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In my opinion I think we need to get Fields ready to take the starter job from Fromm! Fromm Is a really good Game managing QB when the run game is looking! But he has proved he is not going to win any games when he has to throw the ball. And no I don't think that Fields at this point in his career is going to be able beat teams with his arm and ability to read defense but his ability to make plays with his legs when it's 3rd and 5 would be another dimension to the offense that isn't there at the moment!
1. Trudawg is not a real UGA fan, he is a troll 2. UGA still controls it's destiny so while losing the LSU game sucks as long as UGA takes care of Business they will be in Atlanta. I fully understand that Florida and Kentucky will be tough games but UGA is good enough to win both games. The sign of a really good team is how well you get up after getting knocked down! LSU showed what type of team they are now it's time to see if UGA can do the same! GI DAWGS!!
Y get upset at a reporter for reporting! U can't be mad at a person for doing their job!
While I agree that UGA is not at BAMA's level isn't as bad as people are trying to make it out to be! LSU & Florida are good teams with good Defenses and average Offenses, a one dimensional team like Kentucky isn't beating UGA and you saw what happened last time Auburn played UGA without a running game! Also Mizzou has no chance in hell of beating BAMA!
While I think Fields has more talent and upside than Fromm, I believe Fromm gives us the best chance to win this season because of Fromm's experience and ability to make those pre-snap reads. I'm thinking next off-season if Fields learns that playbook fully he will win the starting job next season.
The only game left that scares me is that GT game! Hear me out before everyboy gets upset. LSU, Florida, and Kentucky Just need to stack the box and dare the QBs to make plays, which i don't believe they can. Auburn just isn't any good this season and UMass is UMass. But GT and that stupid triple option can cause some real problems for an young and undisciplined Defense like Georgia has at the moment. Plus Roquan Smith's speed and quick diagnosis of the play helped clean up alot of bad tendencies for UGA last year.
Honestly, what team not named Bama looks great this season!
how does this hurt UGA? if he doesn't end up with UGA its not the end of the world! Honestly what They need are more 5 star D Lineman.
No chink in the armor. Just a kid being pulled in many directions! UGA has had players decommit before and still end up in Athens, so no need to panic. There's still a lot of time left for this signing class. If he ends up in AThens Great if not I would wish him nothing but success wherever he decides to go!
Kirby Smart said from the beginning that they weren't redshirting Fields! Soooo what are u saying? Plus he scored 2 touchdowns in those few plays. Remind me how many touchdowns did UT score yesterday?
True UGA hasn't played it's best this season, but show me a team not named BAMA that has! Better yet show me a team on UGAs schedule that has no weakness!
Every team not named Alabama has showed that they are beatable! But Fromm has improved! We can't take control of a game just running like last year. I'm so confused why they don't throw to the TE more in the middle of the field
Just like Serena Williams will always be little sis to Venus Williams?
UGA taking elite recruits out of Tennessee hurts UT more than UT taking elite recruits out of Georgia hurts UGA!
I was thinking the same thing! Kirby Smart got the idea for UGA's Savage shoulder pads from Bama's turnover Belt his first season in Athens a whole year before Miami's Chain
I'm man enough to admit that Bama is on another level! Its Bama and the rest of the NCAA is just trying to catch up.
You're right nothing about this game says UGA is one of the elites in college football, but the same can be said about the game against Auburn last year! All teams must find a way to win tough games every year! Look at that Bama and Miss State game last year, they were behind 21 - 17 entering the 4th quarter! So yes UGA didn't look it's best today they were able to fight through and get the win! And the officiating was poor on both sides today! The roughing the passer call that kept a drive going was B.S.
Usually I would debate you, but this Bama team is unreal! I don't think there's a team in the nation that can beat Bama this year!
I don't think the west is miles ahead of the east! Bama is miles ahead of the SEC east and west! Auburn and LSU are good teams but they're not in Bama's league. I'm still not sure about A&M because I'm not that impressed with Clemson! I think Bama would mud stump them! Kentucky is very competitive and so is South Carolina!
the whole pass rush thing is getting so old! if anybody saw the Middle Tenn or Austin Peay games you would have seen that they were getting the ball out of the QB's hand so quick. both teams ran alot of RPOs
Wasn't Jordan Rodgers a 1st round NFL pick. Oh sorry that was Aaron Rodgers! Jordan was an undrafted free agent.
I wonder who was the O-Coordinator for that Tennessee team in 2012? Answer, the same guy in charge of UGA's offense one James Allen Chaney.
I'm sorry i just don't see Lock as the #1 overall pick.
Your heart really thinks Mizzou's Defense can hold UGA to 31 points? Interesting!
The secondary last year didn't play as bad as people are saying! take away the two 63 yard TDs to Emanuel Hall, Locke was held in check. plus the Mizzou's first TD was set up by the INT Fromm threw. they started on the 5 yard line.
SEC power rankings 1.Bama 2.does it matter? This Bama team is Scary Good!
wow! That was a good game! I'm looking forward to playing LSU this year! It's going to be a tough game. Still not sold on LSU offense and that QB but that defense is scary good. I can't wait! Go Dawgs