the 8 games Sumlin won the past three seasons. The fact that UGA is pushing Bama should be proof that most if not all UGA fans rate Kirby a 10. remember Kirby is still a brand new coach he is still learning. Now 6 or 7 years from today and we still talking about Kirby trying to get over the Bama hump we can start the is Kirby the guy!