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The Yulee Express will be back....get em Mr Henry ! RTR !
How apt,,,, " Texas Bowl ", " Loser Bowl ". A game for losers.
I yelled at the TV about that that call being robbery. That said that pi-- poor call. ( I wonder if the refs got to see the same angle I did, or even reviewed the play ) I've seen worse calls, but not many. All that said that one call did not lose the game for Tenn.
J K Scott has been one the best punters I have ever seen. D J Fluker can do a very good job. Wish them all the best in a troubled franchise.
Is " Stop Alabama, and Georgia " the goal ? How about stopping the long winded cry baby school ?
The NFL needs to expand their play off format to like 30 games....and don't give the players anything extra for those games.
If Matt doesn't want to get on a soap box he needs to get off, and stop the cry-baby stuff. Loser.
What the play offs did was turn a popularity contest with many votes into one with very few votes, and create a situation with players sitting bowl games out.
Aw go blow. Have your own championship where everyone gets a participation trophy. Good game UGA,,,,RTR
I hope we are underdogs the guys play much better when the other teams fans ' poke that bear '. Maybe Kriby ( not so ) Smart will do some fake punts. RTR
Yep ! I hate it too, but gambling millions, and millions, ( and getting very little or no pay for it ) just to please people like Herbstreit ( Ohio State genius ) is not very lucrative.
Sorry SEC haters....some of you need to go learn to count ( you may need to pull off at least one shoe for this ) There were 10 of you back in the days of yore, you know, the days you complain that Alabama people brag about. After some years of the Big Ten there came to be twelve, duh. ( in situations like these number type names don't work out well ) Then after a few more years there were 14, duh. still no adjustment saying " it's a trade mark ". I'll skip the name calling about that for now. Question : which four teams are the ones insulted every time B1G is ( whatever that means )displayed somewhere, as if they don't even count ? Too bad about this season. Go pretend the Rose ' consultation bowl ' is really a better season ending game that the real top two bowl games..
Yep. How did how those intrepid Bearcats do when Kelce was there ?
Matt forgot that safety that was ignored back when Blake was doing a pretty d-mn good job, and that the Tide lost Reggie Ragland on that safety. Don't forget that Zeke Elliot then ran for 85 of the 200+ he ran for in that game over the position Reggie had just vacated.....Ohio State was handed that game by the refs. Just like Tenn was robbed of late.
What is boring is listening / reading all the Bu-- s-it that gets pumped out in the name of work. What else is boring is that the ' committee '. To win all the games you play in a nothing schedule is not an indication that you are of championship caliber.
I have been forced, by financial situation, to live in South Western Ohio for 27 years. Trust me, plenty of people here have dreamed about the Bear Cats playing in the CFP, or in any national championship situation since before I moved here in Nov 1993.
Georgia is over-rated, that was revealed in the SEC Champ. Alabama is often over-rated, but they pull it out more often than UGA.