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Of course not. It was more like the final straw in his being the face of MSU football. But since you asked - Con #1 - He started off treating the players like HS kids - "gimme your ring size." That's not confidence; it's hubris! Con #2 - KT and Stevens were in a tight competition. Liar! He had no intentions of playing KT. Con #3 - Offensive guru. He's shown he is offensive, but he's no guru at FB. Con #4 - Not grooming/developing players. I consider there to be 2 QB careers he has damaged. Nick's play went down after the coaching change, but at least he got to play. And then there's KT. And the defense. The biggest - Lack of control. The suspended players' infractions happened under his watch. Who monitors the academic progress? And his players should be a cohesive team, not fighting with each other. I'm not impressed with game planning, adjustments. I am certainly not impressed by the way he addressed the fans and alums.
Did anyone notice the postgame handshake? It looked like Moorhead blew off Louisville's coach. He gave a quick gesture and brushed off an embrace and any nice words the coach may say, too. I hope I saw it wrong, but that looked rude to me.
Who was in charge during tutorgate? No coach or assistant tasked with keeping tabs on players' academic progress? I had to fill out a weekly report for the coach when I tutored players at another school. Heck - Croom showed up in classrooms to be sure his players were there. Basketball managed to continue play without whining about losing Weatherspoon part of 2 seasons.
Who caused that adversity? Who was head coach when 10 of his players had tutors take tests for them? That lack of institutional control is what created the adversity. And yelling at his fans and alumni, saying he doesn't care what they think? Appalling! He should stop saying "this is my town and this is my school." He hasn't earned that yet.