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No, I think he legitimately said this. I wish he would focus less on Mia Khalifa and NFL Swag and just play football.
I agree with you. While we haven't seen as much of Bama running the ball this year, you know they can still do it and do it well.
I hope like all hell that we can sign this kid. Regardless, he is going to be a stud at the next level.
I actually rather agree with John. The people who think he is the worst are the bigger homers on the site. This list looks accurate as a "preseason" list. It may be completely different in 4 months, but until then we don't know. If your mad he didn't list Ole Miss, he shouldn't have. We werent great on defense last year and this year is up in the air.
I think the idea is good, but bad in practice. The worst will be the people stuck in the endzones on the last rows
Honestly, I switch TN and LSU. But really I have no problem with how it is.
I think that this is a logical statement. As a top tier WR, I would be concerned about UT's lack of commitment to the passing game. Dobbs is a very good QB and could be great this season, but I think he has plateaud at this point in his career. Granted TN has some potential in the back-ups (i think a 5* and a 4*) The problem is that these guys will only be as good as a run first offense will allow them to be.
Unfortunately, you might be right. That is what scares me the most.
You're not wrong. It could be worse, really just have to wait and see that final ruling is, but I have said that this entire time.
Ok, because I'm not a lawyer, can someone break this down for me?
Plot twist: Jim Harbaugh sweeps in to recruit him and parades him in-front of SEC in a show of underwhelming mediocrity.
Rare, i think you are right for the most part. I think OM and LSU have a fairly natural rivalry. I think this stems as a small amount of geographical and larger in part to historic games in the past. I would also agree that our rivalry hasn't been as close as it has felt the past few years. The series is clearly LSU dominant.
I don't think it is a zero percent chance (as anything can happen) but i think we have the second least favorable odds in the west. Our schedule this year is pretty brutal.
I could make a case for Patrick Willis
Mountain Dog, you are not lying.
I agree with you. Honestly i think A&M is the sleeper of the west this year. More so than Ole Miss anyways. I wouldn't put us in the playoff hype.
Thanks a lot Sam Keller.
Tebow is vying to become the next "most interesting man in the world".
I don't disagree that they have a slight edge. However, something has to change. Correct me if I'm wrong but TN returns the most starters in the SEC or at least the East. The coaching staff is still pretty much the same except for a new DC. Same QB and same core skill guys. I just think that the ingredients were there last year and TN squandered too many opportunities. I know, i know...OM fan, pot=kettle. I just don't expect Dobbs to make the major leap everyone is saying he is going to make and unless somethings changes in the play calling, they seem to lack that killer instinct in the 4th quarter.
Very hard to find an insightful comment from most Bama fans on here, but i feel like you made some good points. Bama's biggest issues is not itself this year. I think their biggest issue is OM and LSU. A&M and Auburn have some decent hype surrounding them as well. The other area i think Bama may struggle with will be defensive depth this year. I get the whole reload not rebuild mindset, but the defense lost alot of talent and I see them having a hard time replacing certain anchors from last year.
I honestly have no issue with this list. I don't think that Quincy or Stringfellow did enough to warrant being on this list based on their stats. I do think they will both have a big year this year with Kelly wanting to sling it. We will see where they (and everyone) finish at the end of the season. This is a decent preseason list.
He will scare a lot of defenses this year.
I don't know that I would call Saban a coach killer. Has he become a measuring stick for other coaches to be graded against? Sure, especially in the case of Miles and Malzahn, but most of the coaches that were fired had horrendous records across the board. Some of them got fired because they were awful head coaches, some were idiots, and others quit to go to an easier conference (looking at you Urban).
Is this the kid that was waiting to find out if he was going to get into Stanford?
Unfortunately every fanbase has them, and we certainly have our fair share. Going off your original comment, I agree that LSU has the potential to be very good. Really depends on what kind of production they get from Harris and how committed Les is to a larger passing game.
Also it will be interesting to see just how "pass happy" Miles wants to be this season. I honestly expect them to sling it quite a bit in the beginning and adjust to the production from Harris.
I agree with both of you. 1-4 are interchangeable with maybe Bama being the outlier. LSU and A&M have questions at QB. Ole Miss has questions along the line but should be deep enough at WR to replace Treadwell and Core. The reason I say Bama is the outlier is because their offense can be hit or miss. They replace a lot on the offensive side this year with players who have seen little game experience. A lot of hype around Bo Scar and no clear cut QB.