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50 receptions 600 yards and 4 TDs to the TE position this past season. Looks like Jake Fromm throws to the TE a good bit
Well Nolan Smith is from Georgia so technically UGA did sign the top recruit from Georgia.
Hey Willybob Marines aren't soldiers! Get your facts straight before you try to insult some someone!
The Kaiir Elam drama?No Drama just a recruiting battle for a top prospect that UF won. This UGA fan has no hard feelings toward the young man, He's definitely not public enemy #1. I want UF and Tenn to get better. It makes the whole conference better when UGA, Tenn and UF are top programs. I could care less about the rest of the East teams getting better!! ( I really hate South Carolina)
What are u talking about? Kirby has achieved so much more in three years than Butch Jones did his whole time at Tennessee. Also Kirby has us competing for the playoffs. If Richt was still here we would still be winning 9 or 10 games but not in the discussion for championships. U say Kirby hasn't taken UGA to the next level! That's crazy, Kirby has UGA at a level Mark Richt never achieved. A championship contender each and every season!
But Muschamp had similar type players at Florida and failed to capitalize on that talent. Jim Mac won the east twice with Muschamp players!
Well considering that Georgia has half the population of Florida and only a third of the population of Texas and California the fact that the state puts out the number of elite talent that it does is outstanding.
No what I'm saying is that having a great qb is an equalizer. Yes clemson's d line was great but they had that same great d-line last year when they were beat by bama. Look at the teams that beat bama the last few years! They all had playmakers at QB!
If ur signing the 15ish class u need a top flight QB and UF doesn't have that! Clemson had Desuan Watson the first time they beat Bama and Trevor Lawrence this year. When Clemson had Kelly Bryant couldn't stay on the field with bama
I think Elam is a stud and I hate that UGA didn't get him, but how has UF closed the GAP? UF last 4 classes rank 9, 14, 11, and 12 Bama last 4 classes 1, 5, 1, and 1 UGA last 4 classes ranke 2, 1, 3, and 6 that Gap between Bama and UF is still just as big and the Gap between UGA an UF hasn't closed yet!
Getting Elam is a big time get for UF. I feel like he's going to be a big time player in college.
Really SDS! He did not troll UGA! He was just having a little fun with his too two schools. Big pick up for Florida. I really wanted this kid he looks like he will be a big time player!
You don't know that to be true! He could be the next Chad Kelly or Johnny manziel. I would have loved to have him on the team as a QB. I wish nothing but the best for the young man!
I think South Carolina has a pretty good schedule. They play Bama, TexAM, UF, UGA and Clemson
I think the fake Vol account truvol is in response to the fake Dawg account trudawg.
She didn't announce it to the whole world, just the 33.9k people who follow her instagram account.
I don't think Clemson has matched Bama's talent! Clemson had a better D-Line this past season but other than that I would take Bama's talent over Clemson. The one advantage that Clemson has over Bama is an easier path to the Playoffs! The ACC is terrible especially with FSU and Va Tech not being as good as years past.
Its says that Kirby and UGA didnt think Jim Chaney was worth making him the highest paid OC in college football
Volbeef88 Where in my reply did I mention anything about getting beat by Bamma?
Volbeef88 Yes in my opinion he is a tad too slow to play WR at the college level! Could he prove me wrong and become Calvin freaking Ridley yas he could and I would be extremely happy for the kid! But i still believe he would be an outstanding safety! he reminded me of Thomas Davis coming out of High School and I still believe he has that type of potential, so i never said he wasn't a good player! I hope he becomes the next Eric Berry for you guys! As for Jim Chaney plenty of Dawg fans have wanted Chaney gone well before UT needed to replace the OC. while his offense looked great against average Defenses it was a different story against teams with better defenses! hell look at the game against Tenn, it was 24-6 going into the 4th quarter. He wasn't creative he never made adjustments and the red zone offense this past season was the worst. Look at how many times we had to kick a fg from inside the 10 yard line! and what assistant coaches not named Chaney left that was bad mouthed by any UGA fan? All the support staffers that left got on field jobs (promotions).
BamaTime you are a funny dude!! you really crack me up sometimes!
He isn't fast enough to play wr at the college level. His future was always going to be on defense. Off field troubles and JR Reed being as good as he is took playing time away from Gibbs. Ironically Reed is also his cousin. I really hope he gets his act together and become the player we thought he would be.
Why is SDS trying to make it sound like a bad thing that all these support staff members leaving for on field coaching jobs is a bad thing?
While I believe that football players should be able to transfer without sitting out a year, I do not like the Idea of Fields using the racism card to gain immediate eligibility. I hope one day the silly rule is changed and if kids want to transfer to another school they should be able to without losing any eligibility.
obviously its Clemson since they just won the whole thing and i don't see any team in the ACC competing with them. Even if they lose early to Tex AM (which I don't think they will) a one loss Clemson with an ACC championship gets in!
UGA lost because both those games because the offense was inconsistent and couldn't stay on the field. Also multiple turnovers didn't help.