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So would you place James Cook in a list of Wide Receivers? He lines up in the slot alot of the time!
I think Fisher is an Outstanding coach and there shouldn't be a debate on #2 in the league.
Fisher should be #2 Mullen and Malzahn should be ranked higher than Stoops, Orgeron and Muschamp!! So I guess my List whould look like this 1. Saban 2. Fisher 3. Smart/Mullen/Malzhn (in some type of order) 6.Muschamp/Orgeron/Stoops (in some type of order) 9. Mason 10. Moorehead/Luke/Odom/Morris/Pruitt (in some type of order)
So sad to hear this news! My thoughts and prayers are with Walt Gary's family and friends and the Alabama Football program! ROLL TIDE WALT ROLL TIDE!
Is that too hard for you to comprehend? too not to "To" is a preposition which indicates a direction toward something. Consider these examples: The Dawgs ran to the field. UGA went to the SEC Championship. "To" can also be used with a verb to create an infinitive. Consider these examples: The Dawgs love to run through the Gators. Kirby wanted to see the hurt in Dan's eyes after the game. The word "too" is an adverb which is often used to mean also (or in addition to). Consider these examples: Florida fans wish Gainsville was as nice as Athens, too. Dan Mullen will fail at Florida, too. "Too" can also be used to indicate excess. Consider these examples: The Dawgs were too good for the Gators. The young Dawgs had too much talent for the over matched gators.
I'm with Kirby! I don't care how long it takes you to get back to playing football or even if you ever play again! I just want you to be healthy again! GO DAWGS!!
Thoughts and prayers to the Bramblett friends and family! War Eagle!
OK, so tell the truth! If you had to choose between Fromm and Franks for your team, who you choosing?
This would be utterly unacceptable for a Kirby Smart football team and to be honest; it should be. Treating a fellow player like this in a public space is a bad look for everyone involved. To see players turning on their own like this shows a level of disrespect that simply shouldn’t exist in a program like Florida.
That sucks! I hope the kid makes a full recovery!
BAMA still holds the talent advantage over UGA, especially on the D-Line! Just look at the Draft few weeks ago!Clemson had an outstanding D-line.
in what world was Natrez Patrick ever considered a replacement for Roquan Smith!! they were in the same recruiting class!
Hope you had a safe and blessed Easter weekend! Go Dawgs!
It was on the alternative channel for me. It was also on the watch ESPN app which is what I use on the TV in my garage
It's you're not your! Also I'm happy for the young man. Anytime a young black man gets the opportunity for higher learning I'm all for it, even if it's Tennessee!
I was going to reply to the Eddie Gran subject, but it's Kentucky so never mind
You are right Kirby wasn't getting rid of chaney, but he also wasn't going to match tenn offer to keep him! Kirby had just demoted Chaney the year before from QB coach to TE coach and promoted Coley from wr coach to QB coach and co-coordinator to keep him from joining Jimbo at Tex AM. Jim Chaney Days were numbered at UGA and he knew it!
Just like many UGA fans I too grew tired of Chaney's offense. If any of you Tenn Fans looked at UGA games you would see that the offense put up points and numbers on teams with a talent disadvantage but when played against teams with equal talent the offense looked average at best! There was no creativity at all! no miss direction or any thing! Chaney is a decent OC but he isn't worth what UT is paying him, and Kirby knew that.
No Trolls here!! Majority of UGA fans have moved on.
I understand where you coming from, but college kids getting into a bar fight is nothing new on college. ALso being arrested for having a suspended driver license is insane! So while the headlines look bad the actual crimes aren't that concerning to me as a fan! I'm sure Kirby will issue the appropriate punishment.
How did Grantham defense do against UGA the last three times they played?
50 receptions 600 yards and 4 TDs to the TE position this past season. Looks like Jake Fromm throws to the TE a good bit
Well Nolan Smith is from Georgia so technically UGA did sign the top recruit from Georgia.
Hey Willybob Marines aren't soldiers! Get your facts straight before you try to insult some someone!