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Kirby wasn't happy with the defense last spring either!
That really sucks for that kid! I hope who comes back better than before!
Why? Looking at both coaches Resumes doesn't tell me that Ron Hunter is a better coach than Tom Crean
I disagree, The program doesn't need to rebuilt from the ground up just a quick renovation! Just find someone that can recruit Atlanta!!
yeah but Jake Fromm is a better QB than Hurts! Hurts is a better athlete who just so happen to play the QB position. I think Jake Fromm's talent and knowledge of the play book will work in his favor. The one thing I saw from Jake Fromm last season that i didn't see from Eason was progress. Jake got better and better as the season went on! Eason was making the same mistakes in the bowl game against TCU that he made in the first game of the season against UNC
Who cares about the 2017 final coaches poll
Don't pay this troll clown any attention! He isn't a UGA fan just a troll pretending to be part of Dawg nation!
You do realize that UGA last 4 classes were ranked #3 #6 #6 and #8. That means next years team will have a lot more than freshman on it!
Me being a UGA fan doesn't make it less true! Don't get me wrong I'm happy that we have the number 1 class but clemson, Auburn and LSU proved that you don't need a number 1 class to win the Natty! Bama proved that you. Need multiple #1 classes to win 5 of the last 9 championships!
#1 reason Nick Saban and Bama isn't worried about not having the #1 ranked recruiting class! They just won the National championship!
Yeah but he was making half a million dollars as the rb coach.
Clemson is a good team but they are not the same Clemson without Watson at QB! They are a beatable team
I'm not buying it! Fitzgerald is an above average runner. An elite runner is Jalen Hurts and Fitzgerald is nowhere near that level. Now throwing the ball they both need to get better in that area
5-7 Vanderbilt was the best team (record wise) that Mizzou beat last year! Now you guys think you can win championships! thats funny!
No need to be butt hurt about a little shade thrown at UGA. That's what makes college football so great. I'm sure Thomas Davis or any of the other former UGA players in the NFL would've done something similar to Alabama.
Voltrain is just a troll, nothing to see here!
Sucks that UGA let him slip through the cracks, but I'm happy he has the opportunity to play big time college football in the SEC. Wish nothing but the best for this young man(except against UGA)
A Voltrainconductor classicDid they give a figure for the players FaceTime birthday racket?
Do not lose that Heli.When the truth comes out about birthdays, facetime and cash it will be a great escape vehicle.
FYI this is one of the many comments that Voltranconductor has posted on UGA stories. I thought it would be fun to copy and paste on UT stories.
Tennessee coming to grips with reality is an entertaining story this off-season and this part of it makes one snicker.
WOW that's an awesome story! to go from unranked and no big time offers to top 200 player in the country and Tennessee Commit. I wish him nothing but success.
You mean lies like telling your team it's ok that you loss because you are life champions
OK I'll bite. How was Eason strung along? Did you feel sorry for Alvin Kamara being strung along?
You are the only reason I Clicked on this story!! I just knew you were going to write something to make me laugh! You just made my night, Good nite sir!