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Lsu should want to play clemson over bama. Bama will know lsus offense but bama has something up sleeve now on offense with mac and taulia. Outscored lsu 28-13 second half. Tua gimped with 2 turnovers was difference. Bama would win rematch
Its also the responsibility of a head coach to display and be an example of class and character..something oregeron does not do obviously and it shows in the classless ways his players play. LSU will always be LSU..mediocre program weak in tradition with the worst fans
Just glad lsu makes it interesting this year
Glad LSU is doing their part this year to make this game worthwhile. Been since 2011.
When uga fans started thinking they were the greatest team ever...and when kirby took bamas recruit board to uga and used it against the guy who gave him everything.
LSU finally has a decent team for the first time since 2011, and their fans think theyre the greatest program of all time and will never lose another game. Newbies. LSU hasnt even ever made the playoffs before.
Lol ok dude. LSU has been irrelevant since 2011 and all of sudden you cajuns think theyre unbeatable. Tua is 100 times better than Burrow, even at 80%. Stay humble cajun. LSU hasnt won anything yet. Make it to the playoffs first.
Dirty kirby is the next urban liar. Loses a humiliating loss every regular season and cant finish it off. Both LSU and UF will beat ugay next year.
Well probably after Kirby, the arrogant man he has turned into, ticked him off by mouthing off to the media, he changed his vote. He probably also realized that tua was injured the entire game and had he not been, it wouldn't have been close. I mean, heck, jalen beat uga.
LSUs resume is nowhere near as good as it looked earlier in the year.
Tua would say theyre overrated. Have a nice day
Georgia is more of hillbilly state than tennessee, bama and mississippi combined.
He had the opportunity to settle it last year with a much better UGA team. Sorry but aint happening this year.
Bama faces Coordinators leaving after regular season play EVERY YEAR NOW. Ridiculous, but oh well. Theyve handled it before. They can do it again.
He may go down as Not only the greatest SEC QB but the greatest CFB QB ever. Numbers dont mean anything. If he ends up winning 3 Championships in 3 years. Game Over. His precision an accuracy is like no other CFB QB Ever.
Remember UGAS miserable loss to the 3rd best team in the SEC West? I do.
Well thats what happens when a mediocre program trys their hardest to keep up with the traditional powerhouse and greatest dynasty of ALL TIME.
That would be best for their self esteem. I mean, UGA has lost the last 4 meetings against Bama and soon to be a 5th.
Does this even warrant an article write up? What a blessing it was when Kirby swayed Fromm away to championship-less University.
Jawja, remember, no matter, Bama is in playoffs. Now all the ones saying UGA has won every game by 17 or more in the "stronger" SEC east, Lest you not forget, Bama pounded the SEC West team that pounded jawja, on the same field, but in a tougher environment. Bama by 28
Toughest division? Once in the last 30 years. lol UGA is not a top 2 team. Top 5 at best. That LSU loss is horrible.
There is NO WAY Fromm and his mediocre skills and average skill players around him hang with Elite Tua and Elite Skill Players.
It won't matter at all this year. This UGA team is nothing compared to last years, and Mr Heisman and co are such a well oiled machine, this game is already over.
The cow college will always lack the tradition and successful history Alabama possesses. No matter who they bring in, it won't matter.