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UGA is UGA lots, and lots of talk,,,,then fail in the end. If, and I think a big if, UGA wins out they still have decades to go before their constant bragging is anything like real.
If UGA wins it all, it will be about time. They have been bragging this is the year for decades.
Mullen the instigator needs to get quiet now.
Sounded to me like Coach O was trying to give Kentucky a compliment. Maybe a long time doormat doesn't know what that sounds like. He has uttered far worse comments than that. Go ahead Kentucky win the Natty, then talk.
It would be way,way more difficult with two loses,,,which could happen.
AND,,,the paper hangers have have a great toilet paper surplus somewhere below 25.
How many times will Urban ' retire ' ? I can't think of a team that deserves to have him anywhere near it.
I'm not an Auburn paper hanger fan, but ' lap tops ' didn't exist in 1892. Read that part and ' turned ' the page.
Georgia got a lot of points for winning out over Clemson who ?
How many teams, of any caliber, has Keith Farner coached ?
Mullen should have expelled from the SEC some time ago.
When was the last time Tenn scored 60+ points ?
Yep, I was disappointed about the Tides performance vs Fla. I've been trying trying to look at like this Ala played one quarter, and took a nap for most of three quarters, Fla slept through the first quarter, and still couldn't catch up, even though that clock thing at the end was suspicious to me. Yesterday, however, Kentucky came up with a real ' moral ' victory, LOLOLOLOL.
So disappointed for my Arkansas buddies....Woooooo Pig, Pig ! !
The best thing about that game was knowing for 99.9% sure one of those groups were going to lose.
Poor Lee should quietly fade in to wonderful retirement village somewhere out West, way out.
I thought the sign I saw that said " We Want Vandy " was hilarious.
I'm not big on most of the play by play guys these days but the half-time quip about not talking smack in the pre-game and then getting out there and laying down made me laugh out loud....LOLOLOL
Lane Who ??? Matt Who ??? and last but not by any means least,, but I can't help it Cry Baby Chris Who ???? ( especially with those intrepid G_y-tors having another " moral victory".....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL and then we get to College Station,,,,Oh Lord my ribs hurt....What a GREAT DAY !
A loser should know what other kinds of losers look like.
I'm looking for those Hogs to grind UGA into the dust, and for Florida to finish the job.