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Are you guys really significantly better? I mean 4 out of your 6 wins are by 1 score. You could easily be 2 - 6 instead of 6 - 0
Jermaine Burton is from Atlanta. He played for Hapeville Charter his freshman year of highschool than transferred to IMG his sophomore year and than to Cali the last two years of High School
Bama is still in the Driver seat and if they win the SEC they will get in the CFP. I hope people especially us UGA fans don't think Bama is down for the count.
Us Fans can be arrogant all we want. I'm sure the team is as focused on Auburn as they've been against all their opponents.
To be da man you have to beat da man and Bama is still da man!
Stop with the Rat poison! BAMA is still the king until dethroned.
Yeah just like ECU isn't far behind y'all as you think
I'm more impressed with this game today than the SEC championship last season. Good game Florida.
I'm more impressed with this game today than the SEC championship last season. Good game Florida.
Bama, Ohio State and Texas are the only 3 Jobs that I would rank above UGA as far as best college jobs. UGA isn't afraid to spend like Florida,better in state recruiting than Oklahoma, Clemson and LSU.
So you think a JT Daniel led UGA team would lose to Auburn and Arkansas?
Kirby recruited this kid hard out of High School!
Did you even look at the games between uga and bama? While no team is going to stop an elite offense like Bama has it can be slowed and UGAs defense slowed downs Bama more than any team they've played this year. Uga offense couldn't stay on the field and keep Bama's Offense on the side lines. You can't keep giving elite offenses chances you have to keep the ball away from them and UGA couldn't do that. The Florida game the defense was hit with multiple injuries and the same offense that couldn't stay on the field.
I can see this Mizzou team being a really good team in a year or two. They're going to be a tough team to beat!
Its their right to sit stand do jumping jacks or whatever they choose to do during the National anthem. You of all people should know that being a retired solider. I'm also so tired of people saying these athletes are receiving free education! That education is bought with the blood, sweat and tears of the athlete. routinely that kid wakes up 3 to 4 hours daily before your average college student. They have to get practice in, film study, position meetings, workouts, rehabilitation and much much more along with all the academic crap the rest of the kids have to. Not to mention play a game on Saturday that is doing all sorts of damage to their bodies. I think they need to be paid more than just education.
What's so eye-opening about his statement? We already knew he was cleared after week one. Kirby said so himself. That's why it was so frustrating to watch us struggle at the QB position with a healthy JT Daniels sitting on the bench.
I agree that Tex AM O is better than UGAs. But is it an elite offense. Because if it's not UGA would be the favorite if they played. Bama has an elite Offense, Tex AM has a decent to good Offense but I think UGA can handle it. I would put Tex AM 2 and uga and UF 2 and 3 or UF at 3 and UGA at 4
I'm ok with Florida over Georgia but having Florida 2 and Tex AM at 4 is asinine!
I have no problem with people wanting to rank Florida over Georgia because that game is coming and it will resolve itself. But why would he have UF over Texas AM? It just doesn't make sense to me.
What happened to all IT fans saying Jeremy Pruitt is a better coach than Kirby Smart?
His play in the First half wasn't good! He had to good throws but the rest of the time he was the true definition of mediocrity. Tennessee's whole offense was terrible. They never made it to the red zone and only crossed the 50 once.
I still think Bama's offense keeps them as the #1 team in the SEC. I think Bama's Defense is much better than UGA's offense. Georgia's offense isn't good enough to take advantage of a less than stellar Bama Defense.
Stop it, Danny Kanell. Bama is still the top team in the SEC. Georgia's offense isn't consistent enough to take advantage of the less than stellar Defense. I think the Defense can keep Georgia in it but they have to be able to score 7 when they get in the red zone.