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Ghetto dance moves!? If it was a white guy would it be ghetto dance moves? But to answer your question know that wasn't Dell McGee. That was one of the strength and conditioning coaches.
UGA was able to hold that #1 offense to 38 points in regulation! Only 7 points after half time.
It only took a half of football for UGA to figure out that OU offense and slow it down! They only scored one touchdown after the half! They put up those numbers against big 12 defenses if they were in the SEC I don't think it would have been quite that prolific. Plus UGA put up similar offensive numbers against one of the better big 12 defenses so if they were in the BiG 12 UGA might've had the top offense in the nation!
I'm just happy that young black males are getting a chance to attend college!(even if it is Bama and not UGA) I hope he takes advantage of this opportunity for higher learning! GO DAWGS
I know the article is about losses during the playoff era and the Natty loss to Bama is the biggest! But the 2012 loss to Bama in the SEC Champ game was devastating to me!! Also the tipped pass at Auburn and The Hail Mary at Tennessee were both devastating. UGA has so many devastating losses that it is hard to rank them!
I'm a BIG Sony fan! But no #1 was more dangerous with the ball in their hands than Percy Harvin!! IMO
dude it was like 7 or 8 years ago, let it go. the kid made a mistake and he paid the price for it.
This sucks for UGA's QB room, but I totally understand and wish him nothing but success. I'm sure after his year of JUCO he will be snatched up quickly by a D-1 school.
BamaTime please stop paying the slightest attention to this guy! If I was you I wouldnt even give him the time of the day!
captain quantrill last time I checked Texas AM and Alabama were both in the SEC!
The article is the SEC's best option for College GameDay. So while USC and Stanford whould be a better bet for Gameday the article is looking at which SEC matchup would be the option for GameDay
WOW! Did Kirby F*ck your wife? Such strong words for a college football program! All I can say is WOW!
Tennessee has to recruit nationally. UGA doesn't but they do grab players from all over the country. Eason from Washington, Swift from Pennsylvania, Isaiah Wynn from Florida, Stafford from Texas AJ Green was from South Carolina and Geno Atkins was from NJ. Also UGAs ceiling is a National championship. What is higher than that
yes he was moved to DL to provide depth during Spring Practice because Big Trent left early and John Atkins graduated. also Micheal Barnett and Justin young both were injured during spring so that's four bodies you don't have anymore for practice!once the fall gets here Justin and Micheal will be health and ready to go plus the two freshmen that signed in the 18 class. Chris Barnes was never expected to provide depth during the season!
Chris Barnes was an Offensive lineman. He practiced with the D-Lineman a little this spring because of injuries but he was never going to play in a game as a D-Lineman.
Muschamp has to beat UGA before talking about getting to Atlanta! He's 1-5 as a head coach against UGA.
Well Wynn wasn't on the board when the Falcons picked and WR was a greater need than RB when they chose Calvin Ridley. If Chubb is available when the falcons 2nd round pick comes around that would be a good pick, but i think they will look for some DL help with that pick!
If he is half as good as the last Bama WR picked by the Falcons I'll be a happy Falcons Fan!
David Andrews Malcolm Mitchell And now Isaiah Wynn and Sony Michelle. It's really getting hard to dislike the Patriots! GO DAWGS!!
So you are ok fighting for the freedom of this country and it's citizens as long as they don't exercise that freedom! WOW! The players kneeling during the national anthem isn't disrespectful to the country , flag or veterans. Oh and before you say anything I'm retired Navy.
The best fit for Hurts would be Georgia Tech! OMG I would have nightmares if UGA had to Face GT with Hurts at QB.
Kirby wasn't happy with the defense last spring either!
That really sucks for that kid! I hope who comes back better than before!
Why? Looking at both coaches Resumes doesn't tell me that Ron Hunter is a better coach than Tom Crean