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WOW that's an awesome story! to go from unranked and no big time offers to top 200 player in the country and Tennessee Commit. I wish him nothing but success.
You mean lies like telling your team it's ok that you loss because you are life champions
OK I'll bite. How was Eason strung along? Did you feel sorry for Alvin Kamara being strung along?
You are the only reason I Clicked on this story!! I just knew you were going to write something to make me laugh! You just made my night, Good nite sir!
Noooooooooooooooooooooo don't go! But honestly his stock wasn't gonna get any higher than it is now! Why risk getting injured and falling in the draft! Chubb and Sony improved their draft stock by coming back. I don't think Smith's draft stock can get any better than it is now.
No way in hell UGA is ranked ahead of Bama! I think Bama will be #1 and UGA will be #4 or #5. Auburn shouldn't be at 5 More like 10. South Carolina should be #15 and LSU #21 IMO
I really hope UGA plays Bama again next year! If UGA wants to be the best they have to play and beat the best and BAMA = the best
It is really getting harder and harder for me to keep disliking South Carolina! One of my favorite Dawgs is the OC and now Marcus Lattimore is on staff too! As much as I disliked South Carolina, I always loved watching Marcus Lattimore run the ball and I felt so bad for him that injuries kept him from playing in the NFL! I really hope he becomes the next hot young coach and get paid millions coaching the game he loves! I wish nothing but success to him and the Gamecocks! (except for when they play my DAWGS!)
I agree that Fromm isn't the dynamic player maker that Tua is but Fromm has shown that he can throw the ball when needed! Completed countless 3rd and long passes and completed them! I believe UGA's offense will be more balanced next year! Hats Off to Bama and Tua they played a hell of a game last night and proved that they are not just the best team in the SEC but the Best team in the country! I truly believe UGA would have beaten Clemson or any other team not named Bama last night!
Georgia did a hell of a lot more than win the east!
South Carolina's recruiting will have to improve to keep up, because Tennessee with Pruitt and Florida's recruiting will be much improved next year and UGA's recruiting is on fire! I'm pulling for South Carolina and those other two teams to make the East more competitive because I'm tried of the west is better than the East conversation
did you even see the game? Yeah OU offense was top notch in the first half but after half time the defense held Baker and that offense to 10 points!!
You mean that Oklahoma Offense that scored 7 points in the last two quarters or the one that scored 3 points with two overtime possessions. Looks like the UGA defense shut down that high powered Offense after half time
While I think Kirby has done a tremendous jobs on the field and especially in recruiting, the team he took over was in better shape than the Tennessee team that Pruitt has taken over! I wish Pruitt nothing but success except when they play UGA
UGA signed the #6 and #16 ILB last class. Also Walter Grant has played alot as a true freshman this year and looked good. Robert Beal and Malik Herring are freshman with playing time! I think the LB depth will be ok.
The one thing people aren't talking about is how Kirby is building a wall around the state of Georgia! even if UGA doesn't make it pass this next game the future looks bright!
Don't worry Kirby will have to win at least 3 National Championships before i call him Saban 2.o. But looking at what Smart has done with the talent he inherited I feel good that he can coach up all the talent he is bringing in.
Well you see what Kirby has done with good players! I'm sure with better players i.e. the secondary and O-line he will do even better things. Kirby isn't going to let most of the top in State players get away like Richt did.
Yes UGA with Richt recruited well and won 2 SEC Championship but he never recruited like this! This is an Nick Saban Alabama type of class.
I expect fans to be butt hurt, but coaches and assistant shouldn't take part in bashing a kid because he didn't choose your school. When Herschel Walker's nephew chose Clemson over UGA you didn't see Mark Richt or any of his assistant talking bad about the kid! That's f'd up and the whole University should be ashamed!
You have to admit that Kirby and UGA is looking like the biggest threat to Alabama in the recruiting world. Now we have to see if Kirby can get all that talent to develop consistently like Saban
Damn I hate it when injuries cut careers short! Best of luck in whatever you decide to do next.
Have you seen UGAs class? I think they will be ok
UGA didn't want him to sign early. They're leaving the door open for the bush kid.
hoping you come back stronger and better than ever from one Cedar Grove Saint to another