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Was it an outstanding South Carolina defense or a very bad UGA offense?
Personally I hope he does too! Georgia didn't lose because South Carolina had out standing QB play! South Carolina only scored 13 offensive points and 3 of those points where in overtime.
How? LSU only had 4 3rd down opportunities in the whole game against Florida compared to 16 against UGA. LSU averaged 9.1 yards per rush and 12.2 yards per pass compared to UGA 3.7 yards per rush and 9.2 yards per pass. Looking at the game the Georgia's defense did the best they could considering the offense couldn't sustain drives. LSU offense was on the field for 13 minutes longer against UGA than they were against Florida and scored more points and gained more yardage against Florida's defense! Georgia's biggest problem against LSU was the offense not the defense! if UGA had a better offense last season that game would have been better! I'm not saying Georgia would have won but it would've been more competitive
I'm going to miss Marcus Spears glad to see ESPN is recognizing he is a star! i don't mind Jordan Rodgers. Tebow doesn't annoy as much as he use too. Glad to see Finebaum gone! Hope laura never leaves but she is a star also, so ESPN will promote her eventually too.
LSU and Clemson proves that a truly elite QB is the equalizer to superior talent. Bama won championship without elite QBs before Tua.
What has Mullen done to make you think he will win a natty in the next two years? People seem to forget that Kirby has only been a coach for 4 seasons. He is still learning every day. Mullen had over a decade of head coaching experience and has nothing to show for it. Kirby has won the east 3 straight years has a SEC championship and playoff win with 2 new years 6 bowl wins. He will only get better with experience.
What I think he meant was why does UF need all those advantages to have a good chance to beat UGA. Florida has the Staff, personnel, facilities and fan support to challenge and win the SEC each and every year. While it's good to have those advantages they don't need them in my opinion to beat UGA and win the SEC.
Wow! I didn't know you and Matt Luke were so close that he informed you on his OLine recruiting!
He didn't say he would be the best QB in the conference. He said he wouldn't be shocked if he ended up being the best!
Turnovers loss the game for UGA against USC. UGA pretty much dominated the whole game. UGA's defense held South Carolina O to 13 point's
I agree with you, if LSU wins the SEC championship they are in and UGA is out but Bama would need a lot of help to get in. you would possibly have a one loss Oklahoma Big 12 champ and a one loss Pac 12 champ with one loss Bama fighting for one playoff spot. LSU, Clemson, and Ohio State would occupy the other 3 spots.
How can he justify putting Auburn above UF?
Bama, Clemson and LSU I get it. But Ohio State shouldn't be in over UGA! I would have rather seem Oklahoma in the top 4 over UGA than the Buckeyes! But honestly Florida's resume is better than Clemson's Ohio State, Bama and Oklahoma
Sloppy game, but those are the type of games that good teams win! Outstanding win by the Gators! nothing but respect from this Dawg Fan!
Kentucky was the better team! The QB wasn't as accurate at he injured his wrist.
Texas has a big fast defense. The fact that LSU can win a shoot out with a big 12 team shows me this isn't the same LSU team from years past.WOW!
Did you even look at the game? It was a vanilla offensive game plan! Uga ran the ball every play but once in the 3rd quarter. And the 4th quarter wasn't that much different. Kirby wasn't trying to run the score up. If vandy would a scored more than 3 points in the second half uga would've scored more.
LSU looked good but it was against GA Southern! I would rather you put Auburn in the 2 spot instead of LSU. Auburn played a much better opponent and the defense was really good!
He transferred before the spring after Fields committed to uga
UGA didn't struggle. They went real conservative in the second half. Jake fromm threw the ball one time in the 3rd quarter. The pass rush was decent. Only one sack but vandy was getting the ball out super quick. That's y the QB was 14/25 for 85 yards. I don't think he threw a ball passed 5 yards.
All I heard this week from usc fans was how bad they were going to beat UNC and Florida! Not with Jake Bentley as QB